Harpy Loli Flight

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  1. ////Flight with lil harpy. Requires young harpy daughter, before maturity. It'll be added to the array of loli harpy options. [Flight].tooltip="Take the little birdie soaring." requires big wings and 25 available fatigue
  2. You quickly make your way to your young chick, embracing her in your arms.
  4. The small bird-girl lets out a fit of giggling. [say: I love you, [Daddy]!] she says. Such immediate affection from the soft and downy-feathered birdie sets your [paternal] instincts into high gear, and you return the sentiment without hesitation. Not to be distracted from what you wanted her for, however, you look this child in the eye and ask her if she'd like fly with you.
  6. Her eyes light up spectacularly. [say: Yes! I want to fly like [Daddy]!] Holding yourself in a respectable pose, you flap your [wings] a single time, blowing air away. Once more you ask your daughter if she wants to, as it can be scary in the sky. Of course, she nods rapidly in response. [say: Uh-huh!]
  8. This time, in earnest, you flap your wings, chirpy little girl held tight, and leap forward. You gain air and achieve proper low-altitude flight. It would be reckless to take this child too high, she's still quite young after all, but she's more than enamored enough by the thrill you're giving her. Your antics have not gone unnoticed by Sophie, either, who you spot sitting at her nest while gazing directly at you. The motherly harpy waves, and your daughter ecstatically waves back.
  10. [say: Hi Mommmmm!] screams the youngling. Thrilling though the adventure is, for the both of you, you do feel the burning in your muscles. You transition from flapping about to a gentler glide, and in turn, your daughter holds her arms out with you, emulating the spreading of your [wings].
  12. Gusts of wind visibly jostle the various camp features nearby as you angle your wings on descent. That will be enough for the time being. Giggling excessively, the little bird turns to hug you as soon as you set her down. [say: I love you, [Daddy]!] she exclaims, overwhelmed by the excitement. Harpies are born to fly, so it's good she has such enthusiasm for it. You pat her head lovingly, ushering her back to play around Sophie.
  13. {+25 fatigue, +1 str}
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