dead shamefully

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  1. [19:53:35] <castfromhp> Alright, we left off with Addy and Siyao having recovered Jingwei from the battle over the Wood meridian at the IFC building! They've retreated to the machine shop they found at the end of the glass tunnel beneath the Hong Kong harbor. Meanwhile, Arae has just found herself on the island herself, having arrived there by way of talking invisible train.
  2. [19:55:54] <Siyao> Siyao has just finished failing to open the secret door back into the tunnels. She turns to her companion: "Would you like to give it a try, Miss Addy?"
  3. [19:56:16] <Addy> Addy pats Siyao's shoulder gently. "Maybe we oughtta wait a minute, Miss Seeya. I'm thinkin' I know where Airy is! Or maybe where her door is, if she's got one o'them floatin'round or somethin."
  4. [19:56:28] <Addy> "'Round this island, that is!"
  5. [19:56:58] <castfromhp> "<Um....w-where do we go now? The government's telling people to go home and stay there on a lot of the island, I think. I was following them as they went through the streets before they took me to the mall.>" Jingwei strokes the bird and glances around the basement nervously.
  6. [19:58:07] <Siyao> "<Don't worry. A friend of ours is on her way to help. We'll be safe here until we can find a way off the island.>"
  7. [19:58:32] <Addy> "Y'all wanna come find Airy with me? D'ya think you'll be awrite to move, Seeya, or should I go an' bring her back m'self?"
  8. [19:59:22] <castfromhp> Jingwei looks to Addy with a quizzical look then back at Siyao.
  9. [20:00:24] <Siyao> "Ah, is she close?" Siyao asks, eyeing her mangled hand. "I should be alright to accompany you. <Jing-Wei, we're going to go find help. Will you be alright waiting here with your bird?>"
  10. [20:01:05] <castfromhp> "<Um....okay.>" She nods and gets up, looking around the basement for something to occupy herself.
  11. [20:02:02] <Addy> "I don' think she's too far but I can't say for sure, y'know. Somewhere on this island! Y'don't think we oughtta leave miss Jeing-Way alone?" No magic chinese speak, but she does see the girl walking off!
  12. [20:02:53] <Arae> Gotta find Addy! She has the key! So check the book for an update on where exactly Addy is, unless there's some other tug pulling her or something, while at the same time moving forward in a direction that's likely to have an Addy in it!
  13. [20:05:21] <castfromhp> Arae: When you exit, the streets are nearly barren on the island. No cars going, no people on the sidewalks. Though a bit further inland you see cops and soldiers patrolling, along with an occasional police vehicle.
  14. [20:05:34] <Siyao> Siyao tries to work out what the American girl is suggesting. "I'm...uh, she'll be okay here. Better we leave her, with the government still looking for her. Maybe you're right, though. I'll wait here with her, that might be best." She nods, convincing herself. "Come back quickly, though, okay?"
  15. [20:06:35] <castfromhp> Jingwei has busied herself with a couple of old discarded newspapers from a few days ago.
  16. [20:08:20] <Addy> "Yes'm, I'll be right quick, but I'd jus' hate to find she's gone when I come back an' we have to get shotted again to save her! I'll be back real soon, y'hear?" OFF ADDY GOES~
  17. [20:11:13] <Arae> ...Alright, maybe hold on the moving for a minute. Being seen by these people would result in some terrible. But seriously, if she can use her book to get at lea--there! Hard to see it under all this danger, but...well, best she meet up with them. Being in the ground aids in your stealthy endeavors, Arae! Get past these men without being seen, somehow or another! Like by being
  18. [20:11:13] <Arae> a ghost and using the infinitely great cover known as the ground.
  19. [20:11:36] <castfromhp> Addy, the streets are just as deserted as before, and the helicopter has returned to circling the IFC. The tugging sensation you feel brings you a bit further inland.
  20. [20:12:52] <Addy> Addy does her best to be sneaky--she's not exactly a pro, but she's better than you might expect her of all people to be--as she lets th ekey guide her towards what is PRESUMABLY her ghostpal. The weird foreign outfit with the ruffly skirt and top hat might not help though.
  21. [20:14:29] <Arae> ...or wait, no, not that way. Still wouldn't hurt to be sneaky, especially when it doesn't really impede you!
  22. [20:15:23] <castfromhp> There's not really much to hide from Addy! Even the scattered dead bodies seem to end around when you exit the perimeter of the docks. It's just eerily quiet for this bustling busy city. Once in a while you catch a glimpse of someone peering out an apartment window, fear scribbled over their face, before retreating out of view.
  23. [20:17:00] <Addy> Addy does her best to smile reassuringly at those people if they see her. It probably doesn't do much good, but priority #1 is FIND GOAST.
  24. [20:18:14] <castfromhp> All in all, with your respective guides, it doesn't take long for the two of you to meet up, somewhere in the midst of a deserted street. Flashy billboards dot each side of the street, and you can see the entrances to various glitzy shops and larger malls around you. A few abandoned street food stalls are left empty on the side of the road.
  25. [20:18:53] <castfromhp> Siyao, Jingwei is starting to stack together the old newspapers she's found in the basement on a table, not really glancing at their contents.
  26. [20:19:17] <castfromhp> She nervously hums a tune to herself. "<Where we are going next?>"
  27. [20:19:21] <Addy> Addy wastes no time in giving her roomie a big hug! "Hi. Are y'okay, Airy? Y'oughtta come this way real quick, I promised Miss Seeya and Jeing-Way I wouldn't be long, y'know."
  28. [20:20:35] <Arae> "Addy~!" Dammit, she's excited! Haven't seen Addy in forever! Hugs~ "Yeah, that sounds like a plan. Gotta gather our party before venturing forth! The key can come once we get together! What have you been doing, anyway?"
  29. [20:20:59] <Siyao> "<Next we'll be going to our secret safehouse. You'll be out of danger there,>" Siyao says in her most confident tone.
