72.0 Messenger

May 25th, 2016
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  1. Changelog of Messenger for iOS 72.0:
  3. 01) Added voice mail feature, like WhatsApp (HIDDEN FEATURE).
  4. 02) Messenger will show you the secret key of your secret chat (Like WhatsApp and Telegram do).
  5. 03) Improvements for Touch ID used to protect conversations (HIDDEN FEATURE).
  6. 04) Improvements for public groups (HIDDEN FEATURE).
  8. ----------------------------------------
  9. NOTE:
  10. Some features of @iOSAppChanges changelog could be disabled.
  11. Wait next versions to see them enabled or wait that Facebook will roll-out them.
  12. ----------------------------------------
  13. Follow me on Twitter: @iOSAppChanges and @WABetaInfo (for WhatsApp).
  14. Not affiliated with Facebook INC.
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