twittch commands

JagerKnights Feb 22nd, 2019 (edited) 92 Never
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  1. !id for when I am playing monster hunter world its my server id
  2. !discord shows my discord server link
  3. !twitter shows my twitter link
  4. !bsr when I am playing Beat Saber you can request a song
  5. !sr just past the last part of the url from youtube to play music on my stream
  6. !heist (amount) playes a game with other viewers
  7. !challenge (viewers name) to challenge them to a duel. Another game viewers can play
  8. !followed shows you when you followed me
  9. !following shows you how long you have been following me
  10. !gmcharge for when I use the gameplaymodifier mod it tells you all the things you can do and how much each cost
  11. !nextsong shows the next song for songrequest
  12. !song shows the current song playing
  13. !time shows my current time
  14. !boss must have 2 people but you get to fight a random boss more to come later
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