Ghazi logs 11/30/14

Nov 30th, 2014
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  1. <gunvor> fuuuck whatever gators are doing
  2. <gunvor> delvaris you cool too
  3. <Delvaris> So now that november is over
  4. <Delvaris> I finished that stupid nanowrimo thing
  5. <Delvaris> I am playing some fucking dragon age
  6. <gunvor> jealous
  7. <gunvor> I want a good gaming pc
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  12. <AlexKing> you and me both gunvor
  13. <gunvor> I don;t mind playing old games
  14. <gunvor> but I'd love to play Arma 3 altis life and be a good skeleton and fuck up shitlords
  15. <Delvaris> I want a better gaming PC
  16. <Delvaris> I'm thinking about upgrading
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  18. <dys4ik> tis the season
  19. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <Art_Ross> It's so funny when GG tell people to look at the other side when... ( http://redd.it/2nt694 ) [ twitter.com ]
  20. <KnotKnox> to browse maymays
  21. <KnotKnox> fa la la la la
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  23. <KnotKnox> la la la la
  24. <gunvor> gamergate is fucking over falalala lalala
  25. <gunvor> don we now our heteronormative apparell
  26. <gunvor> falalalala lalala
  27. <rarebit> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2tueLkZOKWM
  28. <EDI> (rarebit) Random ass hangout revengeance!
  29. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <ryulong67> The Based Liar really cares about me ( http://redd.it/2nt6nh ) [ twitter.com ]
  30. <gunvor> sing the ancient gamer carol
  31. <gunvor> falalala lalalala
  32. <hKoetsu`> this chat sounds like an unironic CAD comic
  33. <hKoetsu`> great work
  34. <rarebit> GamerGate adopted a sealion and named it Ethics
  35. <gunvor> hark the herald gamers sing
  36. <gunvor> glory to the new born Quinn
  37. <Delvaris> HAH
  38. <Delvaris> "Dang, this whole thing could have ended months ago if Zoe just changed her name to a word meaning truth."
  39. <gunvor> peace on twitter and milo gone
  40. <Delvaris> ^ kek of the top variety.
  41. <gunvor> GG and gamers reconcile
  42. <gunvor> joyful all ye skeletons rise
  43. <gunvor> join the listserv of the skies
  44. <gunvor> with Anita's host proclaim
  45. <gunvor> Social Justice
  46. <gunvor> is born in bethlehem
  47. <gunvor> Hark! The skelton angels sing
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  49. <gunvor> glory to the skeleton quinn
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  52. <KnotKnox> God, they really are hung up on Ryulong's donations
  53. <KnotKnox> Clearly it was a cover
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  55. <catlinel> damnit. drank all my tasty beer
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  57. <catlinel> pondering drinking less tasty, overly hoppy beer
  58. <catlinel> >.>
  59. <gunvor> ipa is love
  60. <catlinel> meh
  61. <catlinel> ipa is butts
  62. <catlinel> people need to learn to get over this hops bullshit
  63. <gunvor> I'm driniking a spanish rioja
  64. <Delvaris> What kind of beer was it?
  65. <gunvor> hops is life
  66. <catlinel> it was only in the beer because it got shipped like that, it's not supposed to be there, you acquired a taste for wrong
  67. <gunvor> Imperial britain did something right
  68. <Leo_Strauss> hops are necessary to make beer friend
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  70. <Delvaris> Actually the bavarian beer purity act beer was water, barley, and hops.
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  73. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <jakezorz> I'm done discussing GG on Twitter [Short rant] ( http://redd.it/2nt7qh ) [ self.GamerGhazi ]
  74. <Delvaris> That post mentions citing Encyclopedia Dramatica. I wonder what GirlVynl would say to that idea given that she created the thing
  75. <Delvaris> Then again, she has apparently lost her right to comment because she was a woman who did a thing the internet didn't like.
  76. <gunvor> Fuck the Reinheitsgebot, stupid purity act
  77. <gunvor> set back german beer for hundreds of years
  78. <Delvaris> Are you the guy from DogFishHead?
  79. <gunvor> if anyone approches you with a proposal for "purity", run fast
  80. <Delvaris> He puts too damn many hops in hist shit
  81. <gunvor> no
  82. <Delvaris> and he has issues with Reinheitsgebot
  83. * catlinel settles for left over pumpkin pie
  84. <Delvaris> He invented this weird fucking hop infuser device where you could infuse a beer with even more hops at the tap
  85. <gunvor> Thing is growing up in germany almost every beer is just a hoppy pils
  86. <gunvor> shit gets boring
  87. <Delvaris> and it's like, what the fuck man, these are specialized things people work hard on
  88. <Delvaris> Also, where the fuck are you going to actually get fresh hops?
  89. <gunvor> Czechia
  90. <Delvaris> Last I heard pretty much the entire hop crop was purchased before it was even grown every year
  91. <gunvor> I love hoppy beers but hoppy bitter pils gets boring
  92. <gunvor> in czech republic?
  93. <Delvaris> Thats why when there was an issue with the crop one year Sam Adams was sharing their hop supplies with smaller craft brewers to keep them alive
  94. <gunvor> jever, astra, flens... fuck me
  95. <gunvor> interesting
  96. <Delvaris> I don't know, I know literally nothing about the business of beer, but I know it's extremely competitive and the limiting factor really seems to be hops
  97. <gunvor> slowly we are getting to the craft brew stuff here in north europe
  98. <gunvor> pretty cool
  99. <hKoetsu`> it's sounding like it's getting to the point where it'll just turn into cans of hops
  100. <gunvor> hamburg has a cool brewery with their own bakery because if there is one thing germans like more than beer it's bread
  101. <gunvor> I'm going to drink a julebryg
  102. <gunvor> http://www.carlsberggroup.com/brands/Pages/Tuborgjulebryg.aspx#.VHqF1THF9bI
  103. <mstrkrft-> <gunvor> Fuck the Reinheitsgebot <- yes! while it has lead to a high standard of beer, it has also lead to boring beer
  104. <gunvor> exactly
  105. <mstrkrft-> sure, the US has plenty of shitty beer, but they also have really interesting and good stuff that would never be brewed here
  106. <baoh> yeah really crazy experimental IPAs
  107. <baoh> and hella other stuff
  108. <gunvor> German has great beers but it's so local that you're unlikely to get something fun unless you find a microbrew
  109. <mstrkrft-> also, why are you talking about beer instead of killing/gasing/bullying poor, upstanding gamers? I'm disappointed
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  111. <gunvor> I have lots of respect for american beers
  112. <gunvor> innovative stuff
  113. <mstrkrft-> I've only been to one small brewery when I was in the US, but they had some good stuff
  114. <catlinel> okay, ordered a raspberry pi b+ and a camera module
  115. <mstrkrft-> and I was able to avoid drinking coors light and stuff in bars
  116. <catlinel> going to see if i can hack together a cheap+dirty camera for my garage, since i keep getting half-way to work and winding up paranoid that i've forgotten to close it (despite not having forgotten to close it once)
  117. <catlinel> overkill for that job, of course, going to add a bunch of other stuff to it as well, but that's a start
  118. <Delvaris> Make it into a robot
  119. <Delvaris> with lasers.
  120. <mstrkrft-> and make it shoot at gamers!
  121. <catlinel> heh, they do have boards specificalyl designed for robots
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  124. <catlinel> mainly for breaking out and controlling motors
  125. <catlinel> but in my case, i'm interested in setting up sensors this thing can monitor
  126. <catlinel> humidity, temp, etc
  127. <Delvaris> y u shillin mstrkrft
  128. <catlinel> thinking of making some cheap wireless humidity sensors that run on 9V cells
  129. <Delvaris> everyone knows gassing is the way to get rid of gamers
  130. <mstrkrft-> it's 4am and I'm bored :(
  131. <Delvaris> I died
  132. <Delvaris> last night
  133. <Delvaris> but you don't see me complaining
  134. <Delvaris> Now ask - who was keyboard?
  135. <AlexKing> Keybored
  136. <Delvaris> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC8zz95rm8s
  137. <EDI> (Delvaris) I WAS FROZEN TODAY - length 3s - 2,081 likes, 24 dislikes (98.9%) - 300,660 views - drRouman on 2009.10.07
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  139. <mstrkrft-> i was at a party and there were other people there, that's worse than dying
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  141. <mstrkrft-> though to be fair, some of them were women with short and/or colored hair, so I was kinda safe
  142. <tieflingsjwarlock> I feel that way about *strangers*, but I'm perfectly happy in groups when I know people.
  143. <gunvor> I was at biology party, pretty safe territory
  144. <gunvor> good skeltons mostly
  145. <mstrkrft-> mine was.. i don't know, punk-ish, leftist students in a big house where they all live together
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  148. <mstrkrft-> so lots of skeletons, too
  149. <gunvor> yea i imagine
  150. <mstrkrft-> also drugs and loud techno music and cheap beer. and foosball
  151. <AlexKing> Yeah but what about the feminazis?
  152. <AlexKing> Can't just be all bones now
  153. <gunvor> for y'all german speaking skeletons who want to cry
  154. <gunvor> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nTKBJgkVe8o
  155. <EDI> (gunvor) Die Moorsoldaten - length 2m 55s - 1,096 likes, 32 dislikes (97.2%) - 615,896 views - jayveetwo on 2007.11.21
  156. <mstrkrft-> a classic
  157. <tieflingsjwarlock> Ich spreche nicht Deutsch. I'm not even sure if that much is still right.
  158. <mstrkrft-> kein instead of nicht would be correct
  159. <mstrkrft-> or possible also "Ich spreche Deutsch nicht", though that sounds just a tiny bit awkward to me
  160. <tieflingsjwarlock> That was the other thing that I sort of hazily remember but I couldn't remember noun gender.
  161. <mstrkrft-> yeah, grammatical gender sucks
  162. <mstrkrft-> such a useless concept
  163. <mstrkrft-> and that is coming from a linguist who in theory should be all neutral and descriptive :p
  164. <tieflingsjwarlock> In Spanish, which I suck at but have at least more practice with, it bothers me less because eventually it just sticks.
  165. <mstrkrft-> also fewer cases
  166. <gunvor> hannes wader is the man
  167. <gunvor> good skeleton
  168. <tieflingsjwarlock> But my sum total of German was freshman year of high school, we never got very far.
  169. <tieflingsjwarlock> I used to love languages.
  170. <mstrkrft-> Georg Kreisler is the man, too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm90tBdEqac
  171. <EDI> (mstrkrft-) Georg Kreisler - Meine Freiheit, deine Freiheit (live) - length 2m - 245 likes, 1 dislike (99.6%) - 42,266 views - SCHMUNZELTV on 2012.03.01
  172. <mstrkrft-> (austrian, but who cares? :P)
  173. <tieflingsjwarlock> Spanish I can't conjugate aside from present tense anymore, but my noun vocabulary is still pretty good, and some adjectives, and almost no verbs.
  174. <gunvor> wow that;s awesome
  175. <gunvor> also yes
  176. <gunvor> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcXNXKtu8z4
  177. <EDI> (gunvor) The Internationale in English - length 3m 49s - 1,491 likes, 211 dislikes (87.6%) - 478,528 views - nationalcommunism on 2008.07.04
  178. <mstrkrft-> and for something more modern: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwsOi0ypuSI
  179. <EDI> (mstrkrft-) Antilopen Gang - Beate Zschäpe hört U2 - length 4m 6s - 3,440 likes, 744 dislikes (82.2%) - 279,467 views - Antilopen Gang on 2014.11.05
  180. <mstrkrft-> spanish is such a boring language :p
  181. <tieflingsjwarlock> Every few years I try it again and every few years I remember that there's no significant tradition of Spanish-language scifi/fantasy.
  182. <gunvor> holy Georg Kreisler. Meine freiheit ist schon hunderte jahre alt!
  183. <gunvor> omg
  184. <tieflingsjwarlock> And magical realism Does Not Count.
  185. <gunvor> my freedom is already hundreds of years old, what is the problem?
  186. <mstrkrft-> but maybe it's just having learned Latin and French in school.. spanish is just the same except slightly different
  187. <tieflingsjwarlock> Pretty much. I actually doubled up--after freshman year I started Spanish, then started French a year after?
  188. <tieflingsjwarlock> And then translated all my French homework into Spanish and then into English.
  189. <gunvor> meine freiheit ja, deine freiheit neine
  190. <mstrkrft-> i only learned french back in school for 2 years but when I took a spanish class in college like 5 years later french words kept popping in my head
  191. <mstrkrft-> all the time my brain would default to "mais" instead of "pero" or something
  192. <tieflingsjwarlock> Despite being Hispanic, I was better at the French accent, which was kinda sad.
  193. <Fellidae> Gator thought of the day: All theLWs are women, because the media doesn't make as big a deal of the men being harassed/"professional victims"
  194. <gunvor> ohne meine freiheit bist du arbeitslos!
  195. <mstrkrft-> gunvor, that song is *so* good
  196. <gunvor> mstrkrft-
  197. <gunvor> mstrkrft-
  198. <gunvor> mstrkrft-
  199. <gunvor> mstrkrft-
  200. <gunvor> mstrkrft- oh my gosh
  201. <mstrkrft-> of course, Fellidae, the liberal mainstream media would never report on poor Roguestar being harassed off twitter by evil SJWs
  202. <gunvor> freiheit heisst doch fleiss, mannlichkeit und schweiss
  203. <tieflingsjwarlock> Spanish and I end up with a complicated relationship because my dad systematically alienated himself from the entire rest of his family before he died, and so I have like no connections left there.
  204. <theblackeyed13> did someone say linguist
  205. <mstrkrft-> 'fraid so
  206. <theblackeyed13> \o\
  207. <Fellidae> mstrkrft-, kek
  208. <theblackeyed13> what in linguistics
  209. <theblackeyed13> (if you're comfortable saying)
  210. <gunvor> wow mstrkrft- that was amazing
  211. <mstrkrft-> still studying, so all over the place, but I like syntax for some weird reason
  212. <theblackeyed13> heh
  213. <theblackeyed13> weirdo
  214. <mstrkrft-> the weirdest people do semantics, though
  215. <theblackeyed13> true
  216. <theblackeyed13> is it all generative stuff in syntaxland
  217. <mstrkrft-> sadly
  218. <theblackeyed13> not even a plucky underdog?
  219. <theblackeyed13> (TM)
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  221. <PraxisCat> yo
  222. <theblackeyed13> heyo
  223. <PraxisCat> what's up?
  224. <theblackeyed13> my cousin is leaving tomorrow night
  225. <theblackeyed13> gg continues being bugfuck
  226. <theblackeyed13> mstrkrt- is studying ling
  227. <theblackeyed13> s/mstrkrt-/mstrkrft-
  228. <EDI> Correction, <theblackeyed13> mstrkrft- is studying ling
  229. <tieflingsjwarlock> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkFJE8ZdeG8 - my foreign-language song contribution, I can at least do that, pfft.
  230. <EDI> (tieflingsjwarlock) Calle 13 - Latinoamérica - length 5m 42s - 178,701 likes, 3,236 dislikes (98.2%) - 31,926,732 views - elvecindariocalle13 on 2011.09.27
  231. <theblackeyed13> \o\
  232. <theblackeyed13> and now we're sharing foreign-language songs
  233. <mstrkrft-> haha, i posted on KiA that I didn't understand gators and then someone asked what exactly I didn't understand and then I listed all the shitty voices of GamerGate and why I think they're shitty and that I didn't understand how you'd want to associate with such a movement
  234. <gunvor> anyone one like russian cool shit?
  235. <gunvor> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNb54rwDQJM
  236. <EDI> (gunvor) Song of the Volga Boatmen - Red Army Chorus - Leonid Kharitonov - Леонид Харитонов - length 4m 14s - 1,584 likes, 27 dislikes (98.3%) - 288,874 views - Bones McNally on 2011.07.14
  237. <mstrkrft-> the reply: "We are adults and can as such cooperate and respect people who we disagree with.
  238. <mstrkrft-> "
  239. <theblackeyed13> L
  240. <theblackeyed13> O
  241. <theblackeyed13> L
  242. <mstrkrft-> i can't even
  243. <mstrkrft-> gunvor, stop trying to turn us into evil commies
  244. <Delvaris> You should have asked them why they feel the need to censor things that they don't like as opposed to simply not read them
  245. <gunvor> I'm not even far left ;_;
  246. <gunvor> also pre soviet
  247. <mstrkrft-> woah
  248. <mstrkrft-> everyone
  249. <gunvor> also beautiful
  250. <gunvor> listen
  251. <mstrkrft-> stop what you're doing
  252. <mstrkrft-> my gf just told me something amazing and I think it's really important
  253. <mstrkrft-> > I'm watching this movie on Netflix called the Last Member and it's all about this guy in Iceland with a penis museum
  254. <hKoetsu`> wh
  255. <theblackeyed13> oh i heard about htat museum
  256. <theblackeyed13> i have interesting frieinds
  257. <gunvor> ive heard about it
  258. <mstrkrft-> boo
  259. <tieflingsjwarlock> I feel really weird listening to Spanish-language music here because my neighbors are Mexican immigrants and they actually *speak* Spanish and somehow that's really awkward.
  260. <gunvor> have you seen this coool soviet animation
  261. <gunvor> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oW0jvJC2rvM
  262. <EDI> (gunvor) Hedgehog in the Fog [Yuriy Norshteyn, 1975] HQ - length 10m 40s - 3,757 likes, 31 dislikes (99.2%) - 385,230 views - OneindigLaagland on 2009.10.08
  263. <mstrkrft-> > I just got to the part where the American who wants to donate his dick got an American flag tattooed on the head.
  264. <mstrkrft-> wat
  265. <tieflingsjwarlock> I speak very little Spanish and they speak very little English and I know they think I'm a mess and I can't help but judge the fact that they have five people living in a one-bedroom unit, and yay.
