Feb 13th, 2013
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  1. [12:05:40] <Kain> When last we left our heroes... the group had managed to get to the temple of bahamut located in the Forbidden Forest on top of the mountains between Dali and New Cleyra - only to find a teleportation circle th at inexplicably led to a high-tech sky fortress hidden in the clouds? What is this nonsense, anyway? What does any of this have to do with Bahamut? Well, maybe they'll find out today....
  2. [12:05:40] <Kain> in FFIX-2: TPK By Robots!
  3. [12:07:34] <Natalie> This nonsense is probably something along the lines of 'It's a JRPG, I ain't gotta explain shit.'
  4. [12:08:24] * Theta looks over the map, trying to find the most direct path to the bridge of the third floor
  5. [12:09:24] <Kain> Direct path is a bit of a misnomer, this place's hallways seem stupidly complicated for any sort of functioning vessel. Looks like you'll have to do quite a bit of trekking.
  6. [12:10:16] * Natalie spearheads the group! Depending on the pretentiousness allowed here she's probably doing something along the lines of intuiting a convex lens in front of her and someshit, preparing in advance for robolasers. Will it even actually work? Who knows!
  7. [12:10:52] <Kain> Ricard stays behind to guard the group of refugees. How nice of him.
  8. [12:12:48] * Theta watches Nat bounce off and shakes his head and follows, considering he's the one with the map.
  9. [12:13:32] * Natalie probably occasionally turns around to be like "Which way NOW?" but otherwise faithfully mirrors the shit out of things.
  10. [12:13:49] * Lenore skips along~
  11. [12:14:11] <Kain> (Okay enough of getting distracted on skype)
  12. [12:14:12] * Amaryllis shuffles along after Nat
  13. [12:14:31] <Natalie> (it's only beginning)
  14. [12:16:57] <Kain> Outside of the nezumis' refuge, the dark hallways stretch on, dark metal lining the entire hallway with pale green strips of light running down the corners of the halls.
  15. [12:17:25] <Kain> The metal behemoth from earlier seems to have moved on, but who knows how many of them lurk in the halls?
  16. [12:19:17] * Theta just continues to lead them along best he can in these very samey, dark hallways.
  17. [12:19:22] <Theta> Avoiding the robutts is another matter!
  18. [12:19:46] <Amaryllis> Are there control panels or monitors on the wall or anything else that would help us avoid the robots or find out more about this place?
  19. [12:20:24] * Lenore is doing streeetches and experimental jabs at the air, becuase it's likely that these robutts are immune to LIGHTNING.
  20. [12:20:25] * Natalie puts forth some minor effort to concealing the group's presence by the whole 'being a giant mirror' thing, just in case they're at risk of being spotted.
  21. [12:20:45] <Kain> (Okay there we go)
  22. [12:20:49] <Natalie> (mad)
  23. [12:23:16] <Kain> So in any case, the place does feel rather samey. Once you've left sight of that particular door, you feel like you would be incredibly lost without the map Theta's holding onto. According to the map, the rooms around here are some sort of miscellaneous storage, with a few residential rooms further on down for important officers. ...not that there seems to be anyone left alive in this place
  24. [12:23:17] <Kain> from those who came before, besides the robots and the... manikens. Whatever the hell those things are. Speaking of, the map also mentions a "Maniken Storage" on the way.
  25. [12:24:27] <Kain> How carefully are you going about navigation?
  26. [12:24:43] <Kain> Nat at least seems to be trying...
  27. [12:24:45] <Amaryllis> "Shall we check the storage and residential rooms along the way?" Ammy shuffles forward with a glance at the side-doors. She opens one at random.
  28. [12:24:55] <Lenore> "Hey Theta, we should try and check out the storage!"
  29. [12:25:23] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps we will find old authentication badges?"
  30. [12:25:25] <Kain> vrrrrrr. The random room Ammy opens has a bunch of boxes and a few large shapes covered in thick cloths.
  31. [12:25:28] <Natalie> Nat isn't really trying to be careful so much as she's just happy to be able to be able to do some semblance of reflecting! And is having TOO much fun trying, clearly.
  32. [12:25:31] <Theta> "Hmmm. Perhaps. Yes, to both."
  33. [12:25:47] <Amaryllis> Er, Ammy tries one of the officers' residential rooms I mean.
  34. [12:25:55] <Natalie> "Nnnn, okay! I'll make sure we're not spotted or anything."
  35. [12:26:05] <Theta> "Both locations might hold some clues to this place."
  36. [12:27:04] <Kain> If you're going that far, then I suppose some stealth checks are in order!
  37. [12:27:20] <Amaryllis> (faith?)
  38. [12:27:23] <Natalie> Huh from whom? Me me me me?
  39. [12:27:28] <Natalie> (well if it's on you take it)
  40. [12:28:02] <Kain> Anyone who's going with ammy in this particular case.
  41. [12:28:17] <Amaryllis> 2d6+6 Ammy should probably head in alone first
  42. [12:28:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, Ammy should probably head in alone first: 14 [2d6=6,2]
  43. [12:28:30] <Kain> Sneak sneak sneak...
  44. [12:29:07] <Lenore> 2d6+0
  45. [12:29:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+0: 8 [2d6=5,3]
  46. [12:29:11] <Theta> 2d6+2 wooo
  47. [12:29:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, wooo: 10 [2d6=4,4]
  48. [12:29:17] * Natalie waves Ammy good luck. That's your faith fluff.
  49. [12:29:29] <Kain> ...looks like Nat is getting left behind.
  50. [12:29:33] <Amaryllis> (damnit, this is why I said Ammy was going in alone first - stealth is always decided by the weakest link)
  51. [12:29:40] <Amaryllis> (:<)
  52. [12:29:41] <Natalie> (>"Nnnn, okay! I'll make sure we're not spotted or anything.")
  53. [12:30:40] <Kain> Well, in any case, Theta, Lenore, and Ammy sneak into one of the nearby rooms while Nat plays sentry in the hallway.
  54. [12:31:24] * Natalie spends the time cuddling that emerald. She ain't gonna let it get to her, she's just gonna creep.
  55. [12:31:42] * Amaryllis looks back and is surprised she was followed. "We should have someone else standing watch, should we not?"
  56. [12:32:09] <Kain> The room you enter is a sparse sort of chamber with a nice bed, a doorway leading to a private washroom, and some kind of flat, glassy b ox on the wall. There's also a small table, where an ancient bottle of wine sits next to a couple of empty glasses, and a few other things strewn around the table.
  57. [12:32:51] * Amaryllis takes the wine.
  58. [12:33:01] <Theta> (boo was thinking the same thing)
  59. [12:33:03] <Theta> "What year is on it?)
  60. [12:33:11] <Theta> (-)+")
  61. [12:33:19] * Theta looks to the glass box instead then.
  62. [12:33:25] * Lenore tries to restrain herself from trying tasty wine.
  63. [12:33:26] <Amaryllis> "Let us see..." Ammy glances at the label.
  64. [12:36:27] <Kain> It's labeled "Cornelian Red", produced in the year 332, apparently.
  65. [12:36:57] <Kain> The glass box appears to be... well, you have no idea what this could be, really. There's a few buttons on it though.
  66. [12:37:43] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 history? anything recognizable aobut "Cornelian"?
  67. [12:37:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, history? anything recognizable aobut "Cornelian"?: 10 [2d6=2,5]
  68. [12:37:51] <Lenore> 2d6 idiocy check
  69. [12:37:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, idiocy check: 7 [2d6=5,2]
  70. [12:37:59] * Theta squints at it and clicks the least 'self destruct' looking button
  71. [12:38:04] * Lenore doesn't push the buttons.
  72. [12:38:16] <Kain> You know there was a Princess Cornelia in I Want to Be Your Canary but somehow you don't think there's a connection. You've never heard of anything like that.
  73. [12:38:25] <Natalie> Some cosmic forces may be glad to know that the cat is outside and doesn't see this, lest the unthinkable would be happening. Probably.
  74. [12:38:28] <Amaryllis> "It is over a thousand years old if this goes by our years."
  75. [12:39:09] <Amaryllis> Any papers or the like on the table?
  76. [12:40:03] <Kain> Give me a perception, Ammy
  77. [12:40:13] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  78. [12:40:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 10 [2d6=4,3]
  79. [12:41:17] <Kain> Meanwhile with Theta, the glassy side of the box flickers to life, showing a view of a room with a bunch of seats and a big glass window at the front - almost like the bridge to an airship, but you don't see any steering wheels or the like, just a console with more buttons. Engraved on one of the walls is something but you can't quite make it out at this angle.
  80. [12:41:47] <Theta> "This must be an image of the bridge."
  81. [12:42:12] <Theta> "The engraved message there must be the one the maniken mentioned earlier."
  82. [12:42:48] * Lenore leeeeans in and squints.
  83. [12:43:31] <Kain> Ammy - what little light is in this room reflects off of something on the table, shiny and plastic.
  84. [12:44:01] <Amaryllis> "I shall look in a second Theta." Ammy holds her lantern closer to the table and picks up the shiny object.
  85. [12:45:09] <Kain> It's an ID card that displays a picture of a very old, grizzled man on it, identifying him as "Admiral Haze"\
  86. [12:45:31] <Kain> There's an odd black strip running across the back of it.
  87. [12:45:56] <Kain> Lenore - can't really make it out... You'd probably have to actually go there! But it looks arcane in origin, you can tell that much.
  88. [12:46:20] <Lenore> "Well, that arcane mark is definitely legit! Can't see it clearly though..."
  89. [12:46:31] * Amaryllis picks it up. "Perhaps we could show this to the sentries to garner safe passage." She squints and looks at Theta and Lenore. "But no one matches the visage printed on this badge."
  90. [12:46:49] <Kain> MEANWHILE WITH NAT
  91. [12:46:59] <Natalie> HYPE
  92. [12:47:04] <Kain> Just how ARE you standing guard, anyway?
  93. [12:47:08] <Kain> Describe your shenanigans.
  94. [12:47:17] <Natalie> By sitting around and not paying attention, duh.
  95. [12:47:25] <Natalie> There was a joke about emeralds up there, it's something like that.
  96. [12:47:53] <Natalie> At the same time, Natty's ready to activate emergency light-diversion and scream at the others if something comes their way.
  97. [12:48:00] <Natalie> Emeralds are really pretty.
  98. [12:48:24] <Kain> WELL THEN guess you don't get an alertness check.
  99. [12:48:59] <Natalie> Of course~
  100. [12:49:08] <Natalie> As in, 'of course not.'
  101. [12:50:24] <Kain> As you're cuddling the emerald, you see something in its reflection a moment. A tiny, spider-like metal creature running at you with... oh shit, there's dozens of them!
  102. [12:50:33] <Kain> Back Attack!
  103. [12:51:03] <Natalie> "... Oh crap that's what I was doing"
  104. [12:51:44] <Kain> The tiny metal spiders, not over a foot high each, seem to have swarmed out of nowhere in huge numbers! And they attempt to combine their electric charge to Taser Nat!
  105. [12:51:54] <Kain> 2d6+6
  106. [12:51:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 13 [2d6=2,5]
  107. [12:52:10] * Natalie gets inthe 'dodge shit' stance but lol it doesn't help, that totally reaches
  108. [12:52:53] <Kain> 107 electrical damage and give me a force check and two finesse checks.
  109. [12:53:02] <Kain> 2d6+2; 2#2d6+5
  110. [12:53:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+2: 12 [2d6=4,6]; 2#2d6+5: 12 [2d6=5,2], 10 [2d6=3,2]
  111. [12:53:12] <Natalie> 2d6+3;2#2d6+8 oh jesus christ
  112. [12:53:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, 2d6+3: 7 [2d6=2,2]; oh jesus christ: 13 [2d6=2,3], 15 [2d6=1,6]
  113. [12:53:33] <Kain> Natalie is put to Sleep!
  114. [12:53:35] <Kain> ....
  115. [12:53:38] <Kain> Fade ouuuut.
  116. [12:53:49] * Natalie snuggles a spiderbot on the way down.
  117. [12:53:54] <Natalie> "Nnnnaptime~"
  118. [12:55:13] <Kain> As the minibots drag Nat off, we look back in on the other three, still looking around the admiral's room.
  119. [12:55:54] <Kain> Seems like you've found pretty much everything of interest in here unless you want to mess with the closed circuit television some more.
  120. [12:56:48] <Theta> "Least we know what we're looking for exactly now, and the security card should help."
  121. [12:57:39] <Lenore> "We should get going!"
  122. [12:57:46] <Amaryllis> "I wonder if there is more wine." Ammy muses to herself before shuffling back to the door.
  123. [13:00:10] <Kain> As you exit, you hear a bit of noise... further down the hallway, a swarm of tiny robots are dragging an unonscious Nat away towards another room. She's cuddling one of the things, it flailing its tiny mechanical legs while being held upside down.
  124. [13:00:28] <Kain> Whoops - in they go.
  125. [13:00:41] <Lenore> "Nat!" She takes off running after Nat!
  126. [13:01:10] <Amaryllis> "Oh bloody hell! This is why I said we should have had more than one guard!" Ammy throws an exasperated look at Theta and Lenore before dashing off to Nat's direction.
  127. [13:01:39] <Theta> "Or we could have moved as one," he shrugs and follows
  128. [13:02:11] <Amaryllis> "Without anyone guarding the door? Then we'd have been ambushed in the room with the swarm."
  129. [13:02:46] <Kain> You all dash after the minibots! The room they went into isn't too far off, but it seems to be locked. There's some kind of box next to the door with a bunch of buttons and a thin thing with a tiny picture of a card with a black strip.
  130. [13:03:30] <Lenore> "...a...card...?"
  131. [13:03:35] <Lenore> "Ammy! The thing!"
  132. [13:03:54] * Amaryllis presses the badge up at the weird box.
  133. [13:04:21] <Kain> You fumble around with it a moment and finally end up swiping the card. The box lights up green, and the door hisses open.
  134. [13:04:32] * castfromphone ( has joined #kaingame
  135. [13:04:38] * castfromphone_ ( Quit (Connection reset by peer)
  136. [13:05:27] <Theta> (gj team puzzle foiled)
  137. [13:05:31] * Theta continues on then
  138. [13:05:42] * Amaryllis rushes on in.
  139. [13:06:47] <Kain> ...inside this room, you see something a bit disturbing. No sign of the spiderbots, but there are a shitton of large glass tubes scattered around the room, each filled with some kind of liquid and... holding young men and women in some sort of suspension, oxygen masks pressed up against their face. The females resemble Herja and Ambrosia, too. Also without exception, each of their eyes are
  140. [13:06:47] <Kain> open, just staring blankly. They wear only a thin, grey jumpsuit of some kind. ....where the hell did Nat get off t- oh wait, there she is, floating asleep in one of the tanks too, still tightly clutching that emerald she bought.
  141. [13:07:03] <Kain> A spiderbot has also been dragged in, unmoving.
  142. [13:07:23] * Amaryllis goes up and SMASHES the tank with Nat.
  143. [13:07:23] <Natalie> 1,1Are they all clothed?
  144. [13:07:38] <Kain> (>They wear only a thin, grey jumpsuit of some kind. )
  145. [13:07:38] <Theta> (nice try lewdtree)
  146. [13:07:42] <Natalie> (I TRIED)
  147. [13:07:44] <Amaryllis> Or rather tries to shatter the glass with her knife.
  148. [13:07:48] <Kain> TINK
  149. [13:07:52] <Kain> TINK TINK TINK TINK
  150. [13:07:55] * Theta looks over the tanks curiously but yeah one with Nat in it is pressing.
  151. [13:07:56] <Amaryllis> (really? no force roll? :<)
  152. [13:07:56] <Kain> roll me some force, Ammy
  153. [13:07:59] * Lenore walks up to the glass. Hmmmm.
  154. [13:08:01] <Amaryllis> 2d6+9
  155. [13:08:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+9: 16 [2d6=4,3]
  156. [13:08:56] <Kain> You finally jab the knife at the thing hard enough to barely chip the glass, and then cracks begin spreading, the tube then shattering as Nat slumps out. You can wake up now, Nat~
  157. [13:09:08] <Natalie> "Nnnn...."
  158. [13:09:20] <Kain> The liquid that pours out seems to be some kind of odd smelling gel.
  159. [13:09:21] * Natalie opens her eyes and closes them again. "... Couple more minutes."
  160. [13:09:37] * Amaryllis gently shakes Nat awake. "Nat, are you alright?"
  161. [13:09:52] * Amaryllis brushes away the gel.
  162. [13:09:54] * Lenore kneels down and picks up some of the liquid and sniff.
