Settings_light (v 3.0)

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  1. <FONT COLOR='#ffff00'>IMPORTANT GRAPHICS/UI settings:</FONT><a style="text-decoration:underline" href="text:// <FONT FACE='small'>  <br><center><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>==  SETTINGS (LIGHT) ==</font></center> suggested settings are marked with an asterisk (*)  <br>. <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>Particles:</FONT> <br>-World Particles: <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption DebugRenderSetting_EnableParticles 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption DebugRenderSetting_EnableParticles 1'> ON*</a>   <br>-Spells: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 4'> NONE </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 3'> SELF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 2'> GROUP* </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption SpellEffect_DisplayLevel 0'> ALL</a>   <br><FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <FONT COLOR='red'>Density:</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption RenderSetting_ParticleDensity 0.25'> LO </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption RenderSetting_ParticleDensity 0.5'> MED </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption RenderSetting_ParticleDensity 0.75'> HI </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption RenderSetting_ParticleDensity 1'> MAX*</a>  <br><FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> <u>NOTE</u>: try to <u>keep Density to MAX</u> <br><FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> else may not see IMPT spell effects   <br>. <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>Interface:</FONT> <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>Timer (Cast) Bar:</FONT> <FONT COLOR=x>==</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption DisplayTimerBar 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption DisplayTimerBar 1'> ON* </a>    <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>Show Target's Target:</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowTargetsTarget 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowTargetsTarget 1'> ON* </a>   <br>-Floating Target's Target: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption floating_targetstargetportrait_window 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption floating_targetstargetportrait_window 1'> ON* </a> <br><FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT>Timer Bar on the <u>RIGHT is the TARGET</u> <br><FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT>The one on the <u>LEFT is your SELF</u>  <br>. <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>View Distance:</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ViewDistance 250'> LO </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ViewDistance 750'> MED </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ViewDistance 1500'> HI </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ViewDistance 2500'> MAX</a>  <br>. <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>Show Damage Numbers:</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption Show3DDamageText 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption Show3DDamageText 1'> ON </a>  <br>. <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>Gear:</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption  RenderSetting_HideInspectOption 1'> HIDE </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption  RenderSetting_HideInspectOption 0'> SHOW*</a>    <br><center><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>== PLAYERs & NPCs ==</font></center> For healers, it is better to have Near Player's Health 'ON'  <br>. <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>Show Near Player's <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT>Near NPC's</FONT>   <br>-Names: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityPlayerNames 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityPlayerNames 1'> ON </a> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> -Names: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityNPCNames 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityNPCNames 1'> ON</a>  <br>-Levels: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityPlayerLevel 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityPlayerLevel 1'> ON </a> <FONT COLOR=x>=.</FONT> -Levels: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityNPCLevel 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityNPCLevel 1'> ON</a>  <br>-Health: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityPlayerHealthbar 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityPlayerHealthbar 1'> ON*</a> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> -Health: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityNPCHealthbar 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityNPCHealthbar 1'> ON</a>  <br>-Details: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityPlayerDetails 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityPlayerDetails 1'> ON </a> <FONT COLOR=x>=</FONT> -Details: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityNPCDetails 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption ShowVicinityNPCDetails 1'> ON</a>     <br><center><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>= AUDIO SETTINGS =</font></center>  Sometimes during a raid the voices on Vent/TS cannot be heard over the game audio - adjust according to your needs   <br>.  <br><FONT COLOR=yellow>Enable audio:</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioMasterOnOff 0'> OFF </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioMasterOnOff 1'> ON </a>   <br>-Volume: <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioVolumeMaster 0.2'> [2] </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioVolumeMaster 0.4'> [4] </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioVolumeMaster 0.6'> [6] </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioVolumeMaster 0.8'> [8] </a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioVolumeMaster 1.0'> MAX</a>   <br>-Music: <FONT COLOR=x>====</FONT> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioMusicOnOff 0'> OFF</a> <a href='chatcmd:///setoption AudioMusicOnOff 1'> ON </a>  <br><center><font color='#FE5604' face='HYBORIANLarge' ><br>________________</font></center>   <br>Graphics/UI Settings v 3.0 (light) by Aesghuld <br>DL here: </FONT>  ">[ Click Here ]</a>
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