  30. [20:22:34] <Arae> "I'm OK, even though a--" Rub eyes. That was...hum. Totally nothing! "--train tried to mind control me to make me ride it forever, but I think the train is just scared of having no one to ride it. Other stuff happened too, but let's not talk about the serious bad stuff right now~"
  31. [20:22:34] <castfromhp> "<A secret safehouse?>" Jingwei adds another newspaper to her pile, then is distracted by some of the widgets in a box next to her. You get the sense she's trying to occupy her mind however she can.
  32. [20:23:12] <Addy> "I've been gettin' shotted! It hurt a lots, but Miss Seeya got shotted more 'cause I didn' do a good job protectin' her." Frowny Addy ;_; "We talked to some independent guys and they said the government would win them wood stuff but Mister King Long the dragon wasn't so sure but he said it was gonna be one of those two and we saved Jeing-Way and Miss Seeya's watching her at
  33. [20:23:12] <Addy> at base, y'know." Addy leads the way to the machine shop
  34. [20:24:44] <Addy> "A train tried to mind control ya? ...How'd it fit inside your brain?"
  35. [20:24:45] <Siyao> Siyao notices her charge's uneasiness and kneels down to play with the widgets, too.
  36. [20:26:33] <Arae> "The train wasn't in my brain, but it put happy thoughts there! And sleepy ones, and really happy ones...the train has calmed down now though. I could take you for a ride, the train would appreciate that~"
  37. [20:26:45] <castfromhp> "<Are the other kids okay? T-the government didn't come for them too did that? Chonglin, Mingzhu, Meirong, Xiuying, Huizhong, Chuanli...>" She proceeds with the names, all from your orphanage.
  38. [20:27:39] <Arae> "And considering this entire island has 'danger' written all over it, that'd probably be a good idea!"
  39. [20:29:18] <Addy> "Uhh, kay, but we gotta get m'friends first! The Loa jump into my brain sometimes, y'know, but they're spirits so they fit jus' fine except when more than one tries to an' it gets real crowded and that ain't good. This way, ova by here!"
  40. [20:30:47] <Siyao> "<Oh, no no, they're all fine. Only certain people have whatever it is the government is after. So everyone's fine.>" Siyao continues to play, but then corrects herself a moment later. "<Actually, Huizhong - you remember you two had the same birthday?>"
  41. [20:31:03] <Arae> "Right, and them! Gotta have everyone together! Just be sure that the Loa spirits don't break your brain or something, alright?" Perhaps it's already too late. Teehee~
  42. [20:31:56] <castfromhp> "<Y-yeah, we used to share parties and even birthday cakes.>" She sets down the gears she's playing with and thinks. "<S-something didn't happen to him, did it?!>"
  43. [20:32:18] <Addy> "M'brain's jus' fine, I jus' ain't good at math! An' I wake up places dif'rent from where I went to sleep but that ain't no big deal. 'Cause that's how I met y'all, don'tcha know!"
  44. [20:33:50] <Siyao> "<Oh, no. He's safe. But he's another of the people the government is after, so he's in hiding right now.>"
  45. [20:34:30] <Arae> Arae looks like she's about to rub her eyes, but stops. "Good to hear! ...Though it'd probably be good to ask them what's happening at those times or something, you know." Hum. STILL ONWARD!
  46. [20:36:38] <Addy> "Awrity, le's get goin!"
  47. [20:37:16] <castfromhp> "<Oh no....W-well, if he's alright...>" Jingwei goes to pick up another newspaper and drops it on her stack after a brief glance at the front page.
  48. [20:37:35] <Arae> "OK~" Still goin, Arae is~
  49. [20:38:01] <castfromhp> Addy and Arae, you make it back to the machine shop just fine. For Arae's benefit, there are quite a few crumpled bodies left all around the docks area.
  50. [20:38:44] <Addy> "Wasn' me!" Addy nods sagely, "Ain't seen what happened to them, but they been here since we showed up like that."
  51. [20:39:26] <Arae> ...Eeee. At least they're not torn in half? ...If it's anything similar to the mess that Caleb left behind, that'd be ten tons of what.
  52. [20:39:48] <castfromhp> No, most of them seem to have bullet wounds rather than total dismemberment.
  53. [20:40:45] <Siyao> (Caleb: actually a Diclonius)
  54. [20:41:01] <Addy> "Guns are the worstest, don'tcha think?" Addy looks at her shoulder and frowns. "But I'm real tough!"
  55. [20:41:16] <castfromhp> (s-stop that! s-stupid tree s-starting that stupid joke ;~;)
  56. [20:41:53] <Arae> Well that's good. Well, bad, but good as in Caleb isn't somehow even more of a wide ranged destruction than she could ever hope to imagine. ...Meanwhile, Arae finally relents to her urges. She pokes Addy's forehead, and starts looking at it. "Why does your forehead keep on glowing~? I mean, yeah, you totally didn't do this, you just said you didn't like guns, but I'm just
  57. [20:41:54] <Arae> wondering why it glows with a weird symbol~?"
  58. [20:42:35] <Arae> "But don't worry, once we're all together, I'll do something about that getting shot business. Getting infected or something would be terrible!"
  59. [20:43:18] <Arae> It's likely that Arae doesn't have a hole in her heart anymore, but let's just confirm this. Would a mild consequence have healed off from the time she was in a book?
  60. [20:43:52] <castfromhp> Yes it would have.
  61. [20:44:06] <Addy> "Glowy?" Addy goes crosseyed, trying to look at her forehead. "I can't see nothin! Don't think I drew nothin' on me... C'mere!" Addy leads the way into the shop and calls out, "HEY MISS SEEYA IS M'HEAD GLOWIN'CAUSE AIRY SAYS IT IS BUT I AIN'T GOT NO CLUE WHY oh wait, hold up now, I gotcha key right here, y'know."
  62. [20:44:27] <castfromhp> Siyao you don't see anything on Addy's forehead.
  63. [20:44:56] <Addy> Addy pulls out the key and waves it around in front of her forehead.  