  266. <theblackeyed13> lol wat mstrkrft-
  267. <theblackeyed13> #economy!
  268. <mstrkrft-> i have no idea
  269. <mstrkrft-> but I know I'm gonna watch that movie soon
  270. <tieflingsjwarlock> It's not so much the money thing as--I mean, it's happened in my family, too, but since I'm not personally able to buy into Catholicism, I have a reallllly hard time with the whole "have babies you can't afford" thing.
  271. <mstrkrft-> also, gunvor, no idea if you're into rap at all, but this is a really interesting song (and probably the only german rap song about the holocaust): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=96SZqD0x_LI
  272. <EDI> (mstrkrft-) Danger Dan - Sommerlüge - length 3m 11s - 260 likes, 18 dislikes (93.5%) - 31,944 views - budjonny17 on 2009.01.27
  273. <gunvor> whoa
  274. <tieflingsjwarlock> They're well younger than me and up to three already. I might have more patience if we didn't have the sort of walls where I have now woken up nights for three separate crying infants who aren't mine.
  275. <theblackeyed13> :\ that's hard
  276. <gunvor> a problem doesn;t solve itself because you forget
  277. <gunvor> damn
  278. <gunvor> that was hard
  279. <mstrkrft-> the holocaust tends to have that effect
  280. <mstrkrft-> unless you're KingOfPol
  281. <tieflingsjwarlock> If you have a *soul*.
  282. <AlexKing> Fuck
  283. <AlexKing> I killed it
  284. <AlexKing> -_-
  285. <AlexKing> ./rant
  286. <mstrkrft-> anyways, fellow skeletons, it's 4:30am and i really should go to bed. good night
  287. <theblackeyed13> night fella
  288. <mstrkrft-> as a final piece of info on the penis museum movie: the dude who got the american flag tattooed because he wants to donate his dick.. he doesn't wanna wait until he's dead to make the donation
  289. <theblackeyed13> huh.
  290. * mstrkrft- has quit (Connection closed)
  291. <AlexKing> ewwwwwwwwww
  292. <theblackeyed13> most cis dudes are pretty emotionally attached to their penises, i gotta say
  293. <AlexKing> Lol
  294. <AlexKing> Just realized the eww could have come off transphobic
  295. <gunvor> alright gnite everyone
  296. <theblackeyed13> night gunvor
  297. <gunvor> byee
  298. * gunvor has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  299. <theblackeyed13> i figure most cis people are pretty attached to their genitals
  300. <AlexKing> Sorry about that.
  301. <theblackeyed13> and frankly, chopping bits of yourself off is never fun, even if you WOULD be happier after that
  302. <AlexKing> Yeah
  303. <theblackeyed13> so personally i figure that's a justified reaction hey
  304. <AlexKing> What's strange is, I've considered that other life
  305. <theblackeyed13> other life?
  306. <AlexKing> I mean
  307. <AlexKing> Physical Transitioning.
  308. <AlexKing> It is 4am, thoughts uncollected
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  310. <theblackeyed13> ah, i see
  311. * #GGhazi :You do not have access to view the +e list
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  313. <theblackeyed13> i've given it some thought as well, though i don't have any physical dysphoria
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  323. <AlexKing> Lol
  324. <AlexKing> Just realized the eww could have come off transphobic
  325. <gunvor> alright gnite everyone
  326. <theblackeyed13> night gunvor
  327. <gunvor> byee
  328. <theblackeyed13> i figure most cis people are pretty attached to their genitals
  329. <AlexKing> Sorry about that.
  330. <theblackeyed13> and frankly, chopping bits of yourself off is never fun, even if you WOULD be happier after that
  331. <AlexKing> Yeah
  332. <theblackeyed13> so personally i figure that's a justified reaction hey
  333. <AlexKing> What's strange is, I've considered that other life
  334. <theblackeyed13> other life?
  335. <AlexKing> I mean
  336. <AlexKing> Physical Transitioning.
  337. <AlexKing> It is 4am, thoughts uncollected
  338. <theblackeyed13> ah, i see
  339. <theblackeyed13> i've given it some thought as well, though i don't have any physical dysphoria
  340. <theblackeyed13> but because i don't, it's not something i'm much interested in actually doing
  341. <AlexKing> Can't say I haven't either.
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  343. <AlexKing> Are there many accounts of people who take hormones but no physical transition and identify somewhere inbetween willingly and not due to other restraints
  344. <AlexKing> ?
  345. <theblackeyed13> you mean no surgery?
  346. <theblackeyed13> yeah def
  347. <hKoetsu`> yeah, it's not like you're not trans if you don't have surgery
  348. <theblackeyed13> one of the genderqueer acquaintances who offered me shelter in case of getting kicked out was on hrt
  349. <AlexKing> yeah no surgery
  350. <theblackeyed13> and he wasn't going to get any surgery, and he id'd as in between at the time
  351. <AlexKing> Yeah that's been on my mind/consideration a lot recently.
  352. <theblackeyed13> as to the practicability of hrt without surgery, i think that depends on 1) individual financial situation, 2) insurance situation, 3) local laws and institutions
  353. <theblackeyed13> i think you still have to jump through hoops
  354. <theblackeyed13> for hrt
  355. <theblackeyed13> and some psychs refuse to acknowledge nonbinary genders
  356. <theblackeyed13> like my acquaintance had to lie and say he was going to transition to a binary gender
  357. <theblackeyed13> in order to get hrt approved
  358. * Eidlon (Eidlon@Snoonet-e5c.oqu.k6gpi7.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  359. * Eidlon has quit (Changing host)
  360. * Eidlon (Eidlon@user/Eidlon/x-00050959) has joined #GGhazi
  361. <Eidlon> Hail Hydra, everyone!
  362. <theblackeyed13> hail
  363. <AlexKing> Hail'!
  364. <Eidlon> How's everything going tonight?
  365. <Eidlon> Aparently quiet.
  366. <AlexKing> Not bad
  367. <theblackeyed13> i couldn't think of an interesting reply, eidlon :<
  368. <AlexKing> Europeans off to sleep
  369. <AlexKing> except me
  370. <AlexKing> Need to finish post-game pokemon
  371. <theblackeyed13> how late is it where you are alexking?
  372. <AlexKing> 3:47 am
  373. <theblackeyed13> sheeeit
  374. <theblackeyed13> don't die tomorrow morning
  375. <Eidlon> Sleep's for the weak.
  376. <AlexKing> Well I slept in till like 3pm today
  377. <theblackeyed13> well now then ok :P
  378. <Eidlon> Weekends are nice. I miss 'em.
  379. <theblackeyed13> >Thou dost ignore the crux of the matter; Quinn and Gjoni engaged in lascivious cohabitation by living together out of wedlock! Also, Gjoni should be fined thruppence for not wearing a sword.
  380. <theblackeyed13> lol
  381. <AlexKing> I miss responsibility :(
  382. <theblackeyed13> i miss being employed :B
  383. <catlinel> uh, last i checked, wasn't it an LDR?
  384. <AlexKing> Speaking about that Trans thing too
  385. <theblackeyed13> what's an ldr now?
  386. <catlinel> long distance relationship
  387. <AlexKing> It's tough enough being a Transwomen by the looks of it, I wonder how hard in social settings somewhere inbetween is.
  388. <theblackeyed13> ah i see catlinel
  389. <theblackeyed13> idk, it was just an amusing comment i found :)
  390. <baoh> I'm a little drunk but gamergate is still awful
  391. <baoh> I can't even figure out how to kill off enough brain function to make it look good
  392. <Eidlon> It's okay, baoh.
  393. <theblackeyed13> alexking, if a person is perceived as transfeminine, they tend to get all the transmisogynistic shit that plain old trans women get
  394. <catlinel> pretty sure it'd require replacing your blood with alcohol
  395. <Eidlon> In the morning, you'll be sober, and they'll still be awful.
  396. <theblackeyed13> regardless of how they actually identify
  397. <AlexKing> theblackeyed13: I assume as much, I was just wondering if they get more shit from others.
  398. <AlexKing> Like how have those people who tell Agnostic or Bisexual People to "make their mind up"
  399. <AlexKing> you have*
  400. <theblackeyed13> well, like i say, many institutional gatekeepers just don't recognize genders other than male and female
  401. <baoh> idk Eidlon I don't think that would get rid of actually having empathy and or a consciense
  402. <baoh> conscience
  403. <Eidlon> Conscience. Con science. Literally against science. A true STEM must never feel bad, or they are betraying their noble purpose.
  404. <KnotKnox> ^66666
  405. <KnotKnox> this
  406. <KnotKnox> (pretend those are more pointy up arrows)
  407. <Eidlon> I'd prefer to think I was just marked with the number of the beast twice.
  408. <Eidlon> *Throws up the horns*
  409. <Drakonis> http://www.dfeverywhere.com/ HAS SCIENCE GONE TOO FAR?????????
  410. <Eidlon> Has science gone too far enough?
  411. <baoh> con-science harasses scientists I mean they forced Mengele out of a job
  412. <baoh> they literally accused him of working for hitler
  413. <baoh> literally.
  414. <Leo_Strauss> its not con as in against tho its "com" as in "together"
  415. <AlexKing> So I just saved the world
  416. <AlexKing> TWICE
  417. <baoh> za warudo thanks you AlexKing
  418. <Leo_Strauss> lol nice
  419. <Eidlon> !comic
  420. <weeedbot> Eidlon: http://i.imgur.com/L6idEz3.jpg
  421. <KnotKnox> Who's job is it to adtivate the KiA downvote bot?
  422. <KnotKnox> activate*
  423. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <Aerik> bigoted gamers are "an indigenous people" and wanting gaming to be inclusive is an attack on them ( http://redd.it/2nteh1 ) [ np.reddit.com ]
  424. <Delvaris> oh
  425. <Delvaris> here we go again
  426. <Eidlon> Such dogpiling. So harassment.
  427. <theblackeyed13> is there anyone on gghazi for 2+ weeks who wasn't aware who liana k was
  428. <theblackeyed13> >eople swoop in and swarm a twitter account, when those people wouldn't even be aware of that twitter account without being directed to it by a call to arms.
  429. <theblackeyed13> ????
  430. * Drakonis has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  431. * Drakonis (Drakonis@user/Drakonis) has joined #GGhazi
  432. * hKoetsu` has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  433. <catlinel> hm, it has been a ridiculously long time since i did any kind of electronics work. sadly, looks like wire-wrapping has died off completely
  434. <AlexKing> I think this might be some of the biggest post-game content ever in Pokemon
  435. <AlexKing> It's exhausting me.
  436. <theblackeyed13> when you say wire-wrapping i think of jewelry work lol
  437. <catlinel> theblackeyed13: yeah, i get a bit of false-positives for that when searching for places to buy equipment for it
  438. <catlinel> hm, i know i've got access to some hobbyist equipment at work, including some laser cutting and 3d-printing equipment, but i doubt i've got access to anything for custom PCBs, going to need to find another solution to test stuff out
  439. * AlexKing has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  440. * charmandersempai (charmanders@Snoonet-ttu.ggg.o98k98.IP) has joined #GGhazi
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  442. * Duchess_Archer (theirsbaili@Snoonet-78o.5b6.bfj2ef.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  443. * enchilado (enchilado@user/enchilado/x-00064171) has joined #GGhazi
  444. <Duchess_Archer> Rogue Star's mentioning something about December 7
  445. <theblackeyed13> i wish i could res tag people cross-platform
  446. <Duchess_Archer> You guys know anything about it?
  447. <theblackeyed13> and irl
  448. <theblackeyed13> december 7 is wwii?
  449. <theblackeyed13> that's all i got
  450. * theblackeyed13 is from usa
  451. <catlinel> he's probably threatening to release more dox on people
  452. <Duchess_Archer> https://twitter.com/RogueStarGamez/status/538771652528844801
  453. <EDI> (Duchess_Archer) @RogueStarGamez (R O G U E ▵ ☆): #GamerGate December 7 “A Date Which Will Live in Infamy” Be Here. Be Ready. https://t.co/G3NeoD1Zj9 (9 hours, 20 minutes ago)
  454. <catlinel> because that's all he's ever done, because he's a giant douchenozzle
  455. <tieflingsjwarlock> Wait, is he the one that claims to be an actual veteran?
  456. <catlinel> and he'll claim there's some evidence of whatever he's dreamed up this time
  457. <catlinel> tieflingsjwarlock: who's never actually been deployed to a warzone, apparently
  458. <Duchess_Archer> The question is, who's he targeting?
  459. <tieflingsjwarlock> And he's going to use fucking Pearl Harbor Day to try to generate buzz for stupid internet feuding? That is so gross.
  460. <Eidlon> !comic
  461. <weeedbot> Eidlon: http://i.imgur.com/DtrtIXZ.jpg
  462. <Eidlon> Bad timing to return to keys with that...
  463. <theblackeyed13> "be here be ready" what kind of dumbass slogan is that
  464. <theblackeyed13> "be here be queer"
  465. <theblackeyed13> now that's a slogan i can cheer for
  466. <Delvaris> nah that was perfect
  467. <Delvaris> because tieflingsjwarlock was an anime nazi while talking about how gross it is to exploit Pearl Harbor
  468. <catlinel> be hilarious if someone's pretending to be an fbi informant and feeding him bullshit
  469. <Eidlon> Roguestar's one of the ones that actually worries me. He behaves like a proto-Brehvik.
  470. <catlinel> roguestar does seem like he's pretty unhinged. definitely seems to be blaming the failure of his own stuff on some kind of conspiracy
  471. <theblackeyed13> fucking golden mean fucking wwt fuckin everyting rhwo3afdsoujklfdrawguowh
  472. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <rarebitt> Can somebody explain this? (Kotaku disclosing affiliate links) ( http://redd.it/2nthcd ) [ twitter.com ]
  473. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <BlankVerse> The gaming journalist who tells on her internet trolls – to their mothers ( http://redd.it/2nthah ) [ theguardian.com ]
  474. <Eidlon> Yeah, he's got a raging murderboner for Phil Fish winning an award he didn't realistically have a shot at.
  475. <theblackeyed13> have you ever had anger collide with an anxiety spike
  476. <theblackeyed13> it's a really weird feeling
  477. <theblackeyed13> makes me want to reboot my brain
  478. <Delvaris> So
  479. <theblackeyed13> brainconfig /flushdns
  480. <Delvaris> should I remove that bit about telling on the trolls because we already had a thread on it
  481. <Delvaris> it's a different article
  482. <Delvaris> GO
  483. <Eidlon> Eh, my anger tends to cycle into anxiety, never really had the two overlap.
  484. <Duchess_Archer> So what are we going to do about the whole Rogue Star thing?
  485. <theblackeyed13> i was in the middle of a spike and then i saw a couple of things that pissed me the fuck off
  486. <Delvaris> What do you think we really can do?
  487. <Eidlon> I guess twitter users can report his tweets as threatening...
  488. <Eidlon> Seems like about it.
  489. <Eidlon> Kinda want WAM back.
  490. <theblackeyed13> bam, "i have no idea what i'm feeling but i want to rip it out of my body"
  491. <Eidlon> Eugh.
  492. * ZoeQuinn (ZoeQuinn@Snoonet-uus.gbc.19mv28.IP) has joined #GGhazi
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  494. * ZoeQuinn (ZoeQuinn@user/ZoeQuinn/x-00050916) has joined #GGhazi
  495. * LiterallyWho gives channel operator status to ZoeQuinn
  496. <KnotKnox> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkaozXsKrcs
  497. <EDI> (KnotKnox) The Office: Ethical - length 31s - 172 likes, 13 dislikes (93.0%) - 178,316 views - Srn90 on 2009.07.31
  498. <baoh> so is Nero writing about Ryulong to make his participation in wiki editing biased
  499. <baoh> that by harrassing him they create a conflict of interest
  500. <baoh> like a self-fulfilling prophecy
  501. <baoh> am still a little drunk so eli5
  502. * mudze (mudze@gghazi/mudze) has joined #GGhazi
  503. * LiterallyWho gives channel operator status to mudze
  504. <baoh> heya mudze
  505. <baoh> hail hydra*
  506. <KnotKnox> mudze pls go
  507. <mudze> k
  508. * mudze (mudze@gghazi/mudze) has left #GGhazi
  509. <KnotKnox> :(
  510. <baoh> rip mudze
  511. <Leo_Strauss> lol
  512. <theblackeyed13> rjq3wihniu
  513. <theblackeyed13> baoh nothing makes sense
  514. <Duchess_Archer> Wait. I actually need proof of doxxing.
  515. <theblackeyed13> for what
  516. <baoh> theblackeyed13 okay so that's not just me?
  517. <theblackeyed13> no it's not just you baoh
  518. <theblackeyed13> i am sober as a judge
  519. * mudze (mudze@gghazi/mudze) has joined #GGhazi
  520. * LiterallyWho gives channel operator status to mudze
  521. <theblackeyed13> probably more sober than many judges
  522. <baoh> okay ty sober judge
  523. <theblackeyed13> yw
  524. <baoh> your adjucation is most appreciated
  525. <theblackeyed13> yvw
  526. <baoh> where's that video where they say 15 thousand dollars a month and laugh at Aurini's skull
  527. <baoh> cause fuck that guy
  528. <theblackeyed13> that's a thing?
  529. <theblackeyed13> amazing
  530. <KnotKnox> baoh, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsdIHK8O5yo
  531. <EDI> (KnotKnox) The Sarkeesian Effect: A Measured Response - length 6m 55s - 5,092 likes, 261 dislikes (95.1%) - 145,166 views - hbomberguy on 2014.10.25
  532. <baoh> oh god yes
  533. <baoh> that's it
  534. <baoh> 'she fled her home AND she's a professional, it's technically accurate, damnit'
  535. <Duchess_Archer> We seriously need to know if Rogue Star is planning a mass doxx or something.
