Secret Lewds: Petplay Fluttershy

Jul 7th, 2019
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  1. "Thanks for agreeing to have lunch with me, Twilight."
  2. >You slip into a bench across from your friend, watching as she pops open the Japanese bento she probably an hour before school preparing
  3. >"Of course, Fluttershy!" Twilight says. "It seems like I don't see you as much anymore."
  4. "Well, um, I have been pretty busy. With all my animals, and with, uh..."
  5. >"With Tempest?"
  6. >You nod
  7. >"How is she? She hasn't freaked out at you again, has she? Because if she has--"
  8. >A dangerous tone is just starting to creep into Twilight's voice
  9. >Like many in the school, she still doesn't trust the transfer student, especially after Tempest's violent outbursts in her first few weeks
  10. "She's trying her best, but..."
  11. >"But what? Has she tried to hurt you?"
  12. "No, no! She's just said a few things, but I made sure she knew those weren't going to be appropriate."
  13. >"I see."
  14. "She's calming down a lot. I think. But I'm starting to get a little worried about her. I think she's just hiding her feelings around me, now."
  15. >"Given the kind of things she feels, I think hiding them is for the best."
  16. >You gasp
  17. "Twilight! That's terrible! Even someone with a terrible past like Tempest's still deserves to express herself."
  18. >"Fine, fine. I just don't trust her."
  19. "Well, I think I can still reach the good in her. I just need your help."
  20. >"Yeah? What do you need?"
  21. "I, um..."
  22. >You tap your fingers gingerly together in front of your face
  23. "Do you have any of Spike's old collars? You know, that you aren't using anymore..."
  24. >Twilight blinks, processing that
  25. >"His dog collars? Probably, but why-- oh! You want to get Tempest a puppy?"
  26. >You let out a tiny giggle
  27. "Y-yep! Well, um, something like that. At least."
  28. >"You know, that's actually a great idea. If you teach her to care about something precious, it'll probably mellow her out. And maybe her new pet and Spike can play together."
  29. "Heh, yeah. Maybe they can. So, if you have one, maybe you can just give it to me after school, or tomorrow, or whenever is fine with you..."
  30. >"I've probably got a spare collar in my backpack. And a leash too."
  31. "Don't worry, I've already got plenty of leashes."
  32. >"Huh?"
  33. "What?"
  34. >Twilight's brow furrows as she starts to analyze what you just said
  35. "A-anyway, um, great lunch! Thanks so much for your help!"
  36. >You pack up your stuff and scurry away
  38. >True to her word, Twilight gets you the collar, plus a leash as well
  39. >You turn it over in your hands as you walk home from school
  40. >It's just plain, black, imitation leather, with little pictures of bones etched into it
  41. >A tiny metal tag dangles from it, though it's been left blank
  42. >Once you've reached a quiet street, and you're sure nobody's around, you hold it up to your neck, just to check
  43. >It's pretty small, small enough that it'll probably pinch tightly around your neck
  44. >Perfect
  46. >When you return home, you sit pleasantly in your living room and wait for Tempest
  47. >Your parents are still out, as they usually are, at work or socializing
  48. >Eventually, you hear a muffled knock on the door
  49. "Come in!" you call out, cheerfully and sing-song, and jump up to open the door for your guest
  50. >Before you can, though, the door is somewhat roughly kicked open, revealing a tall, intimidating young woman standing at the threshold
  51. >"I've returned, as you asked," Tempest says coldly. "But I'm going to ask you to make this quick. I'm afraid my patience for this charade is growing thin."
  52. >She looks at you with cold, steely eyes, set in a face marred by a dark pink scar tracing over her right eye
  53. >Her hair is still styled in the same jagged purple mohawk as when she arrived, but she's at least stopped wearing the ridiculous battle-armor she showed up in
  54. >Instead, now, Tempest is dressed in tight-fitted black jeans and a slate-gray tank-top
  55. >The tank-top does nothing to hide her arms, which end in smooth stumps at her elbows
  56. >On her feet, though, she still has those same combat boots, which thud heavily against the carpet as she strides in
  57. >"You're expecting a report of my progress, I take it?"
  58. "Oh, not necessarily. I just wanted to ask how you're feeling."
  59. >"I feel the same as ever. It's you and your friends who pressure me to change."
  60. >Tempest takes her customary spot on your couch, crossing her legs, and you take a seat on a recliner across from her
  61. "So you feel pressured?"
  62. >Tempest groans
  63. >"Look, Fluttershy. I appreciate the effort here, but I'm not ready for another therapy session."
  64. "You're the only one who calls this therapy," you say pleasantly, and pull the coffee table over so that it sits between the two of you. "I see it as a friend helping a friend adjust to her new home."
  65. >Tempest looks away, though not before you catch a hint of pink creeping into her cheeks
  66. >"You don't have to refer to me as a friend. We aren't exactly close."
  67. >You give Tempest a small, sad smile
  68. "I know. But that's something I'd like to change. If that's, um, okay with you."
  69. >Tempest raises an eyebrow
  70. >"How so?"
  71. "Well, heh, I have a few ideas..."
  72. >You toy with one hot-pink lock of your hair, then jump to your feet
  73. >This idea seemed perfect to you last night, but now that it's come time to propose it to Tempest, you're starting to feel a little nervous
  74. >The palms of your hands are slick with sweat, but you try your best to hide your discomfort as you shuffle towards the kitchen
  75. "Would you like some snacks? I made some fresh herbal tea, and I've got some delicious cookies. They're extra-soft, with sprinkles. That's your favorite, right?"
  76. >Tempest's face softens a bit at the mention of cookies
  77. >"Hmph. If you insist."
  78. "I'll be right back."
  79. >You duck into the kitchen and grab the platter of cookies you've already prepared, along with a kettle of steaming tea
  80. >Holding the snacks awkwardly balanced in your left arm, you use your right hand to grab up the collar you got from Twilight, clutching it behind your back as you rejoin Tempest in the living room
  81. >She's looking antsy, you can tell, shifting positions on the couch and crossing then re-crossing her legs
  82. >You take your seat and place the snacks between you
  83. >Tempest stares at the cookies, visibly salivating
  84. "Help yourself," you say
  85. >Tempest fixes you in a steely glare, as if daring you to make fun of her
  86. >Then she slips her right foot out of its boot, grabs a cookie between her toes, and raises it to her mouth to take a bite
  87. >She closes her eyes, a tiny shudder of pleasure running through her body
  88. >"So good..." you think you hear her mumble
  89. >She clears her throat
  90. >"Thanks for that, I suppose."
  91. "Oh, you're very welcome. There's tea too~"
  92. >You pour her a cup, happily humming to yourself
  93. >Tempest still holds you in a cold, suspicious stare
  94. >"This isn't going like our usual sessions. I have to ask what you're planning."
  95. "Heheh. I'll get to that. Just enjoy, for now."
  96. >Tempest grumbles something
  97. "Sorry, what was that?"
  98. >"The tea. I can't drink it."
  99. "Oh, I'm sorry! Here, let me."
  100. >"It's fine. I don't need tea."
  101. "No, I'll help."
  102. >Tempest turns away from you, blushing furiously
  103. >"Please don't try to feed me. That's the last thing I need."
  104. "Okay. If you're not comfortable with it, I won't. But it *is* pretty good tea."
  105. >Tempest frown
  106. >"Hmph. Maybe a bit, then."
  107. >She turns back, and lets you raise the cup to her lips
  108. >A painful twitch runs through her face
  109. >"It's... kinda hot."
  110. "Ah! Sorry, sorry. I should have blown on it first, agh..."
  111. >"You're fine."
  112. >Tempest smacks her lips
  113. >"It was good, though. Thanks, I guess."
  114. "You're welcome! I can give you more soon, when it cools."
  115. >"If you want to."
  116. "I do," you say, beaming
  117. >Tempest narrows her eyse
  118. >"Now out with it. What are you planning?"
  119. "Heheh. Well, um..."
  120. >You're still clenching the dog collar behind your back
  121. "...I had a bit of an idea. For how to help you feel a bit more comfortable, um, being yourself. With us."
  122. >"I have no problem being myself!"
  123. >Tempest slams her foot angrily on the ground
  124. "Eep!"
  125. >You recoils against the couch
  126. "Let's not call it a problem! It's just you, um, I think, would be happier if you had something to, erm, take care of. Something to show your nice side to."
  127. >"I have no *nice* side. I lost it long ago."
  128. "T-that's exactly the problem! There's a good side in you, Tempest. I think I c-can help you get it out."
  129. >Tempest leans forward slightly
  130. >"And how do you propose to do that?"
  131. "Heh. I've, um, been thinking..."
  132. >Reflexively, you try to tap your fingers together in front of your face, your usual gesture when you're thinking
  133. >Unfortunately, you're still holding the collar, and such a gesture whips it out for Tempest to see
  134. >She raises an eyebrow over her scarred eye
  135. >"What is that?"
  136. "Oh this? It's a collar. For dogs."
  137. >"You're going to suggest I adopt a puppy?" Tempest asks. "Cute, but I'll refuse. I'd kill any animal you entrusted to me. Animal life means little to me."
  138. "Well, that's what I was worried about, heh."
  139. >You wring the collar in your lap, letting your nervous energy pour into it
  140. >Is this seriously something you're about to suggest?
  141. >It feels so right, but at the same time, it's absolutely crazy
  142. >But it's too late to worry now!
  143. >You made this decision because you believed it was right, and you have to trust in yourself
  144. >You force a look of confidence onto your face, and hold the collar up
  145. "You need to learn the value of caring, of love, but you wouldn't care for any pet I would give you. So if I'm g-going to teach you to care for something, then..."
  146. >You press the collar against your chest
  147. "...then I have to be the pet!"
  148. >Tempest blinks
  149. >"You're going to have to repeat that for me."
  150. "I'll be your new pet! Whenever you come over, you'll have your little Fluttershy to c-care for."
  151. >Just saying those words makes something electrifying and hot unfurl in your chest
  152. >You sink back against the couch and tuck your legs up underneath yourself, letting the sensation rush through you
  153. >"Is this some sort of twisted joke? Did Principal Celestia put you up to this? It's bad enough she insists I meet you for these little therapy sessions, but I'd never consider whatever this is!"
  154. >She looks away from you, fuming, and tucks her stumps angrily at her side
  155. "Oh, no, not at all. This is just my idea. I only want to do it to help you."
  156. >"Hmph. Well, I refuse to play along."
  157. "Are you sure? I'll be a good little pet for you."
  158. >You raise the collar to your neck, wrap it around, and click it into place
  159. >As you expected, it cinches tightly around your neck
  160. >A second rush, stronger than the first, cascades through you
  161. >Tempest hears the collar click, and glances over at you
  162. >A tiny splotch of pink appears on both her cheeks, but she looks away again
  163. "I won't be high maintenance at all. All you have to do is pet me. And cuddle me. And feed me."
  164. *"...and bathe me..."* you whisper
  165. >"This is sick. If you can't act like a normal human being, I'm leaving."
  166. >You try to promise her that, no matter what, whatever she wants to do is fine
  167. >But it's getting hard to speak now
  168. >The collar is so, *so* tight
  169. >Only a tiny, hopeful mew escapes your lips
  170. >Tempest flinches
  171. >"S-stop this at once!" she orders
  172. >You slip down from the couch, ending up on your hands and knees on the hardwood floors
  173. >The tag on your collar jingles lightly as you slowly crawl towards your new master, staring up at her with big, hopeful puppy-dog eyes
  174. >You let out another tiny mew
  175. >Tempest turns away from you, her eyes wide
  176. >Tiny beads of sweat are staring to form along her forehead
  177. >"I hope you realize how sickening this is! Stand up and act like a real--"
  178. >You crawl up to Tempest's leg and nuzzle your face against her knee
  179. >A palpable shudder runs through her, so powerful that you can even feel it against your cheek
  180. >Tempest shuts her eyes and swallows, trying to regain her composure
  181. "Mew?"
