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  1. Here are all the original links to the @fanfiction_txt tweets so far. These do not include the review tweets, as those are a bit harder to dig up. There also are a couple of fics that aren't up on the site anymore that I'll note. Thank you all for following and I will update this list after another batch or so.
  3. WARNING: These fics may involve sexual themes, strong violence, offensive material or touchy subjects. I have not completely read most of these myself. Reader discretion is advised ahead.
  5. What happens when Yoshi, Bowser, and Mario are together on Jepardy? Disaster... -
  6. Paul Reubens doesn't have a job! Ha! Not surprising! -
  7. resident evil version of D12's My band -
  8. Mario, Link, And some other people in a Insulting contest -
  9. (Chorus: Leon) I'm sorry Claire! I never meant to hurt you! I never meant to make you cry; but tonight I'm cleanin out my Locker (one more t -
  10. This is my continuation of Meatball's story. I wrote this while blasting the Linkin Park CD. -
  11. Naruto finds The BatCave,and becomes the new Batman. -
  12. Don't read this if you're not down with the Juggalo/Clown. -
  13. Yosuke and Chie? Are you agree? -
  14. Involves Bomberman inflating in this one. -
  15. Soul, Black*Star, Beast Boy, & Nightwing busted out head banging and ripping out some insane riffs! -
  16. Jigglypuff sings a song and everyone falls asleep so it is sad. -
  17. Link VS. The hag who works at the other Potion shop -
  18. Slippy: He probaly couldn't get a date with a girl All: Shut Up Slippy!!! -
  19. Bill Cosby:Now that I'm President I have a few changes to make. The national food is now Jell-o brand Jello-o Mix. And all stations must sho -
  20. dragonballz characters as fighting christians. -
  21. If the Teen Titans can't stop it, AMERICA DIES. -
  22. Two racists who hate My Little Pony are teleported to Equestria by Princess Celestia and turned into ponies. -
  23. The Bush Administration Raps Over Nelly's "Air Force Ones" -
  24. Sly Cooper on MTV's Scarred. -
  25. The Osbournes are in deep danger, is Zim the only one who can save them? -
  26. Stimpy: No, actually, I was watching Squidward pick his nose. -
  27. 'Will the real snake solid please stand up, I repeat will the real snake solid please stand up where gonna have a problem here!' -
  28. MEWTWO: Again, I ask: Who are you? REPAIRMAN: (stands quickly) Never you fear, because I'm...Repair-Mad-Man-Man-Man-Man-Man! (laughs) -
  29. A writer of anti-Sailor Moon fanfics becomes trapped in one of his own stories. -
  30. Mulder and Scully have to protect the Spice Girls for a day. -
  31. after being cursed by an Ninetails and killed by a Rhyhorn, Cartman gets a new life and a second chance as a pokemon. -
  32. Naruto meets pinkie pie and they become enemies! - (Story was deleted)
  33. Gloop has gotten tired of being stuck in Clanker's Cavern all the time, so he decided to head to Bikini Bottom to make new friends. -
  34. Mario: I'm just a plumber, nobody loves me Luigi: Mario's just a plumber from a poor family,⁰Spare him his life from this monstrosity! -
  35. Bionicle charaters get pissed because of the stupid and gay tourists and researchers. -
  37. amy and sonic go to sunday school -
  38. WELL................................a fart -
  39. Tracey ends up pregnant with Misty's baby. -
  40. goku and pikachu fight! its awesome! -
  41. Rin Kagamine lives in Russia, serving under the country's leader, Putin -
  42. yis he listended to the heavy megtall he listeng to MELTELICA GRUNDCORE? PONTERA -
  43. Goofy's son experiences grief. -
  44. Rap Battles between different Sonic characters. -
  45. luigi thinks it is the 'spicy meatball' that eh ate earlier but, who knowS! -
  46. Heihachi Goes Hawaiian -
  47. SasuNaru, Yaoi, Shounenai, AU, Atheism, -
  48. JayXSilent Bob -
  49. Goofy sip his mocha angry. That damn detective knew about his weakess. -
  50. For Ash's Birthday his mom gets him a computer. As Ash is surfing the web he comes across a little thing known as hentai.....uh oh.. -
  51. I know what your thinking. "who needs another ed edd n eddy fic?" well I don't care. -
  52. StarFoxxx and Slippey BASED FREESTYLE -
  53. Mario and Bowser fight for Birdo's love, -
  54. What if M bison was a brony? -
  55. Link was just out flumping around Hyrule field like a idiot as Zeldar/Sheik judged him hard. "What a idot", she thouhgt. -
  56. Horton was lazing under a tree smoking some weed when he heard a tiny noise. -
  57. Edward shines and it has disastrous consequences. -
  58. "Genki this is a Madonna Vinyl Disc," Holly stated. -
  59. Ever wondered the true story of Pong? No, me neither. -
  60. Ash was striving to be the best Pokemon trainer in the world even though he insisted in getting rid of his best Pokemon. -
  61. Tinky-Winky shook his head "You know that the girls still don't know about your addiction," -
  62. Look for the bare testicles The simple bare testicles Forget about your worries and your strife -
  63. Adapted version of King Herod's King of the Jews song. In this version Caterpie sings at Weedle. -
  64. Terminator comes for Mario -
  65. How does a robot even eat pizza? -
  66. Snake and the rest of the Metal Gear cast, as they go through their High School years. -
  67. John Locke was cry, he didn't want to be a udder, he wished he listended to his daddy all the years ago. -
  68. WARNING contains pee and language. -
  69. what they thuaht was a dream is real and sir aaron and lucario join ash and compony on the jorny -
  70. While Batman searches for the Joker, Dexter Morgan starts cleaning up Gotham City in his own way. -
  71. A small piece of Shrek angst. -
  72. The cat then flew into the night. It was a Dark Night. -
  73. He attempted to befriend a Zapdos. It then ate him. He will be dearly missed. -
  76. The Friends role-play their own version of The Fountainhead. -
  77. The Story of Otto Rocket's Death -
  78. Link has a party and loses his most treasured posession: his bong. -
  79. This is what happens when you set the Gundam Pilots loose on TRL -
  80. a blowjob from hell. -
  82. this is my first Ape Escape Fanfiction. -
  83. What if the Iron Giant didn't land on Earth? What if he landed in Equestria and met a certain animal-loving Pegasus? -
  84. When Mario and Luigi get bitten by Where-Goombas, troube ensues. -
  85. "What's so evil about Godsmack" came the voice of Alucard again a Cheshire cat grin on his face . -
  86. PG-13 for calling Tristan a Gay-Ass. -
  87. One day Shrek and Donkey are watching Jackass when Snowgre shows up. He dares Shrek to do dangerous stunts for him but is there a hidden age -
  88. "Riiiiiiiiiiiight?" said Naruto, taking another drag off the blunt. -
  89. It's MTV CRIBS WWE style. -
  90. The crew of the Starship Enterprise goes out to eat at KFC, only top find Colonel Sanders missing. -
  91. Gangster dalek rap -
  92. Vegeta doesn't feel quite right, so he makes a few crank calls -
  93. Sonic is trying to live through Tails death. -
  94. Spy duels Miku to the death! -
  95. InuYasha Gets Sued! -
  96. Estel hits puberty. Legolas has to explain it. -
  97. It's the Holy Bible, but rewritten as self-insertion furry slash fiction! -
  98. Read while touching yourself. -
  99. Iron Chef and Gundam Wing fans unite! -
  100. Tekken version of American Idol. -
  101. How do Slenderman and Kool Aid man get mixed in too? -
  102. Naruto surmises that life is much like a toilet. -
  103. Johnny Cage gets his own talkshow. Cohosted by a foul mouthed Scorpion and the very emotinal Rain. -
  104. Chuck Norris is scared of Itachi. -
  105. Voldemort has come! He is here right now! Look he's behind you! -
  106. KoRn's lead singer Jon gets kidnapped and the DBZ people must find him -
  107. Members of Slipknot are God. Earths Greatest Defenders, turned evil wage war. Their leader Vin Diesel, wants to rule the world. -
  108. this is a Comedy Central styled ROAST of Inuyasha! -
  109. Voldemort gives some valuable advice to those going underwear shopping... -
  110. Wesker Steals christmas...! -
  111. Limp Bizkit's "Rollin" meets the Ronin Warriors in this Song Parody -
  112. Wolverine... meet crayons. -
  113. The Burger King mascot teams up with Sephiroth as they try to kill Cloud and the gang! -
  114. he left when he gone to the entrance to the tunnel. he saw a gay nazi flying towards him. -
  115. This is the new movie where Shrek dies. -
  116. "My name is Rin Kagamine, and I live in Sapporo, Hokkaido. Come molest my house." -
  117. Sonic is bitten by the same spider that bit Peter Parker was bitten by -
  118. I do not own anything with Ghostbusters and Danny Phantom. -
  119. And too all you fake ass wizards from lord of the rings/ You cant even do spells to change things into things/ -
  120. I'll never listen to a word PETA says again!" "Now you're learning!" Mario smiled. -
  121. Bowser has stolen Luigi's Papaya Juice and drank it. -
  122. This fight is between yoshi the egg head and mew two. send alot of reviews. -
  123. "TIME TO GET CRITICAL" say gold -
  124. it looks like a furby is going Play with team rocket .or kill them. -
  125. Pocahontas turned to the sky and sang a song about colors then Mufasa appeared -
  126. Lara Croft vs. Regis Philben on Who Wants to be a Millionaire -
  127. "darn dog" sad cell "dumb alien" says sonic -
  129. Sora commits suicide -
  130. Yugi finds some very convincing evidence on the internet suggesting that Yami is asexual. -