  64. [20:46:13] <Siyao> Siyao comes up from the basement. "Oh good, you made it! Nice to see you again, Area. Um... but I don't see anything, Miss Addy."
  65. [20:46:51] <Addy> "Aw... I'm... I'm gonna feel real bad if I do this, but I think your eye wants me to poke it with a key, y'know..."
  66. [20:46:58] <Addy> That was at Airy, naturally.
  67. [20:48:02] <Siyao> Siyao sees it, too. "Please just hold still, Miss Arae!"
  68. [20:50:45] <castfromhp> Jingwei scuttles over as well, carrying a bundle of newspaper and some assorted gears and widgets. "<What's wrong with her eye?>"
  69. [20:51:13] <Arae> Then Arae is free of injury! "Well, it was glowing!" ...hmmm... "Maybe it's because I'm a ghost or something--ahokthisisweird--wait, what's wrong with my eye? Is it a keyhole or something?" CONFUSION!
  70. [20:51:40] <Addy> "Wow, we oughtta play charades some time, I betcha you'd be amazin! Yes'm, a keyhole."
  71. [20:55:02] <Arae> "...It's a keyhole. My eye is a keyhole." ... "...alright, hold on putting that in my eye for a bit!" She looks at her book, focusing on seeing with the not-keyhole eye...
  72. [20:55:32] <Addy> Addy puts an empty hand over Airy's keyhole eye. It's like an eyepatch, that'll definitely help!
  73. [20:55:49] <Siyao> "<She's a restless spirit, you see, so...>" Siyao shrugs. "<There are many things that can be learned only by observation.>"
  74. [20:57:25] <castfromhp> "<Does it hurt?>" Jingwei cringes and she grabs onto a bit of your habit Siyao.
  75. [21:02:04] <Arae> "Well, I guess you can ask it...Ss...ii...Siyao, right?"
  76. [21:02:13] <Addy> "Oh, bein' safe's nice, y'know! I can wait, but I jus' really wanna stick my key in!"
  77. [21:02:40] <Siyao> "Where are we going?"
  78. [21:03:11] <Addy> "I recognize that place. It's a movie theater."
  79. [21:05:11] <Arae> "...Alright, fine, I'll explain a bit. But I'll do it quickly! I'm a ghost that doesn't know about her old life, and I found a large part of it when we were seperated. I'm going to a place of signifigance to my old life, this restaurant! And with the power of my memories and this key...I don't have a clear idea of what might happen, but I'm pretty sure it'll keep us all safe!"
  80. [21:05:43] <Arae> "...Saying 'my memories' feels weird. Really hope she doesn't take over or anything." Shudder. But she keeps on moving!
  81. [21:06:20] <Addy> "Coooool! Are there other ghosties there? I like ghosties. But I don't like how they're made, don't go gettin' me wrong or nothin, I just think they're nice~"
  82. [21:06:41] <Arae> "I have no idea!"
  83. [21:07:08] <Addy> "It'll be a suuuuuurrrpppriiiiiise!"
  84. [21:07:25] <castfromhp> The place you're headed to Arae is a bit further inland. Not quite to where the IFC is, but you can remember from when you exited the station that there is a light police presence nearby. The restaurant is Red, known for healthy but high class food.
  85. [21:08:57] <Arae> "Alright, part two. We need to go in the restaurant, and Addy needs to...there's an inscription on that key, right? Don't read it yet, but is there?"
  86. [21:09:34] <Addy> "Yes'm, but to tell the truth, I couldn' help but read it earlier."
  87. [21:09:34] <castfromhp> Jingwei is following not too far behind you all, still clutching a large wad of newspapers.
  88. [21:12:38] <Arae> "That's OK, I don't know if something weird might happen if you do it now though so...alright, I have no idea when I'm supposed to do this, but hey why not try this now." Arae clears her throat, in such a way that you know the following words are going to sound as dramatic as she can possibly make it sound. "My keykeeper shall be Addy, who has kept it all this time and helped
  89. [21:12:39] <Arae> me make my first steps in this insane situation~!" It borders on silly.
  90. [21:13:34] <Addy> "Um, kay."
  91. [21:13:55] <Addy> "I'll do my best to... Keep your key, I s'pose!"
  92. [21:13:58] <castfromhp> There's a flash of light from the key. You guys aren't quite at the restaurant yet, but you're nearing it and you can see down a few blocks that there are some cops patrolling. Roll me a stealth everyone.
  93. [21:13:59] <Siyao> Siyao claps politely.
  94. [21:14:13] <Addy> 4d3-8+1 STOP CLAPPING WE NEED STEALTH
  95. [21:14:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, STOP CLAPPING WE NEED STEALTH: 2 [4d3=3,2,2,2]
  96. [21:14:23] <Arae> 4d3-8-4 nin nin
  97. [21:14:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, nin nin: -3 [4d3=3,1,3,2]
  98. [21:14:27] <Arae> wait
  99. [21:14:27] <Arae> no
  100. [21:14:32] <castfromhp> :V
  101. [21:14:33] <Addy> PLUS four silly
  102. [21:14:34] <castfromhp> V:
  103. [21:14:36] <castfromhp> +4 you silly
  104. [21:14:37] <Addy> So it's 5
  105. [21:14:38] <Arae> That should be 8 higher, so 5
  106. [21:14:44] <Addy> god what a sillyku
  107. [21:15:03] <Siyao> 4d3-4 Praying for stealthfulness
  108. [21:15:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Praying for stealthfulness: 3 [4d3=2,1,3,1]
  109. [21:15:48] <Addy> god why is a nun so stealthy
  110. [21:16:01] <Arae> Because god wills it.
  111. [21:16:20] <Arae> ...In this case, literally. Her faith makes her a ninja.
  112. [21:17:04] <castfromhp> You guys make it pretty close to the restaurant. Unfortunately, Addy kinda stands out in her outlandish, clothing, and you're noticed by the cops off in the distance as you approach. Athletics everyone!