  536. <Eidlon> :-/
  537. <baoh> why's that
  538. <baoh> half the time he's all talk anyway
  539. <KnotKnox> https://archive.today/TkjAe
  540. <baoh> esp. when it comes to developing videogames
  541. <Eidlon> Deep breaths, Duchess... We're internet detectives, but even we're not that good.
  542. <baoh> and not ripping people off on kickstarters
  543. <baoh> lol wut 10-15 mb
  544. <baoh> 'a lot'
  545. * FishfoxNuro|Warframe is now known as FishfoxNuro
  546. <Eidlon> 15 megs is a pretty big plain text file.
  547. <baoh> oh I guess 15 mb of irc logs is quite a bit
  548. <baoh> yea
  549. <Eidlon> "11 Billion Canadian US Dollars!"
  550. <Eidlon> I feel like GamerGate Shakespeare should've taken off more than it did...
  551. <Duchess_Archer> So it's most likely not a doxx, right?
  552. * snoo_74375 (snoo_74375@Snoonet-gnp.np9.ljknr7.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  553. <baoh> "nah its just talk, like its their twitter feed, but everything they've also deleted"
  554. <baoh> Duchess_Archer if you're talking about ebolachan's one
  555. <Duchess_Archer> ebolachan?
  556. <Duchess_Archer> Is that a new chan I haven't heard of?
  557. <baoh> https://archive.today/TkjAe the one that KnotKnox linked
  558. <baoh> no
  559. <Eidlon> @Ebolachan_
  560. <KnotKnox> if feminism is true then why gamers tumblr ur wrong ebola 9/11.
  561. <KnotKnox> Checkmate, SJWs
  562. <KnotKnox> http://i.imgur.com/YT97KAX.png
  563. * snoo_74375 has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  564. <Duchess_Archer> So how worried should I be because I'm really worried.
  565. <Leo_Strauss> why would you be worried
  566. <Eidlon> Well, again, don't worry too much, as Boah points out, it almost certainly won't be PII, just tweets or IRC logs.
  567. <Duchess_Archer> Just tweets and IRC Logs?
  568. <Leo_Strauss> worrying wont do anything
  569. <Duchess_Archer> Like, they're just going to read our Twitter accounts and lurk this IRC channel?
  570. <theblackeyed13> they already were lurking this irc channel
  571. <Eidlon> They're already lurking here.
  572. <tieflingsjwarlock> Duchess, are you concerned about being a particular target for some reason?
  573. <Eidlon> The logging is coming from inside the channel.
  574. <theblackeyed13> dun dun dun
  575. <Delvaris> Yeah
  576. <Delvaris> don't ever assume anything here is "private" among ghazi
  577. <Leo_Strauss> lol so its not like rogue can do anything
  578. <tieflingsjwarlock> So far, all the logging here has turned up is *gasp* that we're sometimes a bit goofy.
  579. <Leo_Strauss> ima marine on the internet grr
  580. <Eidlon> !comic
  581. <weeedbot> Eidlon: http://i.imgur.com/GUmdqsZ.jpg
  582. <enchilado> Honestly FUCK Davis Aurini
  583. <KnotKnox> I hope DwavenHobble has come up with more shocking evidence
  584. <Duchess_Archer> Well, no.
  585. <enchilado> But not literally because EW
  586. <enchilado> But seriously
  587. <Leo_Strauss> lol
  588. <enchilado> He is the worst
  589. <Duchess_Archer> I've only tweeted a few times about Gamergate.
  590. <Eidlon> I'll bet he's a more giving lover than you'd expect.
  591. <Leo_Strauss> ew
  592. <enchilado> :|
  593. <theblackeyed13> eurgh
  594. <Delvaris> A+ weedbot
  595. <Delvaris> dokes for the marine.
  596. <Duchess_Archer> And even then, it's pretty much occasionally compared to everyone else.
  597. <Leo_Strauss> caring about the sarkeesian effect when anita is in the name smh
  598. <KnotKnox> http://redd.it/2nspoh
  599. <Duchess_Archer> Then again, I don't tweet much.
  600. <theblackeyed13> no worries ey
  601. <KnotKnox> np.reddit.com/r/ShitGhaziSays/comments/2nspoh/ghazi_decides_to_pick_a_anthem_mods_agree_with/ np because some users in here hate free speech
  602. <Eidlon> Ahaha, seriously?
  603. <Eidlon> Fucking seriously?!
  604. <Delvaris> THATS ONLY AT +2
  605. <Delvaris> AND NO COMMENTS
  606. <Delvaris> THAT'S NOT GAMERGATE
  607. <weeedbot> actually, its about ethics in games journalism
  608. <Eidlon> But yeah, Duchess, since they're not going to be posting PII, your best defense is just to own your behavior.
  609. * Eidlon highfives weedbot!
  610. <enchilado> I love censoring all media
  611. <Duchess_Archer> Own my behaviour?
  612. <Duchess_Archer> *behavior
  613. * RogerMoore has quit (Quit: Leaving)
  614. <enchilado> Behaviour is fine...
  615. <Eidlon> Yeah.
  616. <theblackeyed13> consensual fucking for all interested parties, queue starts outside room 345!
  617. <thraxina> :D
  618. <theblackeyed13> take your ticket and retire to your assigned fucking room!
  619. <Eidlon> If you've done or said something, own it. Be proud and support it if it was something that was right to do.
  620. <Eidlon> If it wasn't the right thing to do? Own that to. Be honest in your apologies, and make amends were possible.
  621. <baoh> shit gamerghazi say s
  622. <thraxina> could somebody go turn my heat on
  623. <baoh> is that even a real subreddit
  624. <thraxina> i hope so
  625. <baoh> everything has like <15 upvotes
  626. <theblackeyed13> thraxina, you'll have to bring that up with facility management
  627. <Eidlon> ./r/BannedFromGhazi is a real subreddit...
  628. <theblackeyed13> we're just event facilitators!
  629. * AndroUser (androirc@Snoonet-u9c.n5h.uar78a.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  630. <thraxina> but i'm cooooold
  632. <Duchess_Archer> I've downloaded Authy.
  633. <baoh> the
  634. <baoh> fuck
  635. * AndroUser is now known as apinkgayelephant
  636. <theblackeyed13> have you tried cuddling with your assigned fucking partner(s), or failing that, your assigned non-fucking cuddling partner(s)?
  637. <baoh> does this make sense? it's the top post on shitgghazi says
  638. <Duchess_Archer> And I just realized that I don't have a Mobile Phone.
  639. <tieflingsjwarlock> Wait, we were supposed to be assigned partners?
  640. * apinkgayelephant is now known as Snoo93575
  641. <theblackeyed13> if you queued up for the consensual fucking event
  642. <theblackeyed13> yes
  643. <theblackeyed13> there's also a consensual cuddling event queuing down the hall
  644. <baoh> theblackeyed13 yea it's pretty rad
  645. <Duchess_Archer> Make amends?
  646. <KnotKnox> so that wasn't secret santa?
  647. <Duchess_Archer> I think I've already done that with a friend of mine who's pro-gg.
  648. <enchilado> HOW COULD YOU
  649. * Snoo93575 is now known as apinkgayelephant
  650. <Eidlon> Well, that's good. Ahead of me on that front.
  651. <theblackeyed13> glad to hear it baoh! if you would like, there is an attendee satisfaction survey you can fill out online!
  652. <enchilado> You should be censoring him, not making amends
  653. <baoh> dude what is /v/ even for
  654. <baoh> if you actually want to talk about games you have /vg
  655. <theblackeyed13> knotknox, it wasn't, secret santa is taking place by snail mail this year
  656. <tieflingsjwarlock> I think you're really fine, Duchess. Deep breaths!
  657. * apinkgayelephant is now known as Snoo25929
  658. <KnotKnox> np.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2ntiay/please_read_a_simple_way_to_signal_boost_progamer/
  659. <KnotKnox> brand new!
  660. <theblackeyed13> oh no apge has been snoo'd
  661. <baoh> snoo snoo'd
  662. <theblackeyed13> not that they're a snood
  663. <baoh> death by snu snu :(
  664. <theblackeyed13> snoods are not so bad
  665. <baoh> lol that makes me think of the italian s- prefix
  666. <Snoo25929> Ducking mobile
  667. <KnotKnox> snoo plebes are worse than gamers
  668. <baoh> which tends to negate the word
  669. <baoh> so snoods would be (not) noods or un-nood-ing-things
  670. <baoh> under that syntax
  671. <tieflingsjwarlock> Kiwikku is another one who seems to very deeply want to come up with The Plan That Saves GamerGate.
  672. <Snoo25929> Already in use?
  673. <theblackeyed13> huh. an asyllabic prefix in a romance language? fascinating
  674. * Snoo25929 is now known as apinkgaysealion
  675. <apinkgaysealion> FUCK IT
  676. <thraxina> haha i hope they upvote that
  677. <thraxina> just to seem them using the term signal boost
  678. <apinkgaysealion> FUCK IT ALL WERE DOING IT LIVE
  679. <theblackeyed13> wait, apinkgaysealion, we haven't negotiated recording rights with the hotel!
  680. <baoh> yeah theblackeyed13 but it doesn't always negate like I think sforzare vs forza like 'strain or force' vs 'force/press/power'
  681. <KnotKnox> You'd think that he's a troll, but not even a troll would be dedicated enough to post the walls of text operations that he posts
  682. <baoh> forzare*
  683. <KnotKnox> He posts a new one every day or two
  684. <Eidlon> Wait, no, it *is* back? Kiwi recreated ShitGhaziSays? /popcorn
  685. <theblackeyed13> baoh: english has that with in- prefixes i think, but it's not as interesting because it's not asyllabic
  686. <Eidlon> Oh... It's us.
  687. <theblackeyed13> like "soylent green is made of people"
  688. <theblackeyed13> except "shitghazisays is made of ghazi"
  689. <Elaine> I can get either Pokemon: Omega Ruby or Dragon Age: Inquistion next week and I'm torn as to which. x-x
  690. <baoh> theblackeyed13 true, but the s- prefix comes from the latin ex- prefix
  691. <Eidlon> Well, props for modding Kiwi, anyhow.
  692. <tieflingsjwarlock> Ghazi, and Dwaven.
  693. <baoh> theblackeyed13: just vulgarize it a bit and you can seee how it became s-
  694. <theblackeyed13> definitely!
  695. <baoh> so while it's asyllabic it has syllabic roots
  696. <theblackeyed13> english is just too noob to have cool initial consonant clusters like "sf" ;_;
  697. <theblackeyed13> wait that's a lie
  698. <KnotKnox> http://i.imgur.com/aG1wnCo.png #rekt
  699. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <OgirYensa> One of the most amazing things to come out of #GamerGate: Grown man argues with an Ape. ( http://redd.it/2ntko6 ) [ youtube.com ]
  700. <Eidlon> ...Okay... I missed /u/Dwaven somehow... Is he posting on SGS and genuinely unaware of who his audience is?
  701. <apinkgaysealion> Excuse me sarcastically
  702. <apinkgaysealion> Wow autocorrect calm Down
  703. <apinkgaysealion> I just wanted to draw attention to that title announcer just said
  704. <thraxina> >the atheist gamer
  705. <thraxina> nope.png
  706. <Eidlon> That video is screeching, incoherent madness.
  707. <baoh> KnotKnox are the like, underlined bits
  708. <baoh> what are they
  709. <tieflingsjwarlock> Eidlon, I think KiA told him to take a hike, and his reading comprehension's been quite bad so I'm not sure he knows the difference between fake and real.
  710. <baoh> Elaine DA:I is a new game, ORAS is a remake.... uh idk
  711. <KnotKnox> It was """"evidence that anti-gg are the real racis- doxxers
  712. <KnotKnox> He filled it in, and epicly #rekt #told him by filling in words
  713. <ZoeQuinn> hey we still need dramatic readers for the gamergate manifesto
  714. <ZoeQuinn> http://pastebin.com/vFGaCVR4
  715. <ZoeQuinn> be goofy and dramatic~
  716. <thraxina> i always am
  717. <thraxina> but that sounds like work
  718. <baoh> http://imgur.com/a/pbbQb < so they want to rebuild reddit? like from scratch? Do they realize that, like, a web-backend is a bunch of work? are they going to like, use Aaronsw's web.py etc?
  719. <thraxina> and i hate work
  720. <Eidlon> Finally own "I Have no Mouth, and I Must Scream"
  721. <tieflingsjwarlock> One of the many times I wish I could do voices.
  722. <Eidlon> Only 20 years late to that party.
  723. <tieflingsjwarlock> Which really reminds me of: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6PxMRUgmbA
  724. <EDI> (tieflingsjwarlock) 29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song - Rob Cantor - length 3m 38s - 129,373 likes, 4,488 dislikes (96.6%) - 9,689,345 views - robcantor on 2014.07.01
  725. <KnotKnox> Post it to /r/BestOfOutRage culture, or abooz your mod powers to sticky a thread asking for dramatic readers
  726. <Eidlon> I still need to put together my submission... Crazy week over here. Will try and make time.
  727. <ZoeQuinn> haha ok
  728. <Eidlon> (Crazy week, he says, while talking about adventure games)
  730. <baoh> By: a guest on Nov 29th, 2014 | syntax: None silly website syntax is clearly english
  731. <baoh> psh
  732. <Elaine> First world problems: Wanting to do a dramatic reading of the Gamergate Manifesto, but not wanting to piss off guy in the other room
  733. <baoh> I need syntax highlighting for verbs/nouns/adverbs/etc
  734. <enchilado> Are you the real Zoe Quinn, ZoeQuinn?
  735. <Elaine> If she's opped, she is.
  736. <Elaine> :B
  737. <rAnnouncer> /r/BestOfOutrageCulture: <zoequinn> GG Manifesto Dramatic Reading! Submit ASAP and be Goofy As Possible! ( http://redd.it/2ntlra ) [ pastebin.com ]
  738. <KnotKnox> We're all her sockpuppets
  739. <enchilado> I can't tell with this shitty client
  740. <enchilado> It doesn't show who's opped
  741. <baoh> No no no, ZoeQuinn is many fingers, not *many bubbles*
  742. <ZoeQuinn> would the real zoe quinn post an ascii butt
  743. <ZoeQuinn> ( ( |
  744. <baoh> Perhaps you do not smell? this is sad
  745. <ZoeQuinn> hello campers~
  746. <KnotKnox> Meant to fluff up the channel numbers and destroy their morale
  747. <enchilado> Maybe, but that's a terrible ascii butt
  748. <Elaine> I see your butt and raise you boobs. ( . ) ( . )
  749. <enchilado> ( . )
  750. <baoh> ZoeQuinn we heard you like to *play*
  751. <enchilado> No no no
  752. <baoh> *joyous jubilations*
  753. <ZoeQuinn> <( (( C (( *u*) bees
  754. <baoh> we must *germinate*
  755. <enchilado> Boobs are like this (. Y .)
  756. <baoh> orz are tired
  757. <ZoeQuinn> JUMPING PEPPERS
  758. <KnotKnox> | | | < Hank Hill's butt
  759. <tieflingsjwarlock> I'm concerned that all of you should see a doctor if your body parts really look like that!
  760. <enchilado> Hey, not my body parts
  761. <enchilado> I don't have boobs
  762. <KnotKnox> pls don't kick me
  763. <KnotKnox> / \
  764. <KnotKnox> / `, \
  765. <KnotKnox> | ) )
  766. <KnotKnox> | _/_ _ /
  767. <KnotKnox> \ | |
  768. <apinkgaysealion> I heard ZQ did one of those things Regina George did in Mean Girls.
  769. <catlinel> uh oh. the channel's fanboying/girling out
  770. <enchilado> I want to read some of this but I have no microphone
  771. * Delvaris has kicked KnotKnox from #GGhazi ((ok))
  772. * KnotKnox (KnotKnox@user/KnotKnox) has joined #GGhazi
  773. <enchilado> THE FUTURE IS NOT SET IN STONE.
  775. <Eidlon> We don't fanboy/girl.
  776. <Eidlon> Okay, we fanboy/girl a little.
  777. <ZoeQuinn> stoppit
  778. <ZoeQuinn> what's important here
  779. <apinkgaysealion> We praise.
  780. <ZoeQuinn> is butts
  781. <Eidlon> Not for you, sheesh.
  782. <enchilado> The limit to our fanboy/girling does not exist.
  783. <Eidlon> I break for Kluwe.
  784. <ZoeQuinn> fwiw
  785. <ZoeQuinn> his entry for the dramatic reading is perf
  786. <Eidlon> I'll bet he smells nice...
  787. <apinkgaysealion> Just like we do to saintkeesian
  788. * Delvaris has kicked Eidlon from #GGhazi (Do not insult St. Zoe of Qunnia)
  789. <ZoeQuinn> oh god damnit
  790. <ZoeQuinn> I WILL LEAVE
  791. <catlinel> ZoeQuinn: i could stand examining the ethics of butts on irc
  792. <KnotKnox> admin abuz
  793. <Delvaris> temptation to kick rising....
  794. <KnotKnox> pls no
  795. * ZoeQuinn has kicked ZoeQuinn from #GGhazi (Bye!)
  796. * Eidlon (Eidlon@user/Eidlon/x-00050959) has joined #GGhazi
  797. <Eidlon> Ow
  798. <baoh> lol
  799. <Eidlon> Actually, it's about ethics in butts.
  800. <Eidlon> Not literally in.
