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  1. Guest_ashsox - Gryph did not share that opinion last night, said it means i'm just needy
  2. Guest_ashsox - i just like trouble
  3. DominusGryphin - haha
  4. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Ok. I'll be in and out on speaking. Here just not a blabber mouth as much as last night.
  5. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Well I have an inkling from time to time for fun trouble.
  6. DominusGryphin - give me like half hour
  7. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Brats and I tend to get along most the time. Though there are lines that I won't cross.
  8. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - -Clocks the time-
  9. Guest_ashsox - such as?
  10. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Kidding of course.
  11. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Well ok. I enjoy the mind. Greatly.
  12. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Have you heard of psychological sadism?
  13. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Many call it Mental Sadism.
  14. Guest_ashsox - maybe not by that name, but if you told me what it is i may know
  15. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - However I do not necessarily do just that. I just enjoy messing with certain minds, for fun. However, never with the intent to damage or scar.
  16. Guest_ashsox - oh okay, i understand what you mean now
  17. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Bit difficult to explain. I am use to just doing.
  18. Guest_ashsox - all fun, no trauma
  19. Guest_ashsox - i understand, me too
  20. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I do not often tell others because it is often assumed I am doing it all the time. Not the case.
  21. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - See, we already understand each other better.
  22. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I also am a total goof.
  23. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - In other words I enjoy picking on others in fun.
  24. Guest_ashsox - i like the conversation and understanding that comes from this room
  25. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - This is my second time here. The first time left a good first impression.
  26. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - So many rooms on here are lacking in intelligence on any level. I get bored.
  27. Guest_ashsox - my second time too
  28. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Yay! High five
  29. Guest_ashsox - that's what i've been saying
  30. Guest_ashsox - high five!
  31. Guest_ashsox - i told gryph when i came back i was giving up on other rooms, i'm comvinced real convestation only happens here
  32. Guest_ashsox - convinced*
  33. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - This account is extremely new but if I had my stuff like I did from years ago. I could possibly get a giggle or two out of you while we wait.
  34. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I have found 2 other rooms with conversation but only when certain people are present.
  35. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I had this large ball and if I put it on my avi would bounce all over the place.
  36. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - It looked funny.
  37. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Oh and a small airplane, A scooter, few other things
  38. Guest_ashsox - other lifestyle rooms require me to sit on a mat and no one talks, just quite. and no one responds to converstation either.
  39. Guest_ashsox - that does sound funny lol
  40. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - When rooms went silent, I would randomly slip those on and go crazy. Usually got the chat going again.
  41. Guest_ashsox - sounds like it would lol
  42. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Yea, So those other rooms don't usually care for me.
  43. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I have been told to sit on a mat. I didn't.
  44. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Or a pillow -rolls eyes-
  45. xjaneetheekillerrx - Oh someone rando added mr
  46. xjaneetheekillerrx - me*
  47. Guest_ashsox - i'm a huge brat, so i tend to disobey and i possibly am guilty of back talk
  48. Guest_ashsox - i hate when that happens
  49. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Normally, one does not need to state their status. I do understand why it is asked on here but offline it is usually not needed. It can be seen when one walks into a room.
  50. Guest_ashsox - rando from yesterday is still sending me feet invties
  51. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Ew.
  52. Guest_ashsox - invites*
  53. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Just deny them? No point if they can't even give the effort of having conversation first.
  54. Guest_ashsox - i never know what all to put when i have to state status
  55. Guest_ashsox - speak of the devil he just sent another
  56. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - You submissives have to put up with a lot of crap. It annoys me. They assume Submissive means insta slave.
  57. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I just want to high five their faces with a chair.
  58. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I am unsure how Dominus would feel about it otherwise I'd say invite them here and let me speak with them.
  59. Guest_ashsox - don't get me wrong, i love being degraded, but not in a room full of strangers bowing at the feet of Doms i don't know. i should be comfortable
  60. Guest_ashsox - i assume he may not be too keen on that
  61. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - First of all. Degredation should not take place until trust has been built. This isn't something that takes place over night.
  62. Guest_ashsox - maybe get a giggle though, he sent a rando slave boy to jade last night lol
  63. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Wow
  64. Guest_ashsox - exactly!!
  65. Guest_ashsox - they expect me to be on my knees for them as soon as i load in
  66. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - One moment. Need to refill the vape.
  67. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Those are what we call the internet Doms. They are abusers in my opinion.