  113. [21:17:19] <Addy> ;_;
  114. [21:17:30] <Addy> 4d3-8+2
  115. [21:17:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Addy, 4d3-8+2: 3 [4d3=1,3,3,2]
  116. [21:17:44] <Arae> 4d3-8+2 Eeeee
  117. [21:17:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Arae, Eeeee: 4 [4d3=2,3,3,2]
  118. [21:19:35] <Siyao> 4d3-4 Now pray you don't triiip (and damn, but I need better skills...)
  119. [21:19:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Siyao, Now pray you don't triiip (and damn, but I need better skills...): 4 [4d3=2,1,3,2]
  120. [21:20:01] <Siyao> (Underestimated the importance of athleticism in this game)
  121. [21:20:22] <castfromhp> You guys RUN like mad and manage to get into Red and slam the door shut while the cops are still a ways away.
  122. [21:20:40] <castfromhp> You can hear their clomp clomp of their approaching footsteps outside though.
  123. [21:20:43] <Arae> "OK Addy read that inscription now please"
  124. [21:20:54] <castfromhp> BGM for this scene:
  125. [21:20:57] <Arae> "When you're done, stick the key in the keyhole~"
  126. [21:21:37] <castfromhp> "<W-what's going on?>" Jingwei is so confused. ;~;
  127. [21:22:07] <Siyao> "<Just some ghost stuff, dearie. Stay close.>" Sooth, sooth.
  128. [21:22:24] <castfromhp> "<O-okay.>" Her grip tightens on the newspapers.
  129. [21:25:15] <Addy> Addy seems a little skeptical at the fine english, but whatever! She even does her best to stuff back the local color in her wording and read it just as printed, but she still totally has an accent. "I ask of thee art thou mankind?"
  130. [21:26:01] <Addy> And unless something happens right away to make her think she oughtta wait, POPCLICK (at least that's what addy expects it to sound like), in goes the key.
  131. [21:26:01] <castfromhp> At this moment, you hear a crash as the cops bust down the doors!
  132. [21:26:38] <castfromhp> A voice resonates from Arae's entire being, her voice, but a bit younger, yet sounding more full of life. "Nay I am the world."
  133. [21:27:33] <castfromhp> In goes the key, just as the cops are running up to you! A swirl of purple shadow seeps out from the keyhole.
  134. [21:28:20] <castfromhp> The golden flecks making up the lock disappear, leaving Addy staring into a gaping hole in Arae's face for a moment. And then POP!
  135. [21:28:32] <Addy> Knew it.
  136. [21:28:43] <castfromhp> The swirl of purple reaches out of the hole and snags all of you, Jingwei included.
  137. [21:28:43] <Arae> Thisbetterwor--whoanowSEESOMETHINGISHAPPENING.
  138. [21:29:37] <castfromhp> Purple fills your vision, blinding you momentarily, before you find yourself standing in the midst of a grassy field, surrounded with shelves of books in a spiral formation, floating up from the ground.
  139. [21:30:02] <Arae> Does she have both her eyes to see with now?
  140. [21:30:39] <castfromhp> The gaping hole closes up, and sparks of rainbow light return to it, restoring Arae's eye to its earlier condition. (I WAS GETTING TO IT)
  141. [21:31:03] <Arae> "...ah. ...Well, we're safe now!" Yay~
  142. [21:31:09] <Addy> "Wow... I ain't seen a trick like that before! Ain't nothin' like m'escape potions. Where we at?"
  143. [21:31:19] <castfromhp> "<W-w-w-what?!>" Jingwei has no idea what even. Her eyes flit around fearfully.
  144. [21:31:34] <Siyao> Siyao blinks a bit, and gives Jingwei a precautionary hug. "<Here we are.>"
  145. [21:35:06] <castfromhp> "<W-where is here?>" Jingwei hugs you tightly.
  146. [21:35:12] <Arae> "I...whoa. G-give me a moment. Just know that nothing will harm you in here. No one is gonna come in here and shoot us." Meanwhile, Arae declares the presence of first aid kits, since PEOPLE ARE BLEEDING or at least likely wounded or etc.
  147. [21:35:52] <Arae> Since AUTO-SUCCESSES, this is likely to happen!
  148. [21:38:10] <Arae> Whether it actually does or not, Arae still needs a moment. She'll just be sitting in the air a while.
  149. [21:38:36] <castfromhp> As Arae thinks, the demesne warps and shapes to her desires, forming what she wishes to appear within it.
  150. [21:39:24] <Arae> First Aid Kits! They're likely near all of them, so. "Keep yourselves from getting infected and all that, OK? Questions...later..."
  151. [21:39:28] <Siyao> There are rules at play here which Siyao does not understand! She eagerly accepts the medical supplies, enlisting Jingwei to help her replace the bloodstained coif with something a little more secure and sanitary.
  152. [21:39:57] <Addy> Addy decides to help take care of Siyao first before herself. The hero shot can wait~
  153. [21:42:34] <Siyao> Once she's patched, though, Siyao will return the favor. It's a little awkward with only one hand, though.
  154. [21:43:34] <Addy> Yep yep, patchin' each other up
  155. [21:43:37] <castfromhp> If you take some time to carefully administer first aid and treat each other, I'll say what moderate physical consequences you have will disappear by the start of the next day IC.
  156. [21:45:14] <Siyao> Said time is taken, then. While Siyao is busying herself with that, she asks, "So, Arae? Where are we? What is this place?"
  157. [21:45:36] <Addy> "We're in Airy's brain, o'course!"
  158. [21:48:31] <castfromhp> "<So um...this is our 'secret base'?>" Jingwei finally lets go of Siyao and sits down in the grass, arranging her newspapers in a fan in front of her.
  159. [21:49:32] <Siyao> "<Eh-heh...I guess it is. Pretty peaceful, right?>"
  160. [21:50:17] <castfromhp> "<I...guess.>" Clearly still nervous about the whole affair. She starts at tearing out clippings from the newspapers.