  163. [13:10:25] <Kain> Ew. Has a thick metallic scent. ...Seems conductive, though.
  164. [13:10:44] * Amaryllis glances around for any signs of the bots or where they might've retreated to?
  165. [13:11:11] <Lenore> "Hmmm..."
  166. [13:11:16] <Kain> A flap on one of the walls opens, and bots begin skittering out...
  167. [13:11:17] * Lenore tries to take a sample!
  168. [13:11:36] <Kain> Sure is a sample! Unknown Gel found.
  169. [13:12:41] * Natalie wakes up a little more and curves into a goofy grin. "Hehe... I thinnnnnk I'm good. Oopsies~"
  170. [13:12:47] <Lenore> (Is it a key item or a normal item?)
  171. [13:13:05] <Kain> (Eh, key item I suppose)
  172. [13:13:23] <Kain> Suddenly, the room floods with the things as panels on the walls open from every angle!
  173. [13:13:24] <Kain> ...shit.
  174. [13:13:33] <Natalie> With the gel?
  175. [13:13:40] <Kain> No, with the spiderbots!
  176. [13:13:46] <Natalie> Oh, that's not nearly as lewd.
  177. [13:13:52] * Lenore switches her Accessory.
  178. [13:13:55] <Theta> "Well so much for sneaking."
  179. [13:14:25] <Kain> Combat!
  180. [13:14:35] <Kain> Ministorm x5
  181. [13:14:42] <Kain> Theta's Unstoppable activated!
  182. [13:14:51] <Kain> Player turns!
  183. [13:15:28] * Natalie streeeetches and gets in a weird, lazy, one-legged version of the usual stance, woozily wobbling around.
  184. [13:15:30] * Lenore has the bugzapper equipped! She...begins chanting~
  185. [13:17:09] <Theta> (So what exactly are these? Individual robots or swarms?)
  186. [13:17:17] <Natalie> 2d6+4 Shockwave? NOPE! RUBY FLASH (that's execution btw) on one of them instead
  187. [13:17:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, Shockwave? NOPE! RUBY FLASH (that's execution btw) on one of them instead: 11 [2d6=3,4]
  188. [13:17:28] <Kain> There are dozens of these things, so probably safe to say they're swarms~
  189. [13:17:48] <Kain> That's a hit~
  190. [13:17:53] * Amaryllis begins murmuring, preparing an intricate introduction to a spell chant. Black Sky!
  191. [13:18:15] <Natalie> Kyaaa! That's 73 ARM and a debuff then! To make things really obnoxious to calculate, gotta love that.
  192. [13:18:23] <Natalie> Also boost duh
  193. [13:19:01] * Natalie literally just stops wobbling for a second and touches a finger to her ruby, reflecting a portion of the spiderbots as she flicks the finger forward and launches a red flash at them.
  194. [13:19:47] <Kain> The bots stumble backwards a bit bzzzting.
  195. [13:20:05] <Kain> A few of them flat out explode - huh, not very durable individually, are they?
  196. [13:20:31] <Theta> Theta readies his bow and fires at one of the swarms with a leafy arrow at the ground before a group of them!
  197. [13:20:45] <Theta> 2d6+6
  198. [13:20:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 15 [2d6=6,3]
  199. [13:21:13] <Kain> Hit!
  200. [13:21:31] <Theta> A tornado swirls around them! 200% damage to swarm enemies, so 71*2 = 142 wind damage!
  201. [13:22:43] <Kain> The leaves tear into the small group, cutting them apart! More swarm over their buddies' corpses, though...
  202. [13:22:47] <Kain> Enemy turns!
  203. [13:24:04] <Kain> 0,12 Charging from reserves... 50% power charged
  204. [13:24:27] <Kain> A few of them stumble forward and direct a beam at Nat!
  205. [13:24:47] <Kain> It seems to slow down the air around it... Opposed Finesse!
  206. [13:24:55] <Natalie> 2d6+8 fuck slow
  207. [13:24:56] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, fuck slow: 15 [2d6=1,6]
  208. [13:25:06] <Kain> Oh and give me a second one as well
  209. [13:25:07] <Kain> 2d6+5;2d6+6
  210. [13:25:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 13 [2d6=4,4]; 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=2,3]
  211. [13:25:14] <Natalie> 2d6+8 sure!
  212. [13:25:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, sure!: 15 [2d6=4,3]
  213. [13:25:32] <Kain> ...nothing happens! Time speeds up again as the stasis beam fails to hit.
  214. [13:25:44] <Kain> Another one tries one of those taser shots on Theta.
  215. [13:25:48] <Kain> 2d6+6
  216. [13:25:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=4,4]
  217. [13:25:57] <Kain> (Short range)
  218. [13:26:03] <Theta> hits.
  219. [13:26:16] <Kain> One Force, two Finesse then.
  220. [13:26:25] <Kain> 2d6+2;2#2d6+5
  221. [13:26:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+2: 13 [2d6=6,5]; 2#2d6+5: 12 [2d6=5,2], 9 [2d6=3,1]
  222. [13:26:34] <Theta> 2d6+5;2#2d6+4
  223. [13:26:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+5: 13 [2d6=4,4]; 2#2d6+4: 13 [2d6=3,6], 9 [2d6=3,2]
  224. [13:26:43] * Natalie rubs her ruby a bit. Hoo yeah we're gonna need to do something about this. ... Maybe later.
  225. [13:27:08] <Kain> You get shocked for 108 electrical m.arm damage, but you manage to stay awake, unparalyzed, and keep a firm grip on your weapon!
  226. [13:27:41] <Kain> 2d6+6 basic attack on Lenore
  227. [13:27:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, basic attack on Lenore: 14 [2d6=4,4]
  228. [13:27:46] <Lenore> Hits!
  229. [13:27:50] <Kain> 68 arm damage!
  230. [13:28:12] <Kain> 2d6+6 basic attack on Ammy
  231. [13:28:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, basic attack on Ammy: 15 [2d6=4,5]
  232. [13:28:18] <Amaryllis> Hits!
  233. [13:28:21] <Kain> 2d6+6 basic attack on Nat
  234. [13:28:21] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, basic attack on Nat: 9 [2d6=1,2]
  235. [13:28:30] <Kain> 69 arm to Ammy
  236. [13:28:40] <Theta> Well thank got he's Unstoppable and thus has Auto Regen!
  237. [13:28:43] <Natalie> Yeah, that is a total NOPE
  238. [13:28:53] <Kain> The little robots scuttle forward and begin to ram their tiny bodies into you!
  239. [13:28:56] <Kain> Player turns!
  240. [13:29:05] <Amaryllis> The strange floating aegises float up and take the brunt of the blow for Ammy!
  241. [13:30:46] * Natalie unwraps the ribbon she's wearing as a scarf a bit and swaps stances, but quickly gets in a position to where stances don't even MATTER by leaping on Ammy's shoulders and channeling magic into her, Chrono-Trigger style. "Ammy~!"
  242. [13:30:53] <Lenore> "Consuming frost, halt my enemies in their tracks! Let your frosty maw crunch them! Blizzara!"
  243. [13:32:06] <Lenore> 2d6+51 Hitall Ice damage
  244. [13:32:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Hitall Ice damage: 57 [2d6=5,1]
  245. [13:32:08] * Amaryllis finishes her murmuring and holds up her lantern, the air all around the hand holding it wavering and warping from the immense heat radiating from it. Suddenly, the flame turns a deep black. It bursts out as streaks of pure thermal energy through the air, lancing the swarm bots. Quick Cast! Darkside Melt!
  246. [13:32:24] <Amaryllis> *Black Sky too
  247. [13:32:40] <Lenore> And she's got the Bugzapper, so she doees double damage to all them swarms~
  248. [13:32:47] <Natalie> Red wisps wrap around the Meltspell too~
  249. [13:33:37] <Kain> BLAM! Lenore's attack does massive damage to all of the robots! And then a heatwave spreads across them!
  250. [13:33:40] <Amaryllis> 2d6+105 times 1.5 damage when it comes to their turns
  251. [13:33:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, times 1.5 damage when it comes to their turns: 114 [2d6=6,3]
  252. [13:33:49] <Amaryllis> So 171 on their turns
  253. [13:34:13] <Lenore> (Dude, Lenore and Ammy just did Antipode~)
  254. [13:34:18] <Kain> One of the groups shatters into bits! But the rest are still active! Oh shit.
  255. [13:34:35] * Theta shoots at once of the active ones with another leafnado "Buzz off."
  256. [13:34:38] <Theta> 2d6+6
  257. [13:34:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 15 [2d6=3,6]
  258. [13:35:07] <Theta> 72*2 = 144 wind damage!
  259. [13:35:09] <Kain> Hit!
  260. [13:35:25] <Kain> The leaves tear into this group, too, and shred them to pieces!
  261. [13:35:32] * Lenore still has an action! She uses a High Potion on herself~
  262. [13:35:41] <Kain> By the way, I'm saying Unstoppable works against swarms regardless of how many groups of swarms.
  263. [13:35:46] <Kain> because whatever.
  264. [13:35:49] * Natalie stays on top of Ammy and keeps Rubywisping, sending soft red light spiraling around to everybody. Quick Cast! "Nnnn, here, everyone! 4Ruuuuuby Healing!!"
  265. [13:35:56] <Natalie> 2d6+32 cura on all
  266. [13:35:57] <Theta> (Yeah we figured that.)
  267. [13:35:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, cura on all: 36 [2d6=2,2]
  268. [13:36:07] <Kain> plink
  269. [13:36:29] <Kain> The enemy turns!
  270. [13:36:48] <Kain> 0,12 75% power charged
  271. [13:36:49] * Amaryllis teeters a bit but manages to keep Nat on.
  272. [13:37:23] <Kain> One of the groups arranges themselves into a group and emits a particle beam against all of you!
  273. [13:37:32] <Kain> You feel your strength draining away...
  274. [13:37:42] <Kain> 2d6+6 Draining Field
  275. [13:37:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, Draining Field: 13 [2d6=3,4]
  276. [13:38:02] <Kain> Hm
  277. [13:38:07] <Kain> Seal... is that force or finesse
  278. [13:38:19] <Natalie> Force is physical things, seal is SO NOT physical.
  279. [13:38:30] <Kain> Yeah, okay, everyone roll finesse.
  280. [13:38:32] <Kain> 2d6+5
  281. [13:38:33] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+5: 11 [2d6=5,1]
  282. [13:38:39] <Theta> 2d6+4
  283. [13:38:40] <Natalie> 2d6+8 fuck yeah finesse
  284. [13:38:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+4: 10 [2d6=4,2]
  285. [13:38:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, fuck yeah finesse: 16 [2d6=3,5]
  286. [13:38:41] <Lenore> 2d6+4
  287. [13:38:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+4: 9 [2d6=3,2]
  288. [13:38:44] <Amaryllis> 2d6+1 lol
  289. [13:38:45] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, lol: 10 [2d6=6,3]
  290. [13:38:52] <Amaryllis> 1d6 fuck you destiny lol
  291. [13:38:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, fuck you destiny lol: 4 [1d6=4]
  292. [13:39:25] * Natalie sniffsniffs. "Huh, feels kinda weird..."
  293. [13:39:39] <Natalie> "But not... really?"
  294. [13:39:49] <Kain> Theta and Lenore get Sealed, then, and everyone that got hit by the 13 acc roll takes 67 m.arm damage and a -2 acc penalty for one round.
  295. [13:40:18] <Lenore> " head hurts..."
  296. [13:40:47] <Theta> "...Oh shit."
  297. [13:40:54] * Natalie headtilts a bit. "Um okay Lenny, stay back. I got this!"
  298. [13:41:12] <Kain> (By the way, tree, 1,1all of these attacks except basic were reflectable, I did that just for you )
  299. [13:41:14] * Amaryllis takes a calm breath and manages to maintain focused.
  300. [13:41:23] <Natalie> (I hate everything)
  301. [13:41:48] <Theta> (HE WAS TALKIN ALLLL THAT GOOD SHIT)
  302. [13:42:38] <Lenore> "'re...oh that!" She uses her 1/per battle equip switch to grab on to the Earth Crystal.
  303. [13:42:45] <Kain> Oh wait
  304. [13:42:50] <Kain> Yeah what am I doing
  305. [13:43:00] <Natalie> Is it still enemy turns?
  306. [13:43:10] <Kain> There's two more groups left, let's see...
  307. [13:43:19] <Kain> 2d6+6 basic attack against Ammy
  308. [13:43:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, basic attack against Ammy: 15 [2d6=6,3]
  309. [13:43:27] <Amaryllis> hits!
  310. [13:43:45] <Kain> 89 arm damage.
  311. [13:43:53] <Kain> Their attacks are getting stronger...?
  312. [13:43:59] <Natalie> oh dear
  313. [13:44:10] <Kain> 2d6+6 against Nat
  314. [13:44:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, against Nat: 13 [2d6=6,1]
  315. [13:44:20] <Kain> And 87 if that hit~
  316. [13:44:21] <Natalie> ah fuck that hits
  317. [13:44:25] <Natalie> AND DOWN
  318. [13:44:30] * Amaryllis is caught off guard by the bits of the swarm that bust through her shields and assault her.
  319. [13:44:46] <Lenore> (...and I can't res her due to Seal)
  320. [13:44:52] * Natalie slumps over on top of Ammy. Lewd.
  321. [13:45:09] <Lenore> (...yet.)
  322. [13:45:09] <Amaryllis> "Nat!" Ammy quickly lays Nat down behind her and takes up a protective stance.
  323. [13:46:01] <Kain> Player turrrrrns~
  324. [13:46:07] * Lenore grabs a phoenix down out of her hat and slams it down on Nat!
  325. [13:46:33] * Natalie springs up. "Oh nevermind, totally fine!"
  326. [13:46:47] <Lenore> (You don't get the bonus healing though, due to Seal.)
  327. [13:47:10] * Natalie teeters around in a 'what was I doing again...?' sort of way before looking to Ammy.
  328. [13:47:13] * Amaryllis grabs Nat's hand and helps pull her up. "We have to end this now, before they are fully charged."
  329. [13:47:28] <Natalie> "Okay! Throw me in the middle of 'em!"
  330. [13:48:01] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3 darkside nightsword teamwork
  331. [13:48:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, darkside nightsword teamwork: 9 [2d6=3,3]
  332. [13:48:18] <Natalie> 2d6+4 SHOCK FUCKIN' WAVE! Assuming the penalty got negated due to KO
  333. [13:48:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, SHOCK FUCKIN' WAVE! Assuming the penalty got negated due to KO: 8 [2d6=1,3]
  334. [13:48:26] <Natalie> 1d6 DW reroll on the 1
  335. [13:48:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, DW reroll on the 1: 5 [1d6=5]
  336. [13:48:33] <Amaryllis> 2d6 checking blade reroll
  337. [13:48:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, checking blade reroll: 4 [2d6=3,1]
  338. [13:49:02] <Kain> 9 doesn't hit, you better think of something fast!
  339. [13:49:06] <Amaryllis> 1d6 on the 3
  340. [13:49:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, on the 3: 6 [1d6=6]
  341. [13:49:09] <Kain> BAM
  342. [13:49:12] <Natalie> bisonyes.mp3
  343. [13:49:16] <Kain> Synchro
  344. [13:49:39] <Natalie> 62 Earth ARM on all of 'em!
  345. [13:49:45] * Lenore is healed by the Shockwave and then hit by the Shadeblade, but whatev
  346. [13:49:47] <Kain> rrrrrrrrrrrumble
  347. [13:49:49] <Amaryllis> 156 shadow arm to one
  348. [13:49:54] <Amaryllis> (there was no shadeblade)
  349. [13:49:57] <Lenore> (...oh there wasn't a shadeblade)
  350. [13:49:58] <Natalie> (goof)
  351. [13:50:05] <Amaryllis> (heals 50%)
  352. [13:50:42] <Kain> Describe how you finish them all off!
  353. [13:50:53] * Amaryllis launches Nat into the air first!
  354. [13:50:56] * Natalie leaps in Ammy's arms for a toss!
  355. [13:51:05] <Natalie> Fortunately Ammy's player is the one who types lengthy paragraphs!
  356. [13:52:32] <Amaryllis> Fuck off Tree. Ammy waits for Nat's shockwave to come down, flinging spiders up in the air where they're suddenly impaled from below by shadowy spikes of energy. The spikes burst into small bubbles that return to Ammy, rejuvenating her.
  357. [13:53:04] <Kain> ~bubbles~
  358. [13:53:11] * Natalie does this by conjuring up a bunch of laserballs and slamming them all downward as she rises into the air in a way that would make Akira Toriyama blush.
