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Archon - A New Form

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May 26th, 2019
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  1. 20:17] Ashen says, "This is my final form."
  2. [20:17] Ashen says, "The greatest Demon form."
  3. [20:17] Ashen says, "Kaor."
  4. [20:17] Veigas Terre says, "Ho...that's pretty cool."
  5. [20:18] Ashen says, "Yes. Please observe and admire viciously."
  6. [20:18] Ashen says, "I will allow it."
  7. [20:18] Ashalle says, "Second greatest. There's an even greater one you should reach for."
  8. [20:18] Ashalle says, "Archon. Although, you'll be smaller.."
  9. [20:18] Ashalle says, "But stronger."
  10. [20:18] Ashen says, "...."
  11. [20:19] Ahmir Valerius says, "Bigger ain't always better n'yway"
  12. [20:19] Ashalle says, "True, makes you easier to hit.."
  13. [20:19] Ahmir Valerius says, "Big, bright, n' red at that."
  15. [20:58] Ashen was in very high spirits after his wounds had healed, and he had returned now to Veigas screaming about how large he was. There is a joy and joviality coming off of his every expression and form in that second- That is, until he proclaims his mighty form to those around. Kaor.
  17. Ashen had never -heard- of Archon, never -seen- an Archon. He had no idea what they were talking about. Some form greater than Kaor? One that made him smaller? What kinds of drugs were the Thorns into these days? He crouches now, lowering himself down to the floor.
  19. "What do you mean.. Second greatest?" Fiery eyes gaze back at Ashalle as she had informed him of such. "There is no form.. Greater than Kaor. This is the pinnacle, Ashalle. Smaller? Preposterous. I have spent my entire life growing and growing and growing. There is no 'Archon' that makes a Demon smaller."
  21. He seemed upset, angry even. Were they mocking him? As Humanity had tended to do for a while now? "I have explored most of Agartha time and time again- Not ever have I seen or witnessed a Demon grander than Kaor. So what makes you think this lie is in any way clever?" Ashen had always had some kind of temper, but now that he had the brain to think about one or two things logically- It was a really rare occurrence. One that he would get vehemently upset and begin to question people and himself.
  23. This seemed to be one of those moments, considering just how proud and delighted he was with his most recent transformation. The flames on his body glow upwards with a different color to them, as the bottom edges seemed to be a faint blue. The energy he exuded daily was flickering in and out of potency. Emotions run high.
  24. (Ashen)
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  27. [21:02] Several exchanges between blades, between the sounds of occasional in magic and clashes between swordsman. The fox nearly forgot his surrounding, jogging off the tip of his toes, pouncing forward with one arm held out.
  29. Ling Jang; pointed forward, a second step to his dance. Attempting to release the tension when wielding his style. However, easier said than done.
  31. Tight, swift. There hardly seemed like a moment where he could break his rhythm while maintaining enough combative pose to stand a chance.
  33. And not before long the victor was clear, watching from the ground as Veigas reappeared. "I'll try. . ." He mumbled, putting as much enthusiasm as he could when shrugging the pain off as well.
  35. Coming to stand he offered a bow in respects. "You said I needed to prove myself. . . I know it's not always through combat, but in this case. I figured it the quickest method."
  37. His claw already smothered out from his fall. The foxes attention only came to witness the others when hearing the demon talk up.
  38. (Laemor)
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  41. [21:07]
  42. "No, Ashen." She finds herself beginning to smile - her hand raising to stifle that laughter that threatens to spill from her lips. "The truth of the matter is that while you might be bigger...That isn't your full potential. The truth of the matter is that there is another stage left inside of you. And while you can sit and be like this for the rest of your life...Like your brethren in Dawn. I think that even you can actually feel yourself itching to break out of that form that you have now."
  44. She steps forth, drifting closer towards that of the Demon. In a sense, she is mocking him. But in truth, it's all for his own good. "In comparison to the ones that came before you, Ashen...You're smaller than them. You might be big in size...But that doesn't equate to the power that they had in them. After all, I'm sure you've felt something similar before. You've fought magi like us...Even though you were bigger, you've lost...Yes?" She shifts silently, lips pursing..
  46. "Have you heard of Tragedy? Or maybe, Zaruma? They were Archons that lead conquests. That changed Agartha...It is demons like them that made most people fear Demons in the first place. And trust me when I say that they weren't kaor. Physically...They may have been smaller. But magically, even battle prowress, they could take on hundreds of soldiers. And have fought over three magi at once. Imagine all of that power at your hands." She just shrugs.
  48. "You should have known this already. Have you not decided to look for your roots at all, Ashen?"
  49. (Ashalle)
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  52. [21:16] "My -roots- are more muddied than I came to believe, Ashalle." He turns to the side and crawls forward now, staring back at her and digesting all of the information that was thrown at his feet. There was no way there was something grander than Kaor. He had worked life and death to reach here, and it wasn't the pinnacle?
  54. The laughter causes the flare at his skin to burn in more than just a shade of red. It danced along and started to glow a new hue. Whether or not he enjoyed it, the fact alone that he wanted to 'break' from his shell? It was already showing in a visible fashion. His flaming affinity was becoming something slightly different already.
  56. It's a clash of emotions- Because he had felt so comfy and at home in his Kaor body- And now? He would be thrown out of it via this new information. He is put once more into a world- Where he must claw his way to the surface and run forward with all his might.
  58. A world where he wasn't at the peak of his evolution.
  60. ".. I have lost, yes." The words that roll from his tongue are sorrowful ones, ones that he hates having to admit. "But I have worked tirelessly to correct the folly of defeat. I continue to do so. Long since had I believed there is more, but a new form? You have to be pulling my leg."