  182. >Tempest goes rigid
  183. >"This is... absolutely vile. I hope you realize that."
  184. "Mew~"
  185. >"I am not going to go along with this."
  186. >You sit back on your butt, tucking your legs against yourself and holding your hands out in balled fists, as if they were paws
  187. "Mew..."
  188. >You let out a sad little coo, and hand your head
  189. >"Stop this at once! Between you and the rest of your insane friends, is it so much to ask to get a little... guh..."
  190. >Sweat is now visibly pouring down Tempest's face
  191. >You wiggle your hips a little, pretending you have a tail
  192. >She grits her teeth
  193. >"...goddammit..."
  194. >You're pretty sure that's what she said, at least
  195. >Tempest shields her eyes, as if your cuteness were irradiating her face
  196. >"You're going to force me into this, are you? Well, f-fine! If this is what Principle Celestia wants, then I guess I have no choice!"
  197. "Mew~!"
  198. >You gently rest your chin on her knee
  199. >Tempest sinks into the couch, her breath now coming in short, desirous gasps
  200. >You press your whole body against her leg, rubbing yourself against her and squirming like an adorable little puppy
  201. >Each motion brings sends tiny tremors through you, and your brain is starting to grow hazy with excitement
  202. >The initial nervousness is fading quickly from you, leaving you feeling excitable and a little bit adorable
  203. >Just like a real pet
  204. >Tempest finally looks down at you
  205. >She immediately bites her lip between her teeth
  206. >"So, what s-sort of degeneracy are you expecting from me? Do I have to take you for walks? Play fetch?"
  207. >A big smile stretches across your face when she mentions fetch
  208. >"You really are totally hopeless. Fine..."
  209. >Tempest looks around for a nearby object
  210. >The first thing she spots is one of the throwpillows on the couch
  211. >She grabs one between her toes and flings it across the room
  212. >Happily, you bound after it, losing yourself in the rush of innocent, puppy pleasure
  213. >This is great!
  214. >You bent to the ground, your ass up in the air, wriggling for Tempest to see
  215. >You don't even consider how humiliating that would probably be
  216. >After all, you're just an adorable little Flutter-pet, why should you care?
  217. >Bending your face to the ground, you grab the pillow in your mouth and crawl back over to your owner, presenting it to her
  218. >Tempest takes it from you, not looking like she's sure what to do next
  219. >"Uh..."
  220. "Mew?"
  221. >Tempest groans
  222. >"Good girl?"
  223. >Blush is creeping along her cheeks now
  224. >She throws the pillow again, and you bound after it
  225. >The floor bites into your knees, but the discomfort somehow serves to sharpen the delight now filling you
  226. >So this is what it feels like to be a cute little animal!
  227. >You feel like you could stay like this forever...
  228. >Obediently, you carry the pillow back to Tempest
  229. >She takes it from you again
  230. >You sit back on your butt, looking up at her with hopeful eyes
  231. >"You want me to throw it again?"
  232. >You shake your head
  233. >"Uh... can you just talk normally? And tell me what you want me to do?"
  234. "Mew!"
  235. >"Right, that would be too easy."
  236. >You scoot closer to her and bow your head, making it pretty obvious what you want
  237. >She needs to pat your head!
  238. >Just pat it, agh!
  239. >You need this so badly now; you're entirely body is quivering, and somehow you're sure that the feeling of her touch will complete the sensation
  240. >Reluctantly, Tempest sets the pillow down
  241. >Then she raises her foot and gently pats the top of your head
  242. >"Good, uh... good girl."
  243. "Mmm..."
  244. >You make your best attempt at a purr, summoning all your animal knowledge to make it as cute as possible
  245. >Tempest gags
  246. >"Good Fluttershy," she chokes out. "Good girl. Good girl..."
  247. >Her foot runs across your forehead and down your hair
  248. >Surprisingly, she's incredibly gentle
  249. >Her sole is absurdly soft, despite her rugged appearance, and she cradles you as gently as anyone possibly could
  250. >You lean into her touch, resting your cheek against the arch of her foot
  251. >The two of you stay like that for a while, a loving master and her faithful pet
  252. >And then Tempest pulls away, as if snapping to her senses
  253. >"Okay! Lesson learned! That has to be enough for today!"
  254. >You take a moment to respond
  255. >A sort of dreamy feeling has overtaken you, and it takes a bit for you to remember that you're still technically Fluttershy, the normal highschool girl who just happens to be wearing a dog collar
  256. >You snap back into yourself, and give Tempest a bashful smile
  257. "Yes, I think, um, that's probably enough.
  258. >You brush the hair out of your eyes and sit back against the couch
  259. "I think you did really well. If, um, that's okay to say."
  260. >"Hmph."
  261. >Tempest turns away from you, pouting
  262. >"It was unusual. But I think I'm getting used to your weirdness by now."
  263. "So..."
  264. >The adrenaline is still coursing through you, making your mouth heavy and hot
  265. " you want to try again for our next session?"
  266. >"If you insist."
  267. "Oh, I wouldn't insist. But I would maybe recommend it. Very highly. Heh..."
  268. >You raise your hand to the collar at your neck, gently fingering it, slightly tugging at it just until it starts to choke you
  269. >A tiny patch of heat begins to grow between your legs
  270. >Tempest doesn't seem to notice
  271. >She looks to be in a hurry to get out of here, though you're not entirely sure why
  272. >Her face is shining with sweat now, and a rosy blush now fully colors her scarred face
  273. >She hustles towards the door
  274. >"I'll see you tomorrow, Fluttershy."
  275. "I-I'll see you too! But, um, please, don't call me that."
  276. >"Don't call you what? That *is* your name, isn't it?"
  277. "Yes, it is, but it's not a proper pet name. Maybe you could call me just... Flutters?"
  278. >You gulp
  279. >The saliva in your mouth feels sticky and hot, and it's hard to speak past it
  280. >Tempest stares
  281. >"Flutters?"
  282. "That's an okay name for your special pet, isn't it?"
  283. >"It... will do for now, I suppose."
  284. >She's trying her best to hide her face with what remains of her arms
  285. >"But I need to go. I have a lot to... study. Yes, study. I should get back to my home. I'll return to meet with you tomorrow."
  286. "No..."
  287. >"What? Is there a problem?"
  288. "No, just, um... don't say you're going to *meet* with me."
  289. >"Then what should I say?"
  290. >Tempest is standing now, halfway to the door, but she stops and turns back to face you
  291. >You curl into a little ball on the floor, resting your head on your knees
  292. "Could you say you're, um, going to take care of me instead? Or maybe play with me?"
  293. >Tempest staggers backwards, her knees weak
  294. >"I suppose I could. That would be more appropriate for our new relationship, yes. I'll be back to 'play with you' tomorrow."
  295. >Your mind goes temporarily blank with delight, and something wet dribbles onto the ground beneath you
  296. >Tempest either doesn't notice or pretends not to
  297. >"Goodnight, Flutters. I'll see you tomorrow... girl."
  298. >With a stiff wave, she ducks out of your home
  299. >You flop up onto the couch, wriggling with delight
  300. >That actually worked!
  301. >You finally get to be a cute little animal, like you always wanted!
  302. >Oh, and you guess it'll help Tempest too
  303. >That's what really important, you try to remind yourself
  304. >But still, she wants to have you as her special little pet!
  305. >You're so excited, you could just...
  306. >Your hands, almost of their own accord, start to trace their way towards your crotch
  307. >But you catch yourself and stop
  308. >This isn't for you!
  309. >This is for Tempest!
  310. >Sure, you like it, but you're doing it because you want to help your friend, and because you love animals
  311. >Not for...
  312. >Not for something like *that*
  313. >Though, you think to yourself, maybe Tempest would like it like *that*
  314. >The thought itself makes your heart hammer in your skinny little chest
  315. >If she does want it, maybe you'll let her?
  316. >But only if it's what she wants
  317. >Until then, you'll wait
  318. >Like a good girl, you roll off the couch, eat a cookie, and then go to change your panties
  319. >Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day...
  321. >Things between you and Tempest are a *little* bit awkward the next day at school
  322. >Then again, things tend to be awkward between you and pretty much everyone you know
  323. >But it's a bit hard to look another girl in the eye when you spent yesterday afternoon in front of her, on your knees
  324. >With a collar around your throat
  325. >You raise your hand up and rub your neck as you silently walk the halls between classes, rubbing the spots where the collar bit into it
  326. >They still hurt a little
  327. >But you're excited to put the collar back on...
  329. >"Fluttershy."
  330. "Eep!"
  331. >You're just leaving home-ec when you hear Tempest's voice near your shoulder
  332. >She's resting casually against the wall, her arm-stumps at her side, staring straight ahead
  333. "Oh, um. Hey, Tempest."
  334. >"Hey. It's been hard to get hold of you today."
  335. "Heh, yeah, I can be like that sometimes."
  336. >"You aren't avoiding me, are you?"
  337. "W-what, no!"
  338. >"Okay. I was worried I'd done something wrong, yesterday."
  339. "Oh, no, you did everything perfectly! It was wonderful..."
  340. >"Excuse me?"
  341. "I mean, you did wonderful! I think you're really making progress. With our therapy."
  342. >"Ah, right. That's what I wanted to talk to you about, actually."
  343. "O-oh?"
  344. >You feel a small squick of nervousness, wondering if Tempest is going to back out of the whole thing
  345. >Maybe she was just humoring you yesterday...
  346. >"I wanted to say thanks."
  347. "Ah, I'm so sorry-- wait, what?"
  348. >"Yesterday was weird, I have to admit. But after leaving, I felt better than I have in a long time. And today, I've felt weirdly calm. This stuff you're doing, I think it's working. So... thanks."
  349. "Y-you're welcome! You're so welcome! Wow, I was so worried that I'd-- oh, well, just... ah..."
  350. >"You okay? You're kinda sweaty."
  351. "Mhm. Yeah, really okay."
  352. >"Great."
  353. >Tempest looks gives you a respectful nod, which you guess is about as close to a smile as she gets
  354. >"Sooo, are we meeting-- I mean, uh..."
  355. >Tempest lowers her voice
  356. >"Am I going to play with you again after school?"
  357. "G-guh..."
  358. >You slump against the wall, lightheaded
  359. >Tempest rushes to support you with her stumps
  360. >"You *sure* you're okay?"
  361. "Totally fine! Just, um, uh..."
  362. >Hearing her say that out loud gave you the biggest head rush of your life!
  363. "L-low blood sugar! Should probably get down to the cafeteria before next period. Get a snack. Heh."
  364. >Tempest looks skeptical
  365. >You both glance down, where her stumps are currently supporting you beneath her armpits
  366. >Then both of you glance away from each other, and she steps back
  367. >"Right. Makes sense. I'll be at your house at four, okay? I'm sure Principal Celestia will want another meeting with me."
  368. "Four sounds great!"
  369. >You turn and run towards the cafeteria, your heart still trembling in your chest
  370. "I, um, can't w-wait to play together!"
  371. >"Please don't say it so loud..." Tempest mumbles, wincing
  372. >Though, as she watches her go, she's leaning back on her heels, rocking herself slightly as a nervous excitement fills her
  374. >As soon as classes end, you say goodbye to your friends and practically skip home, you're so excited
  375. >Once you're there, you throw yourself on the couch, kicking your legs in the air
  376. >You can already feel your inner puppy bubbling up
  377. >She'll be here soon!
  378. >You wonder what you should do to prepare
  379. >Should you make snacks?
  380. >After yesterday, there's still some leftover cookie ingredients, you could make cookies
  381. >But Tempest doesn't seem like she's a huge fan of sweets; then again, she doesn't seem like much of a snack-y person in general
  382. >So maybe there's no pain in making food
  383. >Or maybe...
  384. >You sit immediately upright as a wonderful idea spreads through you
  386. >Tempest knocks on the door just as you're pulling your creation out of the oven
  387. >They're still steaming, and you quickly toss them into a bowl before running to let Tempest in
  388. >She's dressed surprisingly casually; you think it's the first time you've ever seen her just in regular jean-shorts and a t-shirt
  389. >You both say "hey" at the exact same time
  390. >Tempest coughs
  391. >"Can I come in?"
