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  1. Leucie's Veganmac (DF by default, GF depending on pasta)
  3. A note: My recipes are never definitively written because I don't usually take measurements. So, I can't be sure my estimated measurements in the recipe are accurate. Go by feel! :)
  5. Ingredients:
  6. Pasta- Shells or Elbows. One pound is standard procedure. Use a gluten free option if needed (I find they often need to be slightly undercooked or the texture is terrible).
  7. Salt - I love pink salt the best.
  8. Onion Powder
  9. Garlic Powder
  10. Ground Black Pepper
  11. Cumin Powder
  12. Paprika
  13. Nutritional Yeast - THIS is what makes it cheesy
  14. Vegan Buttery Sticks - there are a few brands of vegan butter out there. I prefer the soy-free versions.
  15. Qionoa Flour - If you have a spice grinder, you can make your own with dry quinoa. Just dust it up in the grinder.
  16. Nutmilk - I find extra creamy no-sugar-added oatmilk works best for this. Planet Oak is my go-to brand. Otherwise, use whatever works for you, but the creamier the better.
  17. Shredded Fresh Spinach - optional.
  18. Siracha - optional.
  20. Procedure:
  21. -Start the pasta water boiling per instructions of the pasta and add some salt (can use regular salt). DO NOT ADD ANY OIL - this is actually improper technique.
  22. -Cut up about half a stick of buttery stick and put it in a small pot at medium heat. Once it starts melting, sprinkle some pink salt on it.
  23. -Once fully melted, sprinkle 3-4 tablespoons of quinoa flour into it, immediately whisking together. Once it starts bubbling, turn the heat down to 1/4.
  24. -Crack some black pepper to taste into the butter and whisk. Let the butter simmer lightly for a couple minutes.
  25. -Pull the pot off of the burner and pour a bit of your nutmilk in and whisk together. Once its kinda mixxed (it won't fully), put it back on the burner and add more nutmilk. This is one of those "play by ear moments" where I'm not sure how much I use... Somewhere from 1-2 cups? Enough that it'll cover all your mac. More if you like it drenched, less if you like a light coating.
  26. -Turn the heat back up to medium and let it come up to temp.
  27. -In a spreading motion, sprinkle a bunch of garlic powder, a little onion powder, a little paprika, and a tiny tiny bit of cumin. I'd estimate 1 tablespoon garlic, 1 teaspoon onion powder, 1 teaspoon paprika, and a pinch of cumin. I love garlic so I load it up. Too much onion will saturate the flavor wrong. Paprika helps the flavor get a bit of a bite. Too much cumin will make it taste too close to a chili cheese sauce, so be careful there. Also don't worry too much if spices lightly clump at this stage, it'll slowly un-clump.
  28. -Keep an eye on it, because once it starts simmering you'll be bringing it back down to 1/4 heat. Intermittently whisk thoroughly while working on the next steps.
  29. -This is when I usually take a moment to shred some spinach up real fast. I just rip it up with my fingers and put it in a bowl. Do it before starting if time management is an issue for you.
  30. -At this point your pasta water should be boiling. Add the pasta and set a timer for a minute less than the box says (2-3 minutes less if its gluten free to help the texture not be terrible. Depends on your preferences). Stir for the first minute continuously, then once a minute until it's done.
  31. -While the pasta boils, go back to your simmering mixture and add the nutritional yeast. I think I use about 1/4 cup, but again I'm not sure! Whisk thoroughly.
  32. -At this point all the ingredients are in place. To develop the flavor to your liking, dip a spoon in and taste the mixture. If you want it to be more garlicy, add garlic. If it's not salty enough, more salt (carefully). If it's not cheesy enough, more nutritional yeast (though don't be fooled, it may never taste like cheese to you and too much can ruin it). Just be sure to sprinkle ingredients evenly over the pot at this point in the recipe, or the spices will clump up because it's not a thin sauce anymore. Overwhelm the flavor with any particular spice, and you'd be best off to add some more nutmilk to rebalance the flavors.
  33. -The pasta timer usually goes off while I'm finalizing my sauce flavor. Check a piece, then another 30sec later if the first wasn't done to your liking, and again+again until satisfied. I like to undercook slightly for a tight al-dente. Drain. ->DON'T TOSS IN OIL<-
  34. -I usually let the sauce simmer for 3-5 more minutes after the nutritional yeast goes in to help thicken it a little. The sauce will NEVER seem thick enough in the pot no matter how much longer you simmer it. That'll come later.
  35. -Dump the pasta back into the original pot now that the pot has had a minute to cool. If you're using shredded spinach, put it on top now. Then, pour the sauce in, spreading it out a bit. Stir it up thoroughly! Put a lid on the pot at an angle so it can vent steam.
  36. -The sauce will still seem a bit thin at this point. Walk away for a couple minutes, clean some dishes real fast, or talk to your buddy Leucie on discord!
  37. -After about 5 minutes the sauce will have thickened up a bit on its own from cooling slightly. Re-mix the whole thing with a spoon.
  39. DONE. Eat nomnomnom. Add siracha on top now if you're like me and think cheesy mac deserves siracha. HMU with questions, and plz help me standardize the recipe because I don't use recipes... I just read a bunch of recipes then pick ingredients and go by taste/feel.
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