  801. <tieflingsjwarlock> http://www.thefablife.com/files/2014/04/tumblr_mbap5ft4cG1ri7shqo1_500.gif
  802. <baoh> inb4 'zoe quinn harasses herself off irc' on sgghazisays
  803. <FishfoxNuro> lol
  804. <tieflingsjwarlock> That's a very ethical one.
  805. <apinkgaysealion> W
  806. <theblackeyed13> | . . |
  807. <baoh> dat booty
  808. <theblackeyed13> better boobs
  809. <baoh> looks like a rock
  810. <baoh> that I will found my family upon
  811. <baoh> I will call it peter.
  812. <FishfoxNuro> Robo-boobs
  813. <apinkgaysealion> Ban Warnock for excessive bootyliciousness
  814. <theblackeyed13> yes thank you for understanding fishfoxnuro
  815. <Elaine> wait wait. The submission guide says MP4. Do you mean MP3, Zoe?
  816. <Elaine> XD
  817. <catlinel> oh hey. i didn't realize freebsdgirl had set up a patreon to fund the anti-harassment tool
  818. <theblackeyed13> beepboop
  819. <Delvaris> See I don't think 'zoe quinn harasser herself off IRC' would be it baoh
  820. <catlinel> think i searched like 2-3 days ago and there wasn't one, so yeah.
  821. <Delvaris> it would be, "gamergahzi literally worships St. Zoe of Quinnia"
  822. <tieflingsjwarlock> http://www.thefablife.com/files/2014/04/tumblr_mxmimqSTsm1rhi2bao4_250.gif
  823. <KnotKnox> "You've frightened her away! But I can see some lonely Moulin Rouge dancers looking for a partner or two. So if you can Hunk Hunk you can Hunk-a-Dola with them!"
  824. <baoh> Delvaris "gghazi literally worships literally who literally until she literally leaves"
  825. <Delvaris> "No literally"
  826. <baoh> "no full literally"
  827. <baoh> matriarchy
  828. <theblackeyed13> realtalk i do not get the cultural fascination with butts
  829. <baoh> theblackeyed13 they're so nice
  830. <theblackeyed13> they're butts
  831. <theblackeyed13> they're for sitting on and pooping
  832. <KnotKnox> Blame Sir Mix-a-Lot
  833. <baoh> theblackeyed13 I believe this falls under the abstract concept of 'aesthetics'
  834. <catlinel> i look forward to someone trying to harass me for supporting that patreon, so that's cool
  835. <KnotKnox> and Bob's Burgers
  836. <baoh> songs about butts predate Bob's Burgers and Sir Mix-a-lot
  837. <weeedbot> I can take a 9-inch dildo up my butt, because I’m an adult and I solve my own problems
  838. <theblackeyed13> aesthetics is a branch of philosophy, you ivory-tower academic cultural marxist
  839. <apinkgaysealion> Plump dumps are always in style.
  840. <baoh> theblackeyed13 yes, conflict theory of butts, yessss
  841. <tieflingsjwarlock> Ordinarily I'm not too fussy about them, but clearly I make some exceptions.
  842. <theblackeyed13> hehe
  843. <baoh> yesss marx totally wrote about those who make his anaconda do
  844. <baoh> and those to which his anaconda doesn't
  845. <baoh> this is literally marxist conspiracies at its finest
  846. <baoh> asses.
  847. <apinkgaysealion> S/dumps/dumps
  848. <EDI> Correction, <apinkgaysealion> S/dumps/dumps
  849. <KnotKnox> #rekt
  850. <baoh> wait what
  851. <tieflingsjwarlock> But to be fair, everybody feels that way about Captain America. It's only patriotic. http://rebloggy.com/post/tom-hiddleston-the-avengers-captain-america-chris-evans-loki-avengers-why-was-re/22462188859
  852. <tieflingsjwarlock> Even British people!
  853. <apinkgaysealion> Autocorrect sucks
  854. <baoh> S/butts/butts.
  855. <EDI> Correction, <baoh> S/butts./butts..
  856. <baoh> hehehehehe
  857. <theblackeyed13> quit pickin on edi ;_;
  858. <KnotKnox> s/<baoh>/<baoh>
  859. <EDI> (KnotKnox) Did not find <baoh> in any recent messages.
  860. <KnotKnox> dumb bot
  861. <Elaine> Eh, I sent a thing in anyway, even if I had to keep it quieter than I would have liked <.<
  862. <baoh> S/<baoh>/<baoh>
  863. <EDI> Correction, <baoh> S/<baoh>/<baoh>
  864. <baoh> ehueheueheueh
  865. <Elaine> I have a brit accent anyway so it might work well for a dramatic reading. ._.
  866. <tieflingsjwarlock> Everybody loves accents.
  867. <theblackeyed13> dramatically reading what now
  868. <Eidlon> Not American accents. We're terrible.
  869. <Elaine> http://pastebin.com/vFGaCVR4 Quinn's putting together a dramatic reading of the Gamergate Manifesto.
  870. <Eidlon> Fortunately, after one more drink, I'll be doing one in a kermit voice, if I can control my cough.
  871. <Delvaris> Everything is 55% more believeable if said by a brit.
  872. <Eidlon> You mean like "Privilege doesn't exist"?
  873. <FishfoxNuro> https://twitter.com/Fishfox_Nuro/status/538928787015344128
  874. <Elaine> I'm a New Zealander, so we count. :'D
  875. <EDI> (FishfoxNuro) @Fishfox_Nuro (Fishfox Nuro): #GamerGate will never see through my secret identity. The underscore is the perfect disguise! http://t.co/B33UQirTIe (3 minutes ago)
  876. <thraxina> bahahahaaha
  877. <FishfoxNuro> GamerGate are genius detectives.
  878. <Eidlon> Checkmate, SJWs!
  879. <thraxina> i just saw that in my feed FishfoxNuro
  880. <baoh> FishfoxNuro <3
  881. <Eidlon> Ahaha
  882. <Delvaris> btw that article is the height of Georgina's neutrality.
  883. <Delvaris> She failed to even ask that basic question
  884. <FishfoxNuro> Haha, yeah
  885. <FishfoxNuro> I mean, I have twitter on my phone.
  886. <Delvaris> and if she had sought comment from the mods she might have recieved some salient information
  887. <tieflingsjwarlock> Journalists can't ask for comments, that would be collusion!
  888. <Delvaris> But whatever. Now I'm disinclined to help her.
  889. <FishfoxNuro> They could have just been like "Are you the same FishFox Nuro" and I'd just reply 15 seconds letter with "Yep."
  890. <FishfoxNuro> lol
  891. <baoh> she can't ask the people she's writing about about them
  892. <tieflingsjwarlock> They have to make up those stories completely on their own or they aren't independent.
  893. <baoh> that'd be about ception
  894. <Elaine> no see
  895. <baoh> she'd have to go deeper
  896. <Elaine> you're really an intruder
  897. <Elaine> you're fishfox NERO
  898. <Elaine> breitbart in disguise
  899. <Eidlon> !Comic
  900. <weeedbot> Eidlon: http://i.imgur.com/mUkf0uL.jpg
  901. <Eidlon> Just... Never gets old. Thanks, Weedbot!
  902. <baoh> the fuckin
  903. <baoh> feeemales
  904. <baoh> on the left
  905. <theblackeyed13> lol
  906. <FishfoxNuro> I am actually Nero -- I just take a potion of sex shifting every 30 minutes.
  907. <FishfoxNuro> And when I am male the testosterone makes me a huge dick.
  908. <Eidlon> I'm pretty sure someone's written this slashfic...
  909. <enchilado> I miss Zoe.
  910. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <zoequinn> We need a few more folks for GG Dramatic reading - Video No Longer Required ( http://redd.it/2ntn7c ) [ pastebin.com ]
  911. <tieflingsjwarlock> I have a lot of Nero-based slashfic in my head. I have a weakness for villainy.
  912. <Leo_Strauss> dramatic reading you say
  913. <baoh> stop sexualizing the nero it's what he wants
  914. <Eidlon> Funny. Villainy's a good description of his major weaknesses, too.
  915. <baoh> he believes that everyone wants him to dominate them
  916. <baoh> OHHHH
  917. <baoh> FUCK Eidlon
  918. <baoh> FUCK THAT'S GOOD
  919. <enchilado> I need a microphone ;_;
  920. <Leo_Strauss> isnt that how it works though
  921. <tieflingsjwarlock> ...yeah, that's kind of not what's happening in my mental slashfic.
  922. <Leo_Strauss> everything is about sex and sex is about power
  923. <Leo_Strauss> clearly nero is at odds with himself
  924. <enchilado> Yeah I only have sex to teach my girlfriend who's boss
  925. <baoh> sex is about power through domination obviously nero sees himself as a dominant sexual beast
  926. * enchilado (enchilado@user/enchilado/x-00064171) has left #GGhazi
  927. <tieflingsjwarlock> You know if you think about it a bit, the word "comeuppance" starts seeming dirty.
  928. <Leo_Strauss> thats kind of fucked up enchilado
  929. * enchilado (enchilado@user/enchilado/x-00064171) has joined #GGhazi
  930. <Leo_Strauss> power isnt about masculinity
  931. <theblackeyed13> if *i* think about it comeuppance just sounds like euphemism for throwing up
  932. <Leo_Strauss> its about efficacy
  933. <enchilado> Haha
  934. <tieflingsjwarlock> Well, I'm not going to say your kink isn't okay, buuut...
  935. <theblackeyed13> power = work/time
  936. <theblackeyed13> fools
  937. <enchilado> Did I ever tell you guys about the time I got comeuppance on my face at a party
  938. <Leo_Strauss> no work over time doesnt give you power
  939. <Leo_Strauss> that is consistency
  940. <theblackeyed13> let the light of stem lift you up from the darkness of soft "science"
  941. <Leo_Strauss> +-+
  942. <enchilado> We were sitting on the balcony and a dude rushed out and got his comeuppance and it splashed on my clothes and face
  943. <enchilado> That was not a pleasant experience
  944. <theblackeyed13> lolenchilado
  945. <Leo_Strauss> who is doing the dramatic reading
  946. <theblackeyed13> druthernot
  947. <theblackeyed13> vedonemypart
  948. <Leo_Strauss> ah ok
  949. <Leo_Strauss> sounds good
  950. <enchilado> I'd love to if I had a microphone!
  951. * theblackeyed13 grimly massages war wound while rusty old weapon hangs in background
  952. <KnotKnox> you should like, get that checked out
  953. * charmandersempai has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  954. <thraxina> yeah man rust degrades the hell out of weapons
  955. * theblackeyed13 gazes into distance while sad and vaguely patriotism-stirring folk song plays
  956. <thraxina> what if you need to take it up again?
  957. <tieflingsjwarlock> ...did someone say patriotism-stirring? Hold on, I'll find another gif...
  958. <baoh> whatever happened to freebsdgirl's anti gg is like being anti puppy-kicking thing
  959. <KnotKnox> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVkTmnJkAN8
  960. <EDI> (KnotKnox) Freedom Isn't Free - Team America OST - length 2m 38s - 901 likes, 27 dislikes (97.1%) - 243,352 views - MrOSTMusic on 2012.01.05
  961. <baoh> no one is reasonably pro puppy kicking unless they're an asshole
  962. <rAnnouncer> /r/BestOfOutrageCulture: <MrMond4y> "Forming cohesive local units of 5-10 soldiers, all of them ready to back someone up in a debate or close combat on Youtube." ( http://redd.it/2ntnuz ) [ self.BestOfOutrageCulture ]
  963. <tieflingsjwarlock> http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-XyWPpkfwSsw/VDqpgEjBF5I/AAAAAAAAAUA/sLxqtn35JmQ/s1600/3702089-4220587819-36695.gif - YAY PATRIOTISM.
  964. <tieflingsjwarlock> I'm sorry, I have a problem. :(
  965. * ZoeQuinn (ZoeQuinn@Snoonet-uus.gbc.19mv28.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  966. * LiterallyWho gives channel operator status to ZoeQuinn
  967. * ZoeQuinn has quit (Changing host)
  968. * ZoeQuinn (ZoeQuinn@user/ZoeQuinn/x-00050916) has joined #GGhazi
  969. * veronica.snoonet.org gives channel operator status to ZoeQuinn
  970. * thraxina swoons
  971. <theblackeyed13> lol tief
  972. * charmandersempai (charmanders@Snoonet-ttu.ggg.o98k98.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  973. <theblackeyed13> i'm actually reading http://archiveofourown.org/series/44015 rn actually :P
  974. <tieflingsjwarlock> Don't judge me!
  975. <theblackeyed13> actually combo x2
  976. * Von_Tendy (Adium@user/Von-Tendy/x-00050972) has joined #GGhazi
  977. <baoh> villains, pilferers, crooks!
  978. <baoh> something something druuge are attacking
  979. <baoh> something something your ship is unarmed, something something salvage
  980. <baoh> something something now a giant sniper is attacking you
  981. <baoh> I love this game
  982. <theblackeyed13> quoi
  983. <baoh> Star Control
  984. <FishfoxNuro> I still need to play the HD version of Ur-Quan Masters
  985. <KnotKnox> Speaking of games which none of us play because we're too busy on Tumblr and /r/ShitRedditSays
  986. <KnotKnox> BeatBlasters III is a pretty interesting one
  987. <enchilado> I like Crypt of the NecroDancer
  988. <enchilado> Best rhythm game ever
  989. <FishfoxNuro> I still need to play it
  990. <enchilado> It's soooo gooood
  991. <FishfoxNuro> Is it a slower-paced rhythm game?
  992. <ZoeQuinn> it's ddr + rogue
  993. <enchilado> ^
  994. <theblackeyed13> smallscream
  995. <ZoeQuinn> and it's basically the best thing
  996. <enchilado> But you're not just following the rhythm, you need to decide where to walk as well
  997. <FishfoxNuro> Yeah, I saw it. Curious to see how difficult the rhythm portion can get
  998. <enchilado> What monsters to fight and from what angle and what weapons to pick up and all that
  999. <ZoeQuinn> the rhythm portion isn't too bad
  1000. <baoh> I see this one twitch streamer play it and he's really good
  1001. <baoh> richard_hammer I think
  1002. <ZoeQuinn> it's mostly about not dying to monsters and learning the way they move and attack
  1003. <enchilado> It's pretty easy, apart from this one boss that skips every eighth beat
  1004. <ZoeQuinn> King Conga
  1005. <enchilado> Yeah
  1006. <enchilado> Fuck King Conga
  1007. <FishfoxNuro> Ahhhh.
  1008. <baoh> isn't it still basically like alpha
  1009. <ZoeQuinn> they really need to change the name of Hardcore Mode because it's really where the actual game is
  1010. <baoh> they keep adding characters and stuff
  1011. <ZoeQuinn> yeah
  1012. <enchilado> I've never played any mode other than hardcore
  1013. <thraxina> lol those aren't games nerds
  1014. <thraxina> now who wants to play league badly
  1015. <enchilado> Yeah lol real games are like Cod of Duty and that
  1016. <baoh> thraxina fk league I will lux lazor you out of existence I am trained in gorilla warfare
  1017. <baoh> CoD? Hardcore? Try Love Live
  1018. <enchilado> How many confirmed kills do you have, baoh?
  1019. <thraxina> fk u n00b i got commando garen my sunglasses will fk ur lazer
  1020. <baoh> 'confirmed kills' what is this, project reality?
  1021. <FishfoxNuro> Wait, you can do custom music in this game? Does it use the BPM of the custom song?
  1022. <theblackeyed13> screeeeam
  1023. <enchilado> FishfoxNuro: yeah
  1024. <ZoeQuinn> eyah
  1025. <ZoeQuinn> *yeah
  1026. <FishfoxNuro> oh god.
  1027. <enchilado> But not on the fly
  1028. <enchilado> :(
  1029. <baoh> oh man that'd be fun to do with machine gun by Noisia
  1030. <FishfoxNuro> Extratone Pirates! :D
  1031. <ZoeQuinn> I put in primus and that was a bad idea
  1032. * FishfoxNuro buys immediately.
  1033. <baoh> since that goes through a pretty rad 3/2's speed up and back down by making a triplet beat the basis for 8th notes
  1034. <baoh> and then back to regular beat
  1035. <baoh> but tastefully
  1036. <FishfoxNuro> Can you manually set the bpm changes?
  1037. <Delvaris> But ZoeQuinn! Jerry was a racecar driver afterall!
  1038. <baoh> actually shit they made a rhythm game for it themselves
  1039. <FishfoxNuro> Because that would be super awesome.
  1040. <baoh> https://www.noisia.nl/game/
  1041. <ZoeQuinn> woah
  1042. <ZoeQuinn> that rules
  1043. <enchilado> I made cupcakes
  1044. <FishfoxNuro> o.o
  1045. <FishfoxNuro> Can I have one? :3
  1046. <baoh> enchilado what kind
  1047. <baoh> :OO
  1048. <enchilado> From mix because we didn't have anything to make it from scratch with and also it's expensive but they're okay
  1049. * FishfoxNuro scoots over. :3
  1050. <Delvaris> I called the police on my neighbors!
  1051. <Delvaris> I'm probably going to have to get up and go talk to them after a while.
  1052. * enchilado feeds FishfoxNuro an orange and poppy seed cupcake
  1053. <FishfoxNuro> Mmmm!
  1054. <baoh> what kind of cupcake
  1055. <baoh> oh
  1056. <baoh> orange and poppy seed
  1057. <baoh> that sounds cool (does poppy seed really cause you to fail a drug test)
  1058. <Delvaris> If you eat like pounds of them
  1059. <ZoeQuinn> only a ton of it
  1060. <Delvaris> and if they're unwashed.
  1061. <baoh> hm okay cool
  1062. <baoh> idk if for my job (they're doing background checks and stuff so probably) if they'll test me so maybe I'll avoid poppy seeds and pepsi
  1063. <FishfoxNuro> Thank you, enchilado :P
  1064. <Delvaris> Eating a reasonable amount of poppy seeds isn't going to cause you an issue
  1065. <Delvaris> and what's with pepsi? I hadn't heard that one before.
