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  1. Hello guys! This is the official staff application section for Dragon! you are here because you want to try out for TrialMod! You are free to submit an application but there are some requirements before you apply:
  3. 1. You must be 13 or higher of age. We have this limit because we don't want people that don't have maturity moderating our server. We do make exceptions though. If you are younger than 13, you can prove you have a good state of maturity by showing it to us!
  5. 2. You MUST have Teamspeak and Slack. We will use TeamSpeak/Slack for group meetings and such. If you only have one of them or none, we advise you to download both of them before applying
  7. 3. You MUST have a microphone. We have a hard time trusting people without microphones so if you cant talk because you don't have a microphone, please don't apply because it will be an INSTANT deny.
  9. 4. You MUST have good English. If you don't have good English, we advise you to not apply. If you have good English and have a secondary language, great! Having a secondary language can increase your chance of getting approved.
  11. 5. Please be patient with your application. We get a lot of new applications everyday so it would help us if you are patient. Constantly asking for your application to be read will be an INSTANT deny.
  13. You will be interviewed if you are approved. Please be ready.
  14. General Info
  15. Lets get to know you!
  16. What is your In-Game name?
  17. MyPetSnorlax
  18. If you have applied before, please link your application(s)
  19. I Have but its on another account i lost
  20. How old are you?
  21. Value: 16
  22. How many hours on Dragon can you accomplish per day?
  23. Value: 12
  24. What is your Email?
  26. What do you do outside of minecraft?
  27. Scooter, Trampoline
  28. The Most Important Questions
  29. You have to make your application stand out here! Try to make your answers as long as possible and detailed!
  30. Why do you want staff on our Network?
  31. I would like to be staff because, There are alot of cheaters and toxic players and i would like to help make the community a nicer place to be i have been staff before. However i was demoted for "Abuse" as i fishing rodded people i would also like to help players find there path and help out when needed i'm always on teamspeak and minecraft so i can be a huge help. I Also have had a server of my own so i know the stress it can hold. i'm extremely good with commands and record when i think there is a possible cheater to review the video and determine if they're hacking or not i have never false banned a player on any HCF Server i've been staff on.
  32. Why would you be a great staff on our Network?
  33. Because i see a chance too make DragonHCF Better i can bring love and dedication to the community as i'm a Pretty layback guy i take Doxing and DDos seriously and Know how to deal with the situation i have been staff before so i know most of the rules and most people liked me because i was always there to help them, there was one issue that got me demoted as i fishing rodded players and was not told it was classed as abuse i just got instantly demoted. But now i want to redeem myself and make DragonHCF the best it can be. So i can only hope You will let me redeem myself and Help out too the best of my abilities.
  34. Your Uniqueness
  35. We only chose unique applications!
  36. Do you have experience of moderating a community or game?
  37. Yeah, i have owned my Own server Named ValenceHCF, and i was Staff last map on DragonHCF <3
  38. What makes you worthy of staff?
  39. i've always loved DragonHCF, i love to help people too the best of my abilities i have been staff before and would love too be staff again as it was a great experience. i Also have 151 Subscribers Currently so hopefully i can Promote the server with Staff series. and make the community a more enjoyable place.
  40. What makes you unique, or makes your application stand out?
  41. I've Been Staff before, I'm A LayedBack and Patient person. Always on teamspeak Ready to help people and love the server
  42. Agreements and Other Thoughts
  43. Please read over our Agreements!
  44. If you are denied, do you agree not to argue with the decision of the Recruiter, and instead take on the responsibility of improving in that area?
  46. Yes
  47. Do you agree to help any and all players who request your assistance, if you are accepted?
  49. Yes
  50. Do you agree to be mature on our Server In-Game and on Teamspeak if you get accepted as staff?
  52. Yes
  53. Do you understand that if you ask a staff member to look at your application, it will be instantly declined?
  55. Yes
  56. What server do you play on the most?
  57. HCF
  58. Any other thoughts?
  59. i Think of Pizza Alot
  60. Shout out to my homie Razko
  61. Thanks for completing the application forum! Good Luck!
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