  131. Well, I suppose Dilbert will die in 40-60 years, probably. -
  132. Mewtwo drop-kicks Vulpix! -
  133. Squall gets a HUGE nasty zit and wants to hide himself. -
  134. After Beavis went to prison for the Cornholio motor murders, Butt-head got his life together -
  135. Dumbledor like dies or something -
  136. "Hey Elmo." "Yes Big Bird?" "I need that now." Sighing, Elmo handed the oversized butcher knife into Big Bird's waiting hand. -
  137. A lot of people been using the concept of yolo in negative ways, and Mordecai decides to set some kids straight of what yolo is really about -
  138. Ash and Brock look at Hentai! -
  139. Cross between Animorphs, Zelda64:OoT, Pokemon, and Goldeneye 007 -
  140. A Jigglypuff and a Pikachu get aboard the Starship Enterprise. -
  141. yaoi furry lemmon, donkeyxfunky creo que es el primer yaoi de donkey kong en fanfiction XD -
  142. What if Metal Sonic ran on Windows 95? -
  143. Just in time for Hanukkah Riku learns that Sora is Jewish. -
  144. light cried hemself to slept and jackd of -
  145. The Joker channels Eminem. -
  146. After getting out of jail, Ganondorf takes over Hyrule City's newest and most exclusive strip club. -
  147. SpongeBob's life starts to turn upside down when he starts taking drugs. -
  148. Pac-Man was following him. "What do you want you yellow piece of crap?" Mario asked. -
  149. Cookie Crisp Cookie Crook/Hamburglar. -
  150. Tifa gets pregnate with Cloud's kids. -
  151. Yes, Mewtwo, there is a Santa Claus. -
  152. Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend, Minnie, confront the Undertaker for the first time ever! Will they survive the Tombstone! -
  153. Squidward and Plankton make their own radio can just IMAGINE what they talk about! -
  154. Godzilla and the guys go to a stirp club. -
  155. "The Slender Man?" Helga parroted with disbelief, and scoffed. "Please! They couldn't come up with a more original title?" -
  156. What begins as keeping secrets leads to a beautiful romance. Kesha/Adam Lambert -
  157. Sonic has a gun kills Amy what will Shadow do? -
  158. Godzilla has something to tell mortha -
  159. Kermit greeted the audience with great cheer although inside his heart was dying. -
  160. The sight of Mike Haggar beating up criminals is certainly a familiar one. However, he has not been seen doing so whilst dressed as a bat. -
  161. "My name's John, by the way. John Blazkowicz. What's yours?" "Shinji... Ikari..." -
  162. Link shovels crap for a living. -
  163. mario is f****d up. -
  164. Mario accidentally dies while choking on a fishbone. -
  165. Sonic, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver get curious and try on some clothes in a VERY girly store -
  166. a trip to mcdonalds can only end in disaster. major character death. -
  167. The Rugrats sing pop songs and it's a disaster. -
  168. Kyles mom finds his son writing Terrance and Phillip Fanfiction. -
  169. super horney sex beware edward and bella -
  171. naruto was walking along the street in narutotown, america usa -
  172. what happens when Some anime chars start a bar? -
  173. A recent string of killings are taking place on Sesame Street. Can Grover solve these crimes??? -
  174. Cookie Monster learns from Doctor Grover that he has Diabetes. -
  175. Wonder Woman's first Christmas in America is enlightening -
  176. Ludwig, Iggy, and Roy's kids play Truth or Dare with their Chipmunk friends. -
  177. Cubone finds himself in the world of Naturo -
  178. Hellsing meets the Annoying orange -
  179. Diddy has to go to another planet to save them from kremlings. Star Wars crossover -
  180. Dilbert and the Matrix. Oh yeah. -
  181. A crossover of Garfield and Heathcliff. Warning: contains deaths of some beloved characters. -
  182. Jill Valentine heads to the local gym to begin her fitness program. There she meets her mutant trainer Nemesis who may seem mean but -
  183. A Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Bibleman oneshot crossover. -
  184. Crossover between Stargate SG1 and Veggie Tales. -
  185. The Naruto gang goes to their first anime convention. -
  186. Penny Arcade, Gabe x Tycho. -
  187. Sonic goes to the doctor and gets a vaccine shot and doesn't even cry. He is brave no matter what. -
  188. Denim vs. Leather. Why Squall wears one not the other. -
  189. The turtles attend Vanilla Ice's concert. His Last Concert. A box of tissues is recommended as reading accompaniment. -
  190. Knuckles:Finally you drive like an old woman. Rouge:Let's keep ya daddy out of this. Tails:Oooohhhh Knuckles:Oh no this bitch didn't! -
  191. this is a parody of the shadow the hedgehog endings. please read and review or i will be mad. - (Story is deleted)
  192. No offense, but I thought vampires can cook. -
  193. when they run into Godzilla and Ghidrah fighting so Sonic grabs Amy's Cd player and turns on Numb Instromental. -
  194. Rachel and Finn suffer a horribel loss. -
  195. Tim Taylor sells his soul to Satan.... -
  196. The script PBS won't touch. Arthur and his friends talk about religion. -
  198. This is the Sonic version of Trapped in the Closet. -
  199. Hard Yaoi, 2-3 chapters long. Listen to Heartless-Kanye West while reading -
  200. Boba Fett and Samus Aran are both hired to hunt eachother. -
  201. Sakura, a catholic church girl. Sasuke, a catholic Badboy. What happens to this goodgirl gone bad? -
  202. Just another Super Smash match. Sung in Aaron Carter's "thats how i beat Shaq" (don't ask) -
  203. Donald Trump has a real interesting story for Sonic and the group. -
  204. Calvin and Hobbes' The Wall -
  205. A Snake Plissken crossover involving the 4th Doctor from Doctor Who sending him a Christmas gift. -
  206. Can Sonic make his parents fall in love again or will he fade away from existence. -
  207. Akuma thumped his bible with so much force that Oro was overcome with feelings of piety, redemption, fellowship, peace and love for God. -
  208. The Freeman's have a disgraceful thanksgiving thanks to riley -
  209. A Street Fighter/Def Jam Vendetta crossover. -
  210. "American Idiot must be the dumbest idea you've ever had." Knuckles replied as he hits a paper ball on Sonic's back. -
  211. Vegeta takes driver's ed -
  212. a chibi-baby version of me went on a road trip with Alucard and Clint Eastwood. -
  213. A four-way crossover between Batman: The Animated Series, The Legend of Korra, Doctor Who and Avatar: The Last Airbender. -
  214. Things get even weirder when Palpatine hires Fozzy Bear to spy on the Jedi! discontinued -
  215. Goku and Yogi bear ....whats the difference -
  216. 5 sayains got lost in the woods in 2000. 2 years later their footage was found -
  217. Dick Gumshoe must avenge fellow detectiv as criminal who killd him not caught and statue of limits is almost up -
  219. this is story about the brother of Ken Masters, Ben Masters -
  220. Day of the Dead/Resident Evil/Rambo Cross Over -
  221. sonic is caught stealing tail's cookies. tails is not happy..... -
  222. For some odd reason, vegeta and Goku desice they are going to kill themselfs. -
  223. in this story sonic is to be fighting evil darkness. He will fight it. in the next one he will fight more of it. -
  224. Stewie tries to kill Tom and Jerry -
  225. Batman wants to destroy My Little Pony and only the Joker can stop him. -
  226. Get us out of here evil sharkgirl said mewtwo. Ok ok ok I will hold on. -
  227. hay beavis says butthead. hey beavis yeh says beavis. -
  228. "Go be a pussy somewhere else I am going to get me some weed" says Cartman. -
  229. This is what Tony Stark and Morrigan Aensland found out after one too many late night trysts. -
  230. I always wanted to be a perfectly ordinary sewer rat. Giygas changed all that. -
  231. 4 eevee sisters from the north kingdom fall in love with 4 eevee brothers from the south kingdom. -
  232. Donatello remembers a ride on the Polar Express. -
  233. Danny Phantom Mystery Science Theater 3000 crossover -
  234. A Troll 2/Trigun Crossover -
  235. In Which Cruella Uses the Grinch to Take Over the World, but is Stopped by Sarah Palin -
  236. "The FF gang goes to the island of Jurassic Park." -
  237. "Cloud turns to two new allies to fight Weapon, Hulk Hogan and Mew the Cat." -
  238. Barret: Pass me another brewski Tifa... Tifa: ;) Barret: No, not your boob, a brewski, beer, not boob... Tifa: ? -
  239. At Rebecca's urging, Baloo gives Kit the 'Talk' about growing up. Awkwardness ensues. -
  240. Inuyasha takes a bath, and finally get's to spend some quality time with his favorite bathtime toys. -
  241. Link accidentally inhales a powerful hallucinogenic drug while deep in the forest. -
  242. Jeff Hardy and egg dye at two in the morning aren't such a good combination. -
  243. A parody of The Rolling Stones song, "Paint It Black." It's about Ganondorf and his conquering of Hyrule. -
  244. Severus Snape needs Money too see his favorite band KISS -
  245. "Mr. Ratburn I didn't think you were a fan of Rihanna!" Muffy smirked -
  246. Foo Fighters Meet Scooby Doo and Solve a Muder Mystery -
  247. Tinky-winky burped and opened another can of beer. Po was smoking weed, and was having hallucinations of the face of a baby in the sun, whic -
  248. "Psy, Psy, Psy" by *N'stinc -
  249. When Doug Funnie is sent through the fabric of reality to a war torn world called Azeroth, it will take all the courage he can muster and th -
  250. A crossover of Fire Emblem and Phoenix Wright, in which Miles and Phoenix run into Ike and Soren at a gay bar. -