  359. [13:53:52] <Kain> Just because I always go LAST TIME ON DRAGONBALL Z...
  360. [13:54:01] <Natalie> DEAL W/ IT
  361. [13:54:27] <Kain> The robots erupt into a wave of red light energy and inexplicably black bubbles.
  362. [13:54:43] <Kain> And when the light fades, none of them remain.
  363. [13:54:54] <Kain> Victory!
  364. [13:56:08] <Natalie> "Nnnn... that was kinda tough." Nat does her new victory pose which is just tossing the ribbon to wrap it around herself and sighing.
  365. [13:56:52] <Kain> Received 1 experience! Found an echo screen!
  366. [13:57:54] * Theta slings the bow back across his back. "So. Uh. I guess this is the storage facility..."
  367. [13:58:05] <Theta> "Sort of cozy."
  368. [13:58:22] <Kain> The manikens float in the nearby tanks a bit creepily, with their eyes staring out into space.
  369. [13:58:23] <Natalie> "Yeah! It was a nice place for a nap!"
  370. [13:58:30] * Natalie totally forgets about the HEATED COMBAT they just had.
  371. [13:58:37] * Amaryllis takes a deep breath and gingerly wipes off her darkside wounds. "We will not last long if another swarm ambushes us."
  372. [13:58:38] * Lenore staaares at the manikens. "D-do you think they want to be let out?"
  373. [13:59:48] <Theta> "I don't believe they are awake."
  374. [13:59:50] <Theta> He shrugs.
  375. [14:00:23] <Lenore> "...oh. I-if you say so."
  376. [14:00:43] <Kain> The room has a few.... weird consoles vaguely recognizable as computer systems, even though they barely resemble anything like the Terran systems you found at Oeilvert.
  377. [14:01:07] <Amaryllis> "If the earlier manikens were any indication, they are likely kept here to preserve energy for the ship."
  378. [14:01:18] <Natalie> "Umm, why did they wanna bring me here, though?" Nat headtilts. "Do I really look like them?"
  379. [14:02:08] <Kain> On a closer look, some of the manikens are generic anime colored hair - blues and greens and purples...
  380. [14:02:13] <Kain> *have
  381. [14:02:28] <Natalie> Do they have jewels on their foreheads?
  382. [14:02:34] <Lenore> "Maybe it's because of your hair...? I dunno'!"
  383. [14:02:37] * Natalie wanders around looking at each of them, examining their foreheads.
  384. [14:02:51] <Theta> "I am unsure...if that were the case it seems unlikely they would attack you, unless they believed 'you' shouldn't be activated at the moment."
  385. [14:02:58] <Kain> They don't! But maybe Nat is such a generic anime moeblob that they mistook her for one.
  386. [14:03:04] <Natalie> Fair enough.
  387. [14:03:06] <Theta> "Probably safest to return here after the security has been completely disabled."
  388. [14:03:48] <Natalie> "Mmmaybe. I kinda turned my powers off and forgot when they got me. Whoops!"
  389. [14:03:57] <Natalie> "As long as I keep that on..."
  390. [14:04:12] <Kain> There are a few vacated tanks, but not many - they all seem to be together, except... well, Nat's was vacated, wasn't it? Hers wasn't anywhere near the others though.
  391. [14:04:22] * Amaryllis looks around the room for control consoles and whatnot.
  392. [14:04:54] <Kain> Sure are some controls are on the aforementioned consoles.
  393. [14:05:10] <Kain> Roll me a systems check if you're gonna mess around. :3
  394. [14:05:11] * Amaryllis looks to see if anything on them makes sense to her :V
  395. [14:05:16] <Amaryllis> 2d6 just looking
  396. [14:05:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, just looking: 10 [2d6=5,5]
  397. [14:05:26] * Natalie does that thing JRPGs do where one of the characters does an action that keeps repeating over and over until you press X to skip the text. In this case it's swirling a finger around her ruby and making another convex barrier.
  398. [14:06:17] <Kain> The words are recognizable at least. You tap around the console and it seems to have a small database on the manikens as well as controls for opening the tanks.
  399. [14:06:33] <Amaryllis> Database!
  400. [14:06:40] * Theta gives it a look over as well while we're here
  401. [14:06:43] <Theta> 2d6+4 systems
  402. [14:06:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, systems: 10 [2d6=2,4]
  403. [14:06:50] * Lenore also gives lookovers
  404. [14:07:01] <Lenore> 2d6+2 Systems
  405. [14:07:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Systems: 14 [2d6=6,6]
  406. [14:07:06] * Kain squints
  407. [14:07:09] <Anise> (damn)
  408. [14:07:18] <Kain> Clearly learning from her mastery of machines at Oeilvert
  409. [14:07:30] <Natalie> >implying not LIGHTNINGING shit until it works
  410. [14:07:31] <Kain> Lenore taps some random buttons and somehow gives you all administrator access to the console.
  411. [14:07:51] <Lenore> "I...I think I did something good! Right?"
  412. [14:08:47] * Theta squints. Well alright he guesses.
  413. [14:08:58] <Kain> The database offers basic information about the manikens, their roles, their history...
  414. [14:09:09] * Amaryllis raises an eyebrow so hard.
  415. [14:09:10] <Kain> What would you like to know?
  416. [14:09:36] <Amaryllis> Roles!
  417. [14:09:44] <Natalie> "Hnnn... okay, I'll actually hide us for real now!"
  418. [14:09:45] <Amaryllis> Actually history first
  419. [14:09:47] * Natalie does eidolomagix shit
  420. [14:10:08] * Lenore randomly typed "Wild Rose" when the prompt came up~
  421. [14:10:28] <Kain> Ding ding, admin password~
  422. [14:12:05] <Amaryllis> (Kain can we shove Theta into one of the tanks and have him use Water Geotrance?)
  423. [14:12:22] <Amaryllis> (or just sort of push him down into the gel that's spilled onto the ground)
  424. [14:12:32] <Amaryllis> (we'll move the glass out of the way first~)
  425. [14:12:45] <Kain> ಠ_ಠ
  426. [14:13:11] <Kain> (Remember kids)
  427. [14:13:17] <Kain> (Bathe your geomancers to stay healthy)
  428. [14:14:47] <Kain> It says that Manikins are artificial beings that were originally created by one "Cid of the Lufaine", and were originally involved in some ancient war. No particular details are given about that whole mess, but they seem to be templated on people that actually existed at some point, and now (then?) serve as programmable servants.
  429. [14:14:51] <Amaryllis> (so so so can we dunk Theta in the bathtub i nthe private bathroom in the office and do that? :D)
  430. [14:15:33] <Kain> (No)
  431. [14:15:36] <Amaryllis> Is that Cid name recognizable to Ammy at all?
  432. [14:15:57] <Kain> Sure is a popular boy's name. Nope, you've never even heard of Lufaine, whatever that is.
  433. [14:16:09] <Lenore> "Looo...faaaaine?"
  434. [14:16:20] <Kain> Where the hell did all of this come from?
  435. [14:16:25] <Natalie> Is there a way to peek out the door into the hallways? To like, see if there are more giant spiders or something?
  436. [14:16:47] <Theta> (Wait this stuff is written in Gaian? hm)
  437. [14:17:32] <Kain> As for their roles, seems like they're used on the enterprise as a plethora of different positions - maids, bartenders, maintenance, pilots, engineers...
  438. [14:17:51] <Kain> It's a language readable like Gaian, at least.
  439. [14:17:59] <Amaryllis> "I have not heard of such a name, but it is incredibly odd for this to be written in our language, nevermind in a form so unchanged from modern dialects."
  440. [14:18:06] <Amaryllis> Er
  441. [14:18:14] * Theta takes note of this for a bit later. "Well, we know where this is."
  442. [14:18:19] <Amaryllis> Scratch that last part if it's kind of archaic-looking
  443. [14:18:23] <Theta> "But those security devices are the more pressing matter."
  444. [14:18:34] <Kain> It doesn't seem archaic at all.
  445. [14:18:36] <Kain> Weird.
  446. [14:18:44] <Natalie> (kain run maidRPG where we all play as manikens hundreds/thousands of years ago)
  447. [14:19:01] <Amaryllis> What roles do the ones in these tanks seem to be assigned to?
  448. [14:19:30] <Kain> (I would but its joke appeal wouldn't last that long to be viable after the game :V)
  449. [14:19:47] <Natalie> (so would)
  450. [14:19:49] <Kain> The particular tanks you're near? Maidservants.
  451. [14:20:09] * Amaryllis press open tanks
  452. [14:20:13] <Lenore> "So these area ll maids?"
  453. [14:20:32] <Kain> Hiss....
  454. [14:20:37] * Natalie rubbed off on Ammy too much, it seems. OH DEAR.
  455. [14:20:42] <Amaryllis> "The ones we met earlier were not allowed to bring the refugees anything."
  456. [14:20:51] <Amaryllis> "However, if these are servants, perhaps they will be more inclined to bring us supplies."
  457. [14:21:15] <Kain> The tanks begin to unseal themselves, raising the glass, and the liquids and manikens both just sort of pour out. They flop lifelessly onto the floor, disentangled from their oxygen masks, and just stare blankly where they fall.
  458. [14:21:21] <Amaryllis> "And they will be able to traverse these halls safely to do so as we search for the security system and bridge."
  459. [14:21:47] * Amaryllis stoops down to examine one of them, trying to gently shake them awake.
  460. [14:21:58] <Natalie> "Huh?" Nat stops spying out the door and turns around, actually alarmed by lots of bodies flopping out.
  461. [14:22:04] <Kain> The liquid is drained from the floor into some sort of cavity near the tank.
  462. [14:22:09] <Theta> "Assuming they can be awaken."
  463. [14:22:19] <Kain> Shakeshakeshake...
  464. [14:22:20] * Natalie :<s and walks over. "It was really comfy in there!"
  465. [14:22:20] <Kain> ....
  466. [14:22:21] <Kain> ....
  467. [14:22:24] <Kain> nothin'
  468. [14:22:25] <Lenore> "E-eh, isn't this a little hasty...?"
  469. [14:22:38] <Natalie> "Maybe they want to keep napping..."
  470. [14:22:44] <Lenore> "Didn't one of the others say they couldn't spare the power to wake up the other ones?"
  471. [14:22:51] <Kain> They don't seem to be at home.
  472. [14:23:00] <Amaryllis> "But the machine clearly allowed us to now." Ammy frowns.
  473. [14:23:16] <Lenore> "You opened the tanks but you didn't necessarily wake them up! I think."
  474. [14:23:28] * Theta nods in agreement with Lenore.
  475. [14:23:36] * Natalie uses anime loli strongth to life them back up and let the ones that haven't moved yet sit back in their chambers. That seems to be all of them.
  476. [14:23:48] <Kain> They sit nicely in the open tanks.
  477. [14:23:58] * Amaryllis thinks about that. "...Sod it, can we put them back in then?" Ammy guiltily tries to put one back into a tank with the mask on.
  478. [14:24:09] <Natalie> One step ahead of you~
  479. [14:24:29] <Natalie> "If I knew how to wake 'em up I'd help, but..."
  480. [14:24:30] * Lenore facepalms.
  481. [14:24:51] <Kain> they don't seem to need the masks outside of the tanks, but you can fit it back on anyway.
  482. [14:25:12] <Theta> "This could get quite morbid if the chambers sustained their vital systems. Uh..."
  483. [14:25:38] <Amaryllis> "...Well, can we make the machines do that again?" Ammy droops in guilt.
  484. [14:26:25] * Theta looks over this console briefly.
  485. [14:26:34] * Natalie handhips. "Nnn... they'll probably be fine! They tried to put me in there and I didn't actually need it, so they probably just had it to be comfy..."
  486. [14:26:50] <Natalie> "Come on, let's go do that thing we were doing!"
  487. [14:27:15] * Lenore dragammy. "Let's goooooo"
  488. [14:27:34] * Amaryllis shakes Lenore off. "Hold on."
  489. [14:27:50] * Amaryllis joins Theta in looking at the console again.
  490. [14:28:07] * Natalie exits the room and projects the HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT barrier.
  491. [14:28:09] <Kain> It seems like you can restart the tanks, though it warns the masks should be fastened and all limbs should be inside.
  492. [14:28:32] * Amaryllis double-checks the tanks before restarting.
  493. [14:29:00] <Kain> They slide down again and the tanks refill from the collected and strained sludge. The one Nat was in just spills gel onto the floor again.
  494. [14:29:10] <Natalie> Lewd.
  495. [14:29:31] <Kain> In the meantime, Nat sees...
  496. [14:29:35] <Theta> "...So, uh."
  497. [14:29:36] <Lenore> "...well, okay..."
  498. [14:29:43] <Kain> One of the larger bots patrolling the hallway. Or rather, the back of it.
  499. [14:29:43] <Theta> "Yeah that supply room and the security room."
  500. [14:30:14] * Natalie watches which direction it goes and makes a note to take the others in the OPPOSITE direction. ... If she can remember that long.
  501. [14:30:25] <Kain> It stomps around, occasionally stopping to scan the hallway in front of it.
  502. [14:30:41] <Kain> Seems to be going the way you guys just came.
  503. [14:31:00] <Natalie> ... Okay maybe that's a problem.
  504. [14:31:07] <Kain> In fact, if it keeps going that direction it'll probably start heading around the other side in a counterclockwise patrol.
  505. [14:31:22] <Kain> According to the map, anyway.
  506. [14:31:47] <Natalie> Hmm, does it seem like it's in danger of heading toward the storage room with the rats n' friends?
  507. [14:32:05] <Kain> It's heading that direction, definitely. But does it go into rooms? You dunno.
  508. [14:32:28] <Natalie> Eh good enough!
  509. [14:32:37] * Natalie retracts into the room. "Um, guys?"
  510. [14:32:43] <Amaryllis> "Yes, Nat?"
  511. [14:32:56] <Natalie> "There's something going the way we came... it's uh, pretty big, you know?"
  512. [14:33:21] <Natalie> "There were some people that way, weren't there? Are they gonna be okay?"
  513. [14:33:26] <Theta> "So it's walking past us, then?"
  514. [14:33:36] * Natalie nods. "Yeah, but..."
  515. [14:33:38] <Natalie> "..."
  516. [14:33:41] <Theta> "If so we should hurry the other way. I imagine they would be fine given they have been here for a while."
  517. [14:33:44] <Lenore> "Oh dear, we'd better be careful, then."
  518. [14:33:49] <Amaryllis> "Has it checked any of the storage rooms it has passed?"
  519. [14:33:50] <Natalie> "Oh, okay!"
  520. [14:33:52] <Amaryllis> "It certainly did not check this room."
  521. [14:34:05] * Natalie headtilts to the side. "I don't think I saw it checking any, but..."
  522. [14:34:15] <Amaryllis> "And if it has been patrolling the rooms as well, I doubt they would have been able to survive that in that room as long as they have."
  523. [14:34:30] <Natalie> "Nnn, okay. Just thought I'd check."
  524. [14:34:57] * Natalie points in the opposite direction it went. "If we don't wanna run into it we should go thattaway, though."
  525. [14:35:03] <Natalie> "... Pretty sure that's the right way."
  526. [14:35:11] * Amaryllis nods and begins shuffling down that way.
  527. [14:35:22] <Amaryllis> After a quick check of the map to verify that is indeed the right way.
  528. [14:35:42] * Natalie brushes her hair out of her eyes and rubylights their path.
  529. [14:35:51] <Kain> The storage room isn't too far at this point.
  530. [14:36:13] <Kain> Oh yeah, forgot. You guys got 1200 gil from that fight.
  531. [14:36:17] <Natalie> Each?
  532. [14:36:22] <Kain> yep
  533. [14:36:24] <Natalie> Kyaaa.
  534. [14:36:31] <Kain> rich little spiderbots
  535. [14:36:38] * Theta nods, hurrying along the pathway then
  536. [14:36:46] <Natalie> But we can't scavenge date rape tasers from them?
  537. [14:36:47] <Amaryllis> Add my money to your sheet Tree.
  538. [14:36:53] <Natalie> k~
  539. [14:37:01] * Kain slaps
  540. [14:37:27] <Kain> The lines in the corners of the hallways are pulsating strongly as you near the front of the ship. The significance of this, unknown. But you've been in the clear so far.
  541. [14:38:01] <Kain> *supply room, not storage
  542. [14:38:23] <Lenore> "Hmmm, interesting..."
  543. [14:38:34] <Kain> Soon enough, you see a door marked "Food Storage" across from a sort of cafeteria.
  544. [14:39:04] * Lenore opens the door!
