Enforcing French stereotypes.

Jul 4th, 2020
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  1. As the clock struck three in the morning, transfer student Andou stepped out of her dorm room, scanning the long hall that stretched down infinitely. With the rain pounding against the tall glass windows, Andou could freely waddle around late after curfew. Noise discipline had to be maintained, the hall monitors used to say. Holding a trash bag with a balled-up diaper inside, she had a perfect excuse should she get caught by any late-night wanderers. With her objective within a long walk from her room, Andou took long strides, her bare feet digging against the carpet as the crinkling between her thighs sounded thousands of times louder in her head. Every time her heart slammed against her chest, her brain screamed stop, begging her to stop this stupid plan of hers.
  3. Coming towards the back doors that lead to the waste disposal room, Andou squatted down with a muffled crinkle and jammed two hairpins into the lock. The waistband of her pyjama shorts slid down, revealing the entire top of her baby diapers. Too focused to care, Andou kept fidgeting with the makeshift lockpick, listening to the quiet clicks inside. With one last tick, the girl twisted the other hairpin and unlocked the door, a sudden draft brushing up against her skin. Stumbling in, all of her blood rushed to her head as the cold night air wrapped around her. By four in the morning, last day's diaper waste would be disposed of; and the trash bin would be left empty again. Andou quietly closed the door behind her, soaked in sweat, her brain replayed all of today's events for her once over.
  5. After training, to make some spare cash, she'd offer her services to the elite escalator students, who would rather not deal with their dirty diapers. Ever since 'incontinence products' became mandatory for any practising Sensha-do students, another divide was born between the escalator elite and the transfer bums. The students were, of course, segregated by their choice of diapers. As the school's budget shrunk for the transfer students, they couldn't keep up the demands for regular diapers; so instead, the transfers were given bottom-shelf baby pampers that would neatly fit within their already-butchered budget. However, since the pompous side had money to spare, they would order premium diapers en masse. Those premium diapers, white with purple accents, had a bulk, unlike anything you could find in any pharmacy on their ship. The elite students paid Andou almost no attention as she undid their tapes and cleaned them, which gave her the perfect opportunity to mark the 'almost clean' ones. Thirstily the transfer students would watch behind fences as many premium diapers got tossed for seemingly no good reason. Another form of oppression, they thought. Nevertheless, Andou had marked those 'clean' diapers in secret before neatly trashing them close together, around four or five purple Cushies.
  7. Despite mentally preparing herself all day for this very moment, Andou kept repeating to herself that, ultimately, she was doing the right thing. If all goes well, the pampers she had marked would be sitting somewhere near the top; those words ringing in her head as she put on latex gloves. As long as no diapers leaked inside, everything was good to go. Taking in a deep breath, Andou stepped on the pedal on the ground. Immediately the top flung open, and despite her best efforts to pinch her nose; the collective smell hit her like a truck. Her eyes darted across the pile of balled up pampers, looking for that green streak of her marker. It was hard to focus on searching, her mind was full of regret as she dipped her hand and moved a few of them, her eyes swelling with tears. Luckily for her, the green streaked diapers appeared after a bit of digging; and with a cheer, she scooped them up and hid them in her trash bag. Holding the last balled up diaper in her hand, Andou couldn't help but lightly squeeze it, watching it spring back up. Months ago, she couldn't even picture herself wearing a diaper as a teenager. Hell, the whole concept of 'diapers' had completely disappeared in her mind; only occasionally seeing them in stores whenever she'd go to buy flour for her food stand.