  161. [21:51:01] <Arae> A few more moments of silence, until she speaks. Just in time for Addy to make a good guess, and for Jingwei to nail it. "Secret base...I like the sound of that. Maybe it's a part of my brain, iunno. It's still a lot better than getting shot though, right?" Despite her words, Arae seems uneasy herself!
  162. [21:51:38] <Addy> "I think it's awful cool! Y'must be real smart to memorize all them books."
  163. [21:53:15] <Arae> "...So I' was..." Arae mutters to herself, but speaks up. "Good news, I have my memories back..." That doesn't sound like the greatest news ever, even though it should be!
  164. [21:54:37] <Addy> "Congrats! D'ya remember me?"
  165. [21:58:21] <Arae> "Ah...yeah, but I never forgot you, right? I forgot other people and things though...and the bad news...well, I...don't want to think about the bad news. I do know that I've got a duty to fulfill either way, so..." Check the book!
  166. [21:59:46] <Arae> "Alright, so we're not even in Hong Kong, so we're definitely not gonna get shot at here..."
  167. [22:00:05] <Siyao> "A duty? What kind of duty?"
  168. [22:00:48] <Addy> "Jus' makin' sure, I'd hate to get forgot about."
  169. [22:04:45] <Arae> "A duty that I'm getting sorted through my head. Remembering an entire life is stressful, you know?"
  170. [22:05:32] <Siyao> Siyao nods respectfully. "Take your time."
  171. [22:05:53] <castfromhp> (Arae is still speaking in Cantonese, right? Just not using the <> marks?)
  172. [22:06:25] <Arae> Right. <> marks are silly. If she's still considered a ghost, Addy can still understand her and whatnot.
  173. [22:06:42] <castfromhp> Yup, still goast blowjob whoo whoo
  174. [22:08:14] <castfromhp> Jingwei speaks up. "<Um, auntie, I don't really get it. W-what's with all this about memories and w-where are we and what are we doing next?>" She's finished ripping clippings from the newspaper and has a wad of them in her hand, the newspapers tossed to the side.
  175. [22:08:38] <Addy> "If y'need to talk 'bout anythin you've gone and remembered, I'm all ears! 'Cept I got other parts too, but y'know what I mean. Hey Miss Seeya, what do all them papers say?"
  176. [22:08:39] <castfromhp> Her bird flies around knocking into bookcases with a look on its face that says "the fuck is this?!" >:V
  177. [22:10:35] <Arae> Boojayoobooboo. "H-hey, don't break my mind! And...I'm sorry if this place is scary, just..."
  178. [22:11:29] <Siyao> Siyao looks disapprovingly at the furious avian. "<Miss Arae just needs to sort out something she's going through right now. Please wait patiently. Um, are you hungry or thirsty?>"
  179. [22:12:57] <castfromhp> "<I um...I could use some tea.>"
  180. [22:13:12] <castfromhp> And the bird has stopped ramming into bookcases, just flying around in a frantic circle overhead now.
  181. [22:13:48] <Addy> Addy idly looks around for books on Voodoo. She probably can't read the titles anyway.
  182. [22:14:49] <Siyao> "Ahhm, Miss Arae? Would it be possible for us to have a pot of tea? I'm not exactly sure how this works, but you made those first aid kits earlier. If it isn't too much trouble...?"
  183. [22:15:04] <castfromhp> None of the books seem to have discernable titles until you pluck them off of a shelf. It's half like the titles are blurred and half that your attention is diverted from them.
  184. [22:15:56] <castfromhp> 1d100
  185. [22:15:57] <DiceMaid-9001> castfromhp, 1d100: 46 [1d100=46]
  186. [22:15:59] <Arae> Arae, still sorting through the confusing everything that has been brought upon her, can totally answer this. "I should be able to make most things, so...tea it is!" Tea is created, in fancy cups and all that. It's chrysanthemum tea, by the way.
  187. [22:16:44] <Rini> (<3)
  188. [22:16:51] <Anise`> (:D)
  189. [22:16:53] <castfromhp> Addy, you pluck out a book that seems to be about the Haitian revolution and how it relates to vodou. Not quite the Nawlins variety, but it's a precedessor in ways.
  190. [22:18:24] <Siyao> Siyao very formally pours a cup for Jingwei and then one for herself. She sips it slowly, letting out a long sigh.
  191. [22:18:38] <Addy> Addy plops down and starts to read.
  192. [22:19:15] <Addy> Her eyes glaze over a bit as she mentally tries to call up Baron Samedi or one of the other spirits to see if they recognize this stuff.
  193. [22:21:57] <Arae> "...Aaalllright, so--please don't damage any books, Addy!--...I'm pretty sure that in order to stop something very bad, the end of the world itself, as opposed to its rebirth, I need to claim the chakras. That's the gist of it." A look at Addy and aaaaa. "S-sorry, but could you put that book back please! I'm starting to worry about your forehead glowing and stuff now, so..."
  194. [22:24:07] <Addy> Addy mumbles, "Kay, gotcha," before seeming to hear Arae. She nods and repeats, "Kay! Gotcha!" And returns the book to where it belongs. Ish.
  195. [22:24:42] <castfromhp> Jingwei sets down her scraps of newspaper and starts to drink the tea, looking much calmer. Siyao, if you glance over, the clippings are all about all sorts of things like tourist events, international affairs, the upcoming anniversary, some news about international schools in Hong Kong, even some ads cut out for said schools.
  196. [22:26:32] <Siyao> Siyao pauses with the cup halfway to her mouth. "The end of the world? What's going to happen if you don't claim the chakras?"
  197. [22:31:43] <Arae> "Well, if I don't, there won't be enough magical power for me to use to let the world reset. I-it's OK if the world resets, it won't hurt or end everyone's lives or something...but if there's not enough magic to fuel it, it's just gonna flat out end."
  198. [22:32:11] <Arae> "...incidentally, I'm the only one that can do this, and it's going to take away my life as well."
  199. [22:32:47] <Addy> "But... Aren'tcha already... Not alive...?"
  200. [22:33:01] <Arae> " unlife. Same thing to me!"