  545. [14:39:48] <Kain> Zooooom, goes the door. Inside is alarmingly cold when you enter. The walls and floor are also slick with frozen condensation.
  546. [14:40:11] <Kain> You see a number of large metal crates scattered around the room, and a collapsed Nezumi near the back.
  547. [14:40:22] <Kain> His hand is tightly clutching something.
  548. [14:40:39] <Amaryllis> Before proceeding to the back, Ammy quickly looks around to see what could have knocked him out.
  549. [14:40:41] <Natalie> IS HE DEAD?
  550. [14:40:41] * Lenore runs over to the nezumi guy oh my god is he all right?
  551. [14:40:47] <Natalie> 2d6+1 stand back I have healing
  552. [14:40:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, stand back I have healing: 9 [2d6=5,3]
  553. [14:40:49] <Amaryllis> Or if there are signs of injury visible from from here.
  554. [14:41:16] <Kain> ....well, he's alive, just passed out. Oh, his leg is broken.
  555. [14:41:49] <Kain> Seems to be a little burned around that spot too.
  556. [14:42:02] * Natalie quickly makes sure to let everyone know. "... Um, he looks kinda hurt."
  557. [14:42:12] <Amaryllis> (look carefully Tree - this is the fate of all Treegirls)
  558. [14:42:34] <Natalie> (I will crush your tiny bones)
  559. [14:42:53] * Theta looks over the rest of the kitchen while they tend to this Nezumi.
  560. [14:43:12] <Theta> (he didn't burn himself on the stovetop while making mac and cheese did he)
  561. [14:43:18] * Amaryllis is still looking for threats - or maybe the guy just crawled in here after being attacked. Is there a trail of blood from the door or the like?
  562. [14:43:34] <Kain> This isn't a kitchen, this is a food storage!
  563. [14:43:50] <Theta> (Oh right.)
  564. [14:43:52] <Natalie> Somebody should actually check to see what he's holding. Screw it, Nat'll do it.
  566. [14:44:01] <Kain> No blood, but there are bits of fur and burnt flesh that scraped off his leg.
  567. [14:44:25] <Amaryllis> "He must have crawled in after being assaulted. Which means the sentries do not check the rooms."
  568. [14:44:50] <Kain> It's... a bag of seeds? Maybe he intended to bring them back and plant them so the nezumi could have sustainable food forever until they were res-wait, no.
  569. [14:44:53] <Kain> This is a bag of sunflower seeds.
  570. [14:45:13] <Lenore> (CALLED)
  571. [14:45:15] <Lenore> (IT)
  572. [14:45:23] <Kain> And he's been eating them, from the looks of it.
  573. [14:45:34] <Kain> He groans as people mill about him.
  574. [14:45:39] <Natalie> Oh, they're sunflower seeds. He's a hamsterman.
  575. [14:45:47] <Kain> Nezumi: "Huh? Whosat? They send someone...?"
  576. [14:45:48] <Amaryllis> "Don't move - your leg is broken."
  577. [14:45:58] * Natalie maybe gives him a tinge of rubyhealing and backs off from the hamsterman, covering her forehead.
  578. [14:46:05] * Amaryllis looks around for something to use to splint it - maybe parts of a box?
  579. [14:46:11] <Kain> "Yeah, ow... yeah, I know. ...Who are you all? I don't recognize you... Thanks."
  580. [14:46:28] <Natalie> With a bandage that is.
  581. [14:46:32] <Kain> Looking around, you see a crate was pried open and a bunch of bags torn open.
  582. [14:46:32] <Natalie> Gotta hate those things.
  583. [14:46:38] <Lenore> "Oh! I'm glad you're all right! We just got here and heard there were people who went out, so we went to check if you were okay!"
  584. [14:46:44] <Lenore> "...wasn't there someone else, too?
  585. [14:46:45] <Lenore> "
  586. [14:46:46] <Natalie> ... Nah screw it she's lazy at this point, just bangs'll do it.
  587. [14:46:50] <Kain> He bites his lip as you put a BANDAGE on a BURN WOUND
  588. [14:46:55] <Kain> (Oh)
  589. [14:46:56] <Kain> (Wait)
  590. [14:46:58] <Kain> (Misread that)
  591. [14:47:03] <Natalie> (yeah that was 'on my forehead')
  592. [14:47:04] <Kain> (Nevermind <:3)
  593. [14:47:04] <Natalie> (silly)
  594. [14:47:06] * Amaryllis shuffles off to the crate and starts cutting up the crate box into splints.
  595. [14:47:11] <Amaryllis> *crate top
  596. [14:47:40] <Kain> It's made of metal - but Ammy is strong and can Melt the cratetop if needed to break it up into strips.
  597. [14:47:56] <Lenore> Or Lenore could Fire it!
  598. [14:48:03] <Natalie> Or Natty could...
  599. [14:48:04] <Kain> Roll me a Healing check of your own, or have Nat roll another one.
  600. [14:48:05] <Natalie> ....
  601. [14:48:06] <Natalie> ;_;
  602. [14:48:32] <Kain> Nat eased the pain but setting the splint is a different story. :3c
  603. [14:48:41] <Amaryllis> I was going for super sharp snowflake knife but that works too. She finishes cutting up the top into splints with the aid of her melt magic and then hands them off to Nat.
  604. [14:49:01] <Theta> "We could help carry the supplies you were gathering back, but we plan to disable the security here first. What exactly attacked you on this level?"
  605. [14:49:13] <Natalie> 2d6+1 Alright, Nat can do it... with a bit of awkwardness because I am amnesia and what is this healing thing
  606. [14:49:13] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, Alright, Nat can do it... with a bit of awkwardness because I am amnesia and what is this healing thing: 9 [2d6=4,4]
  607. [14:49:28] <Kain> Nezumi: "A really big one. Not the things that normally patrol the halls."
  608. [14:49:46] <Lenore> "A really big one...?"
  609. [14:50:15] <Kain> Nezumi: "Yeah... makes the patrolers look like shrimps, I dunno how it even fits inside."
  610. [14:50:21] <Natalie> what do you mean 'bandage and patch wounds,' healing is supposed to be something you just yank out of the fabric of the universe and cram into people to make them feel better
  611. [14:50:30] * Natalie certainly tries anyway though!
  612. [14:50:56] <Kain> The nezumi bites his lip as you set the leg and relaxes a bit afterwards.
  613. [14:50:58] <Amaryllis> "In that case, maybe it can be trapped in a hallway."
  614. [14:52:08] <Theta> "How far was that from here?"
  615. [14:52:22] <Kain> Nezumi: "It used some kind of... beam of light to hit my leg. I heard a hiss, felt my leg on fire, and then it snapped, all in the course of a second. I barely managed to drag myself in here, and I've been having to eat these snacks until someone came." ;-;
  616. [14:52:25] <Natalie> "There you go! Nnnn, that felt weird to do, hope it works." The uguu moeblob finishes healing and sits up, stretching.
  617. [14:52:39] * Lenore cringes at the description. "I'm glad you're all right!"
  618. [14:52:52] <Kain> Nezumi: "Further down a bit, I uh, entered the wrong room. Near the front."
  619. [14:53:01] <Amaryllis> "A beam of light that burns and crushes all at once?"
  620. [14:53:21] <Theta> "Oh. Well. Uh."
  621. [14:53:32] <Theta> "This is going to be a pain then isn't it."
  622. [14:56:27] * Amaryllis glances around. Anything look useful in here aside from food?
  623. [14:56:33] <Amaryllis> (or any healing foods or the like)
  624. [14:56:39] <Lenore> "That sounds...oh my..."
  625. [14:56:54] <Kain> Nezumi: "Thank you so much..."
  626. [14:57:13] <Kain> Yeah, you don't see anything in here except bags and boxes labeled with food-sounding names.
  627. [14:57:50] <Kain> And the occasional canteen.
  628. [14:58:00] <Lenore> Oh well! 1,1Nat should still scavenge.
  629. [14:58:03] <Kain> "Freeze dried ice cream" "Orange soda" "Microwavable calzone"
  630. [14:58:14] <Kain> What are these things even
  631. [14:58:29] <Theta> (WHOOO LOVES ORANGE SODA)
  632. [14:58:35] <Kain> (KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA)
  633. [14:58:37] <Anise> (I want a calzone ;_;)
  634. [14:58:39] <Natalie> "Oh, that's no big deal!" Nat nods matter-of-factly and points the direction the robot went. "The big one went thattaway so if you don't run into it you'll probably be.... oh yeah, walking is kinda hard, huh."
  635. [14:58:48] <Natalie> (goddamnit so do I, I think I'll go get one after this)
  636. [14:59:02] <Theta> "I imagine you ducked into the security room. So seems we will have to deal with this mechanism as well."
  637. [14:59:19] <Amaryllis> "Stay here until we return for you. That's what I would suggest."
  638. [14:59:22] <Kain> Nezumi: "Be careful, alright?"
  639. [14:59:30] <Lenore> "Hey guys, I have an idea!
  640. [14:59:35] <Natalie> "Nnn?"
  641. [14:59:38] <Kain> The nezumi groans and leans against the wall, holding his spear.
  642. [14:59:45] <Kain> ...
  643. [14:59:52] <Natalie> ALL RATPEOPLE USE SPEARS?
  644. [14:59:53] <Kain> not in a lewd way
  645. [14:59:55] <Natalie> YOU'RE FUCKING RACIST
  646. [15:00:03] <Kain> ALL DRAGOONS DO
  647. [15:00:09] <Natalie> AND ALL RATS ARE DRAGOONS?
  648. [15:00:10] <Natalie> RACIST
  649. [15:00:14] <Kain> and this guy seems to be a dragon knight scout.
  650. [15:00:21] <Lenore> "What if we waited in a room until that thing passed by, and I mean, I know we'd be able to tell since it should make a lot of noise, right? But anyway, if we waited for it to pass by and then surprise attacked it from teh back! If it's as big as he's saying, wouldn't it have a hard time turning around?"
  651. [15:00:24] <Natalie> All dragon knights are dragoons?
  652. [15:00:26] <Natalie> ... okay I'll stop
  653. [15:00:38] <Kain> drag on dragoon
  654. [15:00:42] <Natalie> ;_;
  655. [15:00:44] <Amaryllis> "It sounds as if the one he encountered was not patrolling."
  656. [15:00:58] <Lenore> "...oh right."
  657. [15:01:02] <Theta> "I imagine it's just a large one sitting in the security room, to, well, secure it."
  658. [15:01:13] <Natalie> "Oh, so there are a bunch of them?"
  659. [15:01:15] * Amaryllis nods at Theta.
  660. [15:01:37] <Kain> Nezumi: "Just the big one... and some of those little spiders." Shiver.
  661. [15:02:17] <Natalie> "Okay then!" Well if nobody else does anything the catgirl gets up and ready to head out. "Well we'll probably be fine, let's just go do the thing we were gonna do and come back, 'kay?"
  662. [15:02:19] <Amaryllis> "We should get healed before proceeding then."
  663. [15:02:20] <Lenore> "I guess there's no way to surprise it, then..."
  664. [15:02:32] <Kain> (Welp)
  665. [15:02:38] <Lenore> "Nat! Healing! I'll give you a drink to make you feel better! Maybe."
  666. [15:02:38] <Kain> (Tornado siren is blowing outside)
  667. [15:02:43] <Amaryllis> (didn't we get a moogle flute?)
  668. [15:02:43] <Natalie> (cute)
  669. [15:02:54] <Natalie> (it just went by where I live... like, this morning)
  670. [15:03:01] <Lenore> (We do have a TENT)
  671. [15:03:15] <Kain> Yep! The moogle flute supposedly works anywhere you can see the sunlight, according to the moogle you got it from.
  672. [15:03:55] <Kain> Well, there aren't any windows in here, but the bridge has a view outside, right? And it's right across from the security room, according to the map.
  673. [15:04:08] <Lenore> (oh my)
  674. [15:04:09] <Natalie> The real question is, does it have a save point?
  675. [15:04:30] <Kain> (Tents are save points dumpass)
  676. [15:04:36] <Natalie> (lel)
  677. [15:05:07] <Theta> "...Hm."
  678. [15:05:26] <Kain> (Okay yeah we're on a tornado watch)
  679. [15:05:31] <Kain> (I might have to leave at some point)
  680. [15:05:34] <Amaryllis> (watch, not warning, right?)
  681. [15:05:42] <Kain> (Yeah, just watch at this point)
  682. [15:05:54] <Theta> "Not sure how to proceedm myself then. It'd be risky to enter in injured but..."
  683. [15:05:56] <Amaryllis> (okay, well, stay safe if it turns into warning man)
  684. [15:06:06] <Natalie> (it's okay, tornadoes aren't real)
  685. [15:06:15] <Natalie> (power outages are though, I had one this morning)
  686. [15:06:20] <Amaryllis> "We should call a Moogle. We still have one of their tents, do we not?"
  687. [15:06:34] * Amaryllis is also secretly really curious which Moogle will find its way up here and how~
  688. [15:07:05] <Natalie> "Yeah, I could try to help, but it miiiiight not be enough by myself..."
  689. [15:07:58] <Theta> "Where would we find one HERE?"
  690. [15:08:16] <Amaryllis> "The flute we have should call them. It is worth a try." Ammy shrugs.
  691. [15:08:36] <Lenore> "Well, I've got a tent, so let's head over, okay!"
  692. [15:08:41] * Lenore skips ahead~
  693. [15:08:43] * Amaryllis begins to shuffle to the door, looking for signs of GUARDIAN ROBUTT before proceeding down toward wherever it seems there would be windows.
  694. [15:08:48] * Natalie also skips ahead!
  695. [15:08:52] <Natalie> BARRIER ON
  696. [15:09:15] <Kain> The hallway seems clear for now... gee this sure is a boring sneaking mission.
  697. [15:09:44] <Kain> There aren't any windows in the halls, though the map indicates the bridge or the observational decks should have them. The bridge is the closer of those.
  698. [15:10:08] * Theta follows along ready to book it when METAL GEAR shows up
  699. [15:10:10] <Amaryllis> A discreet glance in then to see if the bridge is guarded.
  700. [15:10:21] <Kain> ...doesn't seem to be.
  701. [15:10:23] <Natalie> Good thing we used a bunch of holy bottles before traversing this dungeon! ... What do you mean this game doesn't hav eholy bottles?
  702. [15:10:38] <Kain> The green pulsing lines that have been winding through the hallways seem to head into the bridge.
  703. [15:11:07] <Lenore> ~~~
  704. [15:11:27] <Amaryllis> If all seems to be clear, then Ammy heads into the bridge.
  705. [15:12:09] * Natalie heads in front, rubymagicing the whole way.
  706. [15:13:17] <Kain> Inside is the same area you saw on the admiral's screen, that is, a large area with multple floor tiers, a place where the captain/admiral presumably stands, and numerous chairs for crew to sit at. On one of the walls is a circle etched into the wall, with runes inscriped around a ★
  707. [15:13:41] * Lenore RUNS UP TO IT AND BEGINS INSPECTING
  708. [15:13:45] * Amaryllis xamines the runes.
  709. [15:13:47] <Kain> The star seems to have further strange designs inside of it.
  710. [15:13:48] <Amaryllis> *examines
  711. [15:13:48] <Lenore> Do I have to Lore: Magic?
  712. [15:14:06] <Kain> Roll it for me. :3
  713. [15:14:17] <Lenore> 3d6+4 dumping a point of Destiny
  714. [15:14:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, dumping a point of Destiny: 18 [3d6=6,5,3]
  715. [15:14:18] * Natalie does fuckall unless there's some ~EIDOLON RESONANCE MAGIX~ going on but that's silly because it's not like it's ever been a thing before.
  716. [15:14:19] <Amaryllis> 2d6 me tooooo
  717. [15:14:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, me tooooo: 7 [2d6=2,5]
  718. [15:14:40] * Theta flops in the admiral's chair and spinnnnns
  719. [15:15:44] <Kain> Lenore - it is distinctly one third of a ritual that will teleport a particular person or persons to your location when complete and combined with the correct incantation and offerings. Normally it'd be called a 'summoning ritual' but that's a completely different thing in this universe! You're pretty sure this is associated with the oldest Magus Sister, Sandy.
  720. [15:16:03] <Kain> At the front of the bridge are a bunch of panels and windows looking out onto the endless sea of clouds nearby.
  721. [15:16:15] * Lenore pulls a notebook out of her hat and scribbles this shit down 7really carefully.
  722. [15:16:25] * Amaryllis is copying the runes as well. "...Do you understand what they are for, Lenore?"
