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RuneAudio debug info

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Feb 17th, 2017
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  1. (In an earlier thread I sought and got help with setting-up RuneAudio with a particular approach in mind. Time marches on and I'm back at the same point again but this time with a somewhat altered approach. Because of that I thought I'd better start a new thread rather than hark-back to the earlier one; besides, I hope I've learned a few lessons in the meantime).
  2. I originally installed RuneAudio directly onto my ODroid C1+ (ie I'm not using an ODroid SD card pre-loaded with Ubuntu or Android). I'm now aiming to control the C1 with a Samsung Galaxy Tab3 (Android ver. 4.4.2, kernel ver. 3.4.5-3952694 22/1/2015).
  3. I'm able to bring up Rune's web interface on the Tab3's browser. But that's where I've become stuck - for three days now. Despite all my considerable efforts I cannot manage to install the network source I want to use. It's a network share named My Music I've created on my desktop computer in Windows 10, into which I've put my existing (pretty meagre) music collection. Right-clicking on it and selecting <Properties - Sharing> the network path is given as \\DESKTOP8\My Music; it's shared with "Everyone".
  4. I ought, SURELY, to be able just to enter "DESKTOP8/My Music" as <Remote directory> and that should be it? But I've tried every different way I can think-of to format that file-path and every time a red cross is displayed in response. I'm forced to conclude that there's some other explanation than syntax alone which must lie behind this behaviour but I can't even begin to guess what it might be.
  5. Any suggestions?
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