  68. Guest_ashsox - and it's so sad because innocent inexperienced subs will fall in to their lap because they don't know any better
  69. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - The pleasure should be equal between the two.
  70. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I semi messed that sentence up but I believe you understood me.
  71. Guest_ashsox - it's refreshing to hear converstaion like this, and know that people aren't all the same
  72. Guest_ashsox - i did
  73. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Thank goodness.
  74. Guest_ashsox - i like hearing the submissives are also respected, needed and desired. i want to feel like your little play thing but you should also understand i'm important
  75. Guest_ashsox - that*
  76. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Those \\"Doms\\" male and female that walk into the room and immediately expect all Submissives to bow to them. -laughs- Not how it works. Or the you have to earn that from each submissive you cross. NEXT!
  77. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - In the same sense, many submissives especially online also have their cons.
  78. Guest_ashsox - exactly, i'll respectfully address you by a sir or miss title, but do not expect anything further.
  79. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I loathe seeing the ones that immediately wish to kneel. No spirit.
  80. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - For me, you need only call me Scarlett.
  81. Guest_ashsox - it's sad, they don't even want to truly earn or prove themselves to a true dom either.
  82. Guest_ashsox - thank you, Scarlett
  83. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Who is this Ryan guy? Random friend request
  84. Guest_ashsox - i have no idea
  85. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Tempted to invite him. Is this something Dominus would frown upon?
  86. Guest_ashsox - only my second time here, not sure
  87. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I was fixing to comment that. I'll just wait.
  88. Guest_ashsox - i think as long as it's conversation, no harm done, but i wouldn't want to speak for him
  89. xjaneetheekillerrx - Haha yeah im apperently not good at picking doms
  90. Guest_ashsox - me neither, it's okay
  91. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Do ya'll interview them? Put them to the test?
  92. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Give them a trial run? Anything of that nature?
  93. xjaneetheekillerrx - I interview, and trial
  94. Guest_ashsox - i'm not very experienced and have always been introduced to bdsm through relationships. i've always had a boyfriend who was like 'let's try this'
  95. xjaneetheekillerrx - But they fake it till they make it I guess
  96. Guest_ashsox - but i'd love to truly go through it
  97. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - How long do you trial for?
  98. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - If I am getting to personal just let me know. I'll back off.
  99. xjaneetheekillerrx - Usually 2 weeks
  100. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - There lies the problem.
  101. Guest_ashsox - oh not at all
  102. Guest_ashsox - i'm pretty open
  103. xjaneetheekillerrx - Huh no I dont care, I could tell you my whole life story
  104. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I usually say 6 months to a year for a trial. However, I understand online they may be difficult so at the very least 3 months.
  105. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - If they are in it for the right reasons, they'll respect it. If not, you saved yourself the trouble.
  106. Guest_ashsox - very true
  107. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - However, ladies. You shouldn't be offering yourselves so quickly. Hang around them for at least a month before showing said interest.
  108. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - A lot can be seen in a months time.
  109. Guest_ashsox - i'm always so scared i may not be of intrest if i don't act, that's my biggest problem
  110. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Most true Dominants enjoy a submissive with their own mind who knows their own worth. Those are the submissives true Dominants want to work hard to gain.
  111. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Ash, the boyfriends getting you involved...nope.
  112. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Your boyfriend can not be the best Dominant you need. Let me explain.
  113. Guest_ashsox - i've only ever been with a boyfriend to participate
  114. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - There is a huge difference between bf and gf status and Dominant and submissive status. You will already be use to the relationship dynamic, emotionally, mentally and physically.
  115. xjaneetheekillerrx - One year for just a trial?
  116. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - If that suddenly changes and he tries to then Discipline you when you act out or what not, you will view it natually as if he is being a jerk
  117. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Yes, Jane. Or 6 months.
  118. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - But at the very least 3 months.
  119. xjaneetheekillerrx - That seems like a long time for a trial
  120. Guest_ashsox - i'd looove to go through that with a true dom
  121. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - The first month is getting to know one another. Second month is small simple play to build trust. Third month, a mixture of both with the play slightly upped.
  122. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Also Collaring. Listen when you get a collar outside of play time. That is a huge commitment (spelling?) That's like dating a guy for 2 weeks and then marrying him.)
  123. Guest_ashsox - oh wow, i've never thought about it that way
  124. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Collar in the lifestyle is equal to a ring in the vanilla world.
  125. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - If the Dominant wishes to slap that on you immediately, run.
