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  1.   Avu Felsong, Warlock Hunter, Mage Chaser. The Story of This Elven beauty is one filled with Tragedy and defeat, The young Illidari wasn’t always like this at a point she’d seek to be a warden. The highest protector of her people, fate had other choices for the younger Avu Felsong to take instead. Perhaps, getting to know the Illidari would allow someone to explore the rather youngish looking Illidari’s past.
  3. Moving along, Avu could normally be seen lodging around the Lion's Pride Inn. Those two devilish horns of hers jutting out from the front of her head, polished and well taken care of. Her short, black, tangled knots and wild messy hair in yet a seemingly controlled way. The illidari's young adulthood had seemed to stick around on her facial features, keeping this stunning, youthful face. As with all sentinels, or former sentinels, she has markings down her face, two glaive-like, blade shaped globs of ink going down each side of her face. A surprising feature she found, to many people's reactions, is that she kept her eyes, they remained a shade of fel-green with a clear, darker, little bead of fel inside as her pupil. The illidari normally had a little, royal-like navy blue and torn fabric she used to cover the bottom half of her face. Although, within the depravity of the inn's walls, she kept that aside to expose those soft, plump, purple lips of hers, somehow never losing that lush, purple color on them
  5. Should a curious pair of eyes travel down from the elf’s face towards her chest and body, they would see what seems like a brownish leather bra with straps attached downwards towards the Illidari plated side hip pieces down those straps dragging down through the illidari’s sides covering a piece of her scar on her left rib that traveled towards her toned exposed abidonels on display in the open outfit that had torn pieces of navy blue fabric dangling around the elf’s neck and breast region those small B Cups kept nice and snug in that leather harness of a bra. Along, With exposing her lovely proud work of a body those runic tattoos all over the Illidari’s body was clear as day those dark grayish runic tattoos just glowing at the faintest sign of magic turning darker and like a gaping maw of blackness on the illidari’s body all across her arms down to her wrist and spreading down her black all the way past even into the demon huntresses pants.
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