  251. Robotnik's own cooking show. -
  252. Waluigi performs an act of fornication upon himself! -
  253. Waht if Sonic hated Christmas. -
  254. Lets veiw the Patriot act in naruto's world. -
  255. [What] is wrong with House?Contains mpreg -
  256. A Pokemon-Rocky Horror crossover. -
  257. What happens when Edge is introduced to Red Rooster hot sauce? Oh boy. -
  258. King of the Hill Dragonball Z crossover -
  259. *Shows a McDonald's Employee taking a dump on a Whopper*  -
  260. A crossover of Call of Duty and Sonic. Well isn't that strange? -
  261. Ashes to ashes, Dust unto dust; Life is hard, but live we must. Story of a Charmander. -
  262. What happens when you mix LOZ, Mario, Sonic and Minecraft with a side order of Nerf guns? -
  263. SEVERE boyband bashing ahead!! -
  264. arwings try to destroy slippy -
  265. Take me out to the Snorlax! Take me out to the bulk! Buy me some grapefruit and a briar patch I don't care if I never get back! -
  266. On his birthday Naruto's planet is attacked by the Reapers. -
  267. Rigby and the gang become ultramen to fight the Kaiju threat -
  268. Bane arrives in Narnia and makes a few changes. -
  269. Harry must learn how to be not a hero, but an Avenger. -
  271. Sly Cooper stars in his very own musical. -
  272. As a hilarious prank, Cartman kills everyone. -
  273. When Amy Rose meets a Muslim girl and decides that she wants to try her hand at fasting, she finds that it's ALOT harder than it seems. -
  274. Shadow is killed as Hyper Sonic, Turbo Tails, and Hyper Knuckles become evil. Shadow becomes the last hope. [my first seriouse fic] -
  275. Prince Charles is Simba and Tony Blair is Zazu. -
  276. Sonic and Captain Falcon fight over a peice of pizza. -
  277. What happens after Mario goes Super Saiyan? Read to find out. -
  278. Legend of Zelda and Knight Rider combine as Link and K.I.T.T team up to save Michael Knight from Majora. -
  279. James and Meowth smoke pot. -
  280. Cammy White moves to Surrey and meets little Harry Potter. She decides to make him her student in the ways of serious ass-kicking. -
  281. Excel Saga with the Bush and Clinton administrations! -
  282. Sephiroth and Master Chief fight SSJ100 Goku and Vash. -
  283. I never gave up hope. I made a promise, one that I intend to keep. Shepard X Sally. -
  284. Squirtle invites Bulbasaur over at his house to smoke pot. -
  285. Tess gets to meet her hero, Barney the dinosaur, only to find out that he's not as great as she thought. -
  286. PG13 Because the entire song revolves around Tails wanting to kill Sonic. -
  287. Two haiku poems about Jason Voorhees. -
  288. Naruto songfic with a walker texas ranger theme -
  289. Harry Potter just wanted to buy a cake. A cake! Why did these things always happen to him? -
  290. Zangief a.k.a. The Red Cyclone accidentally Spinning Piledrives himself into a portal that redirects to the Magical Land of Equestria. -
  291. Daffy Duck has repressed anger and feelings from the past that he has yet to deal with. -
  292. Knuckles gets arrested! -
  293. the devil ham returns after 2 years.stronger than ever.but barry knows a ham who can help the ham hams defeat him once again. -
  294. all of the yoshi haters get killed by me,the yoshi prince,and yoshi -
  295. The MYST series involving the crew from Love Hina. I hope it is enjoyed. -
  296. Samus is a vampire -
  297. Slowly, the bloodthirsty and deeper levels of Hell reached into Mario's soul. -
  298. amy came and said; "Sonic, I have bad new." Sonic: "This is bad!" Amy: "Yes!" -
  299. Chilidog, the fierce demon from hell has a burn to kill. -
  300. United States plans to lie to the government about a connection between Sonic and 9/11! -
  301. Its Marios birthday and bowser kills him. -
  302. They then went to the Electric habitat where again Kel stumbled in again. He was Thunder-punched by Electabuzzes, -
  303. Racers get kill and other things happen. -
  304. It's Mythbusters Spyro style -
  305. Alias/Recess Crossover. -
  306. "Who are you?" Batman gruffly asked the individual. "I'm FREAKAZOID!" came the immediate response, -
  307. Didn't Zim destroy Mars? Yet, a martian by the name of Marvin appears and he intends to destroy the earth. -
  308. Watch as the boy wizard fights the evil science...with MAGIC and saves the day as he cures Small Pox. -
  309. Conor McCloud vs. Tiger Woods -
  310. Shadow Doremi decides to play a prank on trapping her inside of a certain rom-hack of Super Mario World. -
  311. Rated T for blood, gore and death. (Note: Ice Age fanfic) -
  312. The beybladers are forced into a new job: being professional jackasses. -
  313. Bowser sues donkey kong and bowser! -
  314. The Kid Icarus cast live in a mansion, and my character, Will, that's me, lives with them. -
  315. What really happened at Sodom and Gomorrah? You tell me! -
  316. Do not google CAMEL SPIDERS! -
  317. Hermione reflects on a date she had with Ron at McDonald's. -
  318. Ever heard of Tumblr? -
  319. "Holy shit! I need to get myself a piece of that fucking man-meat right there!" Naruto yelled out. -
  320. Beyonce asked stepping over Rihanna's stuff, um yeah sure go ahead oh wait here it is it was in my pocket the whole time silly me tee hee ok -
  321. Yami reflects on Tupac Shakur, the Notorious B.I.G. and what happened to them. -
  322. This is my version of South Park with Sonic the hedgehog version -
  323. Ryu: *in Chun Li outfit* Oh crap -
  324. A rap about the Abe's Oddysee storyline. -
  325. A crossover of Spaceballs and Tenchi Muyo?!?! -
  326. Pennywise the Clown has paid a little visit to Spawn's hometown in Chicago, and Spawn's not happy about it. -
  327. Caution: EMO! -
  328. The story of Brian DePalma's/Al Pacino's Scarface as set in the Dead Rising 1 universe. -
  329. One of the DigiDestined thinks he is the Batman! -
  330. TRON/Blade Runner Fanfic. -
  331. A Sonic version of the hit 1985 song, We Are The World -
  332. The Kurt Cobain of His Time? Ferb Fletcher is Dead At 27. -
  333. If dorothy was a total stoner. Her Diary entry from Oz -
  334. Terry and Geese go clubing -
  335. Kagome learns who her dad is and has to go to Fuedal Jamaica with the jamaican half demon Inuyasha. -
  336. I delve into the insanity and hope to god i come out alive -
  337. We gon' rock this gym, We gon' win dis fight We gon' blow stuff up, Like we dragonite -
  338. This storie is a fusion of captain planet and power Rangers. -
  339. Chapter: 10 Disney, FCC, and more Yoai. -
  341. This is a Crossover story of home Improvement, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Charmed and it has a litte bit of CSI in it as well, -
  342. A Christmas story based on Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. -
  343. Sephiroth x Yuna -
  344. Beavis and Butthead were sitting on their couch watching the TV. They were watching a cartoon called Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. -
  345. Ten members of the McKinley High Glee Club have had enough. Thus, a suicide pact was born. -
  346. Beatles X Vocaloid crossover -
  347. A Final Fantasy IX parody of Afroman's 'Cause I got High' -
  348. Hank Hill, I.M Meen, Brian Griffin, Solid Snake and Finn become hipsters and go on a vacation to France. -
  349. Adam has to unclog the toilet, but he is then interupted by Captain Planet. -
  350. King Snagglepuss of the Kingdom of Hannah-Barbera goes to a Mortal Kombat play. -
  351. Only some scientists who can catch ghosts can do something: Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse and Mr. Fantastic! -
  352. Otaku should never meet the characters they worship. Ever. -
  353. House isn't too full of Christmas cheer this year. -
  354. A few guys from around the world can't resist the lure of manga and anime. After they become hooked, they get more than they bargained for. -
  355. "Ever seen the show "Kicked in the Nuts?" Vegeta asked with an evil grin. -
  356. Ness wants to know the secret behind his beloved hat. Looking it up one day, he discovers he's related to a rapper! Lucas knows this can't b -
  357. At a late night in the Oval Office, George Bush and Walt Disney are sick of today's liberal TV so they come up with a great idea for a websi -
  358. Crosssover of Sailormoon and SSXTricky and snowboarding game for Playstation two. -
  359. Who comes to their rescue? None other than Antoine Dodson and President Obama, of course. -
  360. Buddhism? Catholic? Pastafarian? What is Jak's true religion? -
  361. Pure toilet humor ensues! -
  362. While Daria and Jane desperately chase Tom across Cyber Space, they find themselves stuck in yet another Internet meme! -
  363. mayor quimbey comes and talks to the simpsons about their house about something being wrong and marge has to try and get homer out of the tr -
  364. This is going to be a crossover between killer 7 and Avatar the last airbender. -
  365. Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force writes a Ranma fic. -
  366. Persona/Homestuck Crossover. -
  367. Ever see the movie Three Men and a Baby?! Well this is five gundam pilots and a baby! -
  368. Michael Cera goes to Fruits Basket. What else is there to say? -
  369. teleporting Master Chief and Cortana to back to 1995 Earth and crash land in England, where Harry Potter is taking his fifth year. -
  370. Me and my Ditto chose to take on a very dangerous way of battle and i realize what the price of that really is. -
