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  1. *Does not use portals to go back to town (true during running fixed Dried Lake and scheduled random maps). Always backtracks to go back whether portal scrolls are absent in inventory or not.
  2. *Picks up wisdom/portal scrolls + whetstones + armor scraps even though they are unticked, among other things.
  3. *Sometimes, upon leaving Dried Lake, it constantly goes in and out of the same instance until "Restart when no exp" timer triggers.
  4. *Does not pick up Orb of Regret and Silver Coin (both upon monster kill and passing by). May be missing a few that I did not see.
  5. *Buffs are still being treated as a casted skill (set to cast, distance:50, mob:10)
  6. *Some skills are being dismissed rather than leveled. Happens sporadically.
  7. *Bot sometimes attempts to Shop in the middle of combat. Stops fighting mid-combat in the middle of mobs until death. Log says "Start Shopping"
  9. * auto login entered incorrect information
  11. * bot is using strongboxes while standing in middle of them, without considering they might explode, shock, freeze, frost nova, which results in death.
  13. *The bot doesn't pick up ancient reliquary keys. They aren't even in the items lists. Also, the buffs aren't working at all for me. wont even cast them once.
  15. *I have a bug for act 1 normal. When the bot goes to the lower prison, it just keeps opening and closing the inventory instead of going ahead into the new area. To add to the bug, I did go ahead and get the WP. The bot started working normally after that, but a minute or two later, it started opening and closing inv again.
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