  392. "O-of course! Just let me go get the snacks."
  393. >"Oh, that's fine. I already ate."
  394. "Heh. I didn't think you would want any. These are kind of for, um... for me."
  395. >Tempest raises an eyebrow
  396. >"Okay?"
  397. >She stands by the couch and waits while you run into the kitchen and back, carrying a bowl full of your handiwork
  398. "They're, um, probably not as good as Pinkie could have done, but..."
  399. >You hold up the bowl and show her what you've made
  400. >Inside are about twenty little small, hard cookies
  401. >They're un-iced, and don't have sugar, chocolate chips, or anything else to adorn them
  402. >Really, they're pretty boring cookies, aside from the fact that they're all shaped like tiny dog bones/
  403. >Tempest takes the bowl from you and stares at the cookies for a moment, confused
  404. >Then tiny pink splotches appear on her cheeks as she realizes their purpose
  405. >"You made yourself treats?"
  406. "Yep. And you can give them to me when I'm g--"
  407. >Your voice catches in your throat
  408. "When I'm good," you whisper out, and a tiny shiver races down your spine
  409. >"Ah. Yes, of course. An owner should have rewards for her..."
  410. >Tempest also hesitates, struggling against a similar lump in her own throat
  411. >"...for her good girl."
  412. >You fall immediately to your knees, slightly bruising them
  413. >Tempest towers over you
  414. >She looks over at the coffee table, where the collar is ready and waiting
  415. >And this time, there's an old threadbare leash lying coiled next to it
  416. >Holding her bottom lip between her teeth, Tempest slips her foot from her boot, grabs the collar between her toes, and hands it to you
  417. >You raise it gingerly to your neck, feeling goosebumps run down your arms and back as the rough faux-leather runs along your skin
  418. >It clicks into place, a pleasant warmth spreads through you
  419. >The playful pet inside you comes alive, and you look up at Tempest with big, adoring eyes
  420. "Mew! Mewmew!"
  421. >She shuts her eyes, shivering
  422. >"So, what do you want to do today, F-Flutters?"
  423. >She stumbles over your pet name, but just hearing it makes you want to throw yourself at her feet
  424. >You crawl towards her and gently rest your face against Tempest's knee
  425. "Meeew?"
  426. >"You want me to pet you, yeah?"
  427. "Mew!"
  428. >Tempest sits on the armrest of your couch and strokes her foot along your forehead
  429. >You arch your back, pressing your face up against her gentle touch
  430. >Tiny coos escape your lips, and you turn your head so that her sole is against your cheek now, gently stroking your face
  431. >Slowly, you scoot forward, letting her foot find its way down your neck, then down to the small of your back, so that she's stroking along your entire body
  432. "Mew~"
  433. >Delight courses through you now, and the entirety of your body feels electrified and alive from Tempest's touch
  434. >It really does feel great for a pet to have her owner's attention!
  435. >Tempest rests her foot on your head, patting you gently
  436. >"Did you like that?"
  437. "Meeeew..."
  438. >"I'll take that as a yes."
  439. >Tempest glances over at the leash resting on the coffee table
  440. >A tiny, uncertain frown appears on her face
  441. >Following her gaze, you immediately bound over to the leash
  442. >Without even thinking, you pick it up in your mouth, tasting old rope
  443. >You suppose this is a little unsanitary, but you don't care!
  444. >The adorable little pet inside you is in control now, and all you have to do is follow your instincts
  445. >As you bound back to Tempest, you throw the leash in front of her, then sit back on your knees, panting excitedly with your tongue hanging out
  446. >"You... want me to *walk* you?"
  447. >Tempest looks down at the leash resting between her feet, and an uncertain look stretches across her face
  448. "Mew!"
  449. >"I don't know exactly how that's going to work," she says, raising her stumps
  450. "Mew! Mew mew mew!"
  451. >You crawl in a circle around Tempest, excitedly yelping and rubbing up against her
  452. >A walk sounds amazing to you right now!
  453. >More than anything, you want to feel that leash pull at your neck, to let your master lead you around
  454. >You position yourself back in front of Tempest, crouching on your stomach and hopefully gazing up at her
  455. >She averts her eyes, her cheeks slightly red
  456. >"Alright, fine. Man, always gotta make this such a hassle..."
  457. >Though she tries to look annoyed, Tempest eagerly sits in front of you and grabs the leash with her feet
  458. >Showing a surprising amount of dexterity, she clips the leash's carabiner around your collar's metal loop using only her toes
  459. >Then she slips the other end of the leash around her ankle, and stands back up
  460. >You raise up on your hands and knees and yip excitedly, bounding towards the door
  461. "Mewmew! Mew!"
  462. >Tempest cries out, staggering as you pull at her ankle
  463. >Her stumps pinwheel, and she nearly falls flat on her ass, only saving herself at the last minute with some careful footwork
  464. >"Hey, relax! You're gonna trip me!"
  465. "Mew!"
  466. >Tempest frowns
  467. >"I'm serious. Don't go dragging me around like that."
  468. "Mew?"
  469. >"You really won't break character for anything, will you?"
  470. >You sit up and give Tempest a quizzical look
  471. >She groans
  472. >"Fine, fine. Bad girl!"
  473. >Her words echo with such commanding force that you immediately throw yourself on the ground, cowering
  474. >You're shivering too, but definitely not from fear...
  475. >Tempest looks over at the back door
  476. >She adjusts her stance, balancing her weight on the leg with your leash so that you can't trip her
  477. >"Alright. Let's... let's go for a walk."
  478. "Mew!"
  480. >You lead Tempest out into your backyard, where a small emerald patch of unmowed grass sits surrounded by a high wooden fence
  481. >Various empty cages dot the yard, ranging from tiny ones built for rabbits to ones big enough to house a great dane
  482. >You trot happily into the yard, feeling the soft earth squelch beneath your hands and knees
  483. >Tempest keeps pace with you, holding your leash steady with her ankle
  484. >Giddy feelings flare up inside you as she leads you in a small circuit around the yard
  485. >Suddenly, a burst of energy floods through you for reasons you can't explain; your inner pet is just loving this too much!
  486. "MEW!"
  487. >You randomly sprint forward, but Tempest is ready for you this time
  488. >She plants her foot and tugs your leash backwards, pulling the collar tight around your throat
  489. "M-m... *gurk*"
  490. >You go sprawling in the muddy grass, panting heavily
  491. >Tempest runs up to you
  492. >"Are you okay?" she asks, sounding genuinly concerned. "What are you doing? There's nothing for you to chase! Crazy little..."
  493. >You stare up at Tempest, dazed
  494. >She's already treating you like her pet, you muse to yourself
  495. >The wetness and muck beneath the grass is rapidly soaking into your jeans and blouse, ruining them and making you slightly itchy
  496. >You wriggle on the ground, trying to scratch yourself
  497. >Tempest just sighs
  498. >"You can be such a handful. Come on, let's get back inside."
  499. "Mew..."
  500. >You sound disappointed, but you follow your master anyway, letting her lead you back into the house
  501. >Back inside, you crawl along behind Tempest in your muddy clothes
  502. >Occasionally, you lag behind so that she has to pull at your leash
  503. >Each time she tugs at you, you respond with a tiny, pained squeak
  504. "M-mew~"
  505. >"You okay?"
  506. >You don't respond, but merely shuffle forward and nuzzle her leg
  507. >Tempest bites her lip, blushing
  508. >"I, um..."
  509. >She groans
  510. >"I seriously can't believe I'm saying this. But you were good on your walk, so I think my s-special girl deserves a reward."
  511. "Mew?"
  512. >"You want a, um..."
  513. >Tempest winces as the desire to appear cool wars with her desire to spoil her precious pet
  514. >" want a treat?"
  515. >At the word "treat," you go absolutely bonkers
  517. >You scramble around your living room, knocking over furniture and tracking mud all over the dumb place
  518. >After a full lap of the house, you end up back in front of Tempest, on your knees with your mouth open wide
  519. >Your inner pet wants nothing more than a treat
  520. >You don't even care how it tastes, you just want to know she's proud of you!
  521. >Your tongue lolls out, begging for her to give you what you want...
  522. >Tempest looks kinda shocked, but amused
  523. >Hiding a smile, she pinches one of the cookies between her toes and raises it up, balancing herself on one leg
  524. >"You want this?"
  525. "MEW!"
  526. >"Were you a good girl?"
  527. "MEWMEW!"
  528. >"Can you..."
  529. >Tempest pauses for a second
  530. >"Can you do a trick?"
  531. >Without even thinking, you roll onto your back, spreading your legs and holding out your arms
  532. "MEW!"
  533. >Tempest nearly chokes
  534. >"G-good girl."
  535. "Mewmew~"
  536. >She drops the cookie, and you somehow manage to catch it in your mouth
  537. >You choke the entire thing down without tasting it, not even caring about the cookie itself
  538. >You made your master happy!
  539. >That alone sends waves of delight rolling through your body that no cookie could ever replicate
  540. >You're currently rolling around on the ground, purring and mew-ing with joy
  541. >Tempest flops back onto the couch, sighing
  542. >"Man, of all the things I never thought I'd see..."
  543. "Mew?"
  544. >You recover from your daze and get back on your hands and knees, obediently crawling towards Tempest
  545. >She looks down at you, confused
  546. >"Uh, I don't think I have anything else you want. Isn't that enough for today?"
  547. "Mew..."
  548. >You sound extra sad, and stare at Tempest's thighs
  549. >Some pet-instinct deep inside you demands that you curl up on top of those thighs, and your spoiled little self will not be denied
  550. >Tempest hardly looks like she has the willpower to deny you, either
  551. >"Fine," is all she says
  552. >She leans back on the couch, offering you plenty of room
  553. >Purring with joy, you clamber up onto the couch and crawl into Tempest's lap
  554. >Her body is solid and muscular, as you expected
  555. >But her thighs are the perfect firm mattress for you to curl on, and you do so, making yourself into a tiny little Flutter-ball atop her lap
  556. >Tempest keeps her eyes trained on the ceiling, trying to remain stoic through the whole process
  557. >But the blush slowly intensifies on her cheeks, until finally she can't stand it anymore and looks down at you
  558. >You raise your head and meet her eyes, letting out a tiny mew
  559. >Tempest groans
  560. >"This is so wrong. Why do you have to be so cute..." she mutters
  561. "Mewwwww."
  562. >You lower your head, practically begging her to pet it
  563. >Since her legs are currently occupied by your weight, Tempest doesn't have many options
  564. >She awkwardly places one of her stumps against the back of your head, running what remains of her elbow along your silky pink hair
  565. >Both of you breathe in sharply
  566. >Her stump is surprisingly gently, and slowly Tempest strokes down your back, stopping just shy of your butt, then returns to your head
  567. >"I don't really have any idea how to pet a normal animal, let alone you. Is... is this okay?"
  568. "Meeeeeew~"
  569. >You let her know just how much you love it
  570. >And you raise your butt up in the air a little, letting her know she doesn't have to stop
  571. >No place is off limits, not with Tempest's special little pet
  572. >Tempest still seems a little shy to get below your waist, but when her stump next passes low enough, you press up against her and rub your butt on her forearm
  573. >Tempest inhales sharply
  574. >You wiggle your hips in the air, mewing
  575. >A pet wants to be played with thoroughly, after all
  576. >You don't even consider how absolutely uncouth what you're doing is; all you want is to be properly taken care of, like your pet instincts demand
  577. >Tempest gingerly lets her stump run across your buttocks and down your thighs, making you shiver
  578. "M-mew..."
  579. >Tempest runs her stump down your back again, though this time she stops at your butt, lingering there slightly longer than she needs to...
  580. "Mew?"
  581. >Tempest freezes up
  582. >"O-okay I think that's enough for today," she sputters. "Good session! Your methods are really working, I should be going now!"
  583. "Mew?"
