The Punishment of Lust and Fear

Jul 26th, 2016
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  1. [Script Offer] The Punishment of Lust and Fear [FF4M] [FF4A] or [F4M] [Collab] [Rape] [Fdom] [Futa] [Degradation] [Anal] [Orgasm Denial] [Inspired by u/ShyRomanticEager]
  3. _________________________________
  5. LUST: Don’t you dare move. Even the tiniest movement will cause my fingers to slip and my razor nails will open your jugular in mere milliseconds. Oopsie *evil chuckle* But that would be a mercy compared to our punishment and I wouldn’t want to end you knowing you never learning a lesson most valuable.
  7. Who am I? I am the embodiment of sexual desire. They call me the Maiden of Lust. And this is my sister, the Mistress of Fear.
  9. FEAR: Yes, you fear women, don’t you? You’re terrified of their life giving prowess, something you wish men could and should wield.
  11. LUST: So, you seize your lust and use women, degrading them with your foul cock, using their fuckholes to pound and pump with uncontrolled abhorrence.
  13. FEAR: Your misogyny knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter if she says no or screams. The only way to expel your fear is to face it and show it with absolute dominance that you are not afraid.
  15. LUST: You fuck until you’re ready to explode, then, just so they know how pathetic you think they are, you pull out and seize a handful of their hair and you spray your fetid seed across their faces. *spit* But sometimes you don’t want to pull out. Not matter how much they push you back and wail, you cum inside their sacred gardens and you hope that it will spawn a man as vile as you who will continue your legacy of hate, lust, and rape. That really makes you happy, doesn’t it? It fills you with a satisfaction more than any orgasm could achieve.
  17. You take extra care to make sure they don’t cum. They don’t deserve it even though you know deep down that your so called manhood could cause an infinite amount of orgasms. *soft laugh* But what woman deserves that?
  19. FEAR: However, there are some women who love the same depraved intercourse as you. If you see them enjoying it too much you just relish the thought of ramming your cock right into their ass. They don’t deserve their pussies fucked, no, they only deserve anal and your grotesque, engorged, putrid dick is more than happy to plunge into that warm and forbidden hole. Their pain widens your smug, power hungry leer.
  21. LUST: As to why we're here saying all this? Well, let’s just say a taste of your own medicine is in order.
  23. FEAR: *angry* We’re sick and tired of the hate you spread and so it’s time for justice. Now you will know the collated agony of all the women you’ve fucked.
  25. *evil, but not cheesy, laugh*
  27. Oh how long we’ve watched you from the shadows, waiting for the order to reveal ourselves. *moan* My whole body trembles with the anticipation of vengeance.
  29. Hmm....
  31. I always appear as what you fear and what would terrify you more than a woman with a nice big manly cock? *laugh*
  33. *moan as cock grows from crotch* What do you think? It’s an exact replica of yours. *whisper* only mine is bigger.
  35. LUST: Down on the floor.
  37. Good boy. *laugh* How does it feel to be controlled by women? I can feel you doing your best to resist. It’s no use. You can’t stop us. Just like all those women couldn’t stop you.
  39. So, one delicate touch, from your hanging balls to your frenulum and you’re rock hard. Hmm, its ready to be fucked by lust itself.
  41. *slow wet audio*
  43. Mmm, marvel as my pussy engulfs you right down. Oh, ready to cum already? *laugh* How long can your body last as it does its best to ejaculate? How long will it take for your mind to collapse until you are just a vacuous husk?
  45. FEAR: Don’t break him too fast, my dear sister. He hasn’t even begun to feel true fear.
  47. Mmm, your hair is so thick and lucious. Any woman would be jealous... How about I give it a nice hard PULL!
  49. Ah, there. See how she feels when you pull her hair? Fucking hurts doesn’t it? Now open wide and take this cock down your throat.
  51. *blowjob audio*
  53. LUST: Oh my, his cock throbbed wildly for that. You like a hard dick in your mouth, huh? Has it always been men you lust for? You fuck and degrade women in an attempt to hide your true homoerotic nature? Ashamed to be gay... how fucking detestable. Lust is not prohibited by gender. A man can suck a cock, and a woman can lust over the taste of another’s cunt if she so desires. To deny this is to deny lust itself, to deny me. And no one denies the Maiden of Lust.