  371. This is a tale about X-Men and what they think about election 2000. Who do they favor? Are they republican or democrat? -
  372. A broken down, alcoholic Diddy Kong must confess a shameful secret to Dixie Kong. -
  373. What happens when you mix Ratchet and Clank, Sonic the Hedgehog, Jak and Daxter, Conker's bad fur Day, Firefly, and some OC's? -
  374. A poem about Venusaur. -
  375. Here's a parody of Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" with Dr.Tomoe and Tuxdeo Mask. -
  376. Many people think that going on an adventure with Mario is like being in heaven. For me it's like being in hell. -
  377. the chipmunks and the chipettes get sucked into the sonic world -
  378. "Kakarot, how can you drink that vile stuff!" Vegeta asked as he walked up to Goku- a Mountain Dew in his hand. -
  379. but can he stand to see Captain Unohana his loving girlfriend, executing a booty clap routine to spice up their passionate love life? -
  380. hinata found a black baby . she decides to keep it as hers but her family kohona is against it. -
  381. A poem from Weezing's POV about his Master. -
  382. In northwest Italia born and raised On the rooftops was where I spent most of my days Hanging out, brawling, running errands for the head -
  383. Napoleon: can I have 20$. Uncle Rico: for what? Napoleon: I wanna go the music warehouse and buy this Eazy E album. Uncle Rico: Eazy who? -
  384. Every big fan of Godsmack knows that sully does witchcraft. -
  385. Not even the Grand Intellect's quest for world domination frightens the 13 - year- old Commander Keen more than the dreaded Junior High. -
  386. Card Captor Sakura sings a parody of "Country Grammar" by Nelly -
  387. Parody of Green Day's '21st Century Breakdown' album with Doctor Who themes -
  388. Patrick and Sponegbob journey to the Pokemon world to see what they could see! -
  389. Rachel Maddow led to the worst conversation of Bella Swan's life. -
  390. Goku, Krillin, Buggs Bunny, Nick Diamond, Picachu, Tenchi and others play Family Feud. Host Yogi Bear. -
  391. Green Day is one of the greatest Punk bands in universe. But how about their bad activity out the stage? -
  392. Vampires get STDs too, ya know. -
  393. Batman faces off against his toughest opponent yet, Politically Incorrect Man. -
  394. Wolverine sings a song to the entire X-men crew. Parody of 'Lumberjack Song' by Monty Python. -
  395. Obie Trice "Obie Trice, Real Name No Gimmicks..." Beat Changes Mario: Two princesses go round the outside, round the outside, round the outs -
  396. Goku in the sky with meat buns Goku in the sky with meat buns Goku in the sky with meat buns, ah -
  397. Another of Count Chocula's spells has been cast incorrectly, and he refuses to clean up his mess. -
  398. The movie Pearl Harbor....starring digimon. -
  399. Dave is abducted by Clefairy's! -
  400. Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope are Dead but they'll be back I promise! -
  401. Oh no. Voldemort's at it again! This time he's thrown a tea party. How will Snape survive THAT? -
  402. I was watching The Lion King and came up with some alternative lyrics to one of the songs. Features mpreg! -
  403. How does Fred react when he suspects Barney and Wilma of having an affair? -
  404. Naruto knows if Santa Claus is real. -
  405. Ryan Stiles is turned by a minion, but something's wrong... -
  406. Megatron is George Bush, Optimus is Paul Mcartney. Very explicit. -
  407. If you could ask any character from Power Stone any kinds of questions, what would it be? -
  408. rocky and bullwinklw is going to the beach but boris got scared of rocky and bullwinkle -
  409. 'Buddy Holly' (one of many really good songs by Weezer) done Inuyasha style!!! -
  410. Robin loves PBS and its shows but he may be the only one. -
  411. A parody of Space Jam, Avatar Aang is retired from basketball, but when he asked for help on a basketball match against five evil Digimon. -
  412. A collection of Original TEKKEN Poems -
  413. Goku takes Serena, Ash and Naruto to Animeland where they had to confront the evil General Grevious. -
  414. Edward Cullen is addicted to cocaine amongst other things. He ods and its angsty I guess. -
  415. They go to McDonalds and get Happy Meals and fight their ninja turtle toys on the table. -
  416. Kate's friend convince them to get crunk, and they do some partying, but a scary event occurs, and... -
  417. After much nagging from Jane and Hobbes, Daria and Calvin go out on a date. -
  418. Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, President Kennedy, and Richard Nixon are trapped in the pentagon with the zombies at all sides. All four have -
  419. What happens on a date with Gordon Freeman? -
  420. After all those horrible killings, Maria is finally suing Pyramid Head. -
  421. Marley Died In The Vets. He Became Reincarnated Into A Brown Chihuahua. -
  422. "hey dude are u going to finish your drink" walter form the movie the big lewboski asked denny "ok u can have it its ok" -
  423. Lara Croft faces a truly terrifying evil...Barney! Oh my God! -
  424. Goku, Superman, the Incredible Hulk, Kratos, Willow Rosenberg & Neo. The most powerful warriors in the Multiverse have been transported to a -
  425. However, things turn bad as each of the Scream fanfic writers are hunted by a new Ghostface. -
  426. Chucky the killer doll comes to Kingston Falls and find another Tiny Terror is there...Stripe the gremlin. -
  427. Odie, give him some marijuana and cocaine. Maybe he'll hallucinate phineas and ferb. -
  428. A Daria/Red Dwarf crossover. -
  429. They'd been so careful, hadn't they? Oops, guess not. CoxJD M-PREG -
  430. Imagian Ariel singing this. -
  431. Pigeon Man and Stoop Kid got into a fight after some of his pigeons poop on the stoop. -
  432. Goofy forgets about Max, believing he doesn't exist in the real world at all. -
  433. Allow me to demonstrate on homer Simpson. Hannah Montana gets on the stage. -
  434. elmo and big bird have bad luck in disney land when they die! -
  435. sonic didnt sex with amy tho so he bought sonic jr at an orphernage, where he was being made ino the new ultamate supersonic hero, and now -
  436. pacman smiled on his face and said "oh yeah?" and he winked at ms pac man, "oh" wink "yeah" wink -
  437. In which Paul Ryan is actually a woman and Mitt Romney has an affair with him/her. -
  438. Ridley has lost one too many times but HOW can he defeat that bounty hunger -
  439. Yeah, content warning for profanity, drugs, gambling, and Scooby-Doo. -
  440. Tremors and Alien Crossover. -
  441. Who says that the Teletubbies can't be emo? HUH? HUH? -
  442. The Sailor Moon Japanese Theme Song parodied by me about.. well, President Bush! -
  443. it was a beautiful day for goku everything was perfect. untill he accidentally hits his head and forgets absolutly everything -
  444. But can he fufill his latest assignment: the assassination of Ronald McDonald? -
  445. Starman and Gutsman go out on a date together for Valentine's Day. -
  446. Rinoa dies again, many a time. -
  447. We arrived at K-Mart within a matter of minutes and convinced everyone but Legolas, Elrond, and Merry to stay in the car. -
  448. Roy, Link, and Marth are put to the ultimate test: babysitting! -
  449. Tifa meets Jim Carrey -
  450. various characters from the Harry Potter World with a Blue Collar Comedy flair -
  451. history teacher goku along with english and foriegn language teacher vegeta whom likes to yell at us and blow us up. -
  452. Mr. Krabs gets a really cool motorcycle. -
  453. Rocket Power version of the Titanic -
  454. Ren and stimpy have a baby and ... Oh FUck it just read it its good and it has a good moral to it -
  455. Ernest P Worrell arrives in the Pokemon World, and is mistakenly thought to be Chosen One Ash Ketchum, and begins the journey of a lifetime. -
  456. What if Millhouse saw the youtube vidio How to be Gansta. -
  457. "My brother brought home a Nidoking." "So." "It was a dragqueen down at the local bar." Jelfia said. -
  458. A Christmas Carol, Hogan's Heroes Style. -
  459. It's a Squall World After All It's a Squall World After All It's a Squall World After All It's a Squall, Squall World! -
  460. Gandalf was busy playing Level 10 of Mario. " Gandalf?" said Roz. " Gandalf?" -
  461. The Golden Girls are stuck watching CATS the Musical -
  462. Now that all the Smashers are trapped in the Disney song book, they have to preform or watch every song. Will they ever get out of this hell -
  463. Ranma Saotome, one of Starfleet's fineset, must do the hardest thing he has ever done: officiate a funeral for his wife, Amb. -
  464. Ever wanted to know how the cast of Codename: Kids Next Door would fit in the Firefly 'verse? No? Well, here it is anyway. -
  465. Doctor Eggman and Voldemort shrink Sonic, Harry Potter, and co! Can they get themselves back to normal? Or will they suffer immensely? -
  466. Minecraft Hunger games -
  467. Magneto now seek revenge on Mordecai, Rigby, and the X-Men. -
  468. Sam Beckett leaps into Drew Carey for a day -
  469. Jay Sherman and Bart Simpson review the latest movies. -
  470. specifically Raikou; the day could not be any better as he had managed to score two tickets to go see Seether live. -
  471. Fox shuddered and twitched once...twice...and upon the third time he found his purpose in life...TO KILL BARNEY THE DINOSAUR! -
  472. Mario and Luigi decide to try out some skateboarding with a pretty bad result! -
  473. the teletubies goes wild! they serach and destroy. -