  723. [15:16:45] * Natalie meanwhile heads to the window. If this were a charmgame she would roll thievery and take the entire thing home, but fortunately, it isn't.
  724. [15:16:48] <Kain> Furthermore from your examination you can determine that you'll need to offer an Elixir when you call them.
  725. [15:16:56] <Lenore> "It's for summoning one of the Magus Sisters! This one summons Sandy! I need two more, though, because I doubt they'd like being summoned unless it was all three at once!"
  726. [15:17:03] <Kain> Nat, roll perception.
  727. [15:17:06] <Natalie> 2d6 k
  728. [15:17:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, k: 8 [2d6=3,5]
  729. [15:17:20] <Lenore> "And by 'summoning' I mean 'calling'."
  730. [15:17:20] <Kain> see something sparkly and golden flying through the clouds in the distance.
  731. [15:17:22] <Kain> Huh.
  732. [15:17:29] <Amaryllis> "...Oh. Wait, are you saying this is a way to summon without having a pact with an Eidolon?"
  733. [15:17:39] <Lenore> "It's more like"
  734. [15:17:39] <Natalie> Oh no big deal, it's just the sun
  735. [15:17:48] <Lenore> "Calling them to you so that you could forge a pact!"
  736. [15:17:50] <Kain> The sun isn't that low you derptard.
  737. [15:17:53] <Natalie> ~
  738. [15:17:56] <Lenore> " This ritual needs an Elixir!"
  739. [15:18:32] <Kain> Theta, any interest in things around the bridge?
  740. [15:18:49] * Natalie pops in and interrupts the others talking about Magus Sisters. "Um, there's something outside."
  741. [15:18:57] <Theta> While sitting in the admiral's chair he examins whatever consoles or such could be near it.
  742. [15:19:08] <Natalie> "It's not close or anything but it's kinda sparkly..."
  743. [15:19:11] <Amaryllis> "I...see." Ammy looks a bit disappointed and scratches out a newly-written note in her journal. With a frown, she closes it and decides to deal with all this another day. Is there anything else of note in the bridge? Consoles, things in the drawers, etc?
  744. [15:19:15] <Lenore> "It might require more that are tailored to their interestes, though, because Sandy was an Alchemist, and obviously she wouldn't wnat to be summoned by anyone who was bad at Alchemy!"
  745. [15:19:33] <Lenore> "Hm? something outside?"
  746. [15:19:33] * Amaryllis peers outside at whatever Nat's looking at. Can I awareness?
  747. [15:19:40] * Lenore looks as well~
  748. [15:19:44] <Natalie> 1,1Can I faith?
  749. [15:19:47] <Kain> The armchair sure is comfy. There are a number of consoles up here that resemble the ones up front, probably overrides. There are also a few glass-covered red buttons and at least three spots for very thin keys.
  750. [15:19:55] <Kain> Yes and yes~
  751. [15:20:06] * Natalie does so by pointing it out.
  752. [15:20:06] <Lenore> 2d6+4 Aware, +2 if Nat's faithing me
  753. [15:20:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Aware, +2 if Nat's faithing me: 13 [2d6=6,3]
  754. [15:20:10] <Amaryllis> 2d6+3
  755. [15:20:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, 2d6+3: 8 [2d6=2,3]
  756. [15:20:14] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 chocoroll
  757. [15:20:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, chocoroll: 12 [2d6=2,5]
  758. [15:20:20] <Amaryllis> +2 if faith?
  759. [15:20:21] <Kain> Ammy and Lenore spot it!
  760. [15:20:26] <Theta> (You mean keys as in like an actual key or a keycard?)
  761. [15:20:28] <Kain> What Nat saw is...
  762. [15:20:34] <Kain> a chocobo! It's a goddamn flying chocobo!
  763. [15:20:48] * Lenore squints.
  764. [15:20:50] * Amaryllis squints.
  765. [15:20:54] * Natalie doesn't squint.
  766. [15:20:57] <Kain> The Golden Chocobo is just one of those myths people never believe in, but there it goes, sailing over the clouds.
  767. [15:21:02] <Lenore> (CHOCOBO WEAPON CONFIRMED)
  768. [15:21:12] * Amaryllis scribbles a note in her journal.
  769. [15:21:19] <Kain> Theta - actual keys.
  770. [15:21:20] <Lenore> "I-is that..."
  771. [15:21:35] <Natalie> "Doesn't seem familiar..."
  772. [15:21:50] <Lenore> "It's the legendary Golden Chocobo!"
  773. [15:22:16] <Kain> +! to seen
  774. [15:22:19] <Kain> *+1
  775. [15:22:23] <Natalie> nice exclamation point
  776. [15:22:30] <Theta> Hrrrm. "Something interesting here if we find any keys, but aside from - wait a what."
  777. [15:22:30] <Lenore> 4!
  778. [15:22:41] <Natalie> Our seen count moved up from "0" to "0!"
  779. [15:23:13] <Amaryllis> "It is a creature straight out of myth."
  780. [15:23:20] <Amaryllis> "Keys, Theta?"
  781. [15:23:32] <Theta> "Yeah right here. Seems they unlock...something at least."
  782. [15:23:33] * Natalie does, in fact, squint now, trying to see it.
  783. [15:24:15] <Kain> After a moment, Choco passes out of your view, flying over the horizon while a ukelele only he can hear strums away~
  784. [15:24:38] <Kain> Da, da da dada daaaa, okay that's enough of getting sidetracked~
  785. [15:25:30] <Kain> I'll post this song anyway
  786. [15:25:32] <Anise> (kawaii)
  787. [15:25:52] <Kain> Oh yeah, as Theta spins in the armchair, he notices a little box under the admiral's console.
  788. [15:26:11] * Theta picks it up and tries to open it
  789. [15:26:29] <Kain> It opens fairly easily. There seems to be a... knife inside?
  790. [15:26:44] <Theta> He picks it up and looks over it. "Interesting."
  791. [15:26:57] <Theta> He offers it over to Ammy to inspect since she's the knife expert
  792. [15:27:05] * Amaryllis takes a look at it.
  793. [15:27:07] <Theta> "Maybe a ceremonial weapon for his rank?"
  794. [15:27:52] * Natalie curls up and takes a nap on the floor. Tents are for losers.
  795. [15:28:09] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps. It does seem unlikely that, with the technology available to them, the officers of this ship would use such mundane weapons. There must be something to it." She turns it over in her hand, looking it over from all sides.
  796. [15:28:25] <Kain> It's foldable, and very finely made, some kind of steel. And very well decorated, yes. It's a Tier 4 Concealed with +2 Negotiation and +2 Power.
  797. [15:29:23] <Amaryllis> "But it is also true even the most bland of knives can change the world with a single slice." She tosses it up lightly and catches it, testing its heft. "It's symbolic, a sign of status that demonstrates the wielder's station. Fit for a diplomat."
  798. [15:29:58] <Lenore> "Neat!"
  799. [15:30:03] <Kain> It seems serviceable enough that Ammy can probably use it like any other knife, even though she's been fluffing all of her Blades as knives and not concealed.
  800. [15:30:11] <Kain> In fact, why don't we just say it's a Blade.
  801. [15:30:19] <Kain> and not a Concealed.
  802. [15:30:21] <Amaryllis> "It also seems to pulse with a warm strength." She slices the air with it, then returns it to Theta, offering the handle end to him.
  803. [15:30:26] <Kain> Because pffft who uses those.
  804. [15:30:33] <Natalie> <-
  805. [15:30:43] <Amaryllis> (poor Nat)
  806. [15:31:21] * Theta returns it to the box and puts it in his bag for now then.
  807. [15:31:23] <Amaryllis> (would this give +2 to my negotiate rolls when I use center stage to roll perform for those?)
  808. [15:31:31] <Kain> (Yes)
  809. [15:31:34] <Theta> "...Weren't we going to try to call a moogle here?"
  810. [15:31:46] <Natalie> "^"
  811. [15:32:02] * Lenore whips the moogle tent out of her hat~!
  812. [15:32:03] <Kain> Nat literally says "carrot" in her sleep.
  813. [15:32:04] <Amaryllis> "It is quite a fine knife indeed, but..." Ammy whips out her own knife. "it would be untoward of me not to use the weapon Lord Alwyn left to me."
  814. [15:32:13] * Amaryllis takes out the moogle flute and begins playing it.
  815. [15:32:20] <Natalie> so accurate
  816. [15:32:26] <Kain> dodododo dodododooooo
  817. [15:32:29] <Kain> ....
  818. [15:32:40] <Kain> Nothing seems to happen for a moment, buth then you hear...
  819. [15:32:56] <Kain> "kupkupkupkup..."
  820. [15:33:05] <Kain> "KUPKUPKUPKUP..."
  821. [15:33:43] <Kain> "KUPOPO!" a Moogle smashes through the bridge window headfirst, broken glass raining everywhere! The moogle rolls along the floor and bonks into the stairs leading up.
  822. [15:33:52] <Lenore> (OH YEAH)
  823. [15:34:03] * Natalie cracks an eye open what the fuck is this noise
  824. [15:34:09] <Lenore> (Kupo Aid Moogle)
  825. [15:34:24] <Amaryllis> "Welcome." Ammy looks out with amusement at the window and oh god when we're this high up does the pressure difference fuck us up?
  826. [15:34:25] <Lenore> Lenore is...
  827. [15:34:31] <Lenore> |____________________________________|
  828. [15:34:35] <Kain> The moogle stands up and shakes glass out of his fur and wipes the blood off his head. He seems like a fairly plain moogle, aside from the knife sheathed at his side.
  829. [15:34:42] * Theta looks to the broken glass. "We shoul have seen that coming."
  830. [15:34:45] <Amaryllis> Then again, the altitude probably should have fucked us up by now anyway!
  831. [15:34:57] <Amaryllis> "Are you alright?"
  832. [15:34:57] <Natalie> (IT'S FUCKING RAMBO)
  833. [15:34:59] <Kain> Moogle: "You guys sure picked an out of the way spot... Ow, my head..."
  834. [15:35:12] * Amaryllis stoops down and helps pick out bits of glass.
  835. [15:35:14] <Kain> Moogle: "Gimme a sec... kupo..."
  836. [15:35:17] <Lenore> "O-oh wow, we thought there'd be one here...I'm so sorry!"
  837. [15:35:32] <Amaryllis> "...How did you even get here? This ship flies higher than any airship I know."
  838. [15:35:43] * Natalie stands up and yaaaaaaaaawns before shoving out some lazy red healing wisps because oh, he's bleeding.
  839. [15:35:46] <Kain> Moogle: "These wings aren't for show!" he flaps the little bat wings he has.
  840. [15:36:02] <Kain> Moogle: "My name's Moguo, and I'm an old hand at this kind of thing."
  841. [15:36:12] * Amaryllis stares, then blinks. "Amaryllis." Ammy offers a hand.
  842. [15:36:19] <Kain> He shakes your hand.
  843. [15:36:29] <Lenore> "L-lenore!" She curtsies.
  844. [15:36:29] * Natalie approaches next to Ammy. "Nnnnnn..."
  845. [15:36:32] <Theta> "Theta - impressive landing by the way."
  846. [15:36:33] <Natalie> "Nnnna...."
  847. [15:36:36] <Natalie> "... Nap."
  848. [15:36:42] <Natalie> zzz
  849. [15:36:43] <Lenore> ...except she's in a kimono so she bows
  850. [15:36:44] <Kain> Moguo: "Thanks! So you guys need some help, right?"
  851. [15:37:01] * Amaryllis starts scribbling away in her Moogle Manifest. "We can nap in a moment, Nat. Moguo, could you help us set up a tent?"
  852. [15:37:04] <Kain> Moguo: "You know, I don't actually think tent snakes live up here... But whatever, kupo! I'll help you set up a tent!"
  853. [15:37:12] * Lenore throws down the tent. "Thanks!"
  854. [15:37:26] <Kain> Moguo begins setting up the tent for everyone.
  855. [15:38:20] <Anise> (but tent snakes live in tents)
  856. [15:38:21] <Kain> After a moment, it's ready, and the inside awaits! A huge, comfy room with five plush beds and amenities.
  857. [15:38:25] <Theta> (Fuck us heroes kain this rambo moogle should save the world)
  858. [15:38:32] <Natalie> (^)
  859. [15:38:34] <Theta> (we quit we're gonna become adult entertainers)
  860. [15:38:46] <Kain> (MOGUO AND OLD SPICE SAVE THE WORLD)
  861. [15:39:01] <Lenore> (yessssssssss)
  862. [15:39:07] <Amaryllis> (can Moguo be my rank 5 summon?)
  863. [15:39:08] * Lenore pomfs~
  864. [15:39:09] <Theta> (Science the Chocobo)
  865. [15:39:17] <Kain> (You guys are the best)
  866. [15:39:29] <Natalie> (and random cactuar)
  867. [15:39:32] <Kain> (Holy shit that was a loud thunderclap)
  868. [15:39:34] <Theta> (he'd need to be Mogimbe then)
  869. [15:39:42] <Kain> (My power is about to pomf probably and if it does sorry)
  870. [15:39:44] <Natalie> (I think that might've been the sound of me laughing, sorry kain)
  871. [15:39:45] <Anise> (I would play the shit out of mogimbe saves the world)
  872. [15:39:57] <Kain> (Anyway)
  873. [15:40:05] <Lenore> (Oh god it hurts)
  874. [15:40:19] <Kain> Hours of rest pass in but an instant in real time, and you all come out of the tent feeling nice and fresh, even Moguo.
  875. [15:40:31] <Natalie> Are we still hungry?
  876. [15:40:35] <Lenore> (1,1it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts it hurts )
  877. [15:40:38] <Kain> ...but you're still hungry.
  878. [15:40:42] <Natalie> Excellent.
  879. [15:42:25] <Kain> ALRIGHT
  880. [15:42:34] * Theta rests a bit off the few injuries he had as the others get more substancial rest, seems ready to move onto this security room when the others come to again.
  881. [15:42:39] <Kain> Ready to proceed to the security room? It's just across the hall.
  882. [15:42:41] * Lenore gets up, perky 1,1but still hungry. "Let's go!"
  883. [15:42:43] * Natalie pomfs like fuck
  884. [15:42:47] <Kain> Theta is still benefitting from his alcohol by the way.
  885. [15:43:29] * Amaryllis stretches as she gets out of bed. "Are we all ready?"
  886. [15:43:32] <Natalie> Ooh, what about my Risotto?
  887. [15:44:04] <Kain> Yeah, everyone's food is still active if you ate it last session
  888. [15:44:10] <Natalie> ok~
  889. [15:44:34] * Lenore kicks the door open~
  890. [15:44:51] * Natalie hops up and gets ALLLL RUBIED UP AW YEAH. ... Whatever that means.
  891. [15:44:55] <Natalie> Actually it doesn't mean anything!
  892. [15:45:09] <Kain> (Raining so hard, it's awesome)
  893. [15:45:10] <Natalie> Not when you're always rubied up all the time.
  894. [15:46:34] <Kain> Moguo stretches too, and gives a thumbs up - Mr. Prickles shared his bed by the way
  895. [15:46:45] <Natalie> Can love bloom, on an airship?
  896. [15:46:50] <Kain> Moguo: "I guess I'm out of here, then. Call me anytime!"
  897. [15:46:53] <Amaryllis> (lewd)
  898. [15:47:00] <Natalie> "Thanks a bunch~!"
  899. [15:47:05] <Amaryllis> (did he get poked by his needle?)
  900. [15:47:12] <Kain> "Kupo!" And there he goes, jumping out the window.
  901. [15:47:19] <Kain> ...the unbroken one.
  902. [15:47:19] <Kain> OW
  903. [15:47:23] <Theta> "I'm confused how he found this place..."
  904. [15:47:27] <Amaryllis> "Thank you."
  905. [15:47:34] <Lenore> (what a man)
  906. [15:47:43] <Natalie> (he's fucking rambo)
  907. [15:47:46] * Amaryllis stares at Moguo as he leaves.
  908. [15:47:46] <Natalie> (don't you doubt him)
  909. [15:47:53] * Lenore waves as he goes~
  910. [15:48:08] <Natalie> (Kain are you sure you don't want to retcon his name as being 'Mogambo?')
  911. [15:48:12] <Lenore> (So what're the top NPC rankings now?)
  912. [15:48:18] <Amaryllis> (Mogimbe is better)
  913. [15:48:32] <Natalie> (1. Ambrosia 2. Ambrosia 3. Ambrosia)
  914. [15:48:33] <Kain> (Pretty sure~
  915. [15:49:12] <Kain> READY?