  584. >You shake your head, feeling as if you were surfacing from a pool of deep, warm water
  585. "I mean, really? We can keep going! I mean, um, if that's what you want."
  586. >You clamber of Tempest's lap, sitting yourself on the floor, and she jumps to her feet
  587. >"I'm sorry, I simply have to get home. There are... matters! Very urgent matters which I must attend to."
  588. "Oh..."
  589. >You try really, really hard to keep the disappointment out of your voice
  590. >Being her pet was getting so enjoyable, why did it have to end?
  591. >You force yourself to brighten up
  592. "You'll be back tomorrow, right?"
  593. >"Of course!" Tempest barks out almost immediately
  594. >She calms herself down, slightly embarrassed
  595. >"I mean, I believe so. Assuming my schedule isn't too bad. And other things."
  596. "I hope you will. I *really* like doing these."
  597. >You lean forward and nuzzle your face against her knee
  598. >Tempest gulps
  599. >"I do too. They are, ahem, quite beneficial!"
  600. >Tempest staggers to her feet, swaying slightly as if she were drunk
  601. >"Regardless, I'll be in contact with you tomorrow. If you have any new adorable tricks-- I mean, any more therapeutic assignments, please feel free to introduce them to me."
  602. "Oh, I will~"
  603. >Your voice comes out sounding *way* more suggestive than you mean
  604. >Both you and Tempest stare at each other, then look away
  605. "I mean, um, I definitely will! Let you know, I mean. Lots of therapy. Assignments. Heh. I wonder where I can buy a riding crop, heh..."
  606. >You let out a shuddering breath
  607. "Or maybe a shock collar."
  608. >Tempest tugs at the collar of her own form-fitted shirt, and then shuffles over to the door
  609. >"Yes, right. Well, I'll leave you to that."
  610. >...
  611. >"Goodnight!"
  612. "B-bye!"
  613. >The two of you part in the most awkward way possible; you sprint up to your room, and Tempest finds her way to hers, all the way across town
  614. >Both of you throw yourself into bed, thinking about what an idiot you must have made of yourself back there
  615. >But both of you are also trembling with excitement, thinking of what tomorrow will bring
  616. >And you, especially, are wishing you could be Tempest's pet even more than this little slice of afternoon you're getting now...
  618. >That night, you strip out of your ruined, muddy clothes and dip yourself into a refreshing, steamy bath
  619. >Now that the high of being Tempest's pet has worn off, all you can do is hold your face in your hands, flushed with embarrassment
  620. >You made a total mess of yourself!
  621. >And you were begging for her attention like a... well, like a dog
  622. >It's humiliating!
  623. > why are you so excited to do it again tomorrow?
  625. >One thing's for sure, you need to be more careful next time
  626. >Your nice pink blouse and a pair of your favorite jeans are now pretty much ruined from rolling around in the mud
  627. >But what else are you supposed to do?
  628. >You suppose you could just stay inside, but the pet inside of you whines at the thought of being couped up all day
  629. >There has to be a way to play outside with your mas-- you mean, with Tempest, without getting your favorite clothes dirty
  630. >Maybe you could...
  631. >It would be natural for a pet, after all...
  632. >The idea brings a fresh wave of shame rolling across you, and you reflexively hide your face in your hair as you walk from the bathroom to your bedroom
  633. >No, no, that would be taking things too far
  634. >Tempest would be totally uncomfortable with it!
  635. >Although, she does seem like she's warmed up to being your owner
  636. >Maybe, you could just casually pass the idea by her, and if she's okay with it, then...
  637. >Then what?
  638. >There's no way you're brave enough to... to...
  640. "...m-maybe, um, kind of not really, um, wear anything? Next time we play together, I mean."
  641. >Tempest nearly chokes on her strawberry milk, which she drinks from a camo-patterned thermos, so nobody will know she's drinking strawberry milk
  642. >"You serious?"
  643. "Eheh... yes?"
  644. >You tap your fingers nervously together in front of your face
  645. "I mean, no! I mean, um, maybe, or r-really whatever is fine with you..."
  646. >Tempest glances around the crowded lunch room as pink splotches start to rise in her cheeks
  647. >"This isn't some weird, sick joke you're pulling on me, is it?"
  648. "Oh, n-no, I never pull sick jokes. That's Rainbow Dash's job."
  649. >Tempest is still looking everywhere else but at you
  650. >Internally, you can feel yourself falling to pieces
  651. >You just had to ruin this whole thing, didn't you!
  652. >Tempest shifts nervously in her seat across from you
  653. >"Look, Flutters-- I mean, Fluttershy."
  654. "F-Flutters is fine," you squeak out
  655. >"I really like doing this stuff with you. But..."
  656. >You can already hear her calling the whole deal off, and your body trembles as you try to suppress tears
  657. >It was fun while it lasted, at least
  658. >"...but you don't have to do anything you're uncomfortable with. Not for me."
  659. "U-uncomfortable?"
  660. >"Yeah. You're trying really hard, and I respect that a lot. I've never actually had anyone put in this much effort to... to make me happy."
  661. >Tempest casts her eyes down at the floor
  662. >"But you don't have to push yourself this far, just to help me."
  663. "N-no. Oh, n-no, that's not it at all! It's just, um, oh dear..."
  664. >You start compulsively fidgeting with your hair, unsure how to explain this to her
  665. "This is actually, um... something I'd like to do. As long as you're fine with it, of course."
  666. >"For real?"
  667. >Tempest, out of sheer surprise, finally meets your eyes
  668. >You both immediately look away from each other
  669. >Tempest hides her embarrassment well, focusing herself intently on nudging her thermos around with her left stump
  670. >You, of course, aren't so good at hiding it
  671. >You're a a sweating, shaky mess, but by some miracle you still manage to get the words out
  672. "For real. I think it would make a little more comfortable and, um... it would help me feel a little more like... like your p-pet."
  673. >Both of you suppress a shiver of pleasure at hearing those words
  674. >Tempest shrugs, trying to look nonchalant even as a bead of sweat rolls down the bridge of her nose
  675. >"I'm not going to force you to do anything you don't want, but if you think this will be more fun-- I mean, help us more, then sure. Go ahead."
  676. "Yay!"
  677. >"And I promise, I won't tell anyone. You know, that I've... that I've seen you naked."
  678. "Ah, yeah, t-thanks..."
  679. >Your words come out in a breathy squeak
  680. >So much excitement is bubbling up inside you, mixing with the terrifying nervousness you feel about this conversation
  681. >Tempest takes a long sip of her milk
  682. "So I, um, I guess I'll see you--"
  683. >"Actually I was going to ask if we could walk home together today!" Tempest blurts out
  684. >She immediately clamps her mouth shut
  685. "Oh! That would be wonderful! We could get started right away, heh..."
  686. >"Right. That's what I was thinking."
  687. >Tempest rubs her stumbs together under the table
  688. >"Anyway, I should really be--"
  689. "Y-yeah, me too!"
  690. >"I'll see you."
  691. "Y-yep! See you..."
  693. >You spend the rest of the day in an excited daze, and when the bell finally rings, you rush towards Tempest's locker
  694. >As it turns out, though, she's heading towards you at the same time
  695. >The two of you nearly barrel into each other in the middle of the hall
  696. >"Oh, hey."
  697. "H-hey."
  698. >"Was just coming to--"
  699. "Y-yeah, me too."
  700. >"Alright then. You ready?"
  701. >You nod happily
  702. "You?"
  703. >"As much as I can be," Tempest says with a wry smile
  704. >Somehow, seeing that she's a little anxious too makes you way, way less nervous about what you're planning to do with her
  706. >The walk home is bizarrely normal
  707. >You and Tempest get your first chance to just talk, like friends
  708. >She tells you a bit about her childhood, then you politely ask her to please stop, afraid you won't be able to sleep tonight
  709. >That gets an actual laugh out of her; her laughter is short and kinda violent, almost like a dog's bark
  710. >You tell her a bit about your regular self: about your pets, about working at the shelter, and a little about the band you're in
  711. >She listens intently, though your life is all so tame compared to the stuff she's told you
  712. >As you walk, you notice that Tempest is gradually moving closer to you, until her shoulder is just barely pressed up against yours
  713. >You've always been tall for a girl, but Tempest is easily three or four inches taller than you, and her menacing appearance makes her seem even bigger
  714. >Still, it feels kinda nice to just lean up against her
  715. >Deep inside, your inner pet is purring with excitement, thinking about being curled up (and naked, eep!) on her lap
  717. >When you reach your home, though, you can immediately tell something is off
  718. >Your mom's car is parked out front, and the front door to your house is unlocked
  719. >Tempest raises an eyebrow
  720. >"That's not normal, is it?"
  721. "Um, n-no. She's not supposed to be home until r-really late on weekdays. Oh, no..."
  722. >Fearing the worst, you open the front door...
  723. >Immediately, you catch sight of your mom in the kitchen, wearing a flour-dusted apron and kneading dough
  724. >She turns when she sees you, beaming and cheery
  725. >"Oh! Welcome home, sweetie!"
  726. >Your dad is seated on the couch, stroking his mustache while he reads the paper
  727. >"Hey, kiddo," he says, then gestures to Tempest. "Who's this? A new friend?"
  728. "Um, uh..."
  729. >Tempest's face goes a deep shade of red, and she sets her mouth in a disciplined grimace
  730. >"Yes! Tempest Shadow! I'm in your daughter's class. We decided to walk home together today!"
  731. >She reports all of this as if she were in the presence of a commanding officer
  732. >Your dad raises an eyebrow, but doesn't say anything
  733. >"Well, that's great!" your mom says from the kitchen. "I was just gonna bake some fresh bread. You girls hungry?"
  734. >You are, actually
  735. >But there's something you need way more than food right now
  736. "Oh, um, that's okay. We actually just came here to, uh..."
  737. >You glance over at the collar and leash, which you left on the coffee table, right in front of your dad
  738. >Then you look at Tempest, desperate
  739. >Lying isn't something that comes naturally to you at all!
  740. "We, uh... were going t-to, um..."
  741. >Your brain scrambles to come up with a convincing lie, but nothing seems to click
  742. >Tempest steps forward, and for a moment you feel like you're saved
  743. >"Your daughter has been helping me adjust to life here in Canterlot. We've been meeting here after school. I'm sorry to intrude."
  744. >She drops to one knee, respectfully bowing her head
  745. >Your parents glance at each other, clearly touch
  746. >"Oh, there's no need for that, dear! We're always happy to host a friend of Fluttershy's!" your mom says
  747. >"That's right," your dad agrees. "You two just make yourselves at home. We promise, we won't get in the way," he says, all good-natured and cheery
  748. >You notice both of them are momentarily taken aback at Tempest's lack of arms, but neither of them stare at her
  749. >Tempest stands up, glances at the collar and leash on the table, then at you
  750. >You gulp, and take a few shaky steps forward
  751. "We're, um, g-gonna need this too, heh..."
  752. >"Oh? Whatcha need the collar for? You aren't planning to bring home a puppy again, are you?" your dad asks, chuckling
  753. "N-no! Of course not! This is just, a-ah..."
  754. >Again, Tempest steps forward, raises her chin, and announces in a strict voice:
  755. >"Fluttershy has been--"
  756. >You realize she's about to just blurt out exactly what's going on, and clamp your hand over Tempest's mouth
  757. "Eheh, I'm going to get *her* a puppy! Animal bonding, y-you know, I think it'll help her g-get used to life here a lot."
  758. >Your parents look confused
  759. >But then their expressions soften
  760. >"Good for you, sweetie," your mom says. "You two have fun now, okay? I'll bring you some bread when it's ready."
  761. "T-thanks," you awkwardly sputter
  762. >Then, supplies in hand, you and Tempest shuffle up the stairs to your room
  764. >She collapses onto your bed and wipes her forehead on her shoulder
  765. >"I wasn't expecting company."
  766. "N-neither was I!"
  767. >You sink onto the floor, controlling your breathing so you don't hyperventilate
  768. "W-what if they catch us! What if they h-h-hear us? Oh no..."