  9. Although it was a risk, Andou couldn't bear to wait. Dropping her pants down to her ankles, she gave a goodbye to the baby diaper she begrudgingly wore. The ripping cry of tape peeling off screamed in the room, Andou could barely hold her excitement as the diaper dropped to the floor. The cold air against her skin shot right through her, rushing her with urgency. With shaky hands, she carefully opened the balled up diaper like a child unboxing a present on Christmas; almost drooling with anticipation as she stretched the diaper out. Despite the small yellow stain, the rest of the Cushies looked seemingly intact, not a drop of sweat anywhere on the back. The leak guards were good, the tapes still sticky, the diaper had not lost a bit of its fluff anywhere. No matter whose pee this was, whose small waistline this fit, a premium diaper like this was too valuable to be thrown away after barely a small tinkle. These students, they sip tea and never glug down bottles after bottles of water as Andou did. These students, with their fine silverware, eat 'petite' portions of food, never properly filling pampers to its full capacity.
  11. As those injustices ran through her head, Andou pressed the front of the padding against her crotch. Immediately, the cold sensation pierced through her, the familiar feeling of sogging padding rubbing against helping her endure the cold. Standing there with her fists balled up, the transfer student waited patiently for the padding to absorb the heat from her skin. Holding the thick padding between her thighs, Andou tugged at the wings and pressed the tapes against the front flap, securing it tightly. By that time, the front had become lukewarm again, at which point it became comfortable to wear. The sensation of such luxury squeezing her butt broke her transfer student mind; every horrible thought and emotion she had faded away as she pressed her hand into against her crotch, rubbing the padding. With such fluffy bulk, how can these escalator students always be so uptight? How can they waddle around all day with a pillow taped to their asses and still complain and nitpick? This feeling would quickly become addicting to any transfer student who never experienced luxury like this; Andou feared she'd probably return here tomorrow as well, pick out the clean and fresh ones. In a moment of clarity, the transfer student decided to continue her fun back in the privacy of her room. She squatted down to pull her pants back up, balling up the cheap diaper to be reused later. If she continued snatching pampers like this, she'd need larger pants. The outline of a bulging diaper squeezed under loose pyjamas was obvious, it would raise eyebrows from the escalator students. If somebody like Asparagus were to catch her committing such degeneracy, she'd rip her to shred immediately. Andou gulped, imaging the scene of the taller tomboy sliding her hand into her pants and squeezing her butt.
  13. Poking her head out of the room, she immediately ran into a pair of teal breasts, barely stopping an inch from some white maiden's chest. Quickly looking up, Andou's eyes met with a piercing blue gaze. The following slap echoed through the halls and left a permanent scar on Andou's brown cheek. Stumbling back and dropping on her padded butt, she rubbed the aching palm print embedded on her cheek and scanned the student responsible. Of course, Ruka Oshida, the commander of the ARL-44 -- her sworn enemy. Each time she'd be forced to exchange words with her during their off-times, her stomach would turn and her blood boil. There are many words to describe this child posing as a tank commander, and Andou was sure to immediately list off the worst ghetto insults she could, defiling her innocent ears. Unlike the other snobs, Oshida was shameless about her usual appearance. Never once did Andou catch her with her hair dressed up, it was always messy and uncared for. The same applied to her wardrobe choices. Wearing a teal sweatshirt with a thick turtleneck, Oshida did nothing to hide her purple pampers. No skirt, no shorts, hell, she didn't even care to pull her sweater over them. Andou could even see traces of talcum powder on her thighs, spilling out of the front of her diaper. Staring down Andou with a condescending look, holding her hands on her hips, Oshida began scolding her classmate. Even if she was the most tolerable of the bunch, Andou couldn't bear to listen to an 'elite'.
  15. <"What are you even doing here, hoodrat? Why are you sneaking around on our turf?">
  16. Andou gulped, a speck of sweat trickling down her face.
  17. <"Obviously I wanted to plant these under your pillow."> She smirked, trying to play cool, holding up the black trash bag full of smuggled contraband. <"I'm tossing garbage, stop being so uptight. You aren't going to turn me in for following the rules, right?">
  18. Oshida raised a brow, crossing her arms. Usually, their conversation would end here, she'd let Andou off the hook despite whatever petty crime she'd committed. It was never worth the trouble, she learnt, to punish the transfers for their small lies; often they'd just do it again, the day after detention. But her fake smugness, her trembling and stutter raised too much suspicion. The transfers have their trash heap, not to mention that the lock still had two hairpins sticking out of it. Oshida pushed for an answer, eyeing every detail on Andou's body, looking for anything weird. Immediately she spotted the purple plastic waistband of her borrowed diapers peeking from her pants, sticking out like a sore thumb. It finally happened, Oshida had warned her prestige teammates about the filthy escalators stealing their diapers and distributing them amongst themselves. Disgusting thieves, they'll all get a baton to the ass tomorrow.
