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  1. Hi Curt.  I'm a member of an ESEA-I TF2 team looking for sponsorship, and I was told you're the guy I want to talk to at your organization.
  3. I'll just give you a quick informal rundown of our team and I can get you any other information you'd like.
  7. Dummy (22, Oregon) is our demoman. He has been playing invite TF2 since the first season of TF2 under many well known organizations and teams, such as Evil Geniuses, Pandemic, Complexity, and The Experiment.
  9. Yz50 (20, California) and oPlaiD (27, Missouri) are our scouts. Both have Invite championships under their belts, oPlaiD in season 6 with Blight Gaming, and Yz50 in season 7 with eMazing Gaming. Yz50 is the single most well known TF2 player across the world, and has a fanboy following like you would not believe.
  11. Blaze (17, British Columbia) and Myself (19, Oklahoma) are the soldiers. This will be my fourth season in invite, and Blaze's third. I've played for Apocalypse Gaming and Blight Gaming, while Blaze became known with eMazing Gaming and Area 51.
  13. Finally, our medic, Snoopy (17, Calgary). Last season was his first in invite, where he played scout. This season he decided to make the switch to medic in order to play with us, and he's been playing incredibly well since the switch.
  15. All six of our players are well-known and respected within the TF2 community.  We've all been around the block, only Snoopy and I are lacking ESEA LAN experience, but we have both attended other LANs and performed well.  All six of us are actively mentoring and helping the community in other ways as well.
  18. When we formed this team near the end of last season, our goal first and foremost was to get 6 guys who were friends before all else, and we managed to put together our dream team of sorts.  At the same time we play to win, and take our time in game very seriously.  We will be disappointed with anything outside of a top two finish.
  20. Thanks for your time,
  21. Reed
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