  769. >"It'll be fine," Tempest assures you. "We can stay quiet. And just, you know, lock your door."
  770. "I've n-never locked my door before..."
  771. >"Never?"
  772. >You shake your head
  773. >"Huh. Now can be the first time, I guess."
  774. >Tempest slips her boots off and pads barefoot over to the door
  775. >Using her toes, she twists the lock on the doornob, and a small click fills the room as the bolt locks into place
  776. >Then she turns to you, with a sigh of relief, and leans up against the door
  777. >"So... are you ready to start?"
  778. "R-right now?"
  779. >Tempest looks around
  780. >"What time were you waiting for?"
  781. "W-well, um, I don't really know, I just..."
  782. >"If this isn't cool, we can call it off. Let's just try again tomorrow, when they're not--"
  783. "N-no," you whisper
  784. >"Huh?"
  785. >You gulp
  786. "No, I w-want to do this. Today. Now."
  787. >"Are you sure? You seem pretty nervous."
  788. "Nervous? N-no, who's nervous? I'm f-fine! Just a little s-s-surprised is all, heh... heh..."
  789. >You suppress a shudder
  790. >Are you seriously about to take your clothes off in front of Tempest?
  791. >Outside your parents, nobody has ever seen you naked
  792. >To think of going so far, already...
  793. >Maybe you got in a little over your head
  794. >But the prospect of backing out now fills you with a cold, dreadful disappointment
  795. >This is something you really want!
  796. >But, are you brave enough?
  797. >You look at the collar still held in Tempest's lap
  798. "C-could you, um, give me that?"
  799. >"This? Yeah, sure."
  800. >Tempest pinches the collar between her toes and leans back on the bed, holding it out for you
  801. >You take it and slowly raise it up to your neck
  802. >In response, your inner pet begins to run in excited circles within you, filling you with nervous energy just waiting to burst out
  803. "I, um... this m-may sound a little weird, but... I'm a little worried I'll get, uh, c-carried away."
  804. >"How so?"
  805. "I don't really know. But uh, if I d-do something you don't like, just..."
  806. >You swallow, finding your throat dry and your mouth warm and sticky
  807. "Say 'b-bad girl.' And if you have to, you can..."
  808. >Your words are barely whispering through your choked-up throat now
  809. " can hit me."
  810. >Tempest waves her stumps in protest
  811. >"Whoa, no. No, no. I'm not gonna hit you."
  812. "It's okay! Just, um, don't do it *too* hard. But be a little rough, if you need to. And hit me where people w-w-won't see. Like, um... h-here."
  813. >You gesture point sheepishly towards your butt
  814. >Tempest is blushing furiously, but has nowhere to hide her face
  815. >She turns away, trying to keep herself composed
  816. >"Understood."
  817. "Right. Well, um... h-here goes..."
  818. >You place the collar against your neck, now unable to swallow
  819. >This is crazy!
  820. >This is so, so, so crazy
  821. >You force your mind to go blank and click the collar in place around your throat
  822. >...
  823. >Immediately, a change rushes through you
  824. >Your inner pet springs to live, filling you with confidence
  825. >The clothes that felt like a necessary protection are suddenly an itchy burden, and you start shedding them with no care for modesty
  826. >You awkwardly struggle out of your jeans first, flinging them aside, then grab your shirt and start pulling it over your head
  827. >Unable to see, you trip over your own feet and fall to the floor with a thud
  828. >Tempest jumps up, but you make it clear you don't need her help
  829. >Arm flailing and legs kicking, you finally manage to get your shirt off, and throw it aside
  830. >The last bits, your bra and panties, come off the easiest
  831. >You simply pull off your bra and slip your panties down your legs, and then you're naked
  832. >It's nowhere near as terrifying as you thought
  833. >In fact, it feels great!
  834. >Your inner pet loves being free, and you bound up to Tempest, happily mewing
  835. "Mew! Mew mew!"
  836. >Tempest is just staring at you, mouth agape
  837. >"Whoa. You are... *way* more built than I thought you were..."
  838. "Mew!"
  839. >She shakes her head, tearing her gaze away from your lower regions and focuses on your head
  840. >Slowly, she sits back on the bed, then leans forward to pat your head with her stump
  841. >"Good girl. Good, good girl. Holy shit..."
  842. >Tempest is profusely sweating now, and you realize you are too; beads of perspiration are forming all along your nude form
  843. >They cool in the open air, filling you with a freeing, energizing vigor
  844. "Mew! Mew mew mew mew mew!"
  845. >Like a proper pet, you let your energy spill out of you, scampering excitedly back and forth across the room and making a godawful racket
  846. >Tempest looks horror-stricken
  847. >"They're gonna hear us! Are you crazy?"
  848. "Mewmewmew!"
  849. >The Fluttershy part of you is just as terrified as she is
  850. >But the Flutter-pet part of you?
  851. >She doesn't care
  852. >In fact, she hopes your parents come; that would mean more people to play with!
  853. >Tempest glances at the door, her face paling
  854. >Large beads of fear sweat are rolling down her face now
  855. >"Hey, I'm serious! Cut it out, I don't want to explain any of this to them?"
  856. "Mew?"
  857. >You sit back on your haunches, feeling the plush carpet caressing your bare bottom
  858. >Being a pet feels so great!
  859. >Whatever worries Tempest was feeling immediately slip from your mind
  860. "Mew mew~"
  861. >You fall onto your back, raising your legs up in the air, and wiggle happily atop the soft carpet
  862. >It scratches your back as you squirm around
  863. >It feels great
  864. "Mew! Mewmewmewmew!"
  865. >"S-shut up!"
  866. >Tempest is really starting to stress out
  867. >She looks down at her feet, biting her tongue as she considers what to do next
  868. >You, meanwhile, are starting to feel desperate for a belly-rub
  869. >Placing your feet against the ground, you wriggle on over to towards the bed, ending up at Tempest's feet
  870. "Mewmew? Mew?"
  871. >You present your bare chest and stomach to her
  872. >Please, please, please...
  873. >All you can think about is how great it would feel to have her gently rub your soft little tummy
  874. >Tempest, however, looks like she's having a lot less fun
  875. >She glances at the door again, and though you aren't in a mental state to notice it, she's staring very intently at the lock
  876. >Her throat bulges and moves as she gulps, fearful of who might be right on the other side...
  877. "Mew..."
  878. >You flop on the ground, feeling neglected and unhappy
  879. >What's a pet supposed to do if she can't get her master's attention?
  880. >Tempest looks down at you, torn
  881. >Her leg twitches; you can tell she wants to pet you
  882. "Mewmewmew~"
  883. >You wiggle your soft little tummy for her
  884. >"Just... keep it down, okay? I won't want to explain to your mom why I have you naked in a collar."
  885. >You mew innocently like you don't even know what she's talking about
  886. >"Goddammit," Tempest swears. "Why do you have to be so cute..."
  887. >She mutters under her breath, and gently places her foot against your tummy
  888. >Slowly, she strokes her sole up to right under your breasts, then back down again, stopping right before she reaches your crotch
  889. >Again, you're enchanted by how soft her toes feel against your skin, and you arch your back, pressing your belly against her foot
  890. "Meeeeeew..." you purr
  891. >Tempest relaxes a bit
  892. >She takes her foot away, then sits near you on the floor
  893. >Instead of her feet, she uses her stump this time, rubbing her knob of flesh over your naked skin
  894. >You purr in approval, and even twist your body enough for her elbow to bump against the squishy underside of your breasts...
  895. >Tempest flushes, and pretends she didn't notice
  896. "Mew-mew~?"
  897. >You wiggle up closer to her, letting your side rest against Tempest's knees
  898. >There's not even really a sexual desire in your head; you're just an innocent pet who wants to be as close to her master as possible
  899. >Tempest, meanwhile, is blushing harder and harder
  900. >She alternates between staring intensely at the walls, door, your stuffed animals, or anything but your nude body
  901. >And then she allows herself those brief moments, in which her eyes sweep over every inch of you before returning to her feigned ignorance
  902. >You scrunch your face, unsatisfied with the lack of attention
  903. >But a good pet has plenty of ways to make her master notice her
  904. >You sit up and lick Tempest's stump
  905. >She recoils, her eyes wide
  906. >"Whoa, whoa!"
  907. "Mew~"
  908. >"Isn't... isn't that going just a *little* far?" she asks
  909. "Mew?"
  910. >You look as innocent as can be, resting your butt back on your heels
  911. >Tempest looks down at her stump, where a wet trail of your saliva still marks the spot where you licked her
  912. >"Look, I think we should tone it down for today. I'm not really... I'm not really sure about this."
  913. "Mew?"
  914. >Her words aren't even reaching you
  915. >All you hear is the tone, and you understand that your master is sad
  916. >You fall back to the floor, keeping your head low and your butt up in the air
  917. "Mewmew?"
  918. >"Can you just snap out of it? Let's just... go downstairs and pretend this isn't happening, or whatever."
  919. "Mew..."
  920. >She's sad!
  921. >You must have done something wrong
  922. >Maybe you can make her happy, somehow, but how...?
  923. >"Aren't you listening?" Tempest says. "Let's just cut this for today. Be Fluttershy again, or whatever, and let's..."
  924. >You give her your wide, wet puppy-dog eyes
  925. >"Let's just..."
  926. >Slowly, you clamber into your master's lap
  927. >"Just..."
  928. >Tempest's thighs are hardened with muscle and concealed beneath her jeans
  929. >But still, they make the perfect pillow
  930. >You flop your nude form atop them and curl into an innocent little ball
  931. "Mew?"
  932. >Tempest's teeth clamp down on her upper lip
  933. >"You are *so*... adorable. Even if you're totally crazy."
  934. "Mewmew," you coo lovingly
  935. >Tempest sighs
  936. >She's can't help but run one of her stumps through your hair
  937. >You tremble with pleasure
  938. >It feels so, so good to have your master petting you!
  939. >Just knowing she's happy to be holding you send a burst of radiant warmth flooding through your chest
  940. >You worm around in her lap until you're lying with your back against her thighs your face facing hers
  941. "Mew~"
  942. >Tempest places her stump against your brow
  943. >"You're being such a good girl, too."
  944. >Good girl!
  945. >You know those words!
  946. >You roll off her lap and start scrambling around the room again, waving your ass up in the air
  947. >Good girl, good girl, good girl!
  948. >You're a good girl!
  949. >Somehow, those words fill you with so much energy you can't even sit still
  950. >Tempest's entire body clenches in fear
  951. >"Hey! Shush! Your parents are right downstairs, remember?"
  952. "Mewmew!"
  953. >You can't shush!
  954. >How can you, when you just got called a good girl?
  955. >Something about that simple combination of words lit a fire inside you, and a playful, white-hot energy is still rolling through your body
  956. >You sprint from one side of your bedroom to the other on your hands and knees, thumping and yelping
  957. >Tempest stares at the door, looking like she's near panicking
  958. >And when you pass her, she makes her move
  959. >Tempest raises her foot and brings it down, hard, against your butt
  960. >Her sole rebounds off your buttocks with a sharp *smack*
  961. >You freeze
  962. >"Stop! B-bad..."
  963. >Tempest falters for a moment, seeing the scared look in your eye
  964. >"Bad girl."
  965. >All the energy inside you evaporates
  966. >B-bad?
  967. >You're a bad girl?
  968. >Your rump still stings, but it's nothing compared to the pain of seeing your master unhappy with you
  969. >You slink over to her, your head bowed
  970. >Your hair trails along the ground, and your posture is meek and apologetic
  971. >Tempest nearly chokes
  972. >"H-hey. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that."
  973. "Mew..."
  974. >"I didn't! I just, it's just... I don't want anyone to hear."
  975. "Mye..."
  976. >You can't even finish that one
  977. >Tempest looks grief-stricken
  978. >"It's okay," she assures you. "You're a good girl. Good... good Flutters."