  20. Oshida hadn't connected the dots yet, but she pressured Andou into confessing. They quarrelled for a bit, the transfer student pulling up her pants with a deep blush as she stood up. Denying it at first, Andou argued that it was just a trick of the light, calling her deluded. But after that insult, Oshida was more than sure that Andou was caught dumping her stolen escalator diapers, now soiled by the escalators. Without a second thought, Oshida lunged at Andou, wrapping her hands over the girl's waist. The transfer student couldn't swat away the blonde girl, who had quickly stuffed her hands into Andou's pants. Awkwardly standing in a half-hug, the two struggled for a bit, Andou pushing Oshida's pale cheek away from her, trying to stop the sudden molestation. Oshida's palm went across the plastic surface of the large diaper dressing her butt, then brushed against her brown skin, before she turned and grabbed the pants and forcefully yanked them down. Trying to conceal the white padding, she pressed her hands against the saggy front before a sudden kick to her shin knocked her down. Andou collapsed onto her padded butt, letting out a loud crinkle as Oshida, on all fours, grabbed her by the knees, spreading her legs out. Clear as day, a stolen Cushies diaper was taped on an exchange student's waist -- Oshida hissed at Andou for being a filthy thief and demanded an answer, pressing her fingers into the padding. Her eyes caught the trash bag, so she quickly rolled over before Andou could even respond and spilt the contents out, expecting to see clean diapers dropping out tucked into rectangles. Instead, five balls of Cushies rolled out, with one cheap diaper shamefully falling behind. Andou could only sigh and look on as Oshida carefully inspected the evidence, her butt high in the air, taunting Andou with her diaper.
  22. Slowly, the cogs in her head began to turn. Oshida's eyes darted between Andou; and the diapers on the floor. Once she realized what the green marker meant, the elite student let out an ear-piercing laugh. A mixed flood of emotions hit her; she looked at Andou, then the marked diaper on her waist, then back at the pile -- all while letting out a sound between a howl and a laugh. Andou could do nothing but pout and cross her arms, waiting for her to calm down from her hysterics. The blonde held her stomach as she rubbed her tearful eyes with a grin on her blushing face.
  23. <"You're seriously wearing somebodies used diapers?"> She couldn't help but ask directly, licking her lips, thirstily waiting for a humiliating confirmation. Getting to see the 'leader' of the transfer student resistance sit in somebodies soiled diapers, on the edge of tears, filled the elite student with devilish delight. Not even one-hundred victorious Sensha-do matches could match such a thrill; hell, she almost felt bad for the poor thief.
  24. <"They're... clean... mostly."> Andou murmured out through her teeth, covering her white and purple Cushies with her palms, rolling her eyes. Oshida went into another fit of laughter.
  25. <"Yeah, fine, you think you elites think you're hot shit, but you all smell like it."> Andou growled, tears of anger streaming down her face. All of her emotions bubbled up without warning, feeling a bit of pee slip out into the padding. With all of her might, she tried to stop both floods from ruining her image any more; pressing her palm against her crotch, and using her sleeve to soak up the streaming tears.
  26. <"You'd know, right?"> Oshida screamed at her joke, slapping her knees while trying to pick herself up. Clumsily, she waddled over to Andou and offered her a hand. Of course, once the transfer student refused help from an escalator, Oshida tugged at her arm and brought her up onto her feet. The sudden jolt from the pull on her arm meant that there was nothing to hold back the small amounts of urine inside her bladder. All of it drained out in an instant into the thirsty padding, slowly absorbing some of it, springing back up with life. Since the front had already been hydrated by somebody else, most of it was absorbed by the white padding covering her butt. She turned to face Oshida, who held a sicked smile on her face.