  201. [22:34:29] <Addy> "Uh... So, how'm I s'posed to keep you from double dyin?"
  202. [22:35:58] <Siyao> Siyao nods understandingly. She KNEW Arae had unfinished business. But this is the natural order of things... "Arae, does that mean we need to capture all five Meridians or chakras or such for you? That could be difficult with all these other factions vying for them." Factions with significantly more resources than their little group, she thinks to herself.
  203. [22:38:34] <castfromhp> "<Um...that sounds terrible...>" Jingwei refills her cup of tea and Siyao's, with a mournful look in her eyes. "<...I still don't get it.>"
  204. [22:41:46] <Arae> "...If I don't, world dies, including me. If I do, world resets safely, I die. Again. ...If you have ideas, I'd like to hear em." Shudder. This is definitely a thing. "...Yeah, though I'm not exactly clear if you can just claim them for me or if I have to be there. I'd rather be there, though. And without a doubt, we have the Triad on our side. They're the ones
  205. [22:41:46] <Arae> do I word this...well, some of them were accidentally responsible for making this necessary to begin with, and that happened to be part of my family. So it only made sense that I offer myself to fix it, and they're going to help me be able to do so."
  206. [22:41:55] <Arae> (No, shuku.exe IS still responding)
  207. [22:42:30] <castfromhp> (waitingforshukutopost.jpg)
  208. [22:43:45] <Addy> "...Aw... I betcha... I bet I can find me a way to visit you even after all o'that! D'ya think we still have a chance to get that woody thing from the guns building?"
  209. [22:47:11] <Arae> "...Woody thing?" No response to the first part Addy mentioned!
  210. [22:48:09] <Addy> "Yeah! The thingy in the building... The meri... merry... Mary D Anne?" It's a tough word give her a break.
  211. [22:48:38] <Arae> A look at Siyao. Maybe SHE knows what Addy is trying to say?
  212. [22:49:14] <Addy> "The Magic things everybody's fighting for!"
  213. [22:49:19] <Siyao> "The Meridian?" volunteers Siyao.
  214. [22:49:47] <Addy> "Yep!"
  215. [22:50:27] <castfromhp> "<...D-does this mean we have to go back to the mall...?>" Jingwei tugs at Siyao nervously.
  216. [22:50:52] <Arae> "That...well, I guess that makes that easier! You're sure that it's a meridian?"
  217. [22:53:50] <Addy> "Uhhh... I thiiink so... That's what they oughtta be fighting over, an' I think it's the wood one."
  218. [22:54:23] <castfromhp> "<...C-can I just go home? The government's gonna try to take me back if they find me...a-and they're all over there.>"
  219. [22:55:33] <Arae> "Well, I'm gonna claim it. I don't exactly recall how it works, but it should come to me kinda like this did. But first...where is your home? ...It's safe at your home, right?"
  220. [22:56:21] <Siyao> Siyao nods. "We've already been through a lot today, and at any rate there are two small armies camped next to the building at the moment. Shouldn't we take a step back to regroup?"
  221. [22:56:52] <castfromhp> "<, n-not home home...t-that's where the government picked me up from, and I now I get they're up to no good.>" Jingwei scrunches up her fists on the hem of her shirt. "<...I d-dunno, is anyone still at the orphanage Auntie?>"
  222. [22:59:48] <Siyao> Siyao thinks about it. "<That...might work. But if they're really desperate to find you, they may check there, too - they'd know you used to live there. You'd probably be safer back at Arae's hotel room, I think.>"
  223. [23:00:38] <Addy> "Ain't that a lot of runnin' to get 'em all one at a time? Gotta be a way to snatch a couple in one go, y'know."
  224. [23:00:42] <castfromhp> "<I um...before I got picked up, I promised I'd help some of the boys there with something.>" She holds up her newspaper clippings. "<M-maybe you can deliver these to them?>"
  225. [23:01:15] <castfromhp> "<They've been collecting these for a few days now...and tourist pamphlets and stuff like that.>"
  226. [23:02:03] <Siyao> Siyao looks at the clippings. "<What are they all for, dearie?>"
  227. [23:02:28] <castfromhp> "<I'm not sure...>"
  228. [23:04:56] <castfromhp> "<Something about not wanting to wait around while the adults decided everything...>"
  229. [23:05:20] <castfromhp> She shrugs. "<I've just been helping them...>"
  230. [23:07:39] <Arae> "...taking her with is dangerous for her, leaving her somewhere might be dangerous for her, can't leave her here..." Aaaa.
  231. [23:08:28] <Siyao> She accepts the stack of clippings and tucks it into her sleeve. "<I'll be certain to ask them about it when I deliver these, then!>" Siyao smiles at Jingwei. "<But for now, we need to decide on a course of action. I'd suggest getting Jingwei to safety, meeting back up with Rini and Caleb, and then figuring out what to do tomorrow.>"
  232. [23:08:47] <Addy> "Oh, hey y'all, jus' a heads up... I don' know 'xactly what it means an' all, but one of the Loa sent me a message, jus' so y'know..."
  233. [23:11:14] <Arae> "...oh right, about Caleb. He...well, kinda completely flipped out recently. Rini should know more about that than me, though. Really hope they're think we can claim everything in time if we wait any longer? ...and...what did the Loa say?"
  234. [23:16:35] <Arae> HEY ADDY, WHAT DID THE LOA SAY?
  235. [23:16:46] <Addy> "Wellll, I ain't real sure what it means, but..."
  236. [23:17:42] <Addy> "Somethin'bout a party, tonight being the Papa's night off, an' countin' on me to keep everybody in line, so... I can't say I rightly know, but I'm thinkin' we might have a lotta spirits on the loose or somethin' crazy tonight."
  237. [23:21:13] <Siyao> "O-oh...that doesn't sound good..."
  238. [23:22:59] <Addy> "Maybe they'll help? Or not, I dunno! They're usually awful nice, but them can be tons o'trouble."