  916. [15:49:13] <Amaryllis> (ANYWAY let's move on)
  917. [15:49:17] <Natalie> READY
  918. [15:49:18] <Theta> (my body is reggie)
  919. [15:49:31] * Natalie NOW exposes the ruby and gets bodyprepped to actually use it. Maybe.
  920. [15:49:31] <Kain> You move across the hall to the conveniently located security room.
  921. [15:49:50] <Kain> This room is rather big itself, with consoles and monitors strewn everywhere.
  922. [15:50:40] <Kain> ...
  923. [15:50:49] <Kain> It's quiet. You don't SEE any huge machines, either...
  924. [15:50:56] <Lenore> "...where is it?"
  925. [15:51:18] <Theta> "Maybe it's moved on...?"
  926. [15:51:21] <Natalie> Natty spearheads, like always. "Maybe it left?"
  927. [15:51:22] <Amaryllis> "Reach out with some electricity, Lenore. It should arc toward anything large and metallic that may be hidden."
  928. [15:51:22] <Kain> Once you're all in, though, the door shuts of its own accord behind you.
  929. [15:51:30] <Natalie> "Or maybe... it's invisible."
  930. [15:51:35] <Kain> And sirens begin to blare!
  931. [15:51:41] * Lenore jumps at the THUNK of the door closing
  932. [15:51:49] * Lenore gets ready to fight 1,1Metal Gear.
  933. [15:51:52] * Natalie just squints at that.
  934. [15:52:02] <Theta> "Of course. An alarm."
  935. [15:52:18] <Kain> Something... descends from the dark ceiling! A massive robot with one eye, almost rotund in shape, descends from the ceiling..
  936. [15:52:26] <Kain> descends from the ceiling
  937. [15:52:27] <Kain> repeating
  938. [15:52:28] <Kain> myself
  939. [15:52:34] <Natalie> (Does he have metal joints?)
  940. [15:52:40] <Natalie> (How are we going to earn 15 silver points?)
  941. [15:53:09] <Kain> As it nears the floor, the consoles retract into the floor, and two enormous legs drop down, catching it as it hits the floor.
  942. [15:53:22] <Kain> Panels on the walls open and spiderbots begin to pour out as well.
  943. [15:53:29] <Kain> Boss fight!
  944. [15:53:53] <Kain>
  945. [15:54:01] <Kain> Ancient Guardian: Warmech
  946. [15:54:05] <Natalie> Perplexed, let's fuckin' go
  947. [15:54:08] * Lenore equips the bug-zapper and begins chanting.
  948. [15:54:11] <Kain> Ministorm x2
  949. [15:54:13] <Theta> (More like warfish)
  950. [15:54:18] <Amaryllis> (Kain you should know that we all agreed it looks like a fish)
  951. [15:54:26] <Kain>
  952. [15:55:51] <Lenore> Actually scratch that
  953. [15:55:59] * Lenore instant Thundaras all of them
  954. [15:56:12] * Natalie simultaneous-rubyflashes the BIG MECH.
  955. [15:56:23] <Natalie> 2d6+4 first off let's execution the boss
  956. [15:56:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, first off let's execution the boss: 9 [2d6=4,1]
  957. [15:56:39] <Kain> Miss!
  958. [15:56:39] <Natalie> ... With no DW so that probably might not work maybe
  959. [15:56:40] <Lenore> 2d6+199 hitall
  960. [15:56:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, hitall: 203 [2d6=3,1]
  961. [15:57:14] <Natalie> The ruby goes wild. Baaawww no debuffing today.
  962. [15:57:18] <Kain> KAPOW, in a single bolt of lightning the spiderbots evaporate! Maybe they SHOULD ave absorbed lightning instead of being neutral.
  963. [15:57:40] <Kain> The warmech spends a point of destiny!
  964. [15:57:49] <Kain> Summon Minions!
  965. [15:58:07] <Kain> More of the spiderbots pour out of the walls, oh shit. :< At least you damaged the big guy!
  966. [15:58:19] * Lenore Quick casts Thundara with his actual action!
  967. [15:58:23] <Lenore> *her
  968. [15:58:27] <Anise> (>hi oh okay)
  969. [15:58:49] <Lenore> 2d6+199 Hitall again
  970. [15:58:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Hitall again: 203 [2d6=1,3]
  971. [15:58:56] <Kain> ZZZZAP
  972. [15:59:08] <Kain> yeah those spiderbots didn't stand a chance with bugzapper and group vs swarm.
  973. [15:59:17] <Kain> The warmech is once again all alone!
  974. [15:59:26] <Theta> "..."
  975. [15:59:27] <Theta> "..."
  976. [15:59:29] <Natalie> Poor Warmech, all it wanted was a friend.
  977. [15:59:32] <Theta> "Well okay I suppose that works."
  978. [15:59:39] <Lenore> "It's just you and us, got it!?"
  979. [15:59:43] * Natalie stands staring at it, doing nothing. Yeah, that's failed execution fluff. "... Good job, Lenny!"
  980. [16:00:13] <Amaryllis> "Bloody hell Lenore. Why didn't we just do that the first time?" Ammy starts chanting her own spell.
  981. [16:00:25] <Lenore> "I was worried that they'd absorb it!"
  982. [16:00:34] <Amaryllis> "Right. I was worried as well."
  983. [16:00:46] * Amaryllis quick casts melt on the boss!
  984. [16:01:03] <Amaryllis> (can has mp?)
  985. [16:01:07] <Lenore> "But I figured I'd use it to test the waters here!"
  986. [16:01:11] <Natalie> (Yeah take it, as long as I have 40)
  987. [16:01:14] <Natalie> (and I do)
  988. [16:01:21] <Lenore> "And if it worked, it worked, if it didn't, I wasn't undoing any of our work!"
  989. [16:01:21] <Kain> the warmech, for what it's worth, appears to Resist Thunder!
  990. [16:02:14] <Amaryllis> The lantern starts glowing black and radiating heat which then engulfs the warmech.
  991. [16:02:22] <Amaryllis> 2d6+105 shadow damage on its turn times 1.5
  992. [16:02:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, shadow damage on its turn times 1.5: 114 [2d6=5,4]
  993. [16:02:42] <Amaryllis> 171
  994. [16:02:47] <Natalie> Red light pours out of Nat's forehead and follows it while she stands around doing fuckall.
  995. [16:02:58] * Theta just doinks a lightning arrow at it.
  996. [16:03:00] <Theta> 2d6+6
  997. [16:03:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=2,4]
  998. [16:03:22] <Amaryllis> (can Theta use Wind Shear or something?)
  999. [16:03:27] <Amaryllis> (cause we're kind of in the fucking sky)
  1000. [16:03:46] <Kain> Let's see, current terrains...
  1001. [16:04:20] <Kain> Town and Plain
  1002. [16:04:22] <Theta> (actually can I revoke that? Got an idea.)
  1003. [16:04:29] <Kain> Go ahead.
  1004. [16:04:38] <Natalie> (Plain?)
  1005. [16:04:39] <Amaryllis> (you mean plane?)
  1006. [16:04:41] <Natalie> (More like Pldsfjds
  1007. [16:04:42] <Natalie> (FUICK YOU)
  1008. [16:04:47] <Amaryllis> (:>)
  1009. [16:04:57] <Theta> Theta takes out a red storm stone from his jacket and tosses it at the feet of the robot!
  1010. [16:05:40] <Kain> FWOOSH
  1011. [16:05:41] <Kain> THE SECURITY ROOM
  1012. [16:05:42] <Kain> THE SECURITY ROOM
  1013. [16:05:44] <Kain> THE SECURITY ROOM IS ON FIYAH
  1014. [16:05:52] <Kain> WE DON'T NEED NO WATER
  1015. [16:05:55] <Kain> LET THE MOTHER FUCKER BURN
  1016. [16:06:16] <Kain> The entire room bursts into flames from Theta's storm stone,.
  1017. [16:06:23] <Kain> Lava terrain added!
  1018. [16:06:38] <Kain> Fire Field active!
  1019. [16:06:52] <Lenore> "O-oh my!"
  1020. [16:07:18] <Natalie> "Nnnn, it's so hot, I'm kinda sleepy now..."
  1021. [16:07:20] <Theta> "Well Lightning didn't seem to be ideal sooo..."
  1022. [16:07:27] * Natalie yawns a little.
  1023. [16:07:29] <Lenore> "Not a bad idea at all!"
  1024. [16:08:10] * Amaryllis looks absolutely fine in her fire-proof armor.
  1025. [16:08:32] <Kain> Let's see, whose turns left?
  1026. [16:08:35] <Kain> You all went?
  1027. [16:08:36] <Natalie> N/A
  1028. [16:08:39] <Lenore> Hyup.
  1029. [16:09:18] <Kain> 'T h r e a t l e v e l a s s e s s e d, a u t h o r i z e d l e t h a l f o r c e. A c t i v a t i n g e m e r g e n c y o n b o a r d s p r i n k l e r s"
  1030. [16:09:36] <Amaryllis> (son of a bitch)
  1031. [16:09:42] <Lenore> (son of a bitch)
  1032. [16:09:49] <Natalie> (what a zoof)
  1033. [16:09:54] <Theta> (;-;)
  1034. [16:09:55] <Kain> The warmech sort of... audiates in a weird fashion. A panel on its side opens and it begins spraying water, but... it doesn't really seem to be doing anything to the raging inferno.
  1035. [16:10:07] <Kain> You have water terrain now though.
  1036. [16:10:11] <Kain> in addition to town and lava
  1037. [16:10:13] <Kain> and plain
  1038. [16:10:16] <Kain> so there you go~
  1039. [16:10:18] <Natalie> (I am so pokerface you don't even know)
  1040. [16:10:19] <Theta> "..."
  1041. [16:10:21] <Theta> "I."
  1042. [16:10:23] <Theta> "What."
  1043. [16:10:26] <Lenore> (Oh. My fucking face.)
  1044. [16:10:27] <Natalie> ".... Huh."
  1045. [16:10:36] <Natalie> "Um..."
  1046. [16:10:45] <Natalie> "Do you think we could.... just... ask it to let us go?"
  1047. [16:10:45] <Amaryllis> "It must be old." There's no other explanation.
  1048. [16:10:55] <Kain> Oh and its chestplate opens up, launching missles. That too.
  1049. [16:11:02] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  1050. [16:11:18] <Kain> 2d6+8 at Lenore and Theta
  1051. [16:11:18] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, at Lenore and Theta: 12 [2d6=3,1]
  1052. [16:11:48] <Kain> Even as the missles launch, something on its shoulder begins charging up...
  1053. [16:12:16] <Kain> 94 arm damage if it hit.
  1054. [16:12:38] * Lenore counterattacks! She raises her hand with the Hand of Tantalus, and a ghostly image of a hand appears superimposed on her hand, before she runs over and slaps the thing!
  1055. [16:12:39] <Kain> The weirdly shaped bombs explode on contact with Theta and Lenore, sending out a massive explosion!
  1056. [16:12:39] <Theta> (it did)
  1057. [16:12:43] <Theta> "Ow."
  1058. [16:12:55] <Lenore> 2d6+3 Muscle wizard casts fist
  1059. [16:12:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Muscle wizard casts fist: 6 [2d6=2,1]
  1060. [16:13:03] <Lenore> She trips.
  1061. [16:13:05] <Kain> Musclewizard hurt her hand
  1062. [16:13:08] <Natalie> m
  1063. [16:13:09] <Natalie> o
  1064. [16:13:09] <Natalie> e
  1065. [16:13:13] <Amaryllis> (Kain I want to disarm the shoulder thing. Fluffwise cut it off with the aid of the melt that's applied to it, weakning the metal.)
  1066. [16:13:17] <Lenore> "O-ow!" ;_;
  1067. [16:13:28] <Kain> Roll your disarm then!
  1068. [16:13:46] <Amaryllis> (well, checking that it's done with its turns first)
  1069. [16:14:06] <Kain> It's done.
  1070. [16:14:11] * Lenore owowowow.
  1071. [16:14:16] <Amaryllis> 2d6+11 opposed by force or finesse
  1072. [16:14:17] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, opposed by force or finesse: 18 [2d6=3,4]
  1073. [16:14:22] <Kain> 2d6+6
  1074. [16:14:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 13 [2d6=4,3]
  1075. [16:14:39] <Kain> You run up and slice off its Nuke cannon!
  1076. [16:14:47] <Kain> Fluff that how you like.
  1077. [16:15:05] * Lenore uses a Hi-Potion on herself!
  1078. [16:15:11] <Kain> Which you already described how you would but
  1079. [16:15:26] * Natalie is given the middle finger as a healer! It HURTS.
  1080. [16:15:30] <Kain> (+11, christ how)
  1081. [16:15:43] <Amaryllis> (9 force, accessory for +2 to opposed rolls)
  1082. [16:15:49] <Kain> (you silly)
  1083. [16:16:01] <Kain> Who else then?
  1084. [16:16:08] <Kain> Theta has FOUR terrains to work with
  1085. [16:16:19] <Kain> There's a Fire Field up
  1086. [16:16:22] * Natalie was about to start casting reflect but YOU KNOW WHAT LET'S NOT
  1087. [16:16:26] <Natalie> 2d6+4 execute until it hits
  1088. [16:16:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, execute until it hits: 9 [2d6=2,3]
  1089. [16:16:29] <Natalie> aaaa
  1090. [16:16:35] * Theta summons upon the fire itself to bring a fiery tentril up from the flames and whip this thing in its god damn fishface
  1091. [16:16:40] <Kain> aaaaaaaaaa
  1092. [16:16:42] <Kain> miss
  1093. [16:16:44] * Amaryllis focuses on the warmech, staring at it down the edge of her knife. "A knife is a tool for severing - and each object has its threads tying it to the tapestry of story. If one knows simply where to cut..." She shuffles up and presses her knife against it and slicing, giving one clean cut against a weakened line from the melting metal.
  1094. [16:16:49] <Theta> 2d6+6
  1095. [16:16:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=2,6]
  1096. [16:16:53] <Kain> Hit!
  1097. [16:17:05] <Theta> 113 fire damage!
  1098. [16:18:51] <Kain> The creature's armor is starting to glow red from the heat around it...
  1099. [16:19:15] <Kain> It attempts to punt Theta away from it with an awkward chicken-leg kick!
  1100. [16:19:25] <Kain> 2d6+8
  1101. [16:19:25] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+8: 15 [2d6=5,2]
  1102. [16:19:35] <Amaryllis> 2d6+84 fire damage from melt times 1.5
  1103. [16:19:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, fire damage from melt times 1.5: 87 [2d6=1,2]
  1104. [16:19:37] <Theta> Chicken legs can kick good.
  1105. [16:19:44] <Amaryllis> 130 fire damage
  1106. [16:19:59] <Kain> Punted for 97 damage.
  1107. [16:20:06] * Theta fliiiiiies away
  1108. [16:20:11] <Kain> arm
  1109. [16:20:19] <Kain> and of course, knockback.
  1110. [16:20:56] <Kain> It begins whrring as secondary systems come online... Its body seems to open up and arms emerge from its midsection.
  1111. [16:21:26] <Kain> ...that's it for its turns!
  1112. [16:21:59] <Amaryllis> (Kain I'm really tempted to just keep dissembling this machine piece by piece)
  1113. [16:22:17] <Kain> (;_;)
  1114. [16:22:22] <Kain> (Well that is a thing you can do)
  1115. [16:22:24] * Natalie spins around in place and starts drawing energy to her Ruby instead of missing, fuck missing. Spellcastan!
  1116. [16:22:49] <Amaryllis> 2d6+11 can I remove a leg? If not an arm is fine
  1117. [16:22:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, can I remove a leg? If not an arm is fine: 21 [2d6=5,5]
  1118. [16:23:26] <Kain> Hm, let's see?
  1119. [16:23:33] <Kain> Disarm
  1120. [16:23:38] <Kain> Mech Leg
  1121. [16:23:39] <Kain> hmm
  1122. [16:23:40] <Kain> no
  1123. [16:23:42] <Natalie> Wild Disarms
  1124. [16:24:09] * Lenore begins chanting~
  1126. [16:24:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, LET'S ROLL THIS ANYWAY IF IT GETS DOUBLE SIXES IT CAN AT LEAST BULLSHIT: 14 [2d6=3,5]
  1127. [16:24:25] <Kain> Well nope, there goes one of its arms. Which one?
  1128. [16:24:37] <Amaryllis> Are they identical?
  1129. [16:24:43] <Kain> They SEEM to be.
  1130. [16:24:50] <Amaryllis> 1d2 left right
  1131. [16:24:51] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, left right: 2 [1d2=2]
  1132. [16:25:15] * Amaryllis slices off the right arm with another well-aimed slash.
