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  1. Story:
  3. It was a Sunday night, what a dark cold night it was. I found myself washed up in the beaches of this Island, I woke up with mixed emotions and heavy thoughts, I tried calming myself to try and visualise what happened to me and how I ended up on this place. I thought hard and long and eventually remembered. It was 3 days after my graduating party from the Police University of Sheffield. In the morning of the day of this event, me and my 2 friends whom also graduated from my university. All 3 of us were passionate young men and all shared the same dream, of one day being able to keeping our Island safe, safest place in the world. We decided to rent a Yacht and celebrate our graduation, Little did we know what would happen next. The party was meant to last 3 nights and we were meant to return home by then. On the first day, everything went according to plan and we had the time of our lives. I also managed to lose my virginity which was something I was proud of. On the 2nd day, everything was going normal, I was tired because of last night so I headed to bed early. A few hours later I hear my friend banging on the door and waking me up. I wake up and slowly open the door, I asked him "what happened", he replies with a really loud voice "we're about to drown get your life buoy on". I looked around and I saw a gigantic waterspout sucking us in, after that I hit my head on the side of the railing and lost consciousness. When I woke up, I saw myself washed up on the shores of this Island. I looked hard and far for my friends, however, as hard as I can look, I was never able to find them. I did not give up despite not finding them, I tried to remove the thought of them dying and I thought to myself I will take their dreams and continue with it and try to accomplish it myself on this new Island. It wasn't an easy beginning, being away from friends and family. I have done a lot of mistakes in this island. The biggest one was joining a gang and being really low and committing crimes by doing illegal work. I have paid the price for it and did my time in jail. I have decided to put that in the past as I remembered my friends and our dream and I've decided to become a hero within the police department. I started by joining the medical team in this Island, the NHS, I spent a lot of time in the NHS until I decided to become a cop. I served as a cop for a couple of years, until a fateful night. That night left me scaring for the second time in my life. After a long service as a cop, one of the legendary cops I have met who was also an idol to me aswell as a role model was set up by a chief constable. The set up was very corrupt and nasty, he was led into a fake party without knowing this chief constable was corrupt, the chief constable also invited me to the party but luckily I ended up injured during one of the trainings so I had to miss the said party. After that, I heard the dreadful news and I made a vow that I will never be part of the police again. I will be joining BlackWater to stop the corruption within the Island..
  5. Why would you like to join:
  7. I would like to gain new experience in this organisation, I have participated in everything this server has offered in the past except the opfor factions and I would love to start my career in the opfor faction in this faction as it looks promising. I also enjoy roleplaying and love to gain new roleplay experience by joining this faction. Lastly, I would love to join and help out with this faction as it is starting up and I think with my experience in whitelisted factions, I could help out. In the police I was part of academy, I have been chief of a unit and been in multiple units. In the NHS, I have ran HR, been a trainer for the ARU and an instructor for HR before. So with my experience in whitelisted factions, I believe I can help out..
  9. What can I offer the organisation?
  11. The first and main thing I can bring to this organisation is roleplay. I really enjoy roleplaying and have a lot of experience roleplaying as most of my time on the server has been in a whitelisted roleplay faction. I can bring good communication also, I am good at listening, talking and giving feedback on things said to me. I also have good map knowledge on Altis so I would be able to use that to my advantage. I also have a lot of experience in whitelisted faction which I can bring to this faction. Lastly I am decent at combat so if push come to shove, I can help out during gunfights..
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