  474. Why shouldn't the Son of God have a Twitter account? -
  475. Bart finds a new hobby: reviewing fanfics. -
  476. We all know Fry isn't smart enough to win a million dollars. Or is he? No, he's not. -
  477. The Reapers soon saw Liara's breasts and said, "Fuck this shit. We ain't 'bout to go against those mega titties." -
  478. What happens when Bart and Lisa Simpson start attending Arthur's school? -
  479. Buster Bunny has been framed on the attempted murder of Daffy Duck. -
  480. Mordecai and rigby go on a magical adventure though the land of weed -
  481. What if Courage was a dog from the Adventure Time universe? -
  482. And what happens when Spongebob mistakes NegaDuck for Darkwing? -
  483. Shepard opted for another option. He chose the impossible. He chose…a sex change. -
  484. Sora, now in charge of Toyota, gets kidnapped by Axel. Now, he has just three days to escape a bus heading towards Afghanistan, or he will b -
  485. Barret takes a bath with his pal Hitler, when Vincent suddenly shows up. What could possibly happen? -
  486. Snape meets tellytubbies -
  487. Out of weed and desperate to smoke, Tai, Matt, and Davis head to the Digital World to search for its finest herb. -
  488. Tenchi and Noike Masaki oldest sons Charter1 -
  489. After watching an episode of DragonballGT, Wayne and Garth wonder what they would look like fused. -
  490. One week after the weeding, -
  491. What happens when the Sonic crew meet the Red Vs Blue soldiers, Eminem, and Dr. Dre? -
  492. "This just in" Stated the reporter "Marilyn Manson has gone missing. I repeat Marilyn Manson has gone missing. -
  493. The Beastie Boys are not mine, Sonic and Tails are not mine, the lyrics are not mine, I think Eggman is mine. -
  494. "Weird Al" wandered through the streets of Japan. He was doing a special tour for all of his Japanese fans. He was minding his own business -
  495. next song started "Freak on a leash" I think it was, I continued to move at a fast pace. I felt my Nine tail cloak energy rising to surface. -
  496. BILL CLINTON: Do I get to eat a pig? Hmm? MR. COOL: No, Bill Clinton. -
  497. WWE Chairman Vince McMahon takes over a popular PBS show... -
  498. "Maybe it was Kirstie Alley?, Ron Paul suggested. "Or Boy George?", Joan Rivers added. -
  499. This is Fox McCloud giving you "Fox News" with Slippy, Falco, and Peppy. -
  500. WWE Superstar Chris Jericho makes an appearance on the TV show "Loveline" -
  501. "I think we should just fire the IRS", Donald Trump said. "Excuse me", Kermit said. "We need to quiet down with only one person talking at a -
  502. Homer spilled some beer on himself. "DOH!" "Bwhahahaha!" Vegeta picked up his beer imitated Homer by spilling some on his own pants. -
  503. "What's up baby?" Butthead answered. "My name is Emma Frost." she said coldly. "And that's Ms. Frost to you young man. Is that understood?" -
  504. the remaining two members of star fox team crash land in Arlan,TX they then have odd adventures with Dale, Bill, Boomhauer, and Hank. -
  505. At that moment, a group of muppets, led by Family Guy's Peter Griffin, came dancing across the stage. -
  506. From left to right, please welcome, representing former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, is professional wrestler "Nature Boy" Ric Flair. -
  507. Chris Farley comes to the Tendo Dojo. Hilarity ensues. -
  508. If Ursla and Captain Hook partner up would they be successful? -
  509. Serenas a Jehovah's Witness, and so are the scouts. How does this interfere with there destiny. -
  510. Jon found out what Garfield did. He made a mess and blamed it on Naruto -
  511. How will that work out with her protective twin older brothers, Sonic and Silver? -
  512. timmy's dad has moved to Alaska, so he decides to run away to a place called far far away. where he meets an oger called shreck. -
  513. Seems like the Mortal Kombat crew has even joined the Facebook craze! -
  514. The sexiest gay man in the universe gives us his opinion on the new Yogi Bear movie. -
  515. Hermione hates America? -
  516. Cloud's seen the fanfiction, and frankly, he's sick of them, the fan girls, and all the absurd yaoi pairings. So he's decided to sing out hi -
  517. Wonderful parody of "Baby Got Back", all about Edward Elric and his bishonen awesomeness. -
  518. ...Everyday I'm Jigglypuffin' -
  519. lmfao its a joke! wow...ppl -
  520. Mario and Luigi have guns, so now they can kick the crap out of Bowser. -
  521. Parody of Disney's Robin Hood, Guilmon has to rob Prince Mewtwo's money to feed to the poor. -
  522. After Harry, Ron and Hermione save her life, Lara Croft agrees to help Harry Potter find Voldemort. -
  523. Pit discovers whoppers and link is confused -
  524. Yoda takes on Ms. Frizzle in a rap battle for the ages. -
  525. Two hikers find Waldo in the woods. He's not too happy about being found. -
  526. Walter White is hasing the peacfeul but than allens show up and haseing to compete with them now because drugs. -
  527. "I AM KAZAAM!" Kazaam said again. He then flew off for some Adventures! Kazaam went to the city! There were a lot of people! People did thei -
  528. I like Aslum movies and the Mega Shark movies are my favourits! I hope they make this movie from my story, because it's gonna have alot of c -
  529. Hgarr left and Strider came and laughed at them. then ran off. -
  530. *Angelina Ballerina- a stupid cartoon in Discovery Kids -
  531. Dante has to take on more crappy anime and Kid Muscle gets it. -
  532. 2 months after Phil of the Future was cancelled, Ricky had lost contact with Aly. Can Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park h -
  533. I threaten to blow it up! God dammit! -
  534. "Lookin for avngers! come see Caps Americans!" -
  535. Johnny Cage goes to Fox's Peter Pan and the Pirates and battles the pirates, but not RObert Mullins. -
  537. All three of them are walking while, oddly, Mephisto and Blackheart cheerfully hum "La la la lal la la! Lal la laaa!! lalalalala!!" And was -
  538. Ghost Rider, Finds a rip in space that connects the world to the Internet. Co-star Rick Astley. -
  539. It is 1917 on the Western Front, and Corporal Tommy Pickles is on a routine night watch. -
  540. a song that me and my friends wrote that goes to the tune of 'Mr. Hanky the Christmas Poo' and is about a talking dildo named MR. CRANKY! - (Story was deleted)
  541. Then they go off to kill the Thornberries and Vicky Of the Fairly Oddparents man I hate that show . -
  542. "What are you going to do about it, shoobie?' asked Otto. The Dark Magician had just about had it with these fools. -
  543. May I have your attention please? May I have your attention please? Will the real Demon Lord Samael please stand up? I repeat, will the real -
  544. Marik reflects on what has happened to him during his past and can't stand it any longer. He expresses it through a KoRn song. -
  545. "Sorry, but I'm a devil hunter, not a bar tender." Dante said. Homer started to cry. "I'm never going to get my beer." Homer sobbed. -
  546. Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert find that their feelings for each other are deeper than they thought. -
  547. A LoZ fic set after the death of Link, Zelda and Ganondorf. It stars my furry character Silver. -
  548. This is a crossover of Balto and 007 Goldeneye -
  549. A flash of lighting lit the surrounding area, revealing Betty White, war paint smeared upon her old face. She raised a gun into the air and -
  550. Loose parody of "Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier", but with Tekken/Virtua Fighter characters. -
  551. When she wakes up, she has an unlikely visitor at her bedside: Chester Bennington, singer of Linkin Park. And he has an interesting story to -
  552. George W. Bush/Vladimir Putin -
  553. Cross over with Boondock Saints, When Naruto is killed on the bridge in Wave Country, he awakens a hidden power, given to him by god FemHaku -
  554. Male porn star Ron Jeremy can't get it up. So what does he do? Sing about it to his agent, of course! -
  555. Wolverine's are just like dogs, right? That's what Rogue decides after watching an episode of The Dog Whisperer. -
  556. God Encounters and Atheist -
  557. A crossover between my two favorite movies, The Big Lebowski and Scarface. -
  558. get along, enjoy a few romances, and deal with their newest, crazed enemy: the executive board of the ESRB. -
  559. The Teen Titans visit South Africa during the time of apartheid. -
  560. The vast majority of ninja, Kakashi included, are atheists. -
  561. What Happens when Buters eats banana Cake for the first time rad to find out -
  562. The Gundams hold a Woodstock. -
  563. All the YuGiOh characters did the macarena. -
  564. Mordor with its characteristic end-of-the-world atmosphere was very receptive to Marilyn Manson.  -
  565. Toadette winds up in one of the worst parts of one of the worst places in the dimension known as The Internet... yes, she goes to 4Chan's /v -
  566. Everyone's favorite drunks, Tony Stark and Miriam Pataki, meet at an AA meeting one evening and then hit the bars. -
  567. Can he do what it takes to defeat notorious terrorist organization B.L.O.O.D.M.O.S.E.S.? -
  568. Shaq, Lebron James, Dwane Wade, and Steve Nash embark on a noble quest to find the courage they never thought they had. -
  569. Alex: Our categories are "GERBILS", "ALEX TREBEKS UGLY TIES", "ACTORS", "RANDOM CRAP", and "MS. PIGGY IN A BIKINI". Saddam, go first. -
  570. Princess Diana visits Smallville. -
