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  1. The Merchant's trade is something highly sought after by many individuals, but rarely is it ever looked into. One will spend several years working on their skill of speech, to make sure they can achieve, and acquire the best bargains all the way across the world to make the best fortune imaginable. I'm not unlike these individuals.
  3. Me, darling? I spent my whole childhood under the sea. I spent every single day of my young life learning it, experiencing it, and eventually doing it. A grueling experience, but nothing hurt more than not being allowed to see more than just the sea until I mastered it. The city of Siráysha resides directly beneath Havencrest, often referred to as the greatest city ever seen.
  5. What I had to go through, most merchants will never speak of. The tragedies of the trade, how viscous others can be simply by taking one of their customers. Murder, torture, anything can happen amidst the trade, and I had to see it all as I grew in my knowledge. It's a laugh how important these things are to some.
  7. But.. I digress. I apologize my dear, it's hardly important now.
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