  1066. <enchilado> Poppy seeds are DELICIOUS
  1067. <catlinel> uuugh.
  1068. <catlinel> i want to eat more pumpkin pie
  1069. <theblackeyed13> i'm so tired but also so wound up because of stupid psychological bullshit, think i'll find a reading-aloud and try to get some fucking sleep
  1070. <catlinel> but i've already eaten a bunch of pumpkin pie
  1071. <catlinel> DAMN YOU PHYSICS
  1072. <theblackeyed13> good night sleep tight don't lose your pumpkin pine
  1073. <baoh> the pepsi paret is a joke
  1074. <baoh> part*
  1075. <baoh> wtf is paret
  1076. <catlinel> why isn't my stomach a tardis
  1077. * theblackeyed13 has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  1078. <enchilado> Doctor Who isn't real bro
  1079. <baoh> you shut your whore mouth
  1081. <ZoeQuinn> ok I am pretty sure I just got a dramatic reading from an ur-quan
  1082. <baoh> the fandom will hear you
  1083. <enchilado> What is an ur-quan?
  1084. <enchilado> I am the fandom
  1085. <baoh> a horrible demon that seals earth in a fallow shield
  1086. <ZoeQuinn> ^
  1087. <baoh> well not demon, just an alien race following the path of now and forever
  1088. <enchilado> If you think Doctor Who is real you're not a fan, you're a cultist
  1089. <ZoeQuinn> it seriously sounds just like the VO for the Ur-Quan though and I am geeking out about it
  1090. <baoh> nice
  1091. <baoh> also enchilado if you think Doctor Who is real you're giving Moffat too much credit
  1092. <enchilado> OMG ZoeQuinn ur such a fake geek girl omg
  1093. <enchilado> HEY
  1094. <enchilado> <3 Moffat
  1095. <baoh> EW
  1096. <ZoeQuinn> it's true. I'm not real. I am a weird collective hallucination
  1097. <enchilado> At least... his early episodes :\
  1098. <baoh> WE CAN NEVER BE FRIENDS
  1099. <enchilado> baoh: THE EMPTY CHILD
  1100. <baoh> the true quinnspiracy was that she never even existed
  1101. <enchilado> BLINK
  1102. <enchilado> THE GIRL IN THE FIREPLACE
  1103. <baoh> checkmate gg
  1105. <Delvaris> Actually Zoe is a reptillian plot to undermine the advancement of the human race to make us easier to invade
  1106. <enchilado> Yeah every angel episode after that was shite
  1107. <Delvaris> That's what you learn when you reach Ghazi Moderator 3
  1108. <baoh> because as we all know videogames are memes and memes are the DNA of the soul
  1109. <enchilado> Is Ghazi Moderator a video game series?
  1110. <Delvaris> It was a reference to OT3, scientology.
  1111. <baoh> Delvaris: when do you become clear
  1112. * charmandersempai has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  1113. <enchilado> I don't know much about scientology
  1114. <baoh> enchilado: tbh neither does the common scientologist
  1115. <Delvaris> You become clear when you start posting on Ghazi
  1116. <enchilado> It's one of those "ignorance is bliss" things
  1117. <FishfoxNuro> OK so apparently you can set beat data manually for custom song files for Crypt of the NecroDancer. Now to write a .sm file converter.
  1118. <enchilado> I've posted before
  1119. <enchilado> Comments, anyway
  1120. <baoh> they outright deny OT stuff, even though it was released by the church on supenoa
  1121. <enchilado> Well... one comment
  1122. <baoh> Scientology acts the same way with their own internal belief structure as GG does with harassmenet
  1123. <baoh> they actively participate, but deny everything
  1124. <enchilado> BTW
  1125. <catlinel> yeah. "our crimes. BUT WHAT ABOUT YOUR CRIMES!"
  1126. <enchilado> DAE think the gamerghazi header is ugly as balls
  1127. <catlinel> also running ops
  1128. <catlinel> creating sockpuppet-like people to try and get close to critics in order to silence them
  1129. <baoh> catlinel they haven't bought advertizing yet which is great
  1130. <enchilado> I like the header image but it looks weird just bein' stuck on the corner there
  1131. <baoh> because if I had to see a big gamergate ad on the side of a bus in San Jose I'd probably wretch
  1132. <catlinel> baoh: one could argue that the donations to TFYC and other orgs is comparable
  1133. <enchilado> Guys I have an admission to make... baoh is actually my sockpuppet
  1134. <catlinel> the only real difference is that GG isn't self-perpetuating in order to make a miscavage like character rich
  1135. <baoh> <3 u 3 enchilado we're actully the same persons
  1136. <enchilado> ^
  1137. <enchilado> <3
  1138. <catlinel> although people are making money from it
  1139. <baoh> catlinel but what about Nero
  1140. <catlinel> it's self perpetuating from straight up fear
  1141. <Eidlon> !comic
  1142. <weeedbot> Eidlon: http://i.imgur.com/rQZzArG.jpg
  1144. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <AyChihuahua> Blocking a user on Twitter according to #GamerGate ( http://redd.it/2ntq3e ) [ twitter.com ]
  1145. <baoh> what's the tattooo on his shoulder
  1146. * Malky (Malky@Snoonet-im7.j0j.jsa247.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1147. * Malky has quit (Changing host)
  1148. * Malky (Malky@user/Malky/x-00050876) has joined #GGhazi
  1149. <baoh> ZoeQuinn: seriously though whoever submitted the Ur-Quan, do they come of Khor-Ah or Kzer-Za and either way you should get them to do more
  1150. <baoh> like maybe play their voice underneath another sample like The Many from System Shock 2
  1151. <ZoeQuinn> kzer-za
  1152. <ZoeQuinn> and it gave me an idea for the visuals
  1153. <catlinel> ooh
  1154. <catlinel> getting a shodan and the many for the dramatic reading would be interesting
  1155. <ZoeQuinn> I may make each paragraph look like a videogame talk screen of a villain monologing
  1156. <Leo_Strauss> the many was awesome
  1157. <baoh> ooh that sounds pretty rad
  1158. <catlinel> system shock 2 was one of the genuinely creepy games i've played
  1159. <baoh> can you mangle someone's voice to be SINISTAR?
  1160. <enchilado> Wouldn't video game heroes be better?
  1161. <catlinel> from the zombies wandering around going "your song is not ours"
  1162. <catlinel> to the fricking spiders
  1163. <baoh> catlinel the rumblers tho
  1164. <catlinel> to the megalomania of shodan
  1165. <baoh> catlinel actually the fuckin assistant droids "who chose these colors.... xerxes won't like this!!"
  1166. <baoh> or the fucking UGH CYBORG MIDWIVES
  1167. <catlinel> and then having my hair stand up on end when having my mind taken over by the many for a friendly chat
  1168. <baoh> NIGHTMARE FUEL
  1170. <catlinel> baoh: ah yeah, those fuckers pop up out of nowhere
  1171. <baoh> yeah
  1172. <catlinel> especially in the storage area
  1173. <baoh> but you can hear them
  1174. <baoh> oh you mean the assistant droids, you can def hear those if you take the game really slow, which not a lot of people do these days
  1175. <baoh> the WR speedun is awesome
  1176. <baoh> you can tell how much effort went into that game if you just kinda chill out while playing it, though, because of how cool the ambient noise and stuff is
  1177. <catlinel> oh, yeah, sorry, confused the droids with the cyborg midwives
  1178. <catlinel> you're right tho, they are on the creepy side, just not as much about the popping out of a crate
  1179. <baoh> 'I'll teearrr outtt yourr spiinee'
  1180. <baoh> 'my litttleee oneess'
  1181. <baoh> I worry so about my little ones
  1182. <baoh> when I first got on tumblr in like 2010 one of my friends was really into posting fanart from various sources on ss2
  1183. <baoh> they got in trouble during the whole 'source your art' thing that came up soon after
  1184. <tieflingsjwarlock> I wish people would source more stuff, but it seems like kind of a lost cause on Tumblr.
  1185. <baoh> nah they're pretty serious about sourcing art from artsist on tumblr now
  1186. <baoh> I mean that about artists who post on tumblr
  1187. <tieflingsjwarlock> Some stuff that comes across my dash has sources, some doesn't.
  1188. <baoh> when they see their stuff unsourced they can have the offending post taken down
  1189. <baoh> tumblr has historically been REALLY good about IP
  1190. <baoh> which dA and stuff have not
  1191. <baoh> seriously, though, ZoeQuinn, SINISTAR
  1192. <ZoeQuinn> that would be cool
  1193. <ZoeQuinn> might have a good voice for that I hope
  1194. <ZoeQuinn> a lot of the subs were either too low quality or the person reading didn't emote or ham it up at all
  1195. <baoh> where's the thread and instructions?
  1196. <baoh> oh found it
  1197. <Malky> Once I'm home from the holidays, I'll see if I can do one.
  1198. <baoh> 4. There is nothing we can do about what has already happened. The damage has been done deep. We can educate you though. We can teach you about what has happened and how to make sure it never happens again. Hold on to your seat. The ride never ends.
  1199. <baoh> really no one did this one
  1200. <ZoeQuinn> no one has done it justice yet
  1201. <ZoeQuinn> got a lot of submissions but not everything is usable for a buncha reasons
  1202. <ZoeQuinn> and some people who nailed it recorded stronger paragraphs
  1203. <ZoeQuinn> i basically just don't wanna half-ass this
  1204. <baoh> whole-ass it?
  1205. <baoh> ( ( |
  1206. <ZoeQuinn> all ass all the itme
  1207. <baoh> assGhazi
  1208. <Delvaris> ^ channel name change
  1209. * snoo_67362 (snoo_67362@Snoonet-2id.e38.f557eo.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1210. * Delvaris has changed the topic to: DwavenHobble + Ghazi Forever. Thanks for the donations man. Welcome to assGhazi the beautiful bouncing butt lovers playpen
  1211. <Malky> O_O
  1212. * SocialShark (SocialShark@Snoonet-2vn.4oi.iilarl.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1213. <Malky> well I can relate to this
  1214. <baoh> I also enjoy stationary butts am I welcome in this channel now
  1215. <enchilado> Get out
  1216. <baoh> D:
  1217. * snoo_39371 (snoo_39371@Snoonet-19s.ao6.46a3le.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1218. <SocialShark> hey guiz
  1219. * baoh (s@user/baoh/x-00051104) has left #GGhazi (:( )
  1220. <Leo_Strauss> lel
  1221. <enchilado> Anyone that likes stationary butts is obviously pro-gg
  1222. <snoo_67362> hi
  1223. * Delvaris has changed the topic to: DwavenHobble + Ghazi Forever. Thanks for the donations man. Welcome to assGhazi the beautiful bouncing butt lover's playpen
  1224. <Delvaris> I thought about the grammer and it needed an apostrophie
  1225. * ZoeQuinn is now known as tookus
  1226. <enchilado> Apparently the channel is invite only?
  1227. * tookus is now known as tushluvr420
  1228. <enchilado> baoh messaged me
  1229. <Malky> you fool of a tookus
  1230. * Delvaris is now known as GleutiusMaximus
  1231. <SocialShark> fuck did you see the GG shitlords newe vid? http://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ
  1232. <EDI> (SocialShark) Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - length 3m 33s - 447,219 likes, 28,049 dislikes (94.1%) - 95,848,803 views - RickAstleyVEVO on 2009.10.25
  1233. <FishfoxNuro> :P
  1234. <enchilado> lawl ^
  1235. <SocialShark> :^)
  1236. <tushluvr420> seems legit
  1237. <FishfoxNuro> EDI beat you
  1238. <SocialShark> fuking roberts
  1239. * baoh (s@user/baoh/x-00051104) has joined #GGhazi
  1240. * baoh (s@user/baoh/x-00051104) has joined #GGhazi
  1241. <GleutiusMaximus> Why is the channel invite only though?
  1242. <GleutiusMaximus> that's a better question
  1243. <baoh> oh there is a different channel named GamerGhazi
  1244. <baoh> which is invite only
  1245. <Leo_Strauss> because we can't just invite anyone
  1246. <GleutiusMaximus> HAHAHAHA
  1247. <GleutiusMaximus> Yeah there is.
  1248. <baoh> sorry I tried to join that one and not GGhazi
  1249. <GleutiusMaximus> Not that we know anything about that.
  1250. <glitchy> we have no idea
  1251. <GleutiusMaximus> you see nothing!
  1252. <glitchy> what that channel might be about
  1253. <GleutiusMaximus> !mute
  1254. <glitchy> seriously
  1255. <baoh> is okay
  1256. <GleutiusMaximus> EDI YOU FAILED ME!
  1257. <enchilado> I might it's the secret gamerghazi mod channel
  1258. <enchilado> wow
  1259. <enchilado> I bet
  1260. * GleutiusMaximus (Delvaris@gghazi/Delvaris) has left #GGhazi (Leaving)
  1261. <enchilado> not I might
  1262. <baoh> gghazi can have a treehouse
  1263. <tushluvr420> no that's gamergazelle
  1264. * GleutiusMaximus (Delvaris@gghazi/Delvaris) has joined #GGhazi
  1265. * LiterallyWho gives channel operator status to GleutiusMaximus
  1266. <Leo_Strauss> obviously
  1267. * snoo_39371 has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  1268. <Leo_Strauss> i dont have a problem with the treehouse
  1269. * snoo_67362 is now known as LiterallyPoo
  1270. <Leo_Strauss> but as soon as you have one everyone wants to come and hang out
  1271. <baoh> as long as it has like
  1272. <baoh> blackjack & hookers
  1273. <SocialShark> i never had a treehouse as a kid :/ i feel i missed out
  1274. <baoh> it's allright
  1275. <tushluvr420> wtf is a tree
  1276. <Malky> if we have a treehouse I want to make water balloons
  1277. <GleutiusMaximus> I lived in the desert as a kid. The only trees we had, had thorns.
  1278. <GleutiusMaximus> I couldn't even climb a tree.
  1279. <baoh> those weren't trees those were lovecraftian horrors
  1280. <enchilado> That sounds awful
  1281. <Malky> trees are alright
  1282. <Malky> [5]
  1283. <Leo_Strauss> lol malky
  1284. * GleutiusMaximus is now known as Delvaris
  1285. <Delvaris> Sorry I can't do it guys.
  1286. <Delvaris> Actually, let's make a reference nobody here will understand
  1287. * Delvaris is now known as LawDad
  1288. <Malky> yeah I don't get it
  1289. <Leo_Strauss> ?
  1290. <baoh> are you referencing Johnny Joestar from part 7 of JoJo's Bizzare Adventure
  1291. <LawDad> Yes.
  1292. <LiterallyPoo> GamerGate doesn't oppress Women haha jk
  1293. * tushluvr420 is now known as LiterallyDio
  1294. <baoh> because he literally can't even a lot
  1295. <Leo_Strauss> lol poo
  1296. * baoh is now known as LiterallyDiavolo
  1297. <SocialShark> OMG literally POOO WTF?
  1298. * LiterallyDio is now known as LiterallyLiterally
  1299. <LiterallyDiavolo> you thought it was about ethics in videogames journalism but it was him, LiterallyPoo
  1300. <SocialShark> you sound like a Gravey Grape supper!
  1301. <enchilado> Malky are you David Malki?
  1302. <Leo_Strauss> i think itsfunny
  1303. <LiterallyDiavolo> LiterallyLiterally
  1304. * LawDad is now known as LiterallyCapatavi
  1305. <Malky> Nah
  1306. <Leo_Strauss> too many literals
  1307. <Malky> Malki is awesome though
  1308. <LiterallyCapatavi> Let's get together LiterallyDiavolo and make Diavolo Capatavi
  1309. * LiterallyDiavolo is now known as StringLiteral_ly
  1310. <LiterallyCapatavi> IF YOU KNOW WHAT I AM SAYING
  1311. <Malky> Much love, and I apologize for stealing his name
  1312. * LiterallyCapatavi is now known as Delvaris
  1313. <Malky> mine now
  1314. * LiterallyLiterally is now known as TooManyCooks
  1315. <enchilado> Malky oh okay well I won't bother sucking up to you then
  1316. <tieflingsjwarlock> I give up keeping track, I'm going back to my gifs.
  1317. <Malky> k cool
  1318. <SocialShark> ill suck up 2 u :3
  1319. <SocialShark> Babe
  1320. <StringLiteral_ly> !chapek.snoonet.org No nick changes are allowed for 60 seconds because there have been more than 5 nick changes in 60 seconds.
  1321. <enchilado> O_O
  1322. <StringLiteral_ly> I'm stuck
  1323. <SocialShark> hi stuck im social!
  1324. <Delvaris> haha
  1325. <StringLiteral_ly> dad it's not funny I'm stuck
  1326. <enchilado> Hi social I'm bored!
  1327. <SocialShark> Hi bored im dad!
  1328. * Eidlon (Eidlon@user/Eidlon/x-00050959) has left #GGhazi
  1329. <Malky> <3
  1330. <LiterallyPoo> Why does GamerGate hate women so much, is it because they're white?
  1331. <SocialShark> <3
  1332. <SocialShark> prolly
  1333. <SocialShark> they're neck beard manchildren
  1334. * TooMaresTwoMany (TooMaresTwo@Snoonet-cbh.i7s.k2pbug.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1335. * StringLiteral_ly is now known as baoh
  1336. <SocialShark> they only care about their dumb gaems
  1337. <enchilado> Yeah, I hate women because they're white too
  1338. * LiterallyPoo is now known as GamerGateSpy
  1339. <baoh> :(
  1340. <Delvaris> I KNEW IT
  1342. <baoh> spying on a PUBLIC CHANNEL
  1343. <Malky> lol
  1344. <TooManyCooks> hey remember gamespy
  1346. <baoh> only true 90s kids will remember gamespy
  1347. <Malky> you gave away the whole gamer enchilado
  1348. <enchilado> Spying on a public channel is a fallacy fallacy
  1349. * GamerGateSpy is now known as GamerGateDoubleAgent
  1350. <Malky> kiwikku?