  55. FEAR: Look how wide his eyes are as I fuck his mouth. Such beautiful conflict! Needing to cum so bad with a gob full of cock. His mind must be reeling! Aw, look at the tears pouring down his cheeks.
  57. *both laugh*
  59. LUST: Oh Fear, he’s trying to empty himself inside me as I squat up and down his cock wet with my divine juices. I can squeeze and grind but you’ll never let go. As long as I’m wrapped around you, you will not fucking cum.
  61. FEAR: Remind me, Lust, what do we do to filthy sodomites?
  63. LUST: We give them their own anal injection. How does that cock of yours feel, sister?
  65. FEAR: It’s throbbing so much just waiting to enter this vile man’s ass. *laugh*
  67. Throw him onto his bed, on his back so that he can watch in horror as I fuck his prostate just as the creator intended.
  69. That’s right. It wanted men to experience the ultimate pleasure through their assholes. That’s a sick kind of creator, don’t you think? Or perhaps it's human's fault for being so homophobic.
  71. LUST: It did create us after all. *laugh* I’ll hold his head in place and I’ll *slap* Hmm, you love slapping your fucktoys, don’t you? You slap *slap* and smack *slap* their faces and squeeze their tits with an iron grip, pinching and twisting their nipples until they scream.
  73. Hurry up and penetrate his tight ass! Just looking at his pathetic face is giving me conniptions.
  75. FEAR: Apologies, I’m just so lost within the fear in his eyes. Its enchanting. *soft laugh*
  77. Before I enter him, I want a closer look. Hold his legs back, sister.
  79. Mmm, look how your hole puckers in time with the throbbing of your cock. So inviting. I’m just going to lick it *lick* *laugh* Just a promise of the horror to follow.
  81. LUST: *impatient* Fear…
  83. FEAR: Fine! Enough play.
  85. *fucking audio*
  87. Oh yes, I’m glad that hurts you so. Now you know how they feel when you hold them down and fuck any hole your cock will fit. And if it doesn’t fit, well then you make it fit, don’t you?
  89. LUST: Oh just look at that fucking cock throb. He loves his ass fucked by a woman with a dick.
  91. How will you stand it if I crawl on top, burying my sopping mound in your face? How do you like my womanly mucus running over your cheeks and chin?
  93. Your cock wants my mouth again, I can tell. Its leaping up towards my mouth, wanting to jump right back into the warmth.
  95. Prepare for a pleasure most unfathomable.
  97. *blowjob and fucking audio* *laughs and moaning in pleasure*
  99. LUST: Oh no, he’s starting to spasm rather violently. Is the poor man done?
  101. FEAR: Lets finish this breaking. *fucking stops*
  103. Put him on his knees and we’ll see how he likes a face full of cum.
  105. *jerking audio*
  107. LUST: Women like it right? So why can’t men? *laugh* All those women you spurted upon, do you really think they enjoyed it? Oh but there’s no doubt that some did after years of conditioning by men forcing them to think they want it. But what is the point other than dominance? A messy warm dominance, like an animal marking its territory.
  109. Yes, that’s it sister, jerk that big cock, jerk it until your seed slaps across his face and in his mouth. Let him know how foul he tastes.
  111. FEAR: Yes, here it comes. *low grunting orgasm and splattering*
  113. Hmm, still felt good despite being a male orgasm. *laugh*
  115. LUST: You really covered him. Your thick cum is all over his face and chest and-
  117. *gasp* Look at that.
  119. FEAR: *scoff* That’s new.
  121. LUST: Never have I seen blood trickle from the end of a man’s penis. Oh, look at it ooze and slide down his balls and drip to the floor.
  123. He’ll never fuck again.
  125. You hear that? Never will your cock penetrate a woman as long as you live. That is if your mind recovers.
  127. FEAR: And if by some miracle it does and you decide to fuck, well, let’s just say the resulting orgasm will make you scream.
  129. *both laugh long until the audio fades out*
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