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  1. I find memories in the place I love the most, as you stated in a couple paragraphs above, I found one of my happiest in the town where this school is located,
  2. on my first sports rally.
  4. I ended up meeting a whole load of brand new friends I've never met, and ones that go a long, long back ago.
  5. I can't just start randomly there, however, I need to start from the start.
  7. I was just 11 years old, on my way to my first sports rally, with my younger school of course, and my friends as well, we were all walking up on steep, heavy hills together
  8. even stepping in the same mud puddles if one person stepped in one, I was shaking - I had no clue what was going to happen, would I get last? No clue, even first would
  9. have scared me the exact same, maybe even more because I would have gotten way more attention.
  11. I could actually see it over the hills, I could feel it - I could smell it, somehow.
  12. We were coming close to the sports rally, tens of people were in front of me in the line as we walked up to the sports centre to do our first rally or sports day.
  13. My friend(s) occasionally said to me there, "I'm nervous" - I replied with the same, "Me too", My legs didn't want to move at all as well, they were as stiff as nails.
  15. It was baking in the sun as well, so we were focusing more on not trying to reach for our water bottles and save it for the centre, while our arms had a mind of its own
  16. While our arms were just snakes, we were just about there, I could smell regret.
  18. Our teacher turned around to make sure nobody was lost, while she couldn't see us, she stopped the line for a good one minute, as we walked around the corner and just caught up to the line,
  19. I saw the doors for the centre-right in front of us - it was the moment we were trying to stall from happening.
  20. Sooner or later, however, we'll have to be in there, faster than a bullet.
  22. Eventually, I and my friends have to go in there and do the races, but we're all divided into groups, groups that didn't have my friends in it.
  23. So I had to race all my friends, so I felt more nervous than ever, and so did they, and you won't believe it.
  24. We were first up, we were having to race along from the top gate, where is the longest end, back to where we were.
  25. I was happier than the sun, People were cheering my name as well - I felt so encouraged, I had my eyes closed a 5th of the way, and as well, in the end, I was 1st place.
  26. I had to go up to the top and collect my medal, whilst the teacher was cheering my name, I could already feel the medal before I got it
  27. I was as happy as a clam.
  28.  but it was hard trying to not get my feet kicked by the focused runners.
  30. That was one of my happiest moments ever, at least I thought it was.
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