  239. [23:24:10] <castfromhp> Jingwei tugs at your habit Siyao. "<What is the funny looking one talking about?>"
  240. [23:25:09] <Arae> "A party...I don't understand it, but that definitely doesn't sound good." Thinking. "...alright, first steps. We're gonna get back to the mainland, since this place is enveloped in warfare, then we're gonna get Jingwei to safety, reunite with Rini and maybe Caleb if he's not busy murdering everything or wanting to punch me in the face, and then it's chakra claiming time if
  241. [23:25:09] <Arae> we have time. Otherwise we might be able to stay here for the night, and claim chakras when we wake up and whatnot. Sound like a plan?"
  242. [23:26:33] <Siyao> "Sounds good," says Siyao, before giving Jingwei a hastily-translated version of the plan.
  243. [23:27:43] <castfromhp> She nods. "<W-well, alright...>"
  244. [23:27:58] <Addy> "Kay! Did Okayleb punch your face too? Why does he always gotta go and punch girls in the face an' stuff?"
  245. [23:28:41] <Arae> "I don't know, but now that he's all ripping people in half and whatnot, I don't want to be punched in the face a lot more now." Shudder.
  246. [23:29:13] <Arae> "But yeah, everyone ready? If we end up back in Red and there's police, be ready to make a break for it."
  247. [23:29:15] <castfromhp> "<R-r-ripping HALF?>"
  248. [23:29:53] <Addy> "...Haha, sorry, musta heard you wrong on accounta your accent or somethin' coulda sworn y'all were talkin'bout Okayleb rippin' people in half. Ha. Haha."
  249. [23:29:54] <Rini> (actually I think he'd been ripping them into like 5+ separate pieces, pretty sure aerie saw that)
  250. [23:30:18] <Arae> (Well one of those pieces might have been in half, shut up)
  251. [23:30:23] <Rini> (treehee)
  252. [23:31:06] <Siyao> "Ready when you are!" says Siyao, trying to move past the dismemberment issue.
  253. [23:31:43] <Arae> Arae responds by pretending not to worry. In the end, she's still dead! "Don't worry, we'll keep you safe~"
  254. [23:32:41] <Arae> "...I hope we run into Rini first, though...she knows more about that situation than me. Maybe I can call her on the train ride..."
  255. [23:33:37] <castfromhp> (exiting Arae's demesne now?)
  256. [23:33:41] <Arae> Yep!
  257. [23:33:52] <Addy> "Uhh... Yes'm!" Addy's still a little confused, but she decides to assume that she just heard something wrong or it's a joke. There's no way Okayleb would rip people to shreds. Or in half.
  258. [23:34:42] <castfromhp> There's the swirl of purple again as the grassy field and bookshelves disappear.
  259. [23:34:47] <Arae> She'd talk more about it, but come on. There's a nun and a child here. And SHE'S a child, for that matter. Eesh.
  260. [23:34:56] <castfromhp> You find yourselves back in Red, though it looks like the restaurant has been ransacked.
  261. [23:35:57] <Arae> "...No time to waste." Nodding, and returning to the subway! "...ground shouldn't try to eat you guys, by the way. In case you need to know."
  262. [23:36:01] <castfromhp> Suddenly, Addy seizes up, and it's as if an invisible force is tugging her jaw to face into the air. A ghostly hand reaches up out of it, climbing out and solidifying into the form of slender tall shadow Following it is a variety of other spirits.
  263. [23:36:02] <castfromhp> Some of them carry festive decorations, others Mardi Gra masks. All look ready to party. They form a parade, all coming out of Addy's mouth and spilling out, rushing to fill the restaurant and flood into the streets.
  264. [23:36:02] <castfromhp> Small statues appear all around the restaurant, seated at tables. They're little men in green with funny pointed hats. A pained expression is frozen onto the face of each.
  265. [23:36:05] <Siyao> "Ah... looks like they've left. Say, Miss Arae? Can you go into that secret room from anywhere, or only in this resturant?"
  266. [23:36:32] <Arae> "In a place of importance to me. There's a fair few of those, so it shouldn't be too hard to get there."
  267. [23:39:43] <Siyao> Siyao rushes over to Addy as the ghosts come marching out. "Ah! Miss Addy! What's happening?"
  268. [23:42:08] <Arae> ...Somehow, Shuku missed a wall being posted. But all she can really do is see what the fuck just happened. And speak words. "A-addy! You alright?!"
  269. [23:43:18] <castfromhp> It takes a while but, eventually the ghosts stop parading out of her mouth. By this point, the door to the restaurant is busted down by the sheer force of GHOST TRAIN. well, not GATA GOTO CHOO CHOO train, but a procession of them.
  270. [23:44:04] <castfromhp> In the view outside, the parade of ghosts is proceeding to cause havoc, throwing bottles of booze everywhere and setting off poppers.
  271. [23:44:13] <Addy> Addy coughs a little bit before weakly smiling, "...Told ya..."
  272. [23:44:34] <castfromhp> Clearly visible to everyone now is a glowing sign on Addy's forehead.
  273. [23:46:04] <castfromhp> And take a fate point for your troubles Addy.
  274. [23:46:11] <Arae> "Yeah, there's that thing on your forehead again. Now that I can get a constant look at it, it looks like a cross on a platform or something, with two things that look kinda like coffins to the sides? It's hard to explain what that looks like..."
  275. [23:47:51] <Arae> "'re still OK, though, right Addy?" That must hurt.
  276. [23:47:58] <Siyao> Once the initial shock is past, Siyao watches the procession with a distasteful expression. So much restlessness... "Miss Addy, has this ever happened before?"
  277. [23:48:20] <castfromhp> (And Addy, upgrade to as if you rolled Addy at Up to Your Waist, except skill cap is at Superb. Apply each option for minor milestone up to one time)
  278. [23:48:52] <Addy> "Uh... I'm a liiiil dizzy, but I'm okay! I don' remember nothin' like that ever happenin' to me before..."
  279. [23:49:41] <Addy> "But... Ya wanna draw that symbol on m'cheek so I can see it good? ...Jus' kiddin, sounds like Baron Samedi's, I think..."
