Nov 27th, 2012
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  1. Welcome to the Muffinware Minecraft server!
  2. This server is based largely around anarchy and Factions.
  3. For those who do not know, Factions is a plugin allowing server clans and groups to form, protect land, and wage wars.
  4. Each player is allowed to make their own faction or join any available.
  5. For more info on Factions please use the command /f.
  6. Economy on this server is different from others as well, there really isn't one.
  7. You can trade any item you want for anything else, or just down right steal. But for setting up Factions and claiming land, emeralds are required.
  8. It costs 8 Emerald to start a faction and increasing amount to purchase safe land.
  9. Inside you inventory you should have 12 Emerald to start out with, inside the SafeZone are shops you will be able to buy enchanted weapons and XP from.
  10. Remember, if you build outside a Faction area of any kind, your structures are liable to be griefed and robbed. So remember to lock your chests with our custom chest locking plugin.
  11. To lock a chest, you need an Iron Ingot renamed to your password placed in the upper left corner of the chest, and a Blaze Rod named the same password as a key.
  12. Or, use a Gold Ingot that is renamed to your Minecraft account (Case Sensitive) and then only you can open that chest, with no key.
  13. However these chests are still liable to be opened with lock picks, rename a Blaze Rod to Pick.
  14. On a lighter note, a public map is available on or under the Map link of Elsewhere on the site we will host updates about the server, including map updates and secret buildings in the wild.
  15. This server is not fully set up so please tell the admins your ideas and email me at!
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