  62. He extends his arms to the sides of his body now, gesturing to the world and Agartha. "Why have I not seen any, then? Why do they not walk as I do?" He frowns deeply and starts to approach. It isn't of hostility to her, but rather to himself and the world about. Had Agartha truly killed off these 'Archons?'
  64. Is this a precursor to more and more locked away roots? The history of demons and their fall from the Spires? He is sick to his stomach in his pursuit for knowledge.
  66. "I have never heard of Tragedy. I have never heard of Archons. I stick to the outlands, and learn what I can- But most of what you speak- It is locked away in cities, is it not?" A frown follows. More things that humans could keep away from Demonkind.
  68. "I desire nothing more than to learn of that history, Ashalle. But I hate mankind more than I have ever hated. Or felt. My fire burns because of the scorn I feel. The Thorns are the only savable few in a world of wrong. Tell me. Tell me about the Archons."
  69. (Ashen)
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  72. [21:24] "Mmmhm." She is lucky to not taste true defeat by her enemies. And because of that, she can remain boastful and say that she had never lost a challenge against those that dared to walk up against her. The truth of the matter concerning Ashen, however, is different. And with him moving about the place - often dealing with other who may want to kill him for what he is places him in a peculiar situation. Either way, the young girl would simply wave a hand.
  74. "You haven't seen the Archons because you haven't looked hard enough for them. Tragedy exists...I hear Illaron occasionally appears. And even Eiphraem is seated somewhere within the depths of Crafthold. Either way, Ashen...My knowledge on Archons are limited. All I know is that the power that they amassed from victories...Defeats, and mostly, reaching their goals is something that makes them mostly unmatched. Even the one named Shiva was something when she could bring people back from the dead...All of the possibilities are limitless." She shrugs her shoulders..
  76. "Archons are people that look like me. Like Veigas. Like Laemor. Eventually, if you get enough power...I imagine that you'll look like me or anyone around here, really. I hear, your forms often take precedence depending on those who you are fond of the most...Or have grown up with. Either way...I've no clue how you become one. I just know that you need more. More mana. More strength. More..Everything. As for the rest though, you'll have to look for yourself. Archon history is...Vague. And I don't know anything about some 'blurbs' of those that used to live here...I'm sorry."
  77. (Ashalle)
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  80. [21:38] What a disgusting way to begin the day. Truthfully. The once comfortable Kaor was now faced with a dilemma. Well. No, actually. He is faced with the hard truth that he does not want to swallow. That despite all of the work so far to reach this state- It is still not enough to tower above the Humans around it.
  82. And there is another evolution far and beyond. One more that would force him to not look like a Demon- But a Human? "This.. Is news that is not so easy to digest. I- Our greatest and most perfect form- Is to look like mankind? What kind of cruel, disgusting joke is this?" He rises up from his crouch on the floor and begins to tower upwards. The nine foot tall Demon turns his head now to look across the Dreadwoods and down further to Gehenna.
  84. The look on his face is disgust- It is confusion- It is the perfect expression for one getting told that their endgame- Is everything that he despises. The Kaor turns to her and asks but another question. "Crafthold- Where else? Where else can I learn more about the names of those before me? I cannot reach what I lack so much information about." He doesn't take the time to lower himself down to her size.
  86. Gods, knowing that he would come back and look like the other Humans that terrorized him so? There's a bomb in his stomach that just blew up. "If transformation is tied to one's upbringing- Then I imagine I would look terrifyingly similar to you, Ashalle." Whether that is a compliment or not, is not clear.
  87. (Ashen)
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  90. [21:47] "I'm afraid so." She finds herself beginning to smile, if only briefly. The laugh that spills past her lips rises in volume, breaking through the cracks within her finger now. It was almost as if she had enjoyed seeing the shock and disgust upon the Kaor's visage. And to be quite honest, she never met one that seemingly 'enjoyed' the way that they had looked. But this...This is funny. "Most of the time, you guys are slightly different to. I imagine that when you become one, you'll probably possess scales and a tail. And possibly horns or something.." She was just basing everything off of a whim. Nevertheless though..
  92. "Dawn, Crafthold, Obsidia. Places in the west aren't so privy to having Demons around. So, I suggest that if you want to learn more about these people...You should go around them to figure out and make your own path. If not...Then maybe, you should do an expedition with us to seek out what used to be the 'old ones' and how they got their power.." However, she was more curious as to how Daemons became the way that they are.
  94. Did some get curious and try to devour the spire shards?
  95. Does this mean that Ashen would eventually become one, if she were to push him to do so?
  97. Wonder. Curiosity. Much is seen upon her features. "And...That's not so bad. Imagine looking like a boy version of me. You'd be even more perfect than you already are." She seems..Pretentious about the matter. Almost proud.
  99. "I can't wait for you to be everything. You'll get there soon, Ashen. With the way that you are...I know you will."
  100. (Ashalle)
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  103. [21:57] Her laughter displaces his disgust as he is granted the pathway to reach the answers he sought for. And though he doesn't have joy, he doesn't take excitement in this moment- Ashen has been granted more than enough to go forward with his development that was now pointed in an entirely different direction. The Kaor begins to step towards the south with his goal in mind.
  105. "I do not want to think about what I will look like! That is inconsequential.. I need to reach that form. I am sick of the human boot on the demon back." He starts to make his way through trees before stopping only momentarily.
  107. "I will travel to these places, then. Learn what I can, forge what I cannot. And soon? We will go on an expedition, yes. A mighty one- To Gaiar and their old ruins. I need the truth. I need the history. I need to know."
  109. A male version of Ashalle? A female version of Ashen? Scary. Scary scary. These thoughts plagued him with perturbed feelings.
  110. (Ashen)
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