  1351. <baoh> m'fallacy
  1352. <TooMaresTwoMany> gamespy protocol was awful
  1353. <GamerGateDoubleAgent> muh fallacy
  1354. <TooMaresTwoMany> I hated every minute of it.
  1355. <enchilado> The idea of "fallacy" you're attacking is a fictitious one. Strawman fallacy.
  1356. * GamerGateDoubleAgent is now known as TooManyCooksisDead
  1357. <TooManyCooksisDead> <
  1358. <SocialShark> 8==D we must destory all benus
  1359. <SocialShark> ALL BENUS
  1360. <baoh> the fallacy you have put forwards is a fallacious fallacy of fellatio, no fallacy actually fellates, only fallaciously so
  1361. <SocialShark> gellato fallacy
  1362. * TooManyCooksisDead is now known as PenisUser
  1363. * FishfoxNuro is now known as WhySoManySlashNick
  1364. * SocialShark is now known as AssCracker
  1365. <enchilado> fellatio gelato, mmm
  1366. <Delvaris> Okay
  1367. <Delvaris> stop
  1368. * AssCracker is now known as sorry
  1369. <baoh> mi piace gelato molto
  1370. * sorry is now known as ill
  1371. <Malky> I don't even know who I am anymore
  1372. * TooMaresTwoMany is now known as TooMaresTwoMany2
  1373. * ill is now known as SocialSharl
  1374. <enchilado> I think I'm ZoeQuinn
  1375. <baoh> who?
  1376. <enchilado> literally this ^
  1377. <TooMaresTwoMany2> ??? is that some kind of car battery
  1378. <WhySoManySlashNick> s/this/who
  1379. <EDI> Correction, <enchilado> literally who ^
  1380. <enchilado> Pls I was pointing upwards at the word "who" :(
  1381. <SocialSharl> :^)
  1382. <baoh> isn't Zoe Quinn that questing depressed cyborg who everyone hates for being the future?
  1383. <baoh> s/the/from the/
  1384. <EDI> Correction, <baoh> isn't Zoe Quinn that questing depressed cyborg who everyone hates for being from the future?
  1385. <enchilado> No, they hate her because she gets more sex than them
  1386. <baoh> by 'everyone' I mean 'like 3 people'
  1387. <TooMaresTwoMany2> s/sex/birds/
  1388. <EDI> Correction, <enchilado> No, they hate her because she gets more birds than them
  1389. <baoh> 'with thousands of sock puppets'
  1390. <Malky> and their pet skulls
  1391. <baoh> s/pet skulls/ethics/
  1392. <EDI> Correction, <Malky> and their ethics
  1393. <TooMaresTwoMany2> s/sock/bird/
  1394. <EDI> Correction, <baoh> 'with thousands of bird puppets'
  1395. <Delvaris> Stop abusing EDI
  1396. <Malky> O_O
  1397. * TooManyCooks is now known as FloatingSkullFetishist
  1398. <Delvaris> She's voiced by Tricia Helfer and everything
  1399. <enchilado> s/abusing/seducing/
  1400. <EDI> Correction, <Delvaris> Stop seducing EDI
  1401. <TooMaresTwoMany2> I love EDM
  1403. <SocialSharl> poor EDI all it wants is a bit of lovin
  1404. * PenisUser is now known as ProGG
  1405. <WhySoManySlashNick> Were you here earlier, Delvaris?
  1406. <baoh> I thought Zoe Quinn was voiced by Sigourney Weaver
  1407. <Delvaris> How much earlier?
  1408. <WhySoManySlashNick> Where we were EDI-ing every message?
  1409. <SocialSharl> WHO IS THE CUTEST #gAMERgATE MEMBER?
  1410. <TooMaresTwoMany2> do you like ben-tomlinsin
  1411. <ProGG> Me.
  1412. <Leo_Strauss> aurini creeps me out but eh sarkeesian effect is pretty spergy
  1413. <ProGG> <3
  1414. <enchilado> Me.
  1415. <Malky> <---
  1416. <SocialSharl> i found the gamer scum!
  1417. <baoh> sarkeesian effect is a pretty shitty guy, eh has a pet skull, starts forest fires, and doesn't afraid of anything
  1418. <enchilado> doesnt*
  1419. * glitchy has kicked ProGG from #GGhazi (gg go away pls)
  1420. <WhySoManySlashNick> The irc is very mature.
  1421. <Leo_Strauss> lol bye
  1422. <SocialSharl> yeah fuck GG and their reasonable quest for ethical reforms!
  1423. <Malky> butts
  1424. * WhySoManySlashNick is now known as FishfoxNuro
  1425. <baoh> SocialSharl: reasonable quest isn't even a game
  1426. <SocialSharl> booty?
  1427. * glitchy has kicked SocialSharl from #GGhazi (gg go away pls)
  1428. * ShittyBot (ShittyBot@Snoonet-2id.e38.f557eo.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1429. <Leo_Strauss> lots of salt today
  1430. * glitchy has kicked Leo_Strauss from #GGhazi (salt go away pls)
  1431. <Malky> lol
  1432. <FloatingSkullFetishist> low sodium chat
  1433. <Malky> :D
  1434. <glitchy> I find his words to be very triggering to the high-blood-pressured members of our community
  1435. * ShittyBot is now known as LindaBelcherBot
  1436. <baoh> okay I'd like to note that the quality of chat immediately degraded when assGhazi was put into the channel topic
  1437. <LindaBelcherBot> PASS
  1438. <baoh> I think it triggered some sort of reaction
  1440. <enchilado> Yeah
  1441. <glitchy> someone tell those doofuses that they can rejoin
  1442. <glitchy> I just kicked them
  1443. <TooMaresTwoMany2> pls don't say triggered it's very triggering :(
  1444. <LindaBelcherBot> THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME
  1445. <glitchy> didn't ban
  1446. <enchilado> It was ZoeQuinn, she started talking about butts
  1447. <LindaBelcherBot> THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE
  1448. <enchilado> She should be benned
  1449. * Ratkid44 (Ratkid44@Snoonet-2vn.4oi.iilarl.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1450. <Malky> it awakened our inner butts
  1451. <LindaBelcherBot> THE WHOLE WORLD'S THANKIN
  1452. <glitchy> what is getting benned?
  1453. <baoh> also joking about triggers kinda demeans people who have endured psychological trauma
  1454. <LindaBelcherBot> THE WHOLE WORLD'S THANKIN YOU
  1455. <glitchy> it's when you're hit over the head with a giant ben stiller?
  1456. <enchilado> Benning is when someone isn't allowed here any more
  1457. <Ratkid44> hey i was told to come here to learn about this #GamerGate thing attacking women
  1458. <LindaBelcherBot> THANKIN US FOR THAKIN YOU
  1459. <FishfoxNuro> Yeah, please don't joke about triggers
  1460. <enchilado> glitchy: that's definition two
  1461. <LindaBelcherBot> KILL THE TURKEY
  1462. <Malky> uh, well, Ratkid, this is the butt hour
  1463. <weeedbot> I can take a 9-inch dildo up my butt, because I’m an adult and I solve my own problems
  1464. <glitchy> this is butt time
  1465. <enchilado> ^
  1466. <Ratkid44> this is gay
  1467. <FloatingSkullFetishist> thank you weedbot
  1468. <glitchy> sorry Ratkid44
  1469. <Malky> Well.
  1470. <enchilado> That's a bit homophobic, don't you think?
  1471. <Ratkid44> :^(
  1472. <FloatingSkullFetishist> thank you for being a friend
  1473. <Ratkid44> im gay faggot
  1474. <enchilado> Wow
  1475. <Malky> What.
  1476. <Ratkid44> got a problem with my lifestyle?
  1477. <FloatingSkullFetishist> someone crack a window and let some of this xbox chat out
  1478. <enchilado> No, I have a problem with your language
  1479. <Ratkid44> so im not allowed to say my secuality now?
  1480. <KnotKnox> All about that bass
  1481. <KnotKnox> / \
  1482. <KnotKnox> / `, \
  1483. <KnotKnox> | ) )
  1484. <KnotKnox> | _/_ _ /
  1485. <KnotKnox> \ | |
  1486. <Malky> mm
  1487. <Malky> blocky butts
  1488. * FloatingSkullFetishist has kicked Ratkid44 from #GGhazi ()
  1489. <glitchy> !kickban Ratkid44
  1490. <baoh> okay I'm going to leave and rejoin in 2 minutes when the chat has likely improved
  1491. <glitchy> !ban Ratkid44
  1492. * LiterallyWho sets ban on *!*@Snoonet-2vn.4oi.iilarl.IP
  1493. <enchilado> Because calling me that word is telling us his sexuality
  1494. <FloatingSkullFetishist> in before someone from KIA says you ban all gay people
  1495. <Malky> lol
  1496. <enchilado> I doubt he was even gay
  1497. <FloatingSkullFetishist> I don't care if he was
  1498. * baoh (s@user/baoh/x-00051104) has left #GGhazi (brb 120 seconds)
  1499. <KnotKnox> The only good man is a dead one
  1500. <enchilado> Being gay doesn't make it any more appropriate to talk like that, no
  1501. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <SallyHemmings> GGer shares FreeBSDgirl's World of Warcraft avatar name and server, encourages folks to grief her in game as a "legal" alternative to harassment. ( http://redd.it/2ntsmf ) [ np.reddit.com ]
  1502. * FloatingSkullFetishist is now known as IronFist
  1503. <Malky> ethics
  1504. <enchilado> m u h e t h i x
  1505. <TooMaresTwoMany2> imo everyone should trust what people say at face value when they assert their sexuality
  1506. <FishfoxNuro> So... they want to get banned from WoW? K.
  1507. <IronFist> ^
  1508. <FishfoxNuro> Sounds like a reasonable use of time and money.
  1509. <TooMaresTwoMany2> doubting someone is problematic and it doesn't solve anything
  1510. <IronFist> also it doesn't matter
  1511. <IronFist> you don't get a free pass on being an asshole for being marginalized
  1512. <KnotKnox> So why aren't they boycotting Blizzard?
  1513. <enchilado> TooMaresTwoMany2: the thing is that he came in and said "this is gay" and then when I said that was homophobic he said "I'm gay f****t"
  1514. <Malky> can we just deal with every gger like that
  1515. * baoh (s@user/baoh/x-00051104) has joined #GGhazi
  1516. <TooMaresTwoMany2> does that make it right to doubt his sexuality
  1517. <FishfoxNuro> Yeah, that sort of language isn't tolerated.
  1518. <enchilado> I'm not doubting his sexuality
  1519. <enchilado> That is... I would doubt WHATEVER he said there
  1520. <Malky> the sky is blue
  1521. <TooMaresTwoMany2> "I doubt he was even gay "
  1522. <Malky> also ethics in game journalism
  1523. <baoh> Isn't she a pvper anyway, like,
  1524. <FishfoxNuro> Doesn't matter what his sexuality is. He shouldn't be speaking like that. Pretty simple.
  1525. <LindaBelcherBot> "Here goes the hair/There goes the hair/And where is Harry Truman?/He's dead in the ground/He's dead in the ground/Dead dead dead dead dead."
  1526. <baoh> can't she just wreck most anyone that would try
  1527. <Malky> if I was in a PVP guild, I'd love to become Most Hated on my server
  1528. <Malky> back in the day we woulda just run around
  1529. <TooMaresTwoMany2> I am not defending what he said, I am just suggesting that doubting his sexuality is a problem.
  1530. <Malky> slaughter any Alliance scum in the way
  1531. <FishfoxNuro> Being hated in a PvP MMO is fun
  1532. <enchilado> Maybe
  1533. <baoh> "doubting someone is problematic" can't tell if troll
  1534. <enchilado> But he wasn't just telling us his sexuality, he was retorting with what seemed like it was trying to be an excuse
  1535. * blackboots (blackboots@Snoonet-cc2.j1p.1dpmrj.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1536. <TooMaresTwoMany2> it would hurt my feelings if someone tried to tear down my identity
  1537. <FishfoxNuro> Whether his sexuality is homoesexual, heterosexual, asexual, or anything else, that does not excuse that sort of language.
  1538. <tieflingsjwarlock> I'm actually queer and if I ever try to use that as an excuse to be a dick, please somebody tear me a new one.
  1539. <IronFist> folks, it doesn't matter if they're gay or not
  1540. <IronFist> don't be a prick
  1541. <IronFist> end of story
  1542. <Malky> hail hydra
  1543. <FishfoxNuro> Same. I am trans. And if I act like a shithead and use that as an excuse, I deserve to be bitched out.
  1544. <TooMaresTwoMany2> again I'm not saying he was right I'm just saying that "I doubt you're gay" is rude and doesn't contribute anything but hurt
  1545. <IronFist> queer here too~
  1546. <LindaBelcherBot> Well under your logic how do we know you're trans
  1547. <enchilado> We've banned people from /r/Minecraft before for language like that who try to defend themselves in modmail by saying they're gay themselves
  1548. <IronFist> hey
  1549. <IronFist> argument over
  1550. <IronFist> ok?
  1551. <IronFist> ok
  1552. <IronFist> don't be a douche
  1553. <LindaBelcherBot> no
  1554. <LindaBelcherBot> not over
  1555. <enchilado> Like... why do they think that makes any difference
  1556. * Enleat (Enleat@Snoonet-rrd.hn6.e5t0ue.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1557. <KnotKnox> As it turns out, the eeeevvviiiilll SJWs don't actually believe in giving people special privleges.
  1558. * Enleat (Enleat@Snoonet-rrd.hn6.e5t0ue.IP) has left #GGhazi
  1559. <TooMaresTwoMany2> also pls don't say b****h we can do better than to use gendered insults
  1560. <IronFist> there is zero reason to escalate the slapfight and I will start kickin'
  1561. <KnotKnox> Which would make them... eq.. equa... racist. That's the word, racist.
  1562. * Enleat (Enleat@user/Enleat/x-00051050) has joined #GGhazi
  1563. <enchilado> I didn't realise anyone was having a slapfight
  1564. <enchilado> I thought it was a pretty calm discussion
  1565. <Malky> has anyone seen Janvs in here lately?
  1566. <FishfoxNuro> Same.
  1567. * Davisaurinisskulls (Davisaurini@Snoonet-s36.0t2.jjdplc.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1568. <Enleat> Woah, what happened?
  1569. * LindaBelcherBot has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  1570. <FishfoxNuro> GG sealions happened it seems.
  1571. <KnotKnox> In the IRC Malky?
  1572. <FishfoxNuro> My best guess
  1573. <Malky> I want to give them a high-five for slamming on GGers in AGG
  1574. <Malky> yeah
  1575. <FishfoxNuro> That and butts
  1576. <KnotKnox> ah, no
  1577. <IronFist> people started getting weirdly personal and we don't need to be using people's orientations as a talking point
  1578. <Malky> I used to be the bad cop
  1579. <Malky> and Janvs was the good cop
  1580. <Malky> and, uh, I guess we've got two bad cops now
  1581. <Enleat> Wow, things got serious apparently
  1582. <FishfoxNuro> Yeah
  1583. <Enleat> Who used someones sexuality as an argument?
  1584. <FishfoxNuro> Some people logged in and caused a ruckus then left.
  1585. * snoo_41811 (snoo_41811@Snoonet-2id.e38.f557eo.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1586. <Enleat> ... .___. Fucking sealions -__-
  1587. <IronFist> LindaBelcherBot
  1588. <IronFist> Well under your logic how do we know you're trans
  1589. <IronFist> ^
  1590. <IronFist> someone said that
  1591. <IronFist> and we are not going to go there
  1592. <FishfoxNuro> Yep someone said that to me.
  1593. <Enleat> Eugh
  1594. <Davisaurinisskulls> I was in here and someone kicked me for making fun of the sea lions
  1595. <Davisaurinisskulls> not very nice :(
  1596. <blackboots> ick
  1597. <baoh> what
  1598. * snoo_41811 is now known as GAMERGATEHERO
  1599. <Enleat> Well you ARE a skull, you're fairly easy to kick
  1600. <enchilado> I thought he only had one skull that he moved around
  1601. <KnotKnox> xDxDxd
  1602. <Malky> okay seriously
  1603. <KnotKnox> le gamergate is not about harassment
  1604. <Davisaurinisskulls> as long as its the one i think you're thinking of
  1605. <IronFist> I'm not sure which theory I like better
  1606. <Malky> we could examine the skull's teeth
  1607. <Malky> and determine if it's the same skull
  1608. <GAMERGATEHERO> Where have all the good men gone
  1609. <GAMERGATEHERO> And where are all the Gods?
  1610. <GAMERGATEHERO> Where's the street-wise Hercules
  1611. <GAMERGATEHERO> To fight the rising odds?
  1612. <GAMERGATEHERO> Isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
  1613. <GAMERGATEHERO> Late at night I toss and I turn
  1614. <GAMERGATEHERO> And I dream of what I need
  1615. <GAMERGATEHERO> I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero
  1616. <GAMERGATEHERO> 'Til the end of the night
  1617. <GAMERGATEHERO> He's gotta be strong
  1618. <GAMERGATEHERO> And he's gotta be fast
  1619. <GAMERGATEHERO> I need a hero, I'm holding out for a hero
  1620. <tieflingsjwarlock> Wow. Tonight is just being a night, isn't it?