  1133. [16:25:45] <Kain> CLANK
  1134. [16:26:01] <Kain> The mech does not seem to be liking this, as little as you can tell since no facial expressions.
  1135. [16:26:27] <Kain> The arms both seem to lack weapos.
  1136. [16:26:29] <Kain> *weapons
  1137. [16:27:23] <Kain> (Who am I waiting on)
  1138. [16:27:36] * Theta brings more fire up to lash the fishchicken
  1139. [16:27:37] <Theta> 2d6+6
  1140. [16:27:37] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=1,5]
  1141. [16:27:52] <Theta> 111 fire damage if it hits
  1142. [16:28:07] <Kain> It's lashed more, but... let's see.
  1143. [16:28:09] <Kain> 2d6+6
  1144. [16:28:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 16 [2d6=5,5]
  1145. [16:28:40] <Kain> It's damaged fully by the fire whip, but it yanks its arm back as the whip wraps around it, jacking one for itself.
  1146. [16:29:12] <Theta> "Uh oh."
  1147. [16:29:14] <Theta> "OOPS."
  1148. [16:29:18] <Natalie> "... Oh."
  1149. [16:29:20] <Lenore> "Oh dear!"
  1150. [16:31:21] <Kain> (And that IS everyone right)
  1151. [16:31:27] <Lenore> (Yes)
  1152. [16:31:28] <Amaryllis> (yep)
  1153. [16:31:29] <Natalie> Ja!
  1154. [16:31:55] <Amaryllis> 2d6+84 last turn of melt
  1155. [16:31:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, last turn of melt: 88 [2d6=2,2]
  1156. [16:32:02] <Kain> The mech brings the whip around, striking at everyone with its full range, doing terrible damage in this burning room!
  1157. [16:32:09] <Amaryllis> 132 fire damage
  1158. [16:32:10] <Kain> 2d6+8 against all of you
  1159. [16:32:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, against all of you: 18 [2d6=5,5]
  1160. [16:32:14] <Amaryllis> hits
  1161. [16:32:16] <Natalie> WELP
  1162. [16:33:05] <Lenore> paaaaaaaain
  1163. [16:33:12] <Kain> 105 fire m.arm damage to everyone
  1164. [16:33:34] * Amaryllis swishes her cloak around her and deflects the blow entirely! Fire proof!
  1165. [16:33:46] * Lenore is hit pretty badly by that! owowow.
  1166. [16:34:02] * Theta has fireward so doesn't seem too burnt.
  1167. [16:34:27] <Kain> ...Player turns!
  1168. [16:34:42] <Amaryllis> 2d6+11 off with the arm
  1169. [16:34:43] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, off with the arm: 19 [2d6=5,3]
  1170. [16:35:12] * Natalie cringes. "Ow ow ow. Okay, there's no way we can lose here! 4Ruby Healing!!"
  1171. [16:35:15] <Kain> 2d6+6
  1172. [16:35:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d6+6: 10 [2d6=2,2]
  1173. [16:35:21] <Kain> dem dubs
  1174. [16:35:24] <Kain> RIP
  1175. [16:35:31] <Natalie> 2d6+32 on everyone plzkthx
  1176. [16:35:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, on everyone plzkthx: 37 [2d6=3,2]
  1177. [16:35:33] <Kain> The arm with the fire whip is sliced off as well!
  1178. [16:35:48] * Lenore finishes her chant! "Spirits of thunder, return this machine of electricity back to its former state! Destroy my foe! Thundara!"
  1179. [16:36:48] <Lenore> 2d6+136 I goofed my math earlier? Huh. WEird. ANYWAY.
  1180. [16:36:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, I goofed my math earlier? Huh. WEird. ANYWAY.: 147 [2d6=5,6]
  1181. [16:36:51] <Natalie> 1d2 heal again or just attack already
  1182. [16:36:52] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, heal again or just attack already: 2 [1d2=2]
  1183. [16:37:03] <Amaryllis> "Anything can be severed, if you know how to cut it." Ammy shuffles to the other side and squints, making another quick slice.
  1184. [16:37:11] <Kain> Another clap of lightning hits the thing!
  1185. [16:37:24] * Lenore begins casting again.
  1186. [16:37:31] <Natalie> 2d6+4 And another ruby flash! Please, please hit for once
  1187. [16:37:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, And another ruby flash! Please, please hit for once: 13 [2d6=4,5]
  1188. [16:37:39] <Kain> POW
  1189. [16:38:25] * Natalie stands in place, watching, and rushes forth after a glint from her forehead, facing the opposite direction an instant later. "You blinked! (Not really but...)"
  1190. [16:38:56] <Natalie> 75 ARM and debuffs of 8 each. "... Finishing Strike! Keen Edged Blade!!"
  1191. [16:39:07] * Theta coalesses the water from the sprinklers into a large pool, and tosses it at the fishstick. "You should cool down some!"
  1192. [16:39:24] <Theta> 2d6+6
  1193. [16:39:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 16 [2d6=4,6]
  1194. [16:39:31] <Theta> 115 water damage!
  1195. [16:39:32] <Kain> HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  1196. [16:39:42] <Kain> Do you know what happens when you suddenly cool down superheated metal?
  1197. [16:39:51] <Anise> (TRASK)
  1198. [16:39:51] <Natalie> You realize you're playing Wild Arms 3!
  1199. [16:39:51] <Theta> You get fisksticks.
  1200. [16:39:59] <Anise> (wait was that his name)
  1201. [16:40:17] <Kain> Crack...
  1202. [16:40:22] <Natalie> (man I don't even remember)
  1203. [16:40:24] <Kain> The armor plating seems to give a bit!
  1204. [16:40:42] <Natalie> oh yeah boost btw how could I forget that
  1205. [16:42:19] <Kain> "I n i t i a t i n g f l i g h t m o d e"
  1206. [16:42:38] <Kain> It discards its legs, thrusters suddenly sending it up into the air out of Short range.
  1207. [16:43:06] <Theta> (oh I get it)
  1208. [16:43:13] <Theta> (It's a hyperion flight droid)
  1209. [16:43:17] <Theta> (get a corrosive weapon)
  1210. [16:43:20] <Kain> Its underside opens up and a round cannon lowers out of its body, the barrel extending three times and spinning, glowing with lights as it charges up.
  1211. [16:44:46] <Kain> Player turns!
  1212. [16:45:17] * Amaryllis slices down at the fingers of the arm she just cut off and slides the fire whip over to Nat.
  1213. [16:45:48] <Amaryllis> "Ready?"
  1214. [16:45:50] <Natalie> "Huh? Hey that might hu-" Nat comes close to catching it with her face but does a handstand and catches it on a leg instead fuck you this is JRPGverse.
  1215. [16:45:58] <Natalie> "Nnnng! ... Yeah, let's do it!"
  1216. [16:46:01] * Lenore finishes her spell. "Spirits of frost, caress my foe with your deadly touch! Blizzara!" Several ice crystals form around War Machine, the air cooling around it as the crystals impale it from several angles before melting!
  1217. [16:46:22] <Lenore> 2d6+85 Ice M.Arm, Activating Elemental Seal
  1218. [16:46:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, Ice M.Arm, Activating Elemental Seal: 95 [2d6=5,5]
  1219. [16:46:32] <Natalie> Replacing the ribbon t hen (though it's still there for fashion) to enter IMPATIENT SWORD stance.
  1220. [16:46:42] <Natalie> Er wait no it's technically replacing the bracer
  1221. [16:46:43] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 night sword teamwork!
  1222. [16:46:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, night sword teamwork!: 11 [2d6=5,1]
  1223. [16:46:48] <Natalie> 2d6+5 TEAMWOOOOORK
  1224. [16:46:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, TEAMWOOOOORK: 10 [2d6=4,1]
  1225. [16:46:49] <Amaryllis> (long range)
  1226. [16:47:08] <Amaryllis> 2d6 what's my reroll?
  1227. [16:47:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, what's my reroll?: 8 [2d6=5,3]
  1228. [16:47:35] <Natalie> 1d6 here's MY reroll on the 1
  1229. [16:47:35] <Amaryllis> (okay so if a 10 doesn't hit with medium range then reroll the 1)
  1230. [16:47:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, here's MY reroll on the 1: 2 [1d6=2]
  1231. [16:47:55] <Natalie> 1d6 here's the last reroll
  1232. [16:47:55] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, here's the last reroll: 5 [1d6=5]
  1233. [16:48:00] <Natalie> FUCK YEAH SYNCHRO
  1234. [16:48:08] <Kain> BAM
  1235. [16:48:14] <Natalie> That's a 14 btw~
  1236. [16:48:25] * Lenore resumes casting.
  1237. [16:48:27] <Natalie> ... What tier does the firewhip count as though?
  1238. [16:48:47] <Natalie> Since that's totally a normal attack and not shockwave or something silly
  1239. [16:48:52] <Amaryllis> 92 ARM! and sucks back 50% of damage dealt
  1240. [16:49:07] <Kain> Uhh, whatever weapon you have equipped let's say
  1241. [16:49:13] <Kain> I do the same with Theta, I think
  1242. [16:49:29] <Natalie> That's 3 then, 16x3, carry the one...
  1243. [16:49:38] <Natalie> 57 ARM!
  1244. [16:50:18] <Natalie> and bee double-oh fucking ess tee
  1245. [16:50:25] <Natalie> *monks*
  1246. [16:50:50] * Theta watches this and channels the whip to recoil for a second flick!
  1247. [16:50:52] <Theta> 2d6+6
  1248. [16:50:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=5,3]
  1249. [16:51:00] <Theta> 113 fire damage!
  1250. [18:28:51] <Kain> WHERE WE LAST LEFT OFF
  1251. [18:29:06] <Kain> The Warmech had just started charging up its laser!
  1252. [18:30:20] <Kain> Ammy and Nat pulled off a near impossible team attack to interrupt the attack, and Theta kept geomancin'
  1253. [18:31:01] <Kain> Lenore went too so that makes it the Warmech's turn. Buttfrustrated, its chestplate opens up again, launching a volley of missles at random targets!
  1254. [18:31:04] <Kain> 2d4
  1255. [18:31:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2d4: 2 [2d4=1,1]
  1256. [18:31:33] <Natalie> why couldn't that be the ACC roll
  1257. [18:32:22] <Kain> that's both at Ammy :<
  1258. [18:32:41] <Kain> Well she did get shiny new armor so
  1259. [18:32:48] <Natalie> AND she's at full HP still.
  1260. [18:32:48] <Kain> 2#2d6+8
  1261. [18:32:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 2#2d6+8: 16 [2d6=2,6], 18 [2d6=5,5]
  1262. [18:32:54] <Amaryllis> (no not full)
  1263. [18:33:07] <Natalie> (oh well med kitty is fucked up what the fuGODDDAMNIT DARKSIDE)
  1264. [18:33:08] <Amaryllis> (unless you cura alled and I missed it?)
  1265. [18:33:10] <Natalie> (ALWAYS TRIPPING ME UP)
  1266. [18:33:15] <Natalie> (well I did once, yeah)
  1267. [18:33:15] <Amaryllis> both hit
  1268. [18:33:26] <Amaryllis> (oh okay how much was that for?)
  1269. [18:33:29] <Natalie> (37)
  1270. [18:33:51] <Kain> that's 88 and 90 arm damage each. OW.
  1271. [18:34:21] <Kain> At least you get to apply arm both times
  1272. [18:34:26] <Kain> so that's not likely an instant ko
  1273. [18:35:25] <Amaryllis> It doesn't even bring her below half! Ammy grits her teeth and braces herself in her armor behind her floating shields.
  1274. [18:35:35] <Kain> Player turns again!
  1275. [18:36:17] <Amaryllis> (oh actually, I WAS at full yeah because I would've absorbed at least 13 HP from the Night Sword I think)
  1276. [18:37:06] <Amaryllis> (Can I wield one of its arms as an improvised attack to hit at medium instead of short range?)
  1277. [18:37:35] <Kain> (Sure)
  1278. [18:37:45] * Natalie twirls around and stomps the ground, red wisps circulating her forehead before spiraling off toward the others. "Okay, let's do this one more time. 4Ruby Heaaaaaaaaaaal!"
  1279. [18:37:45] <Amaryllis> 2d6+9 force
  1280. [18:37:46] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, force: 21 [2d6=6,6]
  1281. [18:37:50] <Amaryllis> (whoo)
  1282. [18:37:50] <Natalie> (nice crit)
  1283. [18:37:56] <Natalie> 2d6+32 HP on everyone in the meanwhile
  1284. [18:37:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, HP on everyone in the meanwhile: 39 [2d6=1,6]
  1285. [18:37:59] <Amaryllis> 2d6+5 no sady this is the acc roll
  1286. [18:37:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Amaryllis, no sady this is the acc roll: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  1287. [18:38:33] <Kain> You heft up the arm, and t hen just fucking TOSS it at the mech, slamming it straight in the eye!
  1288. [18:38:54] <Kain> Roll tier 3 damage
  1289. [18:39:13] <Amaryllis> 73
  1290. [18:39:28] <Kain> Bam!
  1291. [18:40:25] * Lenore finishes her current chant. "Killing frost, engulf my foe! Blizzara!" Icicle spikes, impaling, etc.
  1292. [18:40:35] <Lenore> 2d6+85
  1293. [18:40:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Lenore, 2d6+85: 97 [2d6=6,6]
  1294. [18:40:49] <Kain> Hey Lenore, what's your health, out of curiosity
  1295. [18:40:53] <Natalie> 99~
  1296. [18:40:56] <Lenore> 99.
  1297. [18:41:13] <Kain> 1,1Was tempted to let you use your limit break if it was low enough but okay
  1298. [18:41:26] <Lenore> That
  1299. [18:41:28] <Lenore> feel
  1300. [18:41:30] <Natalie> HEALERS RUIN EVERYTHING
  1301. [18:41:58] <Kain> The ice shatters even more of its armor plating!
  1302. [18:41:59] <Theta> Theta just whips at it more
  1303. [18:42:04] * Lenore begins chanting up another spell~
  1304. [18:42:06] <Theta> 2d6+6
  1305. [18:42:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=2,4]
  1306. [18:42:08] <Kain> FIRE AND ICE
  1307. [18:42:12] <Theta> 111 fire damage
  1308. [18:42:27] <Lenore> Hey, hey Kain, can you teamwork attack spells?
  1309. [18:42:35] <Kain> Yeah
  1310. [18:42:41] <Lenore> Hmmm~
  1311. [18:42:48] <Kain> Rossiu and Lenore did in the oneshot too
  1312. [18:42:59] <Lenore> Oh yeeeeaaaah
  1313. [18:43:33] <Kain> THE FLAME WHIP cuts through the things metallic husk, dragging away more armor, and you begin to see the innards of this horrid thing. There are all kinds of weapons inside that main body it's a wonder how it even all fits in there.
  1314. [18:43:49] <Amaryllis> (would Theta be able to fire the nuke cannon at this thing?)
  1315. [18:43:52] * Natalie secretly regrets not having OK'd to Thief now.
  1316. [18:44:21] <Kain> (Ssssh and let me type a moment :3)
  1317. [18:45:32] <Kain> The mech's thrusters start sputtering out and it lands with a thunk, its body shuddering. "I n i t i a t i n g l a n d c r a b m o d e" you hear it warble a moment, as its body opens up and multiple legs start pushing out... but it wobbles under the instability of its own form, and then finally just falls apart from the massive damage you guys have been dealing to it.
  1318. [18:46:00] <Kain> It bzzzzrts... and then goes quiet.
  1319. [18:46:12] <Lenore> "I-is it dead?"
  1320. [18:46:13] * Natalie holds stance. "Uh...."
  1321. [18:46:22] <Natalie> "..."
  1322. [18:46:26] <Natalie> "Lemme see."
  1323. [18:46:28] * Natalie walks up to poke it.
  1324. [18:46:40] <Kain> Poke. About half of the thing falls off with a crash.
  1325. [18:46:42] <Kain> ....
  1326. [18:46:43] <Kain> yep
  1327. [18:46:44] <Natalie> "Yep!"
  1328. [18:46:50] <Natalie> Victory pose~
  1329. [18:46:59] * Amaryllis had halfway lifted the other arm in preparation to toss that too...but instead just drops it in relief with an exhausted sigh.
  1330. [18:47:21] <Kain> Two experience, one destiny, 6,000 gil to everyone, and your pants are on fire
  1331. [18:47:38] * Lenore ends her chant, streeeetching a bit. and wait what
  1332. [18:47:40] <Natalie> ... Yeah we should probably pay attention to the room being on fire now, shouldn't we?
