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  1. <color=orange><size=20>The LynxDen-Community / DeLynx93 is NOT responsible to any actions on this server.</size></color>
  2. <color=orange><size=20>The server is just hosted on our network / hardware.</size></color>
  3. <color=orange><size=20>Please contact the owners / admins below, if you need help, thanks alot! =)</size></color>
  5. Owners / Headadmins: (click on their name to get their steam-profile)
  6. <color="red"><link="https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198833282429">Skrot35t</link></color>
  7. <color="red"><link="https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198197087611">Lord Shaxx</link></color>
  9. ---
  10. Technical assistance <color=red>ONLY</color>, if the server has lags / downtime / crashes etc
  11. <color="yellow"><link="https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079736114">[AFA] DeLynx93</link></color>
  14. Server Rules
  15. - No mass team-killing
  16. - No grenading spawns (waiting at spawns is acceptable if NTF or Chaos is about to spawn, do not intentionally spawn kill)
  17. - No team-killing without a good RP reason
  18. - No micspam or music over the intercom/radio/spectator/SCP chat
  19. - Don't delay the rounds
  20. - Don't impersonate/disrespect server staff
  21. - Cheating/exploiting the game will result in a perm ban (DeLynx says: The bans get synced with the main servers of me. Once banned = Banned everywhere on our network. Do NOT cheat. =D )
  22. - Camping on the lights outside at chaos spawn is kickable
  23. - Don't harass people or use racist, sexist, or homophobic slurs
  24. - No ghosting/(helping 939 is an exception)
  25. - No cross-teaming is allowed outside of the guideline
  26. - Teams can cooperate for survival until the reason for working together is gone. (Being locked in a room together, being chased by a SCP)
  27. - SCPs may show 'mercy' to Scientists or D-Class personnel
  28. - Scientists and D-Class may freely cross-team with each-other
  29. - Teaming between Chaos and NTF is prohibited
  30. - Discord Server: <link="https://discord.gg/DjDAfAz"><color="yellow">Click here to join the Hello Kitty Community-Discord</color></link>
  32. ------------------------
  33. DeLynx says:
  34. - If you need something hosted, contact me here: <link="https://lynxden.de/contact"><color="yellow">Click here to get in touch with DeLynx</color></link>
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