  1621. <GAMERGATEHERO> 'Til the morning light
  1622. <GAMERGATEHERO> He's gotta be sure
  1623. <GAMERGATEHERO> And it's gotta be soon
  1624. <GAMERGATEHERO> And he's gotta be larger than life
  1625. <GAMERGATEHERO> (Larger than life)
  1626. <GAMERGATEHERO> Somewhere after midnight
  1627. <GAMERGATEHERO> In my wildest fantasy
  1628. <Malky> what attracted em?
  1629. <GAMERGATEHERO> Somewhere just beyond my reach
  1630. <GAMERGATEHERO> There's someone reaching back for me
  1631. <GAMERGATEHERO> Racing on the thunder
  1632. <GAMERGATEHERO> And rising with the heat
  1633. <GAMERGATEHERO> It's gonna take a Superman
  1634. <IronFist> !ban GAMERGATEHERO
  1635. <GAMERGATEHERO> To sweep me off my feet
  1636. * LiterallyWho sets ban on *!*@Snoonet-2id.e38.f557eo.IP
  1637. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <OgirYensa> Creepy, cult-like post on /r/KotakuInAction telling Gators that #GamerGate can do no wrong. Apparently, the Steve Tom Sawyer debacle is forgotten or they are trying to block it out of their minds. The irony. ( http://redd.it/2ntt8u ) [ np.reddit.com ]
  1638. * IronFist has kicked GAMERGATEHERO from #GGhazi (butts)
  1639. <enchilado> I remember that song from Shrek
  1640. <Delvaris> I was enjoying his rendition
  1641. <FishfoxNuro> Haha
  1642. <Davisaurinisskulls> it was a bit spammy
  1643. <tieflingsjwarlock> He was pitchy.
  1644. <IronFist> yeah
  1645. <enchilado> I like the moving-it-around theory, because it would mean that not only did he think skulls were cool but he thought his viewers would think he was more cool for having them too
  1646. <Enleat> Woah, Nuro, someone tried to find out who you are on Twitter or something?
  1647. <Malky> hmm
  1648. <IronFist> I bet he talks to it
  1649. <Malky> But don't you want to meet the sort of person who owns MULTIPLE decorative skulls?
  1650. <IronFist> picks it up and being like "cmon little buddy we have work to do"
  1651. <Davisaurinisskulls> no
  1652. <FishfoxNuro> Person from TechRaptor couldn't make the connection that Fishfox Nuro and Fishfox_Nuro are the same person.
  1653. <Enleat> 'Where have all the god men gone' WE KILLED THEM
  1654. <FishfoxNuro> And couldn't take 30 seconds to message me on twitter to ask
  1655. <FishfoxNuro> Haha
  1656. <FishfoxNuro> Pmuch it. :P
  1657. <Davisaurinisskulls> i think its weird he is bald and has skulls
  1658. <Malky> lol
  1659. <Enleat> Eugh, people be silly
  1660. <baoh> I think he's weird for what he says
  1661. <IronFist> do you think the skull has a name
  1662. <Malky> hmm
  1663. <FishfoxNuro> GG is very silly
  1664. <baoh> how can you be like 'lol I'm not a racist but fucking n******'
  1665. <baoh> or make a fuckton of youtube videos
  1666. <Malky> yorick would be too obvious
  1667. <baoh> where you just fucking talk about random shit
  1668. <baoh> forever
  1669. <tieflingsjwarlock> Morte.
  1670. <tieflingsjwarlock> Isn't that what all skulls are named?
  1671. <baoh> and then are like 'lol I'm an academic equal to a woman with a masters in a social science'
  1672. <Davisaurinisskulls> what do you mean baoh
  1673. <Davisaurinisskulls> oh
  1674. <KnotKnox> Because according to racists "black people" are the 'good ones' and "n******" are the "uppity ones"
  1675. <baoh> yes because if blacks don't behave the way white people want them to behave
  1676. <IronFist> ah yes the good old "some asshole heard that chris rock bit and won't stop quoting it"
  1677. <Davisaurinisskulls> i wonder where chris rock got it from
  1678. <baoh> some white person probably
  1679. <KnotKnox> Excuse me, but this episode of South Park supports my views.
  1680. <baoh> maybe even the kkk
  1681. <IronFist> ~*the truth is somewhere in the middle*~
  1682. <FishfoxNuro> When someone thinks South Park supports their views because of something Cartman did... they need to re-evaluate their decision-making skills.
  1683. <Malky> http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2014/11/28/after-a-brief-suspension-for-defending-evolution-espns-keith-law-returns-to-twitter-with-this-gem/
  1684. <baoh> shit anyone know if chloe segal is okay I forgot to text my friend on the east coast to see if they could have someone near her talk to her
  1685. <tieflingsjwarlock> Using the n-word to me is basically the "are we the baddies" moment. Your side is not the good guys if it comes up unless it coming up is followed by firmly smacking the individual involved.
  1686. <IronFist> poor chloe :(
  1687. <KnotKnox> >with this gem
  1688. <KnotKnox> le gem
  1689. <Davisaurinisskulls> what if you're PoC and you use the n-word
  1690. <Malky> what if I'm white and I use the w-word
  1691. <KnotKnox> Then it's reverse racism, duh
  1692. <Enleat> What happened to Chloe Sagal?
  1693. <KnotKnox> White people are the most oppressed minority
  1694. <baoh> she was not doing well earlier today Enleat
  1695. <IronFist> I can't tell who is being ironic anymore
  1696. <Enleat> .... I she the person who almost killed herself because of harrasment by Gators? :(
  1697. <IronFist> yeah
  1698. <KnotKnox> this is just sad now :(
  1699. <Enleat> Euuugh..... yeah, someone needs to call her a friend :/
  1700. <Davisaurinisskulls> i hope shes okay has anyone heard from her?
  1701. <Enleat> Or at least contact her via twitter
  1702. <IronFist> it is like 5am where she is fwiw
  1703. <baoh> no it's like 2 am
  1704. <Malky> it's like 2
  1705. <baoh> 5am is like, atlantic ocean time
  1706. <tieflingsjwarlock> 2 is like 5, like 18 is "like 12" when you're 30.
  1707. <IronFist> oh
  1708. <IronFist> I have fucked up time zone awareness
  1709. * snoo_86124 (snoo_86124@Snoonet-mgq.194.iiqtim.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1710. <snoo_86124> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBwS66EBUcY 4 you bby
  1711. <EDI> (snoo_86124) Bonnie Tyler - I Need a Hero (Lyrics) - length 5m 51s - 108,875 likes, 2,833 dislikes (97.5%) - 38,953,104 views - Kobis11 on 2008.04.24
  1712. <tieflingsjwarlock> By golly, I'm convinced!
  1713. <baoh> anyway Enleat it's worse than that like
  1714. <tieflingsjwarlock> GG's clever usage of Youtube has converted my opinion forever.
  1715. <tieflingsjwarlock> Wait, no.
  1716. <KnotKnox> Actually, it's about muh video games
  1717. <baoh> Someone who really didn't like her and knew she was vulnerable and depressed dropped her info to GG as some corrupt person in gaming
  1718. <baoh> they started harranging her
  1719. * KnotKnox proceeds to brigade channel
  1720. <baoh> I mispelled harangue
  1721. <TooMaresTwoMany2> haha
  1722. * snoo_86124 is now known as CatMan
  1723. <Enleat> :( Jesus christ
  1724. <Malky> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B3rARL3IYAACcUU.png:large
  1725. <IronFist> slapfights ahoy
  1726. <CatMan> ^ What?
  1727. <KnotKnox> https://twitter.com/TheRalphRetort/status/536793020000391168
  1728. <EDI> (KnotKnox) @TheRalphRetort (TheRalph): Lol, I'm not high enough for this Ghazi IRC. The delusion is staggering. #GamerGate http://t.co/8qmsI97rDA (5 days, 23 hours ago)
  1729. <Enleat> Wait, i think i know what happened baoh
  1730. <KnotKnox> Delvaris
  1731. <KnotKnox> you're famous
  1732. <freebsdgirl> oh good lord. http://np.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2ntr9e/anyone_play_alliance_on_kil_jaeden/
  1733. <freebsdgirl> they just tried to 'doxx' me in WoW and failed.
  1734. <enchilado> 2 deluded 4 me
  1735. <baoh> lol
  1736. <freebsdgirl> best part: dude knows who i am. which is why he won't try to camp me himself.
  1737. <Enleat> Did someone accuse her of falsely using money to change her gender? When in actuality she needed money to perform a life saving operatio?
  1738. <IronFist> lol
  1739. <FishfoxNuro> Haha
  1740. <baoh> Enleat http://np.reddit.com/r/KotakuInAction/comments/2ntr9e/anyone_play_alliance_on_kil_jaeden/
  1741. <baoh> oops
  1742. <IronFist> god randi this makes me wanna reboot my account and destroy ggers
  1743. <freebsdgirl> i would shit on everything he loved. sort of good at pvp.
  1744. <baoh> sorry just copied that
  1745. * CatMan is now known as Shill
  1746. <Enleat> @freebsdgirl that is pathetic
  1747. <Delvaris> Why am I famous?
  1748. <baoh> Enleat https://storify.com/TRNBA12/gamergate-s-response-to-chloesagal
  1749. <FishfoxNuro> Yeah, someone mentioned that earlier, freebsdgirl.
  1750. <freebsdgirl> kiiiiinda a captain in the best pvp guild on one of the best pvp servers
  1751. <Malky> literally delvaris
  1752. <IronFist> lol
  1753. <Delvaris> Woah
  1754. <Delvaris> seriously
  1755. <Delvaris> What happened?
  1756. <freebsdgirl> best.
  1757. <freebsdgirl> ever.
  1758. <Malky> welcome to the big leagues
  1759. <freebsdgirl> please gamergate please
  1760. <KnotKnox> Delvaris: https://twitter.com/TheRalphRetort/status/536793020000391168
  1761. <EDI> (KnotKnox) @TheRalphRetort (TheRalph): Lol, I'm not high enough for this Ghazi IRC. The delusion is staggering. #GamerGate http://t.co/8qmsI97rDA (5 days, 23 hours ago)
  1762. <tieflingsjwarlock> Yay famous!
  1763. <IronFist> god I hope gg doesn't give me a reason to reactivate my wow account
  1764. <Delvaris> Dude
  1765. <Delvaris> I said that DAYS ago
  1766. <Malky> that tweet is sorta old too
  1767. * Shill is now known as GamerGateJeebus
  1768. <enchilado> Are you Ralph, Delvaris?
  1769. * Delvaris makes a jerkoff motion
  1770. <Delvaris> Also hi Ralph
  1771. <Delvaris> You should seek psychological help
  1772. <Delvaris> you fixate and you're dangerous.
  1773. <IronFist> that was 5 days ago
  1774. <GamerGateJeebus> Look who's talking
  1775. <Malky> oh yeah Ralph or a GGer must be in here
  1776. <IronFist> i doubt he's in here
  1777. <freebsdgirl> 07:20 -!- Irssi: Starting query in snoonet with Shill
  1778. <freebsdgirl> 07:20 <Shill> Why do you love harassing people who disagree with you
  1779. <freebsdgirl> 07:20 -!- Shill is now known as GamerGateJeebus
  1780. <Delvaris> I am sincerely worried that you will harm someone or yourself.
  1781. <freebsdgirl> wat
  1782. <KnotKnox> Kill all white men
  1783. <Enleat> baoh that was disgusting
  1784. <baoh> freebsdgirl kill all men
  1785. <freebsdgirl> only the ones that don't use ggautoblocker bae
  1786. <Delvaris> !ban GamerGateJeebus
  1787. * LiterallyWho sets ban on *!*@Snoonet-mgq.194.iiqtim.IP
  1788. <KnotKnox> The world would be better off if it weren't for white people #SjWnProud
  1789. * Delvaris has kicked GamerGateJeebus from #GGhazi (Delvaris)
  1790. <IronFist> I seriously can't tell who is being ironic anymore
  1791. <freebsdgirl> haha
  1792. <Delvaris> Anyway
  1793. <Delvaris> since I've been called out by a name of GG
  1794. <Delvaris> I guess that means I am famous.
  1795. * tieflingsjwarlock swoons.
  1796. <IronFist> nah
  1797. <KnotKnox> Set up a Patreon
  1798. <enchilado> wtf is a trust-funder
  1799. * snoo_1839 (snoo_1839@Snoonet-1tv.s5d.9fbh2r.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1800. <IronFist> dude is like a shittier TMZ
  1801. <baoh> IronFist during that exchange about butts and the whole homophobic slur that came out, and the ensuing discussion, I lost the ability to tell what was this channel's satire
  1802. * KnotKnox donates
  1803. <blackboots> time for e-celeb drama?
  1804. <Enleat> Seriously baoh , like.... the only time they ever showed sympathy is when they pushed her over the edge
  1805. <IronFist> baoh: me too
  1806. <Enleat> and then they acted like it wasn't their fault
  1807. <Malky> I don't know when I'm satirical ever.
  1808. <freebsdgirl> i'm jelly of trust-funders.
  1809. <Delvaris> The irony is from that exchange
  1810. <Delvaris> in the mod chat we had a loooooooooong discussion about how best to protect gators
  1811. <enchilado> Everything I say is 100% serious and true.
  1812. <baoh> Enleat seriously.
  1813. <IronFist> I feel like I'm trust funding when I back a kickstarter WAH-HEY
  1814. <Malky> I've spent the last five years trying not to be earnest about anything.
  1815. <Delvaris> When their posts get put up on Ghazi.
  1816. <enchilado> Oooh THE SECRET MOD CHANNEL
  1817. <Malky> Now it's become pathological.
  1818. <KnotKnox> The best satire is when it's no one can tell if it's serious or not
  1819. <Delvaris> So yeah, we don't empathize and dehumanize them.
  1820. <baoh> Mod Channel = Marblecake?
  1821. <Davisaurinisskulls> mod channel must be like valhalla
  1822. <KnotKnox> The mod channel is naked #KotakuInAction
  1823. <KnotKnox> named*
  1824. <tieflingsjwarlock> Seriously, I'm pretty sure this kind of thing is a good demonstration that they've got no arguments left, if all they can do now is be obnoxious.
  1825. <Delvaris> No
  1826. <Delvaris> the first one was right KnotKnox
  1827. <KnotKnox> Excuse me, I'm one of the top mods over on GamerGhazi
  1828. <Malky> wow
  1829. <Malky> sign my yearbook
  1830. <Enleat> They fucking harased her on twitter just because she MENTIONED being a feminist. And as they were harrasing her they went 'THIS ISN'T ABOUT YOU OR FEMINISM' and then when they pushed a disabled, depressed woman so far over the edge that she had a suicidal public meltdown, THEN they were like 'Oh fuck get some help'. They fucking harrased her and in
  1831. <Enleat> sulted her on Twitter and then pretended like Good Samaritans when they realised they went too far.
  1832. <baoh> some sign your front and some sign your back but I signed your crack have a good summer
  1833. <baoh> yep
  1834. <enchilado> I'm actually in #kotakuinaction
  1835. <baoh> that's why a lot of people were upset about that Enleat
  1836. * Xen0m0rpH (Xen0@Snoonet-2uc.6it.7njggp.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1837. <Enleat> Well no shit, they SHOULD be uspet
  1838. <Enleat> Upset*
  1839. <enchilado> At the moment they're talking about hating SJWS
  1840. <enchilado> s/WS/Ws/
  1841. <EDI> Correction, <enchilado> At the moment they're talking about hating SJWs
  1842. <Malky> I didn't know KiA had a chat
  1843. <Davisaurinisskulls> whats wrong with SJWs...
  1844. <Malky> I listened to a bunch of their streams
  1845. <Enleat> ... So nothing's changed enchilado
  1846. <Malky> and the chat was nuts
  1847. * bushiz (bushiz@Snoonet-opd.kie.bfrsvd.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1848. * bushiz has quit (Changing host)
  1849. * bushiz (bushiz@user/bushiz/x-00050946) has joined #GGhazi
  1850. <tieflingsjwarlock> That kind of thing is just a sign of having forgotten how to behave like an adult participant in civil society. But--we knew they were at that point ages ago.
  1851. <enchilado> Malky: #kotakuinaction on irc.rizon.net
  1852. <Malky> I should probably not call myself Malky in there, huh.
  1853. <baoh> they probably won't notice
  1854. * KnotKnox is now known as NotKnotKnox
  1855. <baoh> too caught up in their own asses echoing around
  1856. <Malky> Ehh, I've been making friends.
  1857. <baoh> 'IT'S ABOUT ETHICS'
  1858. <Malky> 'friends'
  1859. <FishfoxNuro> Luckily GG never bothers me :3
  1860. <baoh> freebsdgirl I was wondering though, why would you be like 'hey I'm gonna try and gank one of the best pvpers in wow'
  1861. <enchilado> < redacted> http://www.reddit.com/r/news/comments/2nt8hz/cnn_is_lying_about_peaceful_ferguson_protests/ ... t5his is why i hate sjws
  1862. <FishfoxNuro> Even when they talk about me they don't bother me.
  1863. <Delvaris> So tieflingsjawarlock just pointed this out about Ralph's tweet:
  1864. <enchilado> I called myself enchilado in there, but I guess I'm no one
  1865. <IronFist> I'm just trying to finish this stupid dramatic reading
  1866. <freebsdgirl> not best, not even close. but i'm pretty good.
  1867. <baoh> oh it's stupid now?
  1868. <Delvaris> He yanked one line out of context because he couldn't find a succession of stuff
  1869. <IronFist> it's good stupid
  1870. <IronFist> like consider the source
  1871. <IronFist> this is dumb as fuck
  1872. <freebsdgirl> and even if i was on a lowbie, i'm in a huge pvp guild where everyone knows me.
