Wrongful ban Dusty

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  1. dustymarshmallow: an oom liss
  2. dustymarshmallow: and you farm
  3. dustymarshmallow: you know its a good jungler when the adc has higher kill participation
  4. dustymarshmallow: yeah I also got ganked 4 times this game
  5. dustymarshmallow: remind me
  6. dustymarshmallow: when did you last gank?
  7. dustymarshmallow: oh wait
  8. dustymarshmallow: early game jungler
  9. dustymarshmallow: ganks 3 times
  10. dustymarshmallow: i wish
  11. dustymarshmallow: would make you bearable
  12. dustymarshmallow: shouldnt you mute us all?
  13. dustymarshmallow: so yeno
  14. dustymarshmallow: you can control your clear anger and attitude problems
  15. dustymarshmallow: kys seriously?
  16. dustymarshmallow: fucking vile
  17. dustymarshmallow: oh sure
  18. dustymarshmallow: 100% sure
  19. dustymarshmallow: I dont htink we ever said anything like that
  20. dustymarshmallow: dude you told us to kys
  21. dustymarshmallow: absolutely disgusting
  22. dustymarshmallow: haha funny
  23. dustymarshmallow: telling people to die
  24. dustymarshmallow: how mature
  25. dustymarshmallow: is that why I should kill my self?
  26. Post-Game
  27. dustymarshmallow: oh I know
  28. dustymarshmallow: Im awful at zed
  29. dustymarshmallow: hence it being a normal
  30. dustymarshmallow: you said I should die for playing badly
  31. dustymarshmallow: at the end
  32. dustymarshmallow: dude I have screen caps
  33. dustymarshmallow: report
  34. dustymarshmallow: I have screen caps of me saying "so I should kill myself because I played bad" and you going yup
  35. dustymarshmallow: pretty convincing
  36. dustymarshmallow: sure
  37. dustymarshmallow: sounds solid
  38. dustymarshmallow: bro I just dont appreciate threatening people with that
  39. dustymarshmallow: not sure if youre just not that mature
  40. dustymarshmallow: but it aint something to joke about
  41. dustymarshmallow: bro lets be real
  42. dustymarshmallow: you let your temper get to you
  43. dustymarshmallow: haha suicide jokes funny xd
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