  979. >You perk up ever so slightly
  980. >Tempest runs her stump along your face, letting her scarred elbow caress your cheek
  981. >"I didn't mean it. I just let myself get carried away. You're still a good--"
  982. >*Knock knock knock*
  983. >Someone is rapping every-so-daintily on your door
  984. >Tempest straightens up, her eyes going wide as her worst fear is realized
  985. >You simply roll off her lap and round over to the door, yelping and mewing at potential intruders and/or new friends
  986. >"Hey, stop! That's probably your mom! Relax!"
  987. "Myeh! Myeh myeh myeh!" you yelp angrily at the door
  988. >"Fluttershy?" asks your mom from outside your room. "Is... is that you sweetie?"
  989. "Mye! Mye myeh!"
  990. >You position yourself right in front of the door and holler at it
  991. >Tempest is beside herself with worry
  992. >Standing on one foot, she tries to spank you with the other foot
  993. >But, as it would turn out, that's really hard to do
  994. >She stumbles and falls, her stumps pinwheeling and unable to catch her, and hits the ground with a loud *thump*
  995. "Mew! Mewmew!"
  996. >You immediately forget about the weird intruder, whoever she was, and rush to your master's side
  997. "Mewmewmewmewmew!"
  998. >You open your mouth and start licking Tempest's face
  999. >And then, the door's lock clicks open
  1000. >Slowly, the door swings open, revealing your mom holding a tray of freshly baked bread in one hand and the emergency master-key in the other
  1001. >You sit back on your haunches, smiling innocently with your tongue flopped out between your lips
  1002. >Tempest looks mortified, with her face half-covered in your spit
  1003. >Your mom takes a long, long moment to analyze the scene
  1004. >The first thing she notices is her own daughter: naked, wearing a collar, and grinning like an animal
  1005. >The next thing she focuses on is the edgy, scarred amputee that she let into her house
  1006. >Slowly, she puts one and one together
  1007. >It would take an idiot not to notice what's going on here
  1008. >Tempest immediately realizes that she's not going to get out of this one
  1009. >She tenses up, ready to be chased out of the house, potentially by angry parents wielding a shotgun
  1010. >But it doesn't happen
  1011. >Instead, Fluttershy's mom beams at the two girls
  1012. >A bright pink blush creeps into her cheeks
  1013. >"Aww, look at the two of you! You're already so open with each other! Fluttershy, you're finally expressing yourself!"
  1014. "Mew?"
  1015. >"What..."
  1016. >Both of you are stunned, in your own separate ways
  1017. >Fluttershy's mom shouts downstairs to her husband
  1018. >"Dear, you have to come see this! Fluttershy and her new friend are bonding!"
  1019. >"That's great! Bring them down, and we can all have dinner together!" Fluttershy's dad shouts back
  1020. >"Actually, um..." Tempest tried to protest
  1021. >But you've already lost your mind at the word "dinner"
  1022. "Mew! Mewmewmewmewmewmew! MEWMEWMEWMEW!"
  1023. >You sprint in a maddened circle around the room
  1024. >Food!
  1025. >All you can think about is food!
  1026. >Even better than your master's love, you want food, food, food!
  1027. >Tempest shuts her eyes
  1028. >Secretly, she's wishing she could suffer a fatal heart attack right here and now
  1030. ~~~
  1033. >You are Tempest Shadow
  1034. >You're seated across from two people you barely know; your friend's-- or your pet's, you suppose --parents
  1035. >They're both wonderfully homey, midwestern types
  1036. >And you want nothing more than to shrivel up and die
  1037. >"So, how long have you known Fluttershy?"
  1038. "Since I started at CHS. Several months now."
  1039. >You answer automatically, trying to ignore what's going on beneath the table
  1040. >The dinner itself is wonderful, you have to admit
  1041. >The freshly baked bread is buttery and melt-in-your-mouth levels of fluffy, and Fluttershy's parents have served with with a beef-and-mushroom goulash that sends waves of warmth traveling down to your toes
  1042. >But it's what's by your toes that's the problem
  1043. >See, Fluttershy isn't seated next to you at the table, though she is still quite close
  1044. >As it turns out, the Shy family has a dog-bowl just lying around
  1045. >And at their insistence*, you heaped plenty of bread and goulash into the bowl
  1047. *"Really, Tempest, you must! See how hungry our little girl is? Give her what she wants, you'll be her little hero..."
  1049. >Now, just inches from where your feet rest on the kitchen floor, Fluttershy is noisily gulping down her dinner from a plastic dog bowl
  1050. >She still hasn't put any clothes on
  1051. >In front of her own parents
  1052. >Shamelessly, she has her ass up in the air for all to see, wiggling back and forth as she devours her food with an animalistic, fiendish hunger, smearing sauce and crumbs all over her face
  1053. >You feel so much shame for both of you that you genuinely are surprised you haven't burned to ash yet
  1054. >"Wonderful! We always worried about our little angel making friends. But she's done so well for herself. We're really quite proud," Fluttershy's dad says
  1055. "I see."
  1056. >How are they not weirded out by this!?
  1057. >"And it's just so wonderful she's found a friend as open-minded as you. Hard to meet someone who'll understand this side of a young girl," Fluttershy's mom says
  1058. >"Aint' that the truth! Every pairing that really *gets* this stuff is blessed," her dad agrees
  1059. >The two parents rub noses in front of you
  1060. >Beneath the table, Fluttershy has finished her foot, and is now resting your head on your knees
  1061. >"Aww, she wants attention!" her mom says. "Look at what a cutie she is. She really is a natural, isn't she dear?"
  1062. >"A real cutie. You're a lucky lady," her dad says with a wink
  1063. "I'm having trouble believing that at the moment."
  1064. >You look down and meet Fluttershy's eyes
  1065. >They sparkle with so much innocence, it's almost possible to believe that this is all totally normal
  1066. >Almost
  1067. >You look over at her parents, who are eating like nothing is wrong, then down at her again
  1068. "You know, I think I'd like to, um..."
  1069. >"Something wrong, sweetie?"
  1070. "No! I would like to take Flutters... out. For a, um..."
  1071. >You can't bring yourself to engage in this weird therapy-game with them
  1072. >Sure, they're accepting and that's great
  1073. >But this is insane!
  1074. >You need out!
  1075. "Come, Flutters."
  1076. >Fluttershy bounds obediently behind you, and you lead her to the back door
  1078. >Your pet trots along happily behind you, her face still slightly messy from dinner
  1079. >As soon as you're out in the grass, she runs in a quick circle, getting her feel for the terrain beneath her hands and knees
  1080. >When she comes back to you, you sigh
  1081. "Look. I think we need to call it here for tonight."
  1082. >"Mewmew?"
  1083. "Please, Flutters. Just talk to me normally."
  1084. >"Mew..."
  1085. >She seems to sense you're worried, but still won't talk to you
  1086. >Instead, she just cozies up to your knee, rubbing her face against your leg
  1087. >You glance down at her
  1088. >Aside from the collar, she's wearing nothing at all
  1089. >Maybe, if you just...
  1090. >Using your toes, you unhooking the collar and take it off of her
  1091. >The change in her personality is immediate
  1092. >Fluttershy, no longer your pet Flutters, looks around herself
  1093. >"Wait, why am I..."
  1094. >She glances down at her nude body and yelps
  1095. >"W-why am I outside! The n-n-neighbors will see me!"
  1096. >She jumps to her feet, covering her breasts and crotch with her hands
  1097. >"Oh, w-what was I thinking. This is r-really crazy. Oh no, oh no. And m-mom and dad saw me too. Ah..."
  1098. >She lets out a humiliated sigh
  1099. >You don't really know what to say, and instead just scratch the back of your head with your stump
  1100. "Sorry. I... I didn't think it would go this far."
  1101. >Fluttershy mumbles something
  1102. >"N-no. It's not your fault. This is what I wanted. I just, um... didn't realize it would be so scary."
  1103. "Me neither. I wasn't expecting your mom and dad to be so accepting."
  1104. >"They're, um... a lot cooler than they seem. I kinda caught them doing some weird stuff when I was younger."
  1105. "Oh."
  1106. >Well, that explains a lot
  1107. >You're half tempted to ask...
  1108. >Fluttershy waves her hands in front of her face
  1109. >"B-but, um, we can do this somewhere else! I mean, you know, in the future. If you still want to. So you don't have to worry about them anymore. But, if you don't want to meet with me after this, I'll understand."
  1110. "Whoa, whoa. I definitely want to. Today was..."
  1111. >In spite of yourself, you laugh
  1112. "Today was *crazy*. Even with the kind of things I've been through. But I think I could keep going. I think I really want to keep going."
  1113. >The tiniest hint of a smile stretches your lips
  1114. >It's a weird feeling, and it kind of hurts
  1115. "But being around your parents is way too much for me."
  1116. >"I u-understand. I think it's a b-bit too much for me, too. And I have to live with them..."
  1117. >Fluttershy shivers
  1118. >"I can't believe they f-fed me like a dog. Ah..."
  1119. >You can't tell if she's humiliated, aroused, or both
  1120. >Probably both
  1121. >Fluttershy glances around, noticing the lights on in several nearby windows
  1122. >"Maybe, um, l-let's get inside soon."
  1123. "Right. Here."
  1124. >You press your shoulder against hers and let herself lean up against you, covering what she can with your lean, muscled bulk
  1125. >You lead Fluttershy up to her room, where she meekly dresses herself and sits across from you on the bed
  1126. >She still seems nervous, and pretty heavily embarrassed
  1127. >Since you're still barefoot, you reach out and place your foot atop her hand; it's the close you can come to hand-holding, now
  1128. >Fluttershy intertwines her fingers with your toes, squeezing the ball of your foot
  1129. >"Next time, um... let's find somewhere just for us, okay?"
  1130. "I won't complain about that."
  1131. >Fluttershy gives you a nervous smile
  1132. >"Maybe, um, there is this small dog park, not too far from here. I used to volunteer there, when I was l-little."
  1133. "A dog park? Won't there be people there?"
  1134. >"N-not if we go late in the day. And if you go deep in the woods, there's n-never anybody around. It'll be a nice, p-private place for us to place."
  1135. "Ah. We could make that work. Are you sure you'll be comfortable? Out in public, I mean."
  1136. >"Oh, v-very comfortable. As long as I've got this, heh..."
  1137. >She twists the collar in her delicate little hands
  1138. >"The pet part of me isn't afraid of anything."
  1139. "I can't argue with that," you say wryly
  1140. >"Then, the park next?"
  1141. "Sounds good to me. I'm... actually kind of excited to play more. I mean really, just.. play."
  1142. >"M-me too. Though, um, maybe next time, you c-could, um, heh..."
  1143. >Fluttershy's cheeks are hitting that familiar reddened blush
  1144. >"...punish me more? When you did it earlier, it w-was, eheh..."
  1145. >She shifts her weight from buttock to buttock
  1146. >"*r-reallygoodpleasehitmyhardernexttime..."
  1147. >Fluttershy blinks
  1148. >"I mean, eheh, feel free to discipline me, if you n-need to! I'm not always a perfect pet. B-but I want to play with you, and be good for you, so... so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow! And every other day we do this!"
  1151. >'Every other day you do this?'
  1152. >The thought stays in your head through the long walk back home
  1153. >It's only been three days now that you and Fluttershy have been doing this weird pet-master thing
  1154. >Granted, you had your weird therapy sessions with her before, but they were always stiff, awkward, and featured a lot of you staying silent and chewing your lower lip while you stared out the window
  1155. >Now, you actually are starting to find that the hours you spend with her are the highlight of your day
  1157. >You're halfway home, just passing CHS on your way back, when you find your path blocked by a tall redhead wearing a leather jacket
  1158. >"Sup?" she asks you, her voice measured and friendly, but holding sharp undertones just beneath its surface
  1159. "Shimmer. Is something wrong?"
  1160. >"Nothing wrong. Just noticed you've been spending a lot of time with Fluttershy lately."
  1161. "What's that supposed to mean?"
  1162. >"Nothing. Just want to make sure you're treating her well."