  126. Guest_ashsox - i've never been collared, but have had it talked about, never in that way though, just in a way that he wanted me collared and leashed for him
  127. Guest_ashsox - as far as in play
  128. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Oh. For play is one thing but even then, you need to have that 10000000% confidence and trust in him.
  129. xjaneetheekillerrx - Ive had a collar before but we had it as an accessory
  130. Guest_ashsox - that's the way we talked about it
  131. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - It shouldn't be an accessory but that is just my opinion and therefore may not be a correct opinion.
  132. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I was taught by an Old Guard, so long ago. I have adapted into enjoying both New Guard and Old Guard. I enjoy the formalities of Old Guard while accepting some methods, though not many, of New Guard.
  133. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - For one, I love the respect, discipline and knowledge of Old Guard.
  134. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I enjoy the seating atmosphere of New Guard.
  135. Guest_ashsox - i don't think i've heard of either. im not super experienced
  136. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - However, I feel many, though not all, New Guard have failed to uphold and keep in mind the teachings of the Old Guard. The original foundation.
  137. xjaneetheekillerrx - Yeah Ive never heard of what your talking about
  138. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - First were the leathers and Came to be Old Guard...Wait, really? Dominus here is aligned with Old Guard.
  139. Guest_ashsox - yeah, i've never been around i guess actual doms
  140. xjaneetheekillerrx - Ive been around true doms, Ive never heard those
  141. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - And that is how we ended up with such a large amount of confused individuals. It basically opened a double wide door for the abusers to pour in and snatch false titles to hide their sinister intentions.
  142. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - In Old guard, there were very very few women who were allowed to be Dominants.
  143. Guest_ashsox - that's so awful, but you do see it a lot now that i think about it, people who want the charge of BDSM without the respect, safety or rules
  144. Guest_ashsox - oh really?
  145. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - A huge rarity. At one point it was not accepted at all. Hell at one point women were not allowed in at all. The leathers were all gay.
  146. Guest_ashsox - i didn't know that
  147. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Mhm. I am thankful we were eventually welcomed because Submission is not my cup of tea
  148. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - However, I could flip that.
  149. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - You ready for a slight mind boggle, possibility?
  150. Guest_ashsox - absolutely
  151. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I tend to anger many Dominants with this but it is something that should be dug into rather than viewed at surface level. Fair Warning, Dominus. If you have returned and are being the silent observer.
  152. Guest_ashsox - i've never thought of it that way. it's all okayed through the sub before it's continued
  153. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - That is also incorrect.
  154. Guest_ashsox - i meant unwilling
  155. Guest_ashsox - sorry lol
  156. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Oh, no I was stating they are incorrect for telling you to just do it. There is no point in you doing it if you do not first understand why it is being done. You can't grow that way.
  157. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Now if you are being an intentional brat and asking why, well that should be handled differently.
  158. Guest_ashsox - i feel most \"dom's\" don't think sumissives deserve respect, they assume i'm already broken into a little toy from them
  159. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Explain the why once and then follow through with the discipline for correction.
  160. Guest_ashsox - i understand that
  161. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - That's because most Doms are not Doms.
  162. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Therefore I suppose you could say I am retired.
  163. Guest_ashsox - how unfortunate, any sub would be lucky to trial with you
  164. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - At a youngish age. I am 39. My profile, when age is shown says 24 but I am actually 39. 40 in July.
  165. Guest_ashsox - you seem so experienced and lovely
  166. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Daw. Thank you. I was a Mentor up until Oct. 2019.
  167. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I passed my Mentee on to my sister. She is a Lifestyle Trainer, offline.
  168. Guest_ashsox - so why did you retire?
  169. Ello
  170. Guest_ashsox - hello
  171. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I do everything with my all or nothing. No in between for me.
  172. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Hello Calvernia
  173. Ell0
  174. Guest_ashsox - that's a very big choice to make
  175. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Indeed. I had 21 years of goodness. Time to move forward.
  176. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - However, I still enjoy like minds and so here I am.
  177. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - I feel I can still share some of my knowledge with out the committment of Mentoring.
  178. Guest_ashsox - i bet it is nice to still be connected to the commuity this way though, even if you don't participate you can still teach in small ammounts
  179. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - Come on in and have a seat on the couch Calvernia.
  180. Guest_ScarlettBlack5 - One moment
  181. Guest_ashsox - a moment for me as well, brb
  182. Guest_ashsox - sorry i got caught up but i do have to go, i enjoyed the converstation again, i'll be back later  bye :)
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