  28. Her elite perversions came to light as she explained to Andou that, instead of changing random escalators, she'd only change her. At double her usual rate, plus a few clean diapers directly from the bag. Such frivolous spending wouldn't even dent her wallet. The blonde would call for the student and demand a change, expecting her to drop whatever she was doing and follow orders like a personal maid. Of course, the big bonus for the transfer would be her little secret staying just that, a dirty little secret. Weighing her options, she caressed her butt with a defeated expression, a mix of disgust, regret, shame and embarrassment. She remembered the horrible mishaps inside her S35, peeking out of the top as warm pee dripped down onto her teammates. Oshida extended her hand, inviting the girl to seal the deal. Andou puffed up her chest and accepted, squeezing the other girl's hand with all of her strength. With the contract now officially signed, Oshida nodded and waddled off. Stopping before the corner, the blonde looked back and gave a slap to her white Cushies, giving Andou a smug smile. As much as it was better to bury her secret now, Andou knew that she'd regret this decision within two hours. Shamefully, she picked up the balled-up trash and tossed it back into her trash bag; quietly shuffling back over to her room, defeated. These elites weren't trustworthy, they've gone back on every promise they made since the dawn of time. But, her gut told her, Oshida wasn't like the rest.
  30. Waddling back to her room, Andou forgot to breathe as she carefully walked past dozens of open doors with students sleeping inside. They held their doors open at night, to help ventilate any midnight messers. If one caught the girl carrying contraband, the entire room would wake up and rip her to shreds. So, as with any other contraband, she hid the soggy Cushies with the rest of her illegals. Falling onto her bed, Andou let out a long sigh, burying her blushing face deep into the pillow. Despite this being the worst-case scenario she imagined happening, a strange feeling of relief washed over her. It could've been worse, she thought, wrapping herself in the long, thick winter covers they've been given since there's almost no heating in the transfer wings. Pulling down her pants to her knees, Andou laid there in the dark, enjoying the cushion between her thighs under the thick covers. The thought of this diaper's previous owner came up in her mind, so she recalled all of the girls she tagged today. Every day, after practice, Andou would wait for them to line up next to her tank. Thankfully, the wind would carry away most of the smell, letting Andou do her (fourth) side-job without a problem. Each of their faces flashed in her mind, and the five with the cleanest diapers stuck around. Of course, she never once interacted with any of them apart from a diaper change after every match; they never responded to their calls, usually staying silent on the radio during their fights. Glancing towards her roommates, watching them trash around in their beds from the uncomfortable bedding and pampers. If these girls got a taste of luxury diapers, a riot would break out tomorrow. They'd lock up the elites, loot their Cushies and smash all of the progress Marie made in trying to fix their relationships. That's why she decided to horde diapers for each girl in her wing, then, like a sicker version of Robin Hood, give to the poor.
  32. At that moment, a sudden shadow loomed in the hallway, coming towards her room. Andou pulled the sheets over her head, trying to ignore whatever beggar was approaching, wondering for late-night spare baby powder. Instead, a frail voice cried out in whispers. Familiar blue eyes stared back at her, Oshida peeking right at her. Andou swatted her hand at her, trying to shoo away the blonde. It didn't even occur to Andou that Oshida had travelled deep into 'feral' lands, by herself. Not to mention, they agreed earlier to meet at the designated changing stations, tucked away in the bathrooms. She should be thankful to still be walking with that stupid sweater on. Oshida had a deep blush all over her face, mouthing off the words "GET. OVER. HERE." with a large frown. They exchanged a few mute insults, a few middle fingers here and there, Andou was prepared to toss a pillow at the intruder as well. Their usual quarrel was cut short when one of the girls sleeping murmured unintelligibly. Oshida, without a second thought, stepped inside and pushed the door close, pressing her back against it.