  1163. >Sunset advances towards you
  1164. >You continue your stride, not pausing for a moment
  1165. >Both of you advance towards each other, radiating "bad bitch" energy
  1166. >Sunset apparently had a reputation as the resident terror of CHS, before you arrived, but she went soft after some sort of mystical beating from Twilight Sparkle
  1167. >You, on the other hand, are as hard as the day you arrived
  1168. >Even though you did just spend the afternoon caring for a naked girl in a collar...
  1169. >Still, you're way harder than she is, and your mutual auras have attracted you to each other since you first arrived here
  1170. >And now it seems like things have come to a head...
  1171. >You and Sunset advance until you're standing chest-to-chest, and you're happy to find you're a solid few inches taller than she is
  1172. >With a smug look, you stare down your nose at her
  1173. "I think you're in my way."
  1174. >"Oh, am I? Guess that's my bad."
  1175. >She plants her feet firmly
  1176. >"I just wanted a quick chat with you. That's all."
  1177. "Let's hope it's a *really* quick chat."
  1178. >"Only if you want it to be."
  1179. >The old fire is rising in Sunset, and something vicious burns in her eyes
  1180. >"Listen. I know Principal Celestia wants you hanging around Fluttershy. But I don't think it's such a good idea."
  1181. "And why is this any of your business?"
  1182. >"Because she's my friend. And she's sensitive. Not the kind of person who should be hanging around with a wannabe punk like you."
  1183. "Wannabe?"
  1184. >You press your chest against Sunset's and step forward, knocking her backward
  1185. >She balances her weight against you, and the two of you squish against each other, eyes locked in mutual hatred
  1186. "I've seen shit you wouldn't even believe."
  1187. >"Bet."
  1188. "How do you think *this* happened?"
  1189. >You shrug your shoulders just enough for Sunset to get the point
  1190. >That actually seems to give her pause for a moment
  1191. >She blinks, but she doesn't break eye contact
  1192. >"I'm not here to talk about your past. I only care about Fluttershy."
  1193. "Then you should back off. She seems pretty happy with me around."
  1194. >"As if. She's not that kind of person."
  1195. "People can have different sides. You should know that better than anyone, I'm told."
  1196. >Sunset's mouth stretches in a grimace
  1197. >"Watch it. You just might be right."
  1198. >Something very much like literal fire flashes in Sunset's eyes
  1199. >"You really won't want to meet other Sunset. Do you, *Fizzlepop*?"
  1200. "Don't call me that!"
  1201. >You flex your thighs and slam your chest against Sunset's, knocking her back
  1202. >She staggers, nearly falling on her ass, but she catches herself at the last second
  1203. >You take a step back, your legs and jaws tensing as you ready to fight
  1204. >For a split second, Sunset looks ready to tear into you
  1205. >But she forces her eyes closed, and lets out a deep, angsty sigh
  1206. >"You don't wanna do this."
  1207. "I was thinking the same thing. Just in a different direction."
  1208. >"I've heard girls try to get aggro with me before. You don't wanna know what happened to them."
  1209. "It would be like a picnic compared to the things I've seen."
  1210. >Sunset's mouth twists in a wry smile
  1211. >"Again, bet."
  1212. >Sunset straightens up and brushes her hair out of her eyes
  1213. >"Just don't screw around with her, and we won't have any problems."
  1214. "Hah."
  1215. >You don't even respond to that
  1216. "I'll see you around, Shimmy."
  1217. >"Don't call me--"
  1218. >She clamps her mouth shut
  1219. >"Yeah. I'll see you, Fizzy. And I'll be keeping my eye on you and Fluttershy."
  1220. >You turn, meet here eyes just for a moment, and flash her a dark smile
  1221. >Sunset recoils, thrown off, and you turn around and just walk home
  1223. >Your apartment feels dark and cold without your pet
  1224. >Already you're missing the feeling of Flutters' soft, squishy body in your lap, of her skin beneath your stumps
  1225. >You kick off your boots and flop into bed, staring up at the ceiling
  1226. >Mixed longing for your pet and hatred of Sunset roil inside of you
  1227. >But gradually, you shut your eyes and focus on the sensation of petting your special girl
  1228. >It's a good feeling, and it's one that gradually brings you to sleep
  1230. >The next day at school, you relish every moment that you and her pass each other in the hallways
  1231. >You share secret, knowing glances with her
  1232. >And though you try your best to hide it, you're blushing during a lot of your walks between classes
  1233. >She really is great...
  1235. >You blow off your mid-day pre-calculus class so that you can eat with her during her lunch period
  1236. >But as soon as you arrive in the cafeteria, you find Sunset already sitting across from Fluttershy
  1237. >Sunset's talking to her in hushed tones, a serious look on her face
  1238. >Fluttershy keeps waving her hands in front of her face, looking nervous
  1239. >Something angry and protective flares up inside of you, and you stride towards the table, your eyes burning into Sunset Shimmer
  1240. >Nobody is going to take your pet from you!
  1241. >Especially not her...
  1242. >You stride across the lunch hall and plunk yourself down next to Fluttershy, sitting protectively close to her
  1243. >She looks relieved to see you
  1244. >"A-ah, Tempest!"
  1245. >The look on her face makes your chest swell with pride, and it makes Sunset's eyes narrow in suspicion
  1246. "Something wrong, Shimmer?"
  1247. >"Nothing at all. Just having a chat with my friend. I'm pretty sure this isn't your lunch period, is it?"
  1248. "It's not."
  1249. >You shrug
  1250. "I was hungry, so I skipped class."
  1251. >"I see..."
  1252. >"Tempest! You shouldn't be skipping your classes!"
  1253. >She gives you a pouty, scolding look
  1254. "I know, I know."
  1255. >"You should go back! There's still time."
  1256. "Ah, come on. It's just pre-calc. Besides, Ms. Harshwhinny is a total--"
  1257. >You take note of the look on Fluttershy's face
  1258. "Alright, fine. I do want to talk to you, though. Soon."
  1259. >Sunset is glancing between the two of you
  1260. >A look of horror is spreading across her face; she's putting pieces together, for sure, though you're sure she's not possibly going to figure out what's really going on
  1261. >Fluttershy blinks
  1262. >"A good talk. Or, um, a bad one?"
  1263. "Good, I think. That's..."
  1264. >You drop your voice low enough that only she-- and maybe Sunset --can hear you
  1265. "...that's actually why I skipped. I didn't want to wait before I could see you."
  1266. >Fluttershy blushes deeply and lets out a tiny, delighted squeak
  1267. >"O-oh. Heh. You should have, um, s-said that sooner..."
  1268. >Sunset shakes her head, as it trying to wrench herself out of some horrible dream
  1269. >"Are... are you two... *dating?*"
  1270. "What? No!"
  1271. >"N-no! I mean, n-not really, but..."
  1272. >You and Fluttershy look at each other, then at Sunset
  1273. >Her face goes from shock, to revulsion, and then back to a low, simmering anger
  1274. >"I see. Not gonna pretend I like this. But you can make your own choices, Fluttershy."
  1275. >Sunset slams her hands on the table and gets up
  1276. >But before she leaves, she jabs a finger towards you
  1277. >"But I'll be keeping an *extra* close eye on you. If you do anything to hurt her, I swear to everything that's holy, you'll be heading back home missing even more pieces than you already are."
  1278. >"Sunset!"
  1279. >Fluttershy looks horrified
  1280. >Sunset's face goes blank
  1281. >"I... I didn't mean... whatever."
  1282. >She whirls around on her heels
  1283. >"You'd better be good to her. Or else."
  1284. >And with that, she storms off
  1285. >Fluttershy wraps her hands around the stump of your right arm
  1286. >"S-she didn't mean that! I promise! She just, um, k-kinda gets like that when she gets angry. She's not really--"
  1287. "It's fine."
  1288. >Your voice sounds strangely calm, even to you
  1289. >Somehow, she's pissed you off so badly that you've ascended beyond the emotion of anger
  1290. >Instead, you feel cold and blank inside
  1291. "Let's meet up after school, okay?"
  1292. >"O-okay. Are you sure you're okay?"
  1293. >You let yourself rest, briefly, against Fluttershy's body
  1294. "I will be soon."
  1296. >"So? What did you want to talk to me about?"
  1297. >It's after school, and you and Fluttershy are walking home
  1298. >Well, in the general direction of her home
  1299. >Of course, that's not your destination...
  1300. >You don't actually know where this dog-park is, but Fluttershy seems to have the route there memorized
  1301. >It's a beautiful day, with just enough cloud cover to keep the sun from totally cooking you, but with enough sun for everything to feel cheery
  1302. >On a day like this, there's a good chance there'll be other people at the park...
  1303. >"Tempest?"
  1304. >Fluttershy very gently nudges you
  1305. "Huh? Sorry. It's nothing important. But Sunset's been acting weird, and there's a good chance she's warning your other friends about me."
  1306. >"Oh. Y-yeah, that does sound like her. She can be a little... overprotective."
  1307. "I noticed."
  1308. >You awkwardly scratch your cheek on your shoulder
  1309. "I just wanted to make sure I'm not going to get you in some sort of trouble. Doing weird stuff like this."
  1310. >"You t-think it's weird?"
  1311. "I'm pretty sure most of our class isn't going home to put on collars and leashes."
  1312. >"Y-yeah, but... I guess you're right."
  1313. >Fluttershy looks a little hurt
  1314. "W-weird doesn't mean bad!"
  1315. >You stumble a bit over your words, nervously waving your stumps in front of your face
  1316. "Weird is actually perfect. I love what we're doing! That's another thing I wanted to tell you, actually."
  1317. >"Oh?"
  1318. "This is the best I've felt in a long time. So, this therapy or whatever it is, it's working."
  1319. >"Therapy? Oh! R-right."
  1320. >Fluttery gives you an embarrassed smile
  1321. >"I kinda forgot that's what we were even supposed to be doing. I just really, really like being your pet."
  1322. "And I like being your, uh..."
  1323. >Fluttershy nudges you
  1324. >"Say it," she whispers
  1325. "You know, your..."
  1326. >You gulp
  1327. "Your friend."
  1328. >Fluttershy stares blankly at you, then she giggles
  1329. >"That wasn't what I expected to hear. I like being your friend, but, um... there's another word I'd like you to use... if that's okay..."
  1330. "What wor-- oh."
  1331. >Fluttershy presses herself up against you
  1332. >"You can whisper it, if you want. But, um, I really want you to say it."
  1333. "Right. I really like..."
  1334. >Fluttershy sucks in her breath
  1335. "...being your master."
  1336. >"Aah~"
  1337. >She goes weak at the knees, and you have to awkwardly steady her between your stumps to keep her from fainting
  1339. >Fluttershy is uncharacteristically bubbly and clingy for the rest of the walk
  1340. >She walks with her shoulder touching yours, and her hand occasionally brushes against your hip
  1341. >You find yourself wishing you had a hand for her to hold...
  1342. >Wait, no you don't!
  1343. >The two of you are still just friends, even if you're playing this weird game together
  1344. >And besides, you wouldn't the two of you to be anything more
  1345. >You don't need that sort of hassle in your life
  1346. >"Tempest?"
  1347. >Fluttershy nudges you
  1348. >"You're making that face again."
  1349. "What face?"
  1350. >"The one that looks like, um..."
  1351. >Fluttershy looks up at you with this intense, frigid death glare, complete with an exaggerated frown
  1352. "Hah!"
  1353. >A rare peel of laughter escapes you, and Fluttershy beams
  1354. "I just have a lot on my mind. But there's no way I frown *that* much."
  1355. >"I dunno, it's p-pretty close," Fluttershy says, chuckling
  1356. >She rests her hand on your hip, and this time doesn't pull it away
  1357. >Something inside your chest clenches, a feeling very similar to when you first saw her in her collar
  1358. >Speaking of, Fluttershy points up ahead, where a sign featuring a collar and bone is planted in the ground next to the sidewalk
  1359. >"There's the park's entrance!"