  1333. [18:47:41] * Amaryllis is fire-proof fuck that
  1334. [18:47:53] <Lenore> Oh shit.
  1335. [18:48:01] * Natalie notices this all too late and clings to Ammy for protection. Auuu.
  1336. [18:48:02] <Amaryllis> (we each get 6000?)
  1337. [18:48:17] <Kain> (Yep)
  1338. [18:48:42] * Natalie suddenly learns Protect and Shell kyaaaa
  1339. [18:48:50] * Amaryllis cuts the line of death of the fir- okay no I can't even pretend to do something that pretentious. She tries her best to pat out the fire on Nat's clothes and then rolls her along the ground if necessary.
  1340. [18:48:54] <Natalie> .... Unfortunately that doesn't really help with being on fire!
  1341. [18:48:56] <Theta> 2d6+5 Theta attempts to reabsorb the flame into the sphere.
  1342. [18:48:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Theta, Theta attempts to reabsorb the flame into the sphere.: 9 [2d6=2,2]
  1343. [18:48:59] <Theta> (boo :<)
  1344. [18:49:09] <Kain> fshhhhhhhhhhwoop
  1345. [18:49:13] <Natalie> Take a Faith to that.
  1346. [18:49:30] <Amaryllis> (Tree take 2900 from my gil)
  1347. [18:49:35] <Natalie> (k~)
  1348. [18:49:38] <Kain> The inferno gathers and turns back into crystalized red ball. The room seems fireproofed and isn't too worse for wear, but that mech...
  1349. [18:50:14] <Amaryllis> (d-do I get COOLNESS destiny for cutting the thing apart piece by piece? :D)
  1350. [18:50:18] * Lenore secretly learns THUNDARA but it's not on the sheet yet shhhhhh
  1351. [18:50:20] <Kain> The floor panels flip open and the security consoles reveal themselves again.
  1352. [18:50:21] * Theta dusts himself off some, pats the ashes off his hat.
  1353. [18:50:52] <Kain> You know what, sure, points for actually using disarm in a boss battle even though it was pretty much autosuccess
  1354. [18:51:04] <Theta> "That's an odd reaction. The security lock in placed gets destroyed, they come back out." He looks it over.
  1355. [18:51:06] <Amaryllis> (whoo!)
  1356. [18:51:32] <Lenore> "Hmmmm~!" She goes to inspect these SECURITY PANELS and shit.
  1357. [18:51:49] <Lenore> (*Thundaga)
  1358. [18:52:00] <Kain> Fortunately, Lenore figured out the administrator password earlier :D
  1359. [18:52:14] * Lenore types in Wild Rose and gets in~
  1360. [18:52:18] * Natalie also learns a secret technique~ ... But it's not 'learns' so much as it is 'acquires the ability to use involuntarily.'
  1361. [18:53:02] <Theta> (was that really a level up?)
  1362. [18:53:10] <Natalie> (we were at 4/5)
  1363. [18:53:14] <Amaryllis> (yeah we're level 7, 1/5 exp)
  1364. [18:53:25] <Kain> The security panel shows a variety of options, apparently the monitors can spy on any non-residential room in the ship, control indoor defense systems - it mentions turrets. What the hell is a turret? The spiderbots, the larger machines... All of it's controlled from this room.
  1365. [18:53:52] <Anise> (make the spiderbots your friends)
  1366. [18:53:56] <Natalie> (^)
  1367. [18:54:20] <Amaryllis> Is there maidservant mode for the robots?
  1368. [18:54:42] <Kain> Don't be silly.
  1369. [18:54:55] * Lenore sets teh Spiderbots to "Friendly" or however you go about that~
  1370. [18:54:57] <Kain> Of COURSE there's a maidservant mode for the spiderbots, they're not just defense systems, they're maintenance.
  1371. [18:54:58] <Lenore> *the
  1372. [18:55:05] <Amaryllis> MAIDSERVANT MODE
  1373. [18:55:09] <Lenore> MAIDSERVANT MODE
  1374. [18:55:15] <Natalie> Is there an 'Insert Eidolon to power-up ship and reactivate teleportation circles' button?
  1375. [18:55:18] <Lenore> MAIDSERVANT SPIDER BOTS
  1376. [18:55:21] <Natalie> Maybe that wouldn't be a button.
  1377. [18:55:24] <Natalie> Maybe it'd be like a...
  1378. [18:55:26] <Natalie> ...
  1379. [18:55:40] * Natalie is the one thinking this moreso than the player is.
  1380. [18:55:51] <Amaryllis> Also, is there anything left of the warmech that would stand out as proof of our being here? Ammy is looking around the remains for such a memento.
  1381. [18:56:03] <Natalie> 2d6+2 I'll roll scavenge now, actually ask permission later
  1382. [18:56:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Natalie, I'll roll scavenge now, actually ask permission later: 11 [2d6=6,3]
  1383. [18:56:10] <Natalie> have fun ammy ilu
  1384. [18:56:52] <Kain> Scavenge gets you... the Warmech's Eye!
  1385. [18:57:06] <Kain> ...though that bottle of wine would have also served you goof
  1386. [18:57:10] <Theta> (well that was an easy level up.)
  1387. [18:57:24] <Amaryllis> (>implying we don't drink it all on the trip back)
  1388. [18:57:30] * Natalie dicks around looking for things like the aforementioned and is likely to just accidentally stumble upon roboeye, handing it out to Ammy to assist her search.
  1389. [18:57:58] <Amaryllis> "Thank you Nat. This shall do quite nicely to prove to Renegade of our presence here."
  1390. [18:58:01] <Theta> "So, disable the defensive systems, retrieve the injured scout, back to the others?"
  1391. [18:58:13] <Kain> You can also enable the teleporter from here.
  1392. [18:58:26] <Kain> Hm, was there something else you came here to do?
  1393. [18:58:40] <Lenore> "Oh, the proof!"
  1394. [18:58:41] <Lenore> ""
  1395. [18:58:44] <Kain> Find out about the missing travelers...
  1396. [18:58:51] <Lenore> "what were we supposed to get as proof?"
  1397. [18:58:52] <Kain> The proof of having found an ancient civilization...
  1398. [18:58:54] <Amaryllis> Find ALL OF THE STORIES? I mean, there have to be logs here or something.
  1399. [18:59:11] <Kain> Find out more about what Ambrosia actually is...
  1400. [18:59:18] <Amaryllis> (/me points at Ammy's goal 2.5)
  1401. [18:59:20] <Kain> oh wait, didn't this place have something to do with bahamut too
  1402. [18:59:24] <Kain> how is THAT going to work
  1403. [18:59:32] <Natalie> "Um... he's been here so he knows what stuff is like, right? So we just need to bring something that's obviously from here?"
  1404. [18:59:39] <Natalie> "That prrrrrrrrobably works."
  1405. [19:00:10] * Amaryllis nods.
  1406. [19:00:18] <Lenore> "I have the gel sample...and maybe if we took another Maniken along...?"
  1407. [19:00:20] * Theta was planning to check in on that maniken storage facility for information on their construction and maitanence procedures, as well as find something that would help Ambrosia.
  1408. [19:00:25] * Natalie comes to realize that the idea of an eidolon-powered airship is very silly.
  1409. [19:00:39] <Natalie> Even if being an eidolon who powers an airship sounds AWESOME.
  1410. [19:00:55] <Amaryllis> (spell time! Blizzara, Zombie, Stona, or Drain?)
  1411. [19:00:56] <Kain> What do you think this is
  1412. [19:00:59] <Kain> Outlaw Star?
  1413. [19:01:01] <Natalie> Yes.
  1414. [19:01:30] <Theta> He looks over to the wreckage of the mek and looks over one of the missile launchers though, just out of curiosity.
  1415. [19:01:31] <Natalie> in fact let's become space pirates right now
  1416. [19:01:37] <Theta> "Hmmmmmmmm."
  1417. [19:02:05] * Natalie tosses the fire whip btw, silly improvised weapons.
  1418. [19:02:16] * Amaryllis goes over and picks up the disarmed nuke cannon, brings it over to Theta. "Do you perhaps know what manner of weapon this was?"
  1419. [19:02:18] <Kain> It's some kind of cannon-like device designed to shoot specially shaped bombs.
  1420. [19:02:28] <Kain> Seems pretty hightech stuff...
  1421. [19:03:26] <Lenore> "Hmmmm." She looks up and down the bomb weapon. "Weeeeird."
  1422. [19:03:29] <Kain> The bombs themselves have a sort of propulsion system on them.
  1423. [19:03:45] <Theta> "It's similar in concept to a cannon, but the projectiles themselves are...much more sophsticated."
  1424. [19:04:00] <Amaryllis> "...Can we use it?"
  1425. [19:04:39] * Natalie spends this time raiding the rest of the room for any possible shenanigans.
  1426. [19:04:52] <Natalie> Dangerous-looking buttons to press? 'Insert Eidolon Here' box?
  1427. [19:04:58] <Kain> The Nuke Cannon in particular seems to be more of an energy weapon.
  1428. [19:04:59] <Theta> "You notice the cone of the shells makes for an aerodynamic design to improve accuracy, the engine of sorts on them as well to improve the force. Let alone the payload itself is probably more potent."
  1429. [19:05:07] <Natalie> Anything that says 'Do Not Press' is also a plus.
  1430. [19:05:16] <Natalie> ... no what am I, a kender?
  1431. [19:05:16] <Kain> Beep boop blip beep
  1432. [19:05:32] <Lenore> (Oh right, Nat's a cat, not a kender)
  1433. [19:05:34] * Natalie does actually snoop around though.
  1434. [19:05:35] <Kain> You could probably wreck some havoc here if you were careless.
  1435. [19:05:54] <Theta> "I'm not sure it's something that could be mass produced with today's level of tech but taking an example back would be of great use."
  1436. [19:05:56] <Natalie> Noted! Better behave though~
  1437. [19:05:58] <Natalie> ...
  1438. [19:06:03] <Kain> This isn't JUST a security room, it's an auxillary control room and has power over a lot of the ship's systems. Energy reserves are very low, apparently.
  1439. [19:06:10] <Natalie> Okay, maybe ONE random button while they're talking about laser cannons.
  1440. [19:06:14] <Kain> 1d100
  1441. [19:06:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Kain, 1d100: 57 [1d100=57]
  1442. [19:06:24] <Theta> "That other one seems...not entirely unlike a spell shot out of a cannon. Not sure how practical it is given how common magic is in this age."
  1443. [19:06:31] * Lenore bleepboops through the computers, trying to find out more about powering this thing.
  1444. [19:06:42] <Kain> A spiderbot wearing a maid headband pops out of the wall carrying a plate with a box on it.
  1445. [19:06:55] <Natalie> ... Oh. "Hi!"
  1446. [19:07:01] <Amaryllis> (c-can...can we bring it home with us?)
  1447. [19:07:05] <Natalie> (^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^)
  1448. [19:07:10] <Lenore> (d'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww)
  1449. [19:07:11] <Kain> (GOOFS)
  1450. [19:07:19] <Kain> (You can probably send a few to Walt)
  1451. [19:07:21] * Amaryllis readies the WALT STAMP
  1452. [19:08:06] <Kain> Lenore - It seems to run on some majorly foreign fuels. You see things about plutonium, uranium, unobtanium...
  1453. [19:08:14] * Theta slings parts of the cannon over his shoulder for inspection later, either way.
  1454. [19:08:14] * Natalie pries the box open, with an "Um, thanks."
  1455. [19:08:22] <Lenore> (3>unobtanium)
  1456. [19:08:42] <Amaryllis> (let's write some smutfic and refine it into plutonium)
  1457. [19:09:05] <Lenore> (PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT)
  1458. [19:09:17] <Kain> You have no idea what some of this stuff is. ...wait a second, huh? The console's systems indicate there's a possible suitable replacement power source on board. ...Tiny, whatever it is, and its power signature is coming from somewhere in the garden up top.
  1459. [19:09:40] <Kain> Theta - the missle launcher or the nuke cannon
  1460. [19:09:52] <Theta> missle lawnchair
  1461. [19:09:53] * Amaryllis stamps some god damned spiderbots.
  1462. [19:09:53] <Kain> The box Nat was presented containers...
  1463. [19:09:59] <Kain> a plastic-wrapped sandwich?
  1464. [19:10:05] <Amaryllis> Ammy takes the nuke cannon with her then if Theta isn't taking it.
  1465. [19:10:06] <Lenore> "Hey guys, uh, there's a power source somewhere!"
  1466. [19:10:10] <Kain> Stamp. Stamp. Stamp.
  1467. [19:10:26] <Natalie> A normal person would check to see if it's moldy.
  1468. [19:10:30] <Natalie> As in, not an amnesiac
  1469. [19:10:33] <Kain> You get half a dozen spiderbots stamped, that should be enough.
  1470. [19:10:34] * Natalie instantly takes it with a :D
  1471. [19:10:47] <Amaryllis> (can we stamp one of the larger hallway sentries? :D)
  1472. [19:10:54] <Amaryllis> (I want one of THOSE in a maid outfit)
  1473. [19:10:56] <Kain> It doesn't seem to be moldy, in fact it's still soft and preserved perfectly. Come to think of it, why IS all the food on the ship still good?
  1474. [19:11:20] <Kain> (Walt only has so much room for these unknown machines >:C You made your choice~)
  1475. [19:11:25] <Natalie> It's okay, Nat totally isn't even checking and happily crams it into one of that cute winter coat's giant pockets.
  1476. [19:11:39] <Amaryllis> (b-but...p-please)
  1477. [19:11:42] <Amaryllis> (uuuu)
  1478. [19:11:48] <Lenore> (uuuu)
  1479. [19:12:07] <Kain> (You can still put a maid outfit on one if you find one properly sized but this is just getting silly)
  1480. [19:12:07] <Natalie> (Why can't we just put 1,1      me       in a maid outfit?)
  1481. [19:12:08] <Amaryllis> (
  1482. [19:12:32] <Theta> "Well we have to go back up anyway..."
  1483. [19:12:44] <Theta> "Should go inform the others and the scout the security in this section is disabled, though."
  1484. [19:13:27] <Kain> Nat got... Thousand Year Old Sandwich! Tasty! It grants you HP Drain.
  1485. [19:13:35] <Natalie> Excellent
  1486. [19:14:21] <Kain> You've actually disabled the security across the entire ship, unless you specifically wanted to just leave this floor alone.
  1487. [19:14:32] <Lenore> Whole thing, definitely.
  1488. [19:14:56] * Natalie gives the maidbot a little cuddle. "Thanks a lot! Um.... nnnnnow what?"
  1489. [19:15:38] <Kain> The spiderbot scuttles off to continue its duties.
  1490. [19:16:44] <Kain> I'll actually give stats to the missle launcher and nuke cannon later if you're trying to salvage them
  1491. [19:16:47] <Natalie> H n n n n n n n g h
  1492. [19:17:00] <Natalie> It's like we're really playing SaGa!
  1493. [19:17:06] <Lenore> "Guys, the security's disabled! I think we should go straight to the garden to get whatever it is that powers this place!"
  1494. [19:17:16] <Natalie> "'Kay!"
  1495. [19:17:41] <Natalie> "If I don't need to keep everyone hidden anymore then let's just go straight to it!"
  1496. [19:17:44] <Amaryllis> (okay guys I have to go prepare dinner now - you can assume Ammy is going to look through the consoles here for records and lore about this place as per her goal 2.5)
  1497. [19:17:52] <Natalie> (Ammy will serve as my mount)
  1498. [19:17:59] <Amaryllis> (;_;)
  1499. [19:18:00] <Natalie> (... nah that's fine)
  1500. [19:18:30] <Kain> I think we should wrap up anyway
  1501. [19:19:03] <Theta> (Probably best - only real thing I got atm to do you could summarize OOC anyway.)
  1502. [19:19:25] <Kain> Alrighty.
  1503. [19:19:29] <Amaryllis> (yeah I imagine you need time to toss lore/history at me)
  1504. [19:19:48] <Natalie> Yeah I was gonna ask if we could actually get to the point of getting off the ship tonight so we can start next week fresh, but S H U R G
  1505. [19:20:08] * Lenore marches to the garden
  1506. [19:20:14] <Theta> (I don't think we're going to get off this ship anytime soon.)
  1507. [19:20:33] <Theta> (Cause A) it seems implied we need to repower it, B) so many unanswered questions atm)
  1508. [19:20:34] <Kain> NEXT TIME on FFIX-2 - Bear Lore and the Origin of the Enterprise
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