  34. She held a spare diaper in her hand that Andou immediately spotted. Just as she opened her mouth to protest, the stink coming off of the elite girl hit her, quickly filling up the room. Without a word, they stared at each other for a few seconds. Both girls developed a deep blush as Andou pinched her nose and let out an audible gag. Oshida never visited her after the matches, during her 'nurse' time, so she's never had to change her. The girl sleeping on the top bunk let out a snore. Again, Andou mouthed off "FUCK. OFF." politely, pulling her sheets over her head. Not even twenty minutes had passed since they shook hands, if this is proof of her toilet trend, Andou should expect work. Despite her protests, Oshida still stood there with a pout on her face, demanding for Andou. No matter how many times she would pull her sheets down for a peek, Oshida would still be standing there, hands on her hips, getting visibly angrier by the second. At one point the smelly girl lunged at Andou, starting another one of their brawls. Fighting with a full diaper posed no problem for Oshida, who had already loomed over Andou, digging her nails into Andou's skin. After all, if anything were to leak, it'd be on the transfer student's bed. Trying hard not to wrestle Oshida to the ground, Andou rustled and struggled, trying to peel the smaller girl off of her; holding her breath while trying to dodge attacks. Just as she was about to quickly punch her square in the face;
  36. <"Oi... it stinks...">
  37. Someone in the room murmured into their pillow. The two girls locked eyes for a second before panic overtook them both. Escargot, who already had a horrible sleep schedule, pulled her head out of her pillow and scanned the dimly lit room. Her poor eyes panned over to Andou, who laid in her bed with a curious look on her face. Tucked into bed, with her sheets up to her neck. Escargot raised a brow when Andou glanced over to her, then quickly snapped her view somewhere else, biting her lips as she shuffled in place.
  38. <"Dammit Andou, you're crapping yourself in your sleep now?"> She hissed, disappointed in her tankmate. Thankfully Escargot couldn't hear Oshida giggle under the sheets, her arms wrapped around Andou who laid frozen still. The darkness, plus the loader's poor eyesight, helped mask the outline of the escalator student hiding in plain view. Andou tried her best to keep a straight face, feeling Oshida breathe against her chest, mumbling something. Probably about the exposed, soggy diaper wrapped around her waist, because she didn't pull her pants up in time. The blonde girl peeked from under the sheets, her head resting between Andou's breasts. Truthfully, it was freaky to see a blue eye staring back from the darkness.
  40. <"Sorry... I couldn't h-hold it..."> Andou whispered, a tear sliding down her cheeks from the sudden blast of stink. Trying to shift around from her uncomfortable position; Andou quickly realized that her knee was pressed up against Oshida's warm diaper. Gulping, the blush she had been trying to suppress reddened her face, raising Escargot's suspicion.
  41. <"It reeks..."> She jumped from the top bunk, swinging her long silver hair around. Standing above Andou, she crossed her arms and shook her head. Oshida heard the muffled conversation they had, trying to wiggle into a more comfortable position. Since their legs were locked together, each shuffle pressed her knees into Andou's secondhand diaper. Trying hard not to giggle at the sound of Andou's voice getting higher with each press, Oshida lad her head onto the girl's chest. Those two argued for a bit over stupid poor people problems, testing her limited patience. Staying in such a dirty diaper wasn't an unfamiliar feeling to Oshida, but remained a nuisance. For a minute she debated on what to do next -- circling lines with her fingers onto Andou's stomach. Since the room already had a horrible smell to it, plus her diaper had some spare room left; Oshida shuffled into position and began pushing out the rest of the mess.