  1360. >She runs ahead a little bit, and you quicken your pace to catch up
  1362. >The park, as it turns out, sits on a chunk of mostly undeveloped land
  1363. >There's a large clearing, and a few fenced-in areas for dogs to run around in
  1364. >A trail runs through the park's grounds, eventually disappearing into more heavily wooded areas at the back of the property
  1365. >Fluttershy bristles with excitement
  1366. >Unfortunately, you're not the only ones here
  1367. >Several cars are parked out front, and you see a young couple playing with their dog out in the fenced-in part of the park
  1368. >Still, the trails look pretty quiet
  1369. "Are you sure about doing it out here?"
  1370. >Fluttershy gulps
  1371. >"N-not really."
  1372. "Maybe we should go somewhere else. My place is available, I suppose. Or--"
  1373. >"N-no. I want to do this."
  1374. >Fluttershy balls her hands up at her sides
  1375. >"Once I g-get my collar on, I'll feel a lot more confident."
  1376. "Ah. Of course."
  1377. >"And, heh, the p-pet part of me is really, *really* excited to play here~"
  1378. >Fluttershy can't keep the trembling out of her voice
  1379. >She leads you down the path, her legs slightly wobbling
  1381. >Fortunately, the woods are pretty dense, and there's plenty of hills to hide you from view
  1382. >About a half a mile into the woods, Fluttershy shows you to a small clearing, where the ground is carpeted with dead leaves and littered with twigs
  1383. >Trees circle you, providing a comforting silence and a semblance of privacy
  1384. >A row of untrimmed hedges hides this place from the main path
  1385. >Nobody will spot the two of you, you're sure, unless they were to come specifically looking for this place
  1386. >Fluttershy takes a quick walk around the perimeter of the place; it's about thirty or so feet in diameter, plenty of room
  1387. >She stops in the middle, rocking excitedly back and forth on her heels
  1388. >Her hands fidget behind her back as she shoots you a bashful glance
  1389. >"I, um, think I'm ready to start. If you are..."
  1390. >You sigh, taking one last nervous look at the path over your shoulder
  1391. "I'm as ready I'm going to be."
  1392. >"Yay..."
  1393. >Fluttershy drops her backpack to the ground and roots around inside of it, pulling out the familiar collar and leash
  1394. >Just seeing them already produces a bit of a Pavlovian response in you
  1395. >Warm anticipation starts to fill your body, and your mouth is getting a little wet
  1396. >Fluttershy closes her eyes as she raises the collar to her neck, and both of you suck in your breath as the collar clicks shut around her throat
  1397. >...
  1398. >"Mmmew~" your pet purrs
  1399. >She blissfully wriggles out of her clothes, dropping each article into a pile next to her backpack
  1400. >"Mewmewwww..." she coos, delighted, as she drops her panties onto the pile
  1401. >Fully nude, your pet drops to her knees, and you spot goosebumps breaking out all along her skin as the fresh air caresses her bare form
  1402. >Fluttershy opens her eyes, beaming at you
  1403. >Your teeth pinch around your lower lip
  1404. "Goddamn..."
  1405. >Fluttershy wriggles her butt happily in the air, but stays put
  1406. >She's waiting for you to call her over, you realize
  1407. "Uh, here! Here, girl!"
  1408. >"Mew!"
  1409. >Fluttershy scampers over to you, her hands and knees kicking up leaves and quickly becoming dark with grit
  1410. >You drop to one knee, holding out a stump towards her
  1411. >Like an overly enthusiastic puppy, she doesn't stop at your feet, but instead barrels right into you
  1412. >Fluttershy, as it turns out, is *dense*
  1413. >Suddenly, an entire naked girl is on top of you, straddling your stomach and pinning you to the ground
  1414. "Gah! Get off me!"
  1415. >You try to shove her off, but your pet is all over you
  1416. "You crazy little--"
  1417. >Fluttershy licks your face
  1418. "Bleh! Agh, stop! S-stop!"
  1419. >But the rational part of Fluttershy's brain is far away now
  1420. >Your pet only hears shouting, and probably thinks you're enjoy this as much as she is
  1421. >She runs her tongue over your face against and again, bathing it in her hot, wet spit
  1422. >Your stumps wave feebly, unable to cover your face
  1423. "I said... stop..."
  1424. >This is disgusting!
  1425. >You should hate this!
  1426. >So why don't you just shove her off?
  1427. >Even without hands, you're trained enough to easily toss her off of you
  1428. >So why don't you
  1429. "Ah..."
  1430. >You let your mouth open slightly, and Fluttershy's tongue slides over your lips
  1431. >A shiver passes over your skin, starting at the back of your neck and ending between your thighs
  1432. "Bad... bad girl..."
  1433. >You begrudgingly surrender to the weight of Fluttershy's chest mashing against yours, resigning yourself to just endure this
  1434. >That is, until you hear a familiar voice coming up the path...
  1435. >"...insane! Weirdo. Pervert."
  1436. >"If you hate it so much, you can just head back," says a teasing, commanding voice
  1437. >That voice, the one who's clearly in charge, belongs to Sunset Shimmer
  1438. >Panic floods you, and you nimbly twist out from beneath Fluttershy
  1439. >She looks around, confused
  1440. >"Mewmew?"
  1441. "Shh!"
  1442. >You put a finger to your lips
  1443. >The other voice is still vaguely complaining
  1444. >"I can't believe I put up with your psycho fetishes," she says
  1445. >"Neither can I. We must be pretty desperate, huh?" Sunset says, that same light-hearted, teasing tone in her voice
  1446. >"S-shut up! You, maybe. But I used to slay pussy all over CHS! Before that rainbow-haired cunt took my-- ow, hey!"
  1447. >"Bad girl. You don't want to get punished again, do you?" Sunset asks
  1448. >"Aaagh..."
  1449. >"Do you?"
  1450. >"N-no," the other girl groans
  1451. >"What was that?" Sunset asks
  1452. >"No, mistress!" the girl practically shouts
  1453. >Fluttershy perks up, her eyes wide with excitement
  1454. >She tries to sprint towards the sound of the voices
  1455. "No!" you whisper-shout. "Flutters, come back!"
  1456. >You lunge after her, but you can't get ahold of her with your stumps, and you only end up slamming your face against her ass and then falling back to the forest floor
  1457. >Fluttershy, meanwhile, charges through the bushes
  1458. >"Mew!"
  1459. >Right onto the path
  1460. >"Mewmewmewmew!"
  1461. >She's yipping like a puppy the whole way
  1462. >"Gah!" the unfamiliar voice shouts
  1463. >"Who is-- Fluttershy!?" comes Sunset's voice
  1464. >There's no way you're getting out of this unscathed, is there?
  1465. >You freeze in the middle of the clearing, glancing left and right
  1466. >Maybe you could dive into the cover of the trees and just hope nobody will find you?
  1467. >No, that's the coward's way out
  1468. >And besides, you're pretty sure Fluttershy would come bounding right to your side, like the loyal pet she is
  1469. >There really isn't any escape
  1470. >So, fuck it
  1471. >It's time to flex on Sunset Shimmer
  1472. >You walk right out into the path, emerging from the bushes and planting yourself behind Fluttershy
  1473. >She's on all fours, waving her bare butt in the air as she growls at Sunset's ankles
  1474. >Sunset is standing with some girl you haven't met: a blonde, with windswept hair and an athlete's build
  1475. >Both of them are staring in horror at the nude girl mewling at them
  1476. >Sunset's eyes immediately lock onto you
  1477. >She looks like she's ready to knock your head off your shoulders
  1478. >Or, at least, she's ready to try; you're pretty sure it wouldn't end all that well for her
  1479. >"You! What did you do to her!?"
  1480. >She's already advancing towards you, but you step back, calmly
  1481. >Fluttershy, sensing the tension, darts towards you
  1482. >"Meeeeeew..." she growls
  1483. >She plants herself protectively between your knees
  1484. >Sunset looks dumstruck
  1485. "Me? She was fine until you got here. What did *you* do to her?"
  1486. >Sunset sputters
  1487. >"Don't play dumb with me! Fluttershy would never do this... this kind of... degeneracy!"
  1488. "Of course. Unlike you, right?"
  1489. >You point a stump towards the blonde, who has a suspiciously collar-looking choker around her neck
  1490. >"T-that's not what we're talking about! Put her back to normal right now!" Sunset demands. "I swear, if you conned my friend into some sick shit, I'll--"
  1491. "You'll do what? Take her away from me?"
  1492. >Sunset's face twists into a frown
  1493. >"If I have to."
  1494. "Good luck. It seems like she's pretty happy with me."
  1495. >Fluttershy nuzzles her face against your knee
  1496. >"Mewmew~"
  1497. >Sunset recoils in disgust
  1498. >"I swear, Fizzle, Celestia is going to hear about this."
  1499. "Cool. Maybe she'll threaten to expel you again."
  1500. >"That was one time! And it was only because--"
  1501. >Sunset takes a step forward, already rolling up her sleeves for a brawl
  1502. >But the blonde girl jumps between the two of you
  1503. >"Hey, relax! Look, I'd love to see a quality bitch-fight, but we all *really* don't want park rangers showing up, right?"
  1504. >Both you and Sunset look at each other
  1505. "Right.
  1506. >"I guess."
  1507. >"So let's just cool it, okay? I'm sure Fizzlepop--" the blonde starts
  1508. "It's Tempest."
  1509. >"Whatever. Tempie and her friend here--" she continues
  1510. >"Mewmew!" Fluttershy interjects, happily
  1511. >"--are just enjoying whatever weirdness they're doing. And unlike us, who are totally normal, they're just weirdos. So let's let them be weird, and just keep walking."
  1512. >The blonde starts walking, and waves for Sunset to follow her
  1513. >And, if you had just kept your mouth shut, that probably would have been the end of that
  1514. >But you just couldn't contain yourself; any opportunity to embarrass Sunset is an opportunity worth taking
  1515. "Yeah, keep walking, in this dog park, without an actual dog. That collar looks great on you, by the way."
  1516. >Sunset's face lights up with fury
  1517. >But her friend, the blonde, straight up lunges towards you, snarling
  1518. >Yes, snarling
  1519. >You step back, tensing the muscles in your legs and readying yourself to fight
  1520. >But you don't have to
  1521. >Fluttershy, with a cry of fear, jumps in between you and this crazy bitch
  1522. >Both girls collide and roll one-over-the-other into the grass
  1523. "Flutters!"
  1524. >"Lightning!"
  1525. >Both you and Sunset jolt forward, protectively reaching out to grab for your respective girls
  1526. >But both of them are tussling in the dirt now, scrabbling with hands, feet, and teeth to try and force the other to submit
  1527. >And... Fluttershy is somehow winning?
  1528. >Despite being a soft, effete little waif, Fluttershy actually has Lightning pinned to the ground
  1529. >She's straddling Lightning's belly, grinding her bare crotch against the other girl's midsection and keeping Lightning on her back as she nips at Lightning's neck
  1530. >Now, in Lightning's position, a normal woman would probably be yelling out "Stop!" or "Help!" or "Get this crazy dog-girl off me!"
  1531. >But Lightning isn't doing any of that
  1532. >Instead, she's barking and snapping her jaws like a deranged mutt, trying to get her teeth fixed around Fluttershy's throat
  1533. >"Arrrrr! Arf arf!"
  1534. >"Mewmewmew! Mewmew!"
  1535. >You and Sunset temporarily forget your feud and stare at each other
  1536. >It's hard to tell who's more embarrassed
  1537. >"Look, I'm sorry about her. This is just kinda a game we do, and..."
  1538. "Yeah, Flutters isn't normally like this..."
  1539. >Lighting wriggles out from beneath Fluttershy and tries to make a run for it, but Fluttershy throws her entire naked self on top of Lightning, tackling her to the ground
  1540. >And, to your unending shame, she starts humping Lightning's behind, forcing her into submission
  1541. "No, no! Bad Flutters, bad!"
  1542. >You run towards the two girls, desperate to break this up before it gets worse
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