  571. Hank returns and finds Bobby idolizing animes, so once again he puts his foot down. -
  572. Let's just throw some Gatorade bottles at the Empire State Building, shall we? -
  573. doritos... check... blood on the dance floor cd... check... post it notes... check... life size cut out of miley cyrus... check... a h -
  574. It's John Cena's birthday and he's spending it at...Chuck E. Cheese's. -
  575. freddy and jason yaoi -
  576. Kip Winger's car breaks down and sees how pathetic his video game really is. -
  577. Edward is the son of Bill Gates, of Microsoft. Bella is the daughter of Steve Jobs, of Apple. -
  578. Rated T for severe Wayne Brady. -
  579. Christopher Robin goes to Iraq and come back as a changed man. -
  580. Kira/Light from death note vs the Westboro Batist church -
  581. Ever since Naruto was 7 years old, he dreamed of going to the Olympics to face the world-renowned Michael Phelps. -
  582. Warning: sexual themes, character death of Quimby, instance of Smithers kissing a woman, and "32 minutes" ad nauseam. -
  583. they have to deal with a group of Digimon and the Happy Tree Friends. - (Story was deleted)
  584. he's Crash Bandicoot, also works at Good Burger, "Would you please take my order?" -
  585. When Leopold Goenitz teams up with Judge Doom, Many KoF fighters are sent to save both the Cartoon Land and Earth. -
  586. The Santa Clause 3/Hot Tub Time Machine crossover -
  587. If DBZ characters dressed up as juggalos frightens you, or offends you, then don't read this. -
  588. Sasuke Uchiha wants to impress his crush Daisy and go to the Nickelback concert, -
  589. Beavis changed the channel to the Benny Hill show. Upon seeing the millions of jigging thingies, their hormones went on overdrive. -
  590. "I wish I were dead." After saying this he promptly died. -
  591. "Well," the voice began, "I'm Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20." -
  593. Gene simmons from Kiss comes to Hogwarts to make a band who are going to support the foo fighters. -
  594. How is Sepiroth linked to global warming -
  595. A poem i wrote for english class. my teacher hated it because it didn't have anything to do with George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. -
  596. Sasuke meets Obama, and the Clinton Family while Itachi is away in Pakistan. -
  597. becomes the creator for DDR, thus naming it DDDR, or Dumbledore's Dance Dance Revolution. -
  598. Naruto a krump dancer & Sasuke a contemp dancer are place as roommates at the best dance school in the country and even worst as dance partn -
  599. A Marxist critique of Tetris. -
  600. President Obama meets with Hellboy. -
  601. What if Napoleon Dynamite was the Chosen One who had to defeat Voldemort? -
  602. A wild cat strike occurs on the Enterprise due to Picard's racism. -
  603. Edward and Charlie show off their mad krumping skills! -
  604. Sonic decides that he can't wait to download the new album from his favorite artist, so he resorts to using Limewire... -
  605. Kermit and big bird get high from cigarettes and get so high and stoned they don't even remember how to know things probably anymore. -
  606. Garfield: Marijuana and cocaine? Those drugs are inhumane. -
  607. 45tg54ty45yg54yhr5 -
  608. The epic tale of Arnold Schwarzenegger's epic quest to find his stolen birthday cake. -
  609. And please, if you see Ronald McDonald kill him. Please for the love of Slim Fast shakes please KILL HIM! (Mystique burst into tears) -
  610. Now starring Shigeru Miyamoto as a cop. -
  611. mile cussing. -
  612. "they were such a discrace to use anime characters"all the anime character cheer" Vegito steps down -
  613. Then all the sudden Tom green burst in leading a rather large unrully mob -
  614. Shaggy's strong hatred for chipotle steak burgers causes him to join PETA. -
  615. Silver The Hedgehog works at Pizza Hut. -
  616. General took out his two lightsticks. He had two! That was more than one. -
  617. and he shot the other students with lifesaver sticks, even jeremy Wilkenson who is NOT as cool as him. -
  618. Yoda is interviewed on Late Night With David Letterman. -
  619. kanji and bill o reilly go on an adventure of a lifetime -
  620. Mulder finds something intriguing in a Hallmark store. -
  621. There's something wrong at SEGA of America, and Inspector Gadget, Brain, and Penny are just the ones to get to the bottom of it! -
  622. "Otday I will take over the galaxy!" he cried, laughint in his helmet. "Kshhh..." he breathd. -
  623. Just where do the genderbent characters lie in the Adventure Time Legacy? -
  624. The Rock as Harry Potter, and much more! - (Story was deleted)
  625. Pokemon and Taco Bell. -
  626. After an accident with his computer Peter, Chris and the rest of the Family Guy crew are sucked into the world of Team Fortress. -
  627. The gargoyles strike back at Al Qaeda -
  628. Bloodhound Gang, Voldemort style. -
  629. Squirtle was going to make Meta Knight smile if it was the last thing she did. -
  630. Kramer builds a boxing ring in his apartment. -
  631. What if Osama Bin Laden wanted to become a WWF wrestler? -
  632. Joker: Who the heck are you? Mr T: (emerges) I'm BA Bacus...and my van is a helluva fast! -
  633. Dan Rather of CBS news takes a look at where the FF7 characters are now. -
  634. The sonic crew are all grown up and are in college! -
  635. Hogan: Those are fighting words borther... Train, Say your prayers and Eat your vitamins too! Weapon: (Scratches his head) Huh? -
  636. F@# % if David Bowie isn't hot... even for an old dude. -
  637. What happens when Indiana Jones enters a time machine and replaces Buster Douglas in his fight with Mike Tyson? -
  638. Shadow then grabs sonic by the neck and gives him the chokeslam before tails gets up and dropkicks Shadow over the top rope -
  639. All I needed was the funniest video and Bob would be mine. So I gathered all my supplies: 2 girls. 1 cup. -
  640. A Larry the Cable guy/Labyrinth fusion. - (Story is deleted)
  641. Their teacher was… "RICHARD SIMMONS?!" Harry screeched. -
  642. The red one looked at Sonic "I see your are nervous, There is no need to be. I' am Optimus Prime" -
  643. Vegeta enters and Give Ken & Ryu a double clothesline. Vegeta gives Vega the Vegeta Stunner and then throws him over the top rope . -
  644. Hulk enters and beats up knuckles before knuckles fights back amazingly giving hulk a body slam -
  645. Garfield and Odie Join Belle on her adventures during the 1991 Disney Classic Beauty and the Beast. -
  646. Too bad its Kuwbara's car...Now Kuwbara thinks Xzibit is stealing his car! -
  647. Elvis came back to Earth, from his spaceship, to save the world from Evil. -
  648. This is about Hermione defending her favorite rap group, Insane Clown Posse. -
  649. Andy from Toy Story buys a Furby. How will Woody and the gang react to the newcomer? -
  650. Theory, discussion, and the back story of the most fearsome wizard to ever live, Tupac Shakur. -
  651. strong swearing, sexy scenes and humour and more humour.what do u expect i ain't stevie wonder. -
  652. "Hit me baby one more time!" The Joker sang with some hip wiggling In shock, Batman crashed the batpod into the truck. -
  653. A little poem about Glenn Danzig's nipples. - (Story was deleted)
  654. P. Diddy wakes up in the morning feeling like Scully. -
  655. Vin Diesel Fans might not want to read this. -
  656. He looks at the words Hatsune Miku over, and over again. Snoop Dogg favorites the music video and takes his hands off the mouse and keyboard -
  657. is losing shows to the upcoming dubstep artist Inuyasha. -
  658. "Wow," said Goku, "in just a couple of eggshells, we'll be seeing Black Sabbath live!" -
  659. Naruto and Mountain Dew. -
  660. But he no longer goes by the name Harry Potter, but BAM MARGERA! -
  661. Theodore Roosevelt and Mel Gibson team up to travel back in time -
  662. Smeagol: Precious? Lil Jon: What! Smeagol: Precious? Lil Jon: What! Smeagol: Smeagol Lil Jon: Ok! -
  663. Mini-Me, Joe C, Jennifer Lopez, Bill Gates and The Rock fight for cafeteria food that dosen't taste like crap! -
  664. Sonic raids the fridge one morning and discovers a treat: Red Bull energy drinks. May Chaos have mercy on Shadow and Tails' poor unfortunate -
  665. I'm about three hundred pages into Atlas Shrugged. Here's a five haiku summary. -
  666. "Yeah I have to admit, beats smoking crack anyday! I'm gonna give up smoking!!!" Link announced with a proud smile on his face -
  667. an anorexic Chansey -
  668. Will Windows get back together with Linux? Probably not. -
  669. this is not a fanfic but i am asking to all Quagmire fans or haters out tear is you tink that Quagmire has truned in to a jerk -
  670. WARNING: This story contains WEED and DUBSTEP. -
  671. Grammy Awards,MTV Awards,Kids Choice Awards,trus ada pula OVJ Awards!so..mana PERSONA AWARDS? -
  672. "Uh Yami you look like you going to a Ozfest concert. You will get beaten in the pits with that." -
  673. If you like Bam Margera and Irish folklore, you'll love this story. -
  674. Ness, Lucas, Toon Link, and Popo watch an epic marathon of the MTV show "Jackass". -
  675. Zuko unknowingly creates a dubstep number. -
  676. Dr. Dre and Eminem go walking. -
  677. He finally managed to look down at it, and in a frail tone, he uttered, "…Parrot Grass?" -
  678. This story is a combination of Dragon Ball Z and the Mel Brooks movie "Spaceballs." -
  679. Stone Cold Steve Austin looked to the sky... and he smiled. -