  43. <"Any reason you're not getting your stinking ass up now to change?"> Escargot cried in desperation, her nose tightly pinched. Andou sighed, explaining to her that she can't change with her looking at her so intensely. All she could do is nod and agree with her roommate, trying to ignore her half-awake ramblings. Just like their morning routine, but four hours earlier. It wasn't until a loud noise ripped in the room, followed by a few muffled sounds of Oshida emptying into her diaper. Escargot and Andou kept their eyes locked awkwardly, neither one daring to say anything until the room went silent again.
  45. Without a word, the silver-haired girl shuffled towards the door, never once breaking eye contact with the Corsican girl. After a bit of struggling with the doorknob, Escargot quickly excused herself and disappeared for the rest of the morning, leaving Andou to deal with whatever was giving her troubles.
  47. For a minute the entire room stayed quiet -- until the girl under the sheets began quietly giggling. Andou pulled the sheets up, ready to give Oshida a mouthful. Staring back at her with a smug face, Oshida whined about those two. Andou, seething with embarrassment, pinched the girl by her cheek and dragged her from under the sheets. Carrying her by the cheek towards the door, Andou cursed out every insult she could think of. Oshida desperately struggled, trying to pull herself out of Andou's grip, muttering her array of slurs at her. She gave it her all, a kick, a punch, but nothing would stop Andou from pushing her out back into transfer student halls. Getting noisy, Andou had to quickly think of something before the rest of her roommates woke up.
  49. With one quick whack, Oshida dropped into Andou's arms. Despite the one-hit KO, the blonde had a big smile on her face as she blissfully slept, hands wrapped around the other girl. Careful around the full diaper, Andou grabbed and mounted the girl on her back, recoiling at the feeling of her squishy front warming her up. Andou would often wait for the blonde outside her room, getting special permission to pass the 'checkpoint' set up by the escalators, so she knew that the fastest route there was a detour.
  51. Clumsily walking, carrying the blonde, Andou mumbled while plotting her revenge. Every few minutes, she'd lose her grip on Oshida, who'd start slowly sliding down, grinding against her back as she snored; and each time she'd have to reach back to push the girl up. Often she'd grab the full Cushies by accidents, jump at Oshida's sudden yelp and lose her grip on her. There'd be three or four times this would happen before they reached the elite wing of their dormitories and each time Andou would retch at the feeling with a deep blush on her face. If Asparagus, who roamed the halls at night, caught Andou grabbing a handful of an elite's diaper without proper context, there'd be a guillotine beheading before breakfast.
  53. Thankfully the escalators kept their doors unlocked, thinking their high security would deter transfer-student pests like Andou away. If only they knew that the maintenance closet was a shared space between the two wings. Oshida's room was anything but elite, cluttered with furniture, maps, books and paper. Waddling around, looking for a place to drop the smaller girl for a quick change, Andou scanned through the clutter looking for changing supplies. The bathroom was as cluttered, with only a path towards the sink and the bathtub carved out. Inside were the supplies she needed, a diaper, oil, two packs of wet wipes and powder. Of course, she snuck a few diapers for herself as well, drooling as she picked out an 'unnoticeable' amount from Oshida's stash. After carefully layering towels over the girl's bed, Andou slowly placed her on the makeshift changing mat.
  55. Reaching for a pen, she held it's pointed tip near Oshida's sole, gauging the pain it'll bring. Changing her while unconscious would be easier, but there'd be no satisfaction of seeing her embarrassed face. It's a face Andou loves to see, especially when Oshida jumps out of her eliminated tank after a crushing defeat. She looked at the sleeping girl for a bit, trying hard not to burst into a laugh as Oshida calmly sucked on her thumb. Months ago, if pictures of an elite girl appeared all over school appeared, she'd forever be banished to the lower parts of the ship, never to see the light of day again. It felt a bit surreal how quickly the idea of wearing, using, changing diapers became normalized within the Sensha-do community. But, Andou couldn't dwell on that feeling for much longer -- curfew was going to end soon and she was dead-set on getting a bit of shut-eye.
