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Feb 9th, 2015
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  1. "7 Things to NEVER Take With You When Skydiving"
  3. Skydiving is fun. Exhilarating, in fact. But when stepping out of the edge of the plane, you’ll need to make sure everything and everyone around you is safe. Now, a good skydiving airport would make sure you’re good to go, without having to worry about small bits and pieces. Most would also tell you what you need and don’t need before you set foot in the plane. But, as we know, some things slip through the cracks. Some staff are complete slackers, which does nobody any good. Which is why you’re about to hear about some of the things you should NEVER take with you when skydiving.
  5. 1. Wallet
  7. When you’re up in the plan, 12,000 feet in the air, nobody’s gonna offer you a beverage. You’re not gonna do a bit of online shopping as you wait to jump. It’d be cool if that was a choice, but it’s not. Forget about it. Any good instructor would strip search you “just in case” but you can never be too sure. If you slip through the cracks with your wallet, don’t expect it to be there by the time you land. It’s hard enough keeping the pain-in-the-ass goggles on, let alone anything loose. So, leave your wallet behind (make sure there’s no cash.. you never know who might want some!) but make sure it’s in a safe place.
  9. 2. Glasses
  11. For the visually impaired, I’m sorry. You’re gonna need to either take your specs off and admire the blurry view, or wear contact lenses. As the 4-eyed freak I am, I wouldn’t dare take my glasses and jump with them – not even with the goggles holding them in-tact. It’s glasses suicide. And it’d just be awfully uncomfortable. The goggles themselves are as tight as a fishes ass, so I don’t know why anyone would add to the uncomfortable-ness. It baffles me.
  13. 3. Jewelry
  15. This one’s a no-no. It’s non-negotiable. Not even if you’re the Queen of England. Because you’re not – you’re just a person who loves to skydive, or MAY love to skydive after jumping for the first time. But who am I to judge? Things slip off. Things go wrong ALL the time. Take your rings off, and any necklaces you may have on (surely not?!). Jewelry is skydiving’s worst enemy. The cross-necklace you have on won’t save you when it’s smacking you in the face. It just doesn’t work that way.
  17. 4. Phone
  19. Imagine if you could take your phone with you when skydiving. Wouldn’t it be cool to take a quick selfie? I’m not sure if you’re conceited enough to take one for fashion purposes… I’m not even sure if Kim Kardashian would do that (although wouldn’t it be ironic if they took North skydiving? Maybe he’d float to space). Don’t worry though: they’ll sort you out if you really want to take a video of yourself. Leave your phone behind – you’re not gonna need it.
  21. 5. Your ego
  23. Leave your ego behind. Close the door on the way to your car and don’t look back. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adrenaline junky or as sensitive as Kanye West unable to accept the fact that Beyonce doesn’t “run the world.” When you’re 12000 feet in the air, looking down at the earth, you’ll be lucky just to not crap yourself… especially if you’re a first timer. There’s no time for your ego when your parachute will be the difference between life and death for you… (just kidding, but seriously). Enjoy yourself, but being cocky really isn’t good at this time.
  25. 6. Beer
  27. Seriously, does this even need to be said? Even if you’re a watcher and not a jumper, for health and regulation reasons, beer is an absolute, catastrophic no-no. Bring some food if you just want to watch, but alcohol of any sort should be tossed.
  29. 7. A full (or empty) stomach
  31. Don’t starve yourself before you jump. Going on an empty stomach will kill your enthusiasm and excitement. But don’t pig out on food either. You’ll be one jump away from throwing up, and trust me: your instructor WILL NOT like you afterwards.
  32. If you’re nervous, eating lightly is the best solution. No milk, no yoghurt.. nothing to aggravate your stomach. A drink of water and a sandwich will do. If you’re not nervous, not only should you seek some help… ESPECIALLY if you’re a first-timer, but still… eat lightly. For the same reasons as a nervous person. You don’t wanna be puking 12,000 feet in the air.
  34. Conclusion
  36. Jumping out of a plane, 12,000 feet in the air, can be the best experience of your life. But that’s no good if you go with these 7 items (albeit not all physical). If you REALLY want to experience the thrill of freefalling and not have any hiccups along the way (which could turn into vomit), followed by enjoying the scenery around you… make sure you appreciate these 7 things.. or, rather, burn them. They’re no good.
  38. Author Bio
  40. John Smith, a skydiving enthusiast, knows how you can get the most out of your skydiving. If you’re a first timer, or professional, you can learn more about his advice, tips, and information at And, if that’s not enough, he has a free report waiting inside which will give you an insight into some of the COOLEST things you can do whilst falling, to maximize your experience.
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