  680. I had a dream with Naruto characters Mario characters and bill cosby. -
  681. Now he must try to explaine Trent Reznore to his friends, and face the harsh reality of how conformist Hogwarts is. -
  682. Larry King: OW!!! What the... OW!!!! (is shocked again by Pikachu) Can't anyone translate for him?!?! -
  683. (Lieberman Rating: Part one involves profanit -
  684. "I'm going to kill you Alice Cooper you son of a #%$" snarled Rob Zombie storming out the door with Gabe in tow. -
  685. It has been months since I was married to Ludacris and a whole year since we turned into lions. -
  686. Oh, dear! It seems that poor Drew Carey is about to get the nightmare of a lifetime! Yugi and the gang are on Whose Line is it Anyway! -
  687. The cast of Gundam Wing show up at the Republican National Convention! Relena swoons for DICK CHENEY! -
  688. To save the world Ash must team up with robocop and the kool aid man. This is not a joke this is a serious story. -
  689. If you're having girl problems, I feel bad for you Son I got 99 problems, but Bulma ain't one -
  690. Nya Desu! Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu Desu! Nya, & dey ate mochy ice creime & got fat & den dey sed (Ohnoze we have 2 runn!" & so they lo - (Story is deleted)
  691. TMNT and Gargoyles play Poker. -
  692. I don't even know if Dane Cook was alive at the time so gimme a break -
  693. Donald Duck buys an iQuack, but doesn't read the directions! -
  694. fanfic of Zack de la rocha from Rage Against the Machine -
  695. Seinfeld/Cloverfield crossover fic. -
  696. Jon Arbuckle lives alone. Or does he? A mysterious cat makes him question his sanity in this psychological thriller. -
  697. Jesus as an historic wizard. -
  698. Alf said "I tried to sacrifice their cat to the dark lord Cthulhu". Urkel said "oh". -
  699. While Obama fights TIEs in space, Joe Biden becomes the new Kira. -
  700. Bowser and Charizard are BACK, in their greatest adventure yet! -
  701. 8 GameFAQs users thrown into a prison break LOST crossover. INSANITY ensues. -
  702. Jane takes Thor shopping at Wal Mart -
  703. "Hey." Amy Lee smiled blissfully at her boyfriend. "Did I fall asleep again?" "Yep," Chester Bennington told her. "But it's okay, you're pre - (Story was deleted)
  704. All of a sudden, KoRn busted down the door and started screaming Freak On A Leash, but then it turned into an episode of Mind of Mencia wher -
  705. A Warhammer 40,000Lion King crossover story. -
  706. "Alright, I know how to settle this. Lady, I challenge you to a duel!" She smiled. "My name is Rosa Parks. I accept your challenge!" -
  707. Kurt Cobain came down from the sky, dressed in shredded white denim. "Nancy, do you need me?" he inquired. "Yes I do stop Shredder before it -
  708. We see Duke nukem in his throne Have you been wondering whare i have been for the past 14 ive been in outworld a wasteland full of cretures -
  709. Kagome gets tickets to the Oprah show. -
  710. Usagi: Hey, Arthur-san, your Mom is baking a cake and me and D.W-Chan are going to eat it! (Arthur shakes his head) Arthur: See what I mean? -
  711. the make the sex - (Story is deleted… I think…??)
  712. BARTLETT: Hey Arnold? You got ideas for fuckin' Hey Arnold? What are they, like characters n' shit? -
  713. Tom Delonge of Blink 182 find out that aliens actually do exist! Hes in for a big adventure with The Doctor! -
  714. Dragonball Z like you've never seen before! With Goku replaced by George W. Bush as the Earth's greatest warrior! -
  715. Vanilla Ice x Naruto! A love story between two high schoolers. Lots of pain and angst in later chapters. -
  716. What happens when Harry Potter and Spiderman see Lady Gaga? -
  717. Gandalf brings Katara and Zuko to Middle Earth where they will have to defeat Sauron and save Middle Earth. -
  718. Naruto is about to be elected hokage, that is until Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich step in and become candidates as well. -
  719. That means it has MEOWTH from POKEMON in it so if you don't like MEOWTH or POKEMON or CROSSOVERS dont read. -
  720. rush loomba was on radio. bill clinton listened close. he had to find out republican plans. -
  721. Otto Rocket was riding on his skateboard to go over Sam's house to play Masters of Orion (MOO as Otto called it). -
  722. Daffy went in the audenice and killedeveryone there like a coment falling out of space. - (Story is deleted)
  723. Get to spend a day with your favorite Sherk character Donkey! Great for donkey lovers! -
  724. Hank Hill uses a Death Note to rid the world of the asinine. It's up to Dale to put a stop to the mysterious murders in Arlen. -
  725. Michelle Obama: What the (bleep)uck are you talking about? - Michelle Obama: What the (bleep)uck are you talking about?
  726. Colonel: how's Hawkeye BJ: he should be fine for now Colonel: how's Hawkeye? BJ: he should be fine -
  727. Degeneration X are on vacation when they discover their hotel is Haunted by thousands of ghosts! -
  728. When Bison decides to take a walk, the Street fighters decide to sing a rude song about him -
  729. What would happen if Freddy Krueger decided to target the citzens of Quahog, especially the Griffin family? -
  730. The fans cheered as Lemmy(Lead singer/bassist of Motor Head) walks on stage. He then shakes Sonic's hand -
  731. Pinhead and Chucky started laughing before they were each hit by pies from Harley and Joker. -
  732. Darth Vader comes to Sesame Street, and finds more than he bargained for. -
  733. It's Christmas Eve when Bill Nye The Science Guy is babysitting the powerpuff girls. But is he the best care taker...? -
  734. So if you have the song like on Napster or something, you can play it and sing along. -
  735. After years of seperation little do they know that they'll meet again, but this time, as Skrillex and DeadMau5 - (Story is deleted)
  736. why did you get a horse meatwad For that I hate you I always did but I will really want to kill you and hit you with a BAT! -
  737. Nicki Minaj,thats her name and she has something that she doesnt want anyone to find out...But,the Dark Lord does... -
  738. Snake: Colonel, who's the tall, muscle-bound guy that keeps scowling at me? Colonel: What? Snake, you don't know who Duke Nukem is? -
  739. What would happen if 50 Cent made a decent game? The Mass Effect universe will never be the same. - (Story is deleted)
  740. The mysticism surrounding the hamburglar is very interesting. Some say he's existed from the beginning of time. Others say he doesn't exist. -
  741. Xiaoyu and Chun-Li meet again at Starbucks. -
  742. Will and Carlton get stuck in a chocolate factory. -
  743. Goku and Chi-Chi are on the Jerry Springer and Goku has something to tell her Warning YAOI -
  744. What happens when Shrek and the gang drink too many energy drinks? All hell breaks loose. -
  745. Paramore, Three Days Grace, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, Halestorm, Evanescence, and Panic! at the Disco as they try to shut down Auschwitz -
  746. A South ParkMario crossover where Wario falls in love with Eric Cartman's mom... -
  747. Bulbasaur causes a panic at the Strip Club -
  748. what if the undertaker and brock lesnars fued was much more then everyone knew? what if it was true hatered? -
  749. Blanka's poem about himself and his mother. - (Story is deleted)
  750. A series of unfortunate events and foul play leaves CM Punk and John Cena stranded on a deserted island after a plane crash. -
  751. y si el Big Brother es su creador: Shigeru Miyamoto? ESTO pasa! -
  752. The comlink said "No, Luke. You are the Sith" And then Luke was a Sith Lord. -
  753. Naruto goes to a concert and shows everyone what it means to be a "freak on a leash". -
  754. If you don't like the idea of Link getting fucked by a ton of tentacles, then DO NOT READ! -
  755. A girl with a fetish for voice actors. Family Guy, Seth MacFarlane, Brian, Stewie, Peter, Quagmire, Carter, Tom Tucker, Charlie Chaplin/Hitl -
  756. Zell decides to write his own version of the Limp Bizkit song 'Hotdog' but finds the consequences to be harsh -
  757. The 5th Year Hogwarts students are put into the PC game “The Oregon Trail” as a test for their Muggle Studies class. -
  758. Zelda tries to have a 'serious' talk with her boyfriend, Link. But a certain app on his iPad keeps interrupting... -
  759. I can hear my driver shouting curse words over the loud Offspring music at the pedestrians. -
  760. The USS Enterprise crew has been turned into cats! -
  761. Goku is found as a baby by Spiderman and is raised by him and Mary Jane, who also have May. -
  762. This unique blend of Star Wars and the Beastie Boys two of the best things on earth is sure to entertain. -
  763. My story takes a different approach to Carmen Sandiego, in terms of how she deals with feelings of loneliness. -
  764. Justin Timberlake: Where's the River? Fred Durst: Where's my Hat? The Taco Bell Dog: Where's Taco Bell? -
  765. Eminem: "Oh shit! It's that f***in' bitch." It was Larissa Banks. Larissa was only twelve years old, but she scared the shit out of Eminem. -
  766. It was quite a long passage but eventually they reached a room filled with many Pokemon. "Woah!" Beavis said in amazement. -
  767. My Chemical Romance/Bam Margera fanfiction. -
  768. Tommy: YOU ARE TEARING ME APART, PHINEAS! Phineas: …good for you. What's your faveorite animal? -
  769. I am appalled at the lack of a Battletoads category! -