  57. With one sharp jab, Oshida was suddenly pulled out of her dream, cursing loudly as the pain shot right through her. She recoiled her foot and sat up, squishing the mess plastered against her bare skin, massaging the stabbed area as she hissed harsh insults at Andou. Quickly realizing where she was, Oshida doubled down on her insults, remembering the painful injury that laid her to sleep earlier. After tonight, she'd keep her doors locked and bolted. She lifted her sweater to gaze at the bruise left on the right side of her body, just under her breasts. A punch straight to the liver knocked her out cold.
  59. Sliding on some latex gloves, Andou told her to lay back and spread her legs. With a gulp, Oshida did as told, somewhat regretting her blackmail scheme. Perhaps next time she'll find a transfer student with hotter hands.
  61. Peeling the purple tapes off, Andou braced for the worst diaper she's had to change. Oshida didn't enjoy listening to a transfer student complain about an elite's hygiene, especially not from Andou who, just earlier, shoved her hand into a pile of dirty diapers. With the last tape barely holding the heavily soaked front, the transfer student gulped and braced. Holding her breath, she tried to quickly deal with the mess and ignore Oshida's hisses. After one and a half box of wet wipes and a lot of elbow grease, the dirty job was done, she rolled up the diaper and tossed it in a garbage bag. The blonde joked about putting it in a plastic baggie for later, but that joke ended with a dictionary to the head. She couldn't even feel the baby oil being spread across her crotch from the throbbing headache, regretting trying to provoke her without riot gear. Sliding the fresh diaper under her, Andou sprinkled talcum powder on her hand and the girl -- plastering it against her skin. For the first time in her life, Oshida had somebody poking their cold fingers against her virgin skin. She's only ever changed her diapers, sliding out of them and tossing them into garbage bags before a quick shower, then lazily doing all of the hygiene steps like applying too much baby powder and not enough oil. Oshida could barely talk, her mind going fuzzy from the concussion and her face turning red. In her mind, she thought that having a private diaper changer would be a good thing, as such a mundane task wasn't suited for an elite like her. With almost everything done, Andou slid a fresh diaper under the blonde's butt; the brought over the front flap of the white Cushies and pressed it against her crotch. Bringing the side wings up, Andou finished the change by adjusting the four purple tapes to fit the diaper snugly against her waist. Soon enough, Andou would start carrying around that dictionary to whack other students with, so they would stop belittling her as she changed them.
  63. After such a crazy night, Andou let out a long sigh, holding her hands on her hips. As Oshida carefully inspected the transfer student's handiwork, Andou glanced over the room to find a clock. Oshida curiously poked at her crotch, secretly admiring the snug fit of her diapers. Four-forty-five, fifteen minutes before curfew ends and the alarm bells ring. Perfect, she thought, jumping into bed besides Oshida.
  64. <"W-What do you think you're doing?"> The blonde cried out, grabbing Andou by the ankle and tugging her towards the bed's edge. <"Get out of my bed, you disease-ridden rat!">
  65. Andou grunted, hugging Oshida's pillow while tugging her pyjama's down, displaying her padded butt. <"Bite it, I need some sleep!"> She hissed, digging her almond-coloured face into the pillow. With a smug smile, she felt the pushing sensation coming from Oshida's kicking against her butt, knowing that the blonde's efforts are all a waste. As each kick seemingly did nothing, Oshida pulled back and stared at Andou for a bit, inspecting the intruder.
  67. The girl had fallen asleep already, snoring into Oshida's pink pillow. Holding a French dictionary over her head, Oshida was just about to strike before guilt hit her. Defeated, she pulled back and tossed it aside, accepting that she'll need a new set of bedding. Instead, she dropped into bed as well, rolling herself into a burrito with the silk sheets and stuffing a pillow under her sweater. It's to stop Andou from molesting her at night as she slept near the edge of the bed. Despite the heat, Oshida felt her eyes close on their own, letting out a bit of pressure from her bladder, just to leave a nice surprise for Andou once the alarm blares at ten, leaving the transfer student three hours late for her classes.
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