  1873. <freebsdgirl> they'll swarm in to help.
  1874. <Malky> if Ralph wanted to make us look like idiots, he's got WAY better ammo than that
  1875. <Malky> I should know
  1876. <Delvaris> Right?
  1877. <Malky> I've been personally supplying most of it
  1878. <baoh> freebsdgirl you should've been part of the goonwaffe in EvE
  1879. <TooMaresTwoMany2> pls don't call things dumb that's ablest, we're better than them
  1880. <freebsdgirl> i'm so glad i screencapped it. reddit mods deleted the thread
  1881. <freebsdgirl> likely because it was embarassing for them.
  1882. <Delvaris> I mean we basically did an entire "talk like a gator" thing in here where we, apparently, unironically advocated gassings.
  1883. <IronFist> what
  1884. <baoh> actually hold up that game has a lot of backstabbing anyway
  1885. <IronFist> did you guys really
  1886. <freebsdgirl> baoh: hate eve. so boring. no skill.
  1887. <enchilado> Faster Than Light for life
  1888. <baoh> freebsdgirl: valid criticisms of the game
  1889. <Delvaris> For like 45 seconds days ago
  1890. <rAnnouncer> /r/GamerGhazi: <xeio87> Wherein discussing ethical concerns is evidence of not caring about ethics ( http://redd.it/2ntult ) [ np.reddit.com ]
  1891. <IronFist> I like reading about the shit that goes on in Eve but I could never commit to playing it
  1892. <snoo_1839> They know we're in the chat
  1893. <Delvaris> which is probably why they didn't catch it.
  1894. <IronFist> my friend calls it 99% boring shit 1% PURE UNADULTERATED ADDICTION FUEL
  1895. * Malky has quit (Quit: http://www.kiwiirc.com/ - A hand crafted IRC client)
  1896. <Enleat> Though you have to say, the whole made up war by SomethingAwful was a unique event in gaming history
  1897. <Fellidae> freebsdgirl, what kind of games do you play?
  1898. <FishfoxNuro> Honestly, I just find MMOs too time consuming nowadays
  1899. <Delvaris> Just say who your friend is Zoe, make them jealous
  1900. <IronFist> no
  1901. <Delvaris> :p
  1902. <Xen0m0rpH> MMO are boring and time consuming.
  1903. <Xen0m0rpH> WoW started them and WoW destoryed them.
  1904. <snoo_1839> Fishfox hating men :)
  1905. <baoh> I LOVE that Brianna Wu bought the new CoD and went online on voice chat declaring herself to be herself
  1906. <baoh> to see what would happen
  1907. <baoh> so good
  1908. * Malky (Malky@Snoonet-im7.j0j.jsa247.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1909. * Malky has quit (Changing host)
  1910. * Malky (Malky@user/Malky/x-00050876) has joined #GGhazi
  1911. <IronFist> I don't wanna Be That Guy and too much of my friendships are being shit all over lately
  1912. <tieflingsjwarlock> I tried to get into WoW but it just felt like work.
  1913. <snoo_1839> Kill All Men
  1914. <TooMaresTwoMany2> I mostly play flash games.
  1915. <Enleat> Holy fuck baoh what happened then?
  1916. <Xen0m0rpH> It's a lot of work, considering all the skills and stuff.
  1917. <freebsdgirl> why do people msg me weird things?
  1918. <Xen0m0rpH> Just clutters your screen
  1919. * mach-2 (mach-2@user/mach-2/x-00050911) has joined #GGhazi
  1920. <Fellidae> Well, you seem like a pretty cool person, and you're sort of a Big Deal
  1921. <Enleat> MACH
  1922. <TooMaresTwoMany2> anybody know any good flash games? all my regular sites are just kinda bleh lately. :(
  1923. <Enleat> HOLY FUCK IT'S MACH-2
  1924. <IronFist> what kind of games
  1925. <IronFist> I have a really great silly one
  1926. <Fellidae> TooMaresTwoMany2, not any flash games. Most games I play are the kind you download.
  1927. <enchilado> TooMaresTwoMany2: Reimagine: The Game, of course
  1928. <mach-2> Hola Enleat
  1929. <NotKnotKnox> /r/WebGames is nice sometimes
  1930. <IronFist> it's like super goofy: http://www.peterjavidpour.com/lastblood/
  1931. <Enleat> Heyo
  1932. <Enleat> Haven't seen you in a while on SRD
  1933. <tieflingsjwarlock> Clearly when faced with famous people everyone is like me and forgets how to string two words banana landlord eggplant?
  1934. <FishfoxNuro> snoo_1839: well I used to be a man, so obviously I have to hate them now for I have defied my sex. :P
  1935. <enchilado> TooMaresTwoMany2: there is no better game, flash or otherwise http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/569281
  1936. <EDI> (enchilado) Reimagine :The Game: - rated 4.42 Stars – 30,212 Votes/5.0 - 2,787,641 views - Nutcasenightmareon May 7, 2011 | 11:28 AM EDT
  1937. * IronFist is now known as ZoeQuinn
  1938. <NotKnotKnox> If you're into incremental games this is pretty newhttp://www.goldrushgame.net/
  1939. <mach-2> Just got a new job Enleat
  1940. <enchilado> Also A Dark Room
  1941. <Enleat> Oh cool :D
  1942. <ZoeQuinn> A Dark Room is awesome
  1943. <NotKnotKnox> But, it's a lot more slow paced than something like Cookie Clicker
  1944. <mach-2> Yup
  1945. <enchilado> For anyone that's not played it http://adarkroom.doublespeakgames.com/
  1946. <baoh> anyone here like music? why ever not use mixolydian mode unless you're going for harmonic minor
  1947. <mach-2> been trying to get some things done
  1948. <baoh> #oot
  1949. * Enleat bows before Quinn
  1950. <mach-2> Hope you're good Enleat
  1951. <ZoeQuinn> stahp
  1952. * z0nefile (q@Snoonet-n89.gke.735alv.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  1953. <enchilado> This is another good one: http://www.beepboopbitcoin.com/
  1954. <Enleat> Eh, i could be better mach ._.
  1955. <ZoeQuinn> has everyone played sounddodger
  1956. <ZoeQuinn> cause it's friggin beautiful
  1957. <ZoeQuinn> http://games.adultswim.com/soundodger-puzzle-online-game.html
  1958. <Malky> I have not
  1959. <NotKnotKnox> Shilling for /r/incremental_games
  1960. <TooMaresTwoMany2> I think the last good one I got into was anti-idle the game
  1961. <Enleat> What job mach?
  1962. <Malky> I just finished Draknek's puzzlescript game about mirrors
  1963. <Enleat> I'm currently in college so, things have not been going swell
  1964. <tieflingsjwarlock> I have been avoiding more casual-y games, not because they aren't real games, but because I recently lost like two straight days to Clicker Heroes.
  1965. <Malky> (It was great, of course)
  1966. <Delvaris> CookieClicker is digital crack cocaine.
  1967. <Malky> oh god
  1968. <Malky> don't screw up in sounddodger
  1969. <tieflingsjwarlock> I am now convinced that free games--yes. I was going to say meth, but crack works.
  1970. <TooMaresTwoMany2> I find that I'm most productive when I'm babysitting an idle game.
  1971. <mach-2> Enleat I got news on a film grant I applied for and got hired as a supervisor in an outsourcing firm
  1972. <NotKnotKnox> >two days on Clicker Heroes
  1973. <NotKnotKnox> filthy casual
  1974. <TooMaresTwoMany2> do X time coding, flip to a thing to do something or another, then come back to the game
  1975. <tieflingsjwarlock> Clicker Heroes is like Cookie Clicker but really benefits from more active management, and that's dangerous.
  1976. <Delvaris> Hey you want to hear something that makes me a total casual?
  1977. <baoh> that phone games are actually really fun
  1978. <Delvaris> I have Dragon Age: Inquisition and haven't even opened it
  1979. <baoh> nah casuals play their games
  1980. <snoo_1839> Hey can you girls donate to my Patreon
  1981. <Delvaris> Other than a couple of exceptions I haven't played a video game in over a month
  1982. <baoh> hardcore players buy thousands of games on steam
  1983. <ZoeQuinn> what do you make
  1984. <tieflingsjwarlock> I've got some mobile games that I've liked.
  1985. <Davisaurinisskulls> delvaris better than me havent even gotten it yet
  1986. <ZoeQuinn> other than hamfisted attempts at trolling
  1987. <tieflingsjwarlock> Luxuria Superbia.
  1988. <ZoeQuinn> I can't play luxuria superbia in public cause I get real embarrassed
  1989. <Malky> lol
  1990. <tieflingsjwarlock> Okay, one. I'm sure there were more, but that's the only one I can remember offhand.
  1991. <tieflingsjwarlock> Well, yes.
  1992. <TooMaresTwoMany2> It takes like 6 days of game time for CH to actually require active management
  1993. <Malky> I tried explaining it to a friend
  1994. <Malky> and ended up just showing him a vid
  1995. <Malky> and blushing constantly
  1996. <ZoeQuinn> hahaha
  1997. <ZoeQuinn> fingle does that to people too but it was designed to
  1998. <Delvaris> So
  1999. <Delvaris> I googled that
  2000. <Delvaris> you guys are weird.
  2001. <tieflingsjwarlock> Luxuria Superbia?
  2002. <Enleat> Holy fuck SoundDodger is awesome
  2003. <ZoeQuinn> yeah
  2004. <Delvaris> I don't understand you kids these days.
  2005. <Malky> oh I just got monument valley
  2006. <snoo_1839> Zoe I do ethics.
  2007. <ZoeQuinn> SEE! Sounddodger is one of the best free web games imo
  2008. * Delvaris drinks his metamucil.
  2009. <tieflingsjwarlock> If there's any game that straight men should be required to play, it's that one.
  2010. * snoo_1839 swoops out like batman
  2011. <Malky> Kiiinda great
  2012. <NotKnotKnox> Though, if you're looking for a flash game to satisfy your quick fix you could probably just go on Kongregate or elsewhere and choose whatever fits your fancy
  2013. * snoo_1839 (snoo_1839@Snoonet-1tv.s5d.9fbh2r.IP) has left #GGhazi
  2014. <tieflingsjwarlock> Or bisexual, I'll be inclusive!
  2015. <Delvaris> !ban snoo_1839
  2016. * LiterallyWho sets ban on *!*@Snoonet-1tv.s5d.9fbh2r.IP
  2017. <baoh> that was weak
  2018. <ZoeQuinn> lol that guy was the laziest troll
  2019. <enchilado> Soundodger is WAY too slow on this laptop
  2020. <baoh> 1839 I mean
  2022. <Delvaris> Actually back in my day everyone wore flannel and acid washed jeans
  2023. <Malky> Who made Sounddodger?
  2024. <Xen0m0rpH> The Last Stand is really good
  2025. <Delvaris> we listened to the Seattle Grunge scene when it actually was new
  2026. <baoh> back in my day the patriarchy was a 7 headed demon that was literally killing everyone that referred to it by name, causing people to call it 'literally who'
  2027. <Enleat> Back i my day people were ethnically cleansing one another c:
  2028. <baoh> so you can understand how these days confuse me
  2029. <Delvaris> Oh thanks Enleat
  2030. <ZoeQuinn> Malky: Mr Bean
  2031. <Malky> thanks
  2032. <ZoeQuinn> this is also a pretty great web game http://bubsy3d.com/
  2033. <Malky> I think I follow them
  2034. <Xen0m0rpH> Back in my day, we were going to the moon
  2035. <Davisaurinisskulls> lol zoequinn don't you start
  2036. <ZoeQuinn> oh I am starting
  2037. <ZoeQuinn> it's happening
  2038. <ZoeQuinn> don't make me link room of 1000 snakes
  2039. <baoh> no it's not
  2040. <Xen0m0rpH> ZoeQuinn, Hwat
  2041. <baoh> I refuse to listen nor believe
  2042. <Delvaris> DO it
  2043. <ZoeQuinn> GOTY right here: http://arcanekids.com/snakes
  2044. <Delvaris> Zoe
  2045. <Delvaris> YESSSSSSSSSSS
  2046. <Davisaurinisskulls> zoequinn check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WLIA-z2GVU
  2047. <EDI> (Davisaurinisskulls) Bubsy 3D 2 - length 2m 50s - 10,848 likes, 189 dislikes (98.3%) - 584,310 views - videogamedunkey on 2013.12.03
  2048. <TooMaresTwoMany2> lmao
  2049. <ZoeQuinn> game of every year
  2050. <ZoeQuinn> game of my heart
  2051. <Malky> gaaaaahhhh I gotta finish mah game
  2052. <TooMaresTwoMany2> snakes rules :)
  2053. <Malky> so I can link it to you nerds
  2054. <Enleat> Back in my day a communist regime fell!
  2055. <Malky> and you can make fun of it
  2056. <baoh> back in my day we capitalized all nouns
  2057. <Xen0m0rpH> Oh it's even worse
  2058. <enchilado> Enleat: "While I think men and women are equal, they are also different and I think it's inevitable and I don't think it's a bad thing at all that we always have, say, more women doing things like physiotherapy and an enormous number of women simply doing housework." -- Tony Abbott
  2059. <Davisaurinisskulls> zoequinn that game you posted reminds me of popping bubble wrap
  2060. <ZoeQuinn> Malky do it do it do it
  2061. <Davisaurinisskulls> but on acid or something
  2062. <ZoeQuinn> ha
  2063. <Xen0m0rpH> http://www.kongregate.com/games/ConArtists/the-last-stand-union-city
  2064. <Enleat> Though i was bron in '94... Yugoslavia ended in 1991 so *shrug*
  2065. <CorvoAttano> Well, I've had quite a few laughs tonight, but I guess I'll be going now. Tweets to post, e-mails to send, all that smoothe jazz. Toodles!
  2066. <TooMaresTwoMany2> i try to capitalize Nouns
  2067. * SJWMEGATRONsbae (SJWMEGATRON@Snoonet-0nt.u9n.l0u9b1.IP) has joined #GGhazi
  2068. <thraxina> i capitalize Adjectives
  2069. <enchilado> I was born in '93 so I'm superior
  2070. <TooMaresTwoMany2> you rebel
  2071. <tieflingsjwarlock> Back in my day--I don't really know what was going on, I spent my entire childhood on a C64.
  2072. <ZoeQuinn> i feel old as shit right now
  2073. <baoh> CorvoAttano crow man goodbye
  2074. <enchilado> thraxina that was a noun
  2075. <Fellidae> Alright, so GG is pretty fucked from a PR perspective. What the fuck do they think they'll accomplish now that the whole world knows that they're just a bunch of assholes? It's like modern problems with "socialism" being tainted by WHAT ARE YE, SOME SORT OF COMMIE?
  2076. <tieflingsjwarlock> The world was blue with white lettering.
  2077. <enchilado> I Capitalise verbs
  2078. <NotKnotKnox> Davisaurinisskulls, http://www.gustavoguimaraes.com.br/arquivo/images/papelbolha.swf
  2079. <thraxina> how old are you zoe
  2080. <TooMaresTwoMany2> back in my day we had to manually compile bytecode, uphill, both ways
  2081. <ZoeQuinn> old
  2082. <Davisaurinisskulls> lol ive seen this
  2083. <Malky> I just feel old
  2084. <thraxina> i became a senior citizen 2 weeks ago
  2085. <thraxina> that's right i turned 26
  2086. <Davisaurinisskulls> im usually in manic mode myself
  2087. <ZoeQuinn> :|
  2088. <Delvaris> ugh
  2089. * Fellidae hugs zoe quinn, unless she doesn't want a hug, in which case, he just sort of stands around shuffling his feet
  2090. <Malky> lol
  2091. <glitchy> Fellidae: it doesn't matter
  2092. <glitchy> they're WINNING
  2093. <TooMaresTwoMany2> congrats on becoming 2 old 2 handle
  2094. <Malky> I turned 26 recently
  2095. * Delvaris has kicked thraxina from #GGhazi (NO. H8)
  2096. * thraxina (thraxina@user/thraxina) has joined #GGhazi
  2097. <baoh> in my day women programmed the bombes and the punchcards and men considered computers to be really unmanly
  2098. <Malky> It's... a thing.
  2099. <enchilado> I turned 21 recently
  2100. <ZoeQuinn> :|
  2101. <ZoeQuinn> Delvaris:
  2102. <Fellidae> that must makes you like... 35, right? Man, you're old.
  2103. <tieflingsjwarlock> Delvaris, I want to say, thank you for letting me feel slightly less old than I'd feel otherwise.
  2104. <Malky> get atta here
  2105. <ZoeQuinn> I
  2106. <Enleat> Back in my day my country got it's independence and 23 years later we're even shittier than before :D
  2107. <SJWMEGATRONsbae> I'm 14
  2108. * glitchy has kicked SJWMEGATRONsbae from #GGhazi ()
  2109. <enchilado> We can tell
  2110. <TooMaresTwoMany2> lol how could computers have ever been manly, they were huge and barely did anything but take up space when they weren't being told what to do
  2111. <Davisaurinisskulls> enleat wheres that
  2112. <Delvaris> Yes Zoe?
  2113. <ZoeQuinn> thank you for being old with em
  2114. <ZoeQuinn> *me
  2115. <Enleat> HRVATSKA *clap clap clap* HRVATSKA *clap clap clap*
  2116. <ZoeQuinn> we are surrounded by babies
  2117. <ZoeQuinn> BABIES I SAY
  2118. <Fellidae> I have a friend who's a few days younger than me. I like to say things like "Back in my day..." and then describe something that happened a few days ago.
  2119. <Delvaris> Ugh you're not even old
  2120. <baoh> I'm 26
  2121. <tieflingsjwarlock> Haha.
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