  280. [23:50:54] <castfromhp> Annnnd, we'll end off here at the start of GOAST PARTY if that's alright with everyone.
  281. [23:51:02] <Arae> Few more minutes!
  282. [23:51:07] <castfromhp> (sure thing to chat)
  283. [23:51:23] <Arae> "I can write it somewhere! Not on your cheek though, you can't see it that well if it's there." She totally has SOME kind of paper on her, and it was established she had a pen or something to write with, so she hastily scrawls the symbol and shows Addy!
  284. [23:51:29] <castfromhp> (if you are all totally okay with creepy Majora's Mask Link statues sitting around the entire restaurant as you chat.)
  285. [23:51:47] <Siyao> ( shouldn't have done that...)
  286. [23:51:48] <Rini> (You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?)
  287. [23:54:19] <castfromhp> (BGM:
  288. [23:54:20] <castfromhp> V:
  289. [23:54:22] <castfromhp> V:
  290. [23:55:05] <castfromhp> (just kidding it's probably Mardi Gras party music)
  291. [23:55:43] <Arae> ...Eee, these statues are kinda scary. But she's more scary, really! She's not allowed to be disturbed! Just need Addy to let her know what this actually is!
  292. [23:57:50] <Addy> "So... Uh..."
  293. [23:58:23] <Arae> She's showing Addy the symbol. Where's the response?
  294. [23:58:44] <Addy> Addy already said the symbol is that of Baron Samedi. "I know y'all never been to Nawlins, but this might be as close as you can get to a real, gen-you-wine Mardi Gras, y'know. D'ya like parties?"
  295. [00:00:46] <Arae> Well it certainly wasn't confirmed by Addy! "...As much as I'd like a party, actually being safe comes first. But at the same time, apparently you have to keep the party in line. ...Are you gonna stay here then, Addy?" Sad face. Leaving Addy again is making her pretty :(, considering they don't exactly have much time.
  296. [00:03:51] <Addy> "With all o'this mess goin' round, don'tcha think we got a better shot at snatchin' that wood Mary D. Ann?"
  297. [00:04:53] <Arae> "Yeah, but at the same time, we'd have to drag Jingwei around through this mess. I'd rather not cause anyone anymore trouble, you know?"
  298. [00:06:03] <castfromhp> Jingwei is terrified right now, because all the creepy statues are shaking slightly and there's a soft sound of whispering and teeth chattering in the air. Still haven't moved much though, just at their tables.
  299. [00:06:21] <Addy> "Jeing-Way's awful strong, y'know, but I don't wanna drag her through nothin'gainst her will... Let's us step outside and see what's goin' on everywhere."
  300. [00:06:59] <Arae> "Right." STEPPIN OUTSIDE.
  301. [00:07:08] <Addy> Ditto~
  302. [00:07:09] <castfromhp> Outside is complete chaos.
  303. [00:07:54] <Siyao> (oh, were we not stopping after all?)
  304. [00:08:11] <Arae> (Just want to get to a point where we confirm if we're splitting up or not, at least :V)
  305. [00:08:12] <castfromhp> (well, we are once they finish chatting)
  306. [00:08:25] <castfromhp> (oh boy more party splits)
  307. [00:08:35] <castfromhp> (/me puts on masochism cap)
  309. [00:10:20] <Addy> (I'm just trying to gauge whether Addy's needed more here or with the others)
  310. [00:11:21] <Arae> (To listen to the Loa, or to stay with the party. To go get a chakra, or to go back to safeland? THESE ARE THE CHOICES WE MUST MAKE and eh I guess we could offscreen those choices)
  311. [00:11:24] <Siyao> (She might be, it's true. Looking like the ghostpocalypse out there.)
  313. [00:13:53] <Addy> "...Where's everybody meeting back at the not-island?"
  314. [00:14:42] <Siyao> "Arae's hotel?" suggests Siyao.
  315. [00:15:10] <Arae> "Was gonna sort that on the train, unless I should just call Rini now..."
  316. [00:16:02] <Addy> "Cause, see, I got an idea 'bout how to get back if I gotta stay here an' take  care o'things... Unless all o'them ghosties and spirits are goin' to follow me everywhere, I dunno."
  317. [00:18:38] <Addy> "HEEEEEY BARON SAMEDI, Y'OUT HERE?"
  318. [00:18:55] <Arae> "...Well, I dunno either. But we should decide things a bit faster now, since I'm pretty sure that if we take too long, the world's gonna end before I get to stop it. That'd be bad."
  319. [00:19:52] <Siyao> " should be okay, then. Arae and I will take Jingwei back to safety while you discipline the spirits, Addy?"
  320. [00:22:07] <Addy> Addy mumbles something to herself about a party.
  321. [00:24:55] <Arae> The sheer amount of waiting that's not coming from a result of Shuku being a slow poster threatens to drive her crazy. She starts floating about in circles.
  322. [00:27:15] <Addy> "...I oughtta stick 'round an' make sure nothin' too crazy happens. I'll meet y'all later, kay?"
  323. [00:28:12] <Arae> "...Alright. Don't get hurt, Addy! I'll be back!" TIME TO LOVE HER STATION. As much as she can. She rushes onwards, trying not to think about damn well everything.
  324. [00:28:35] <castfromhp> (you gonna hand out those subway cards? :V)
  325. [00:28:52] <Siyao> Siyao clasps her hands together at her chest and nods. "The Lord bless you and keep you, Miss Addy," she says earnestly. Then she follows Arae toward that lovable station.
  326. [00:29:23] <Arae> During this rush, Arae floats slower so they can catch up. She totally hands them octopus cards!
  327. [00:29:29] <Arae> Best do it now!
  328. [00:30:13] <Addy> Poor Addy's jelly of their train, but she's got things to keep in line here for now! It's not like she doesn't have magic powers to catch up later, though.
  329. [00:32:38] <Arae> With that sorted out, it could totally be a /session here!
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