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  1. Let me prove my love to you
  3.     As you open the door to the shed, you can head chains clinking and a certain brown bear struggling against his bindings. You smile as he squirms against the metal links, screaming through his gag.
  5.     “Playing hard to get, are we Senpai? I’ll have you know that I custom ordered those chains from the Midoriya group. You’re not going anywhere.” You say the last words slowly, savoring Juuichi’s terror as he continues to try to break free.
  7.     You lay your hand on Juuichi, smiling sweetly as he screams and thrashes, tears flowing from his eyes. His snot cakes against his fur, and his eyes red. He’s getting rather messy, so you plan to “clean” him later.
  9.     His puffy red eyes captivate you, bloodshot with dialated pupils. Combined with his bare chest, loose pants, and desperate screams, you can’t get enough of his torture. He screams loudly, begging somebody to help him. But you know that nobody can save him now.
  11.     His voice eventually gives out, and he stops screaming, not by choice. He still thrashes, the rough metal chains rubbing off his fur and creating bald spots. You notice his screams ending, and decide to toy with him.
  13.     “Your voice seems to give out sooner everyday, Senpai,” You say, sweetly. “Maybe I should just… take them out so that you don’t have to wear them out!” You lay your hands on his neck, drawing your finger across his throat.
  15.     Juuichi makes a look of pure terror and tries to scream with what’s left of his voice. His raspy exhaling and thrashing makes you incredibly aroused, his pain and torture fueling your love for him. Or, rather, his body.
  17.     “Okay, Senpai. Now it’s time for the fun part. For me, at least,” You say, smiling. You lay your hand on his waistband and begin to untie it.
  19.     Juuichi stops thrashing and looks you straight in the eye, as if to say “Please don’t do this to me”. But no amount of begging could stop you from getting what you want with him. You untie his waistband, pulling his loose pants down to his ankles.
  21.     Juuichi tries to kick you, but the chains on his ankles prevent his feet from reaching you. You giggle, and reach down to tickle his foot. He thrashes violently, emitting a mixture of raspy screams and sobs.
  23.     You stop tickling his foot and direct your attention to his crotch. His swollen erection is held in place by a black spiked cock ring. The enlarged member is trapped inside a steel chasity cage, begging to be touched. Juuichi cries and screams, but the aphrodisiac you previously injected him with makes his cock lust for contact.
  25.     You reach down to his ass and begin to slide a slick finger around his asshole, teasing him. His hole twitches begging to be filled. You reach up to undo his gag, and he gasps and groans loudly.
  26.     Suddenly, he speaks. He only says one word.
  28.     “Why…”
  30.     You smile sweetly at him, and reply with a voice that shoots ice through his veins.
  32.     “Because I love you, Juuichi. Now, lets get to the good part!”
  34.     You slam your hard cock into his asshole without stretching or lubrication. He groans in pain, grinding his teeth together as tears run down his face. His cock buldges inside the cage, begging for contact that it won’t recieve.
  36.     You increase the speed of your thrusting, tearing apart his tight hole. He howls in pain, and his whole body shakes. You smack his ass while you fuck him, and he winces in pain with every hit.
  38.     You feel yourself getting closer to orgasm, and Juuichi’s hole tightens around your cock. You thrust deep into his ass, spilling your seed deep inside of him.
  40.     Juuichi’s cock shoots thick ropes of cum through the cage, splattering his chest and face. You pull your dick out of him, not bothering to clean him up.
  42.     You retie his gag and put his pants back on. Juuichi is still crying, but he seems more lifeless and broken than before. Maybe breaking him and turning him into your mindless sex slave wouldn’t take as long as you thought.
  44.     You take a needle containing a double dose of aphrodisiac and jab it into his arm. pushing down the plunger. He doesn’t seem to notice.
  46.     You shove a sedative down his lifeless throat, his eyes showing a look of pure terror. As you get up you say one last sentence to Juuichi before he passes out.
  48.     “I’ll be back tomorrow to love you, Senpai. And the next day, the next day, the next day…”
  50.     Juuichi screams as he loses consciousness, his life fading into black.
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