  770. I'm not doing any romance or fluff in this, 'cuz I'm already doing one of those in another Tinfic. - (Story is deleted)
  771. when leia feels ill han sings a song that makes him think about them to make leia feel better han has help from his two sisters crysta and w -
  772. Hobbes was always Calvin's favorite toy, but when he gets a Mario action figure, has the tiger been replaced? -
  773. "...I challenge you Garfield to enter and fight me unless you are not man enough!" Challenged M. Bison with arrogant laughing. -
  774. On September 11, 2001, Chandler may face losing Joey. -
  775. Jean Gray gets sent back in time to the Korean War.  -
  776. As Hulk Hogan and The Ice Climbers climb the summit, Popo decides to confront Hulk Hogan about a dark secret he's been trying to hide. -
  777. Naruto is a French Republican and well Sasuke is a British Federalist and when Sakura ask for a favor to keep her nephew, hes gonna get hims -
  778. Metallica was still there, except for Robert, who had been killed by a piece of the building. But no one was sad, because no one liked Rober -
  779. The Janitor has taken over the Crime City radio waves and even brought in his old friend "Weird Al" Yankovic to help him deliver everyone's -
  780. Can Max Headroom help them? A Daria/Max Headroom crossover. -
  781. Historical' slash! This is a story between George Washington and Alexander Hamiliton. -
  782. Batman/NiGHTS Crossover. -
  783. "Excuse me, sir? What's that in your mouth?" asked Thomas. "Why, Thomas. It's marijuana. It's a magical plant that you can smoke to get coo -
  784. "Frank West everybody. Went from stories of the dead to stories of talking animals fit enough the National Inquirer," Frank said sarcastical -
  785. A short story about a man and his underwear. -
  786. "And by the way, that's very humorous that you all came dressed as your characters from the film Titanic. That's hilarious." -
  787. The Iron Sheik is a guest on "Countdown With Keith Olbermann"... -
  788. It was excruciating. He had to sit here and pretend to love this when the fact was Obama fucking hated baseball -
  789. Whoever said Hawaii was a great place to get away from it all obviously never heard of the AutoKnights. -
  790. Kermit the Frog and Banjo the Bear played on duel banjos to the tune of Jingle Bells while Kazooie the Breegull tooted her own horn to the d -
  791. No one in Pokemon Square knows about Jesus's birth! Ally the Totodile from the semipopular Team Mania decides to set things straight with al -
  792. The invites include Master Chief, Luffy, Cloud, Link, Zelda, Pikachu, Lucario, Guilmon, Renamon, Mario, Sonic, Goku, Vegeta, Jack Sparrow, T -
  793. Naruto has been a faithful Mormon all of his life, but when he meets the Uchiha Sex god, Sasuke, on his mission will he choose to follow G -
  794. A few characters from tekken comes through a mysterious light, they are transported through time in the country Persia. I have been thinking -
  795. He herds a mysterious noise. He crept through the bushes. What he saw still disturbs him to this day. KING DEDEDE WAS SITTING ON ASHFUR! -
  796. Anya has trouble understanding the concept of paying income tax. -
  797. santa called you on the phone - (Story is deleted)
  798. "Neither did your mother, Luthor!" Mewtwo proclaimed and high-fived Voldemort again. -
  799. naruto training by himself suddennly learns he part monkey ! warning all curses will be said as cuss. -
  800. naruto finds out -
  801. This is George Romero Vs. Tommy Wiseau. Doubt this'll be popular. -
  802. Why the hell are they in the Disney universe? And how did the Batman characters get there? - (Story is deleted)
  803. Strong-Powerful-Shinobi Wizard Harry, Strong-Naruto, no pairings as of yet. -
  804. family guys griffins visit seattle sorry family guy not on crossovers its seddie and stam brian stewie,sam and brian friendship -
  805. The songs from Disney's Tarzan Soundtrack when applied to Animorphs. -
  806. Mickey Mouse arrives at the land of Nippon, and meets the Sun Goddess. -
  807. hitler was attak and what happen? u read! -
  808. These are parodies of Family Guy with sonic characters. -
  809. after goku's first tournement. young goku finds himself in a widarding village, meaning diagon alley, there he meats dumbledore, and suprise -
  810. Will the Ed's survie in this World with there new five friends -
  811. But what happens when the Matrix computer goes haywire and starts spitting out anime characters? -
  812. Rated T for Kissing, I warned you... -
  813. What starts out as a romantic evening at the beach turns in to a disaster what Tony decides to be...well Tony. Tony/Bruce. Hulk included. -
  814. Point is, the Pharaoh and Yugi are at it again! Who will win this time, and what games will they play? NO YAIO! -
  815. Tweek's cousin is coming to live with him in South Park. Rated T for rude language. -
  816. Rated T for some whumpage. -
  817. Garfield and Friends find a portal. As the have adventures in Minecraft, they find it easier and easier to survive. -
  818. daffy duck sees terry bogard while playing space jam -
  819. When Cartman and Pokey make plans to take over both of their dimensions -
  820. But then Woody Woodpecker washes up onto the island and Hook begins trying to cook him. -
  821. The world's greatest gaming super team is being reassigned. Now they must face a horror far worse than a bad video game... -
  822. u'll find out! plus have you noticed that kari is getting fat -
  823. This is a weird story but please read it -
  824. In which a lemming contemplates the futility of it all, and is introduced to a philisophical approach. -
  825. Rated K plus just to be safe. Takes place in and after the game Petz Dogz 2. -
  826. Pairings TBD but most likely Zero is gonna be real popular with the girls.I mean, come on, it's Zero. -
  827. So when Bowser is coming at him, breathing fire, what's his first thought? "Uh oh!" of course! -
  828. A green pig in the crowd goes 'No shit Sherlock'. 'Shut the hell up!' King pig yelled. -
  829. One Guy by alone kill many other people. -
  830. Ecco the dolphin and SegaMegaDrive -
  831. Don't lose faith in this just yet, I have to get my Shenmue obsession back in gear. -
  832. I'm going to give this Pong game a try now, right after I throw the Griffin kid's rap CD out the window. -
  833. Voldemort gains control of Gamera, will they be able to rescue him? -
  834. Marty, Jennifer, Doc, and Clara help some citizens from Orwell's universe conquer Big Brother. BTTF:1984 Crossover. -
  835. my name is andy and and my friend lyric and i well there's no easy way to say this but we kidnap people in other words we are wanted crimina -
  836. Includes Matt Hardy and Sully Lead singer of Godsmack Jeff wants to be with Sully. -
  837. A House of the Dead, Resident Evil, Star Fox and Klonoa crossover. -
  838. "Are our eyes deceiving us?" Mowgli asked the others. "No, they are not." Sub-Zero replied. -
  839. Kiss crew sevre satuday detention then on another saturda they skip detention to go to Detroit Rock City -
  840. Two iconic Leonardo DeCaprio characters in one story. -
  841. The great Hero of Time soon comes face to face with something much more devastating than Ganondorf...The wonderful world of Disney. -
  842. "Mr. Ketchum? Mr. Oak will see you now." Said the secretary. "… Right…" Replied Ash as he took another drag of his cigarette. -
  843. Wily busca Venganza, pero no en el Universo de Megaman, al conocer la verdad acerca de Purimpu... todo comienza -
  844. It's a known fact that angels HATE metal music. Can the combined casts of Brutal Legend and Bayonetta save it before it's too late? -
  845. Prequel to Trapped In Arkham City' Batman is currently in Metropolis, so Sonic is taking care of Gotham for now, -
  846. The story of the Golden Girls, The Lion King & Courage, all told in their point of view based on the first film. -
  847. A group of Anime's are tossed into the real world! Aya and Gohan create a team call the Anime Gang made up of many heros, -
  848. How those polar bears first got Coca Cola. -
  849. The Trix rabbit was outside an Albertsons Super Market, cutting out the glass of the locked automatic door. -
  850. Head on, apply directly to the forehead! Head on, apply directly to the forehead! Head on, apply directly to the forehead! -
  851. Iron Man flew down from the sky and grabbed Smokey by the fur. "I am Iron Man." -
  852. A crossover between Veronica Mars and Arrested Development, -
  853. MvC3. After the first akward date, Spencer decides to invite She-Hulk on another one. -
  854. The Clue characters, as usual, are arguing, this time over what movie to watch in the Lounge. -
  855. This story is a cross over between Super Smash Brothers and Twisted Metal. -
  856. L-block has just found out that his life partner, Square block, was cheating on him with his brother, Inverse L-block. -
  857. *sniffle* *sniffle* I hate myself for writing this... it's so depressing... you will never look at Ski Free the same again... *sniffle* -
  858. will the Masters's plan work?Or is it doomed to fail?Who the hell knows lmao -
  859. Tony Hawk waited. The lights above him blinked and sparked out of the air. There were secret tapes in the warehouse. -
  860. All this guy wanted to do was make it to Pizza Hut in one piece... -
  861. "I'm having a Baby." said Dixie. "Really!" said Diddy. "yeah" said Dixie. -
  862. He could no longer stop the bubbles. He had to blow them. He had to… -
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