Xenos Hunters Session 33

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  9.         antoine The kill team stands amidst the mounds of oversized dead bodies that litter the ground. The floor is thick and sticky with the blood of the fallen which is added to by the long thick strings of blood that fall from the sisters pinned above you. From railings and walkways just overhead almost thirty sisters are strung up or impaled, unlike the earlier ones you met they have no blast scoring...
  10.         antoine ...covering their identity. Indeed the blood coming from the rents and tears in their armour only add to their natural crimson colour. There are a few moans of pain from them but most appear quite dead at this distance.
  11.         antoine The women that fought with you rush forwards and up the stairs either side of the room to try to get to their sisters in arms.
  12.         Balmung ++See to them and find the cannoness++
  13.         Aslan   moves forwards, after looking at Bellerophon's wounds
  14.         Anselm  snarls, visibly trembling with anger. "Foul deed!" the Knight screams. "Disgusting treachery! I'll kill whoever laid this insult!"
  15.         Navarre ++Why would they hang them?++ Still, Navarre gets to work. Seeing who's dead, who's dying, and who can be saved.
  16.         Aslan   finds the Canonness, strung up and damaged on a central column
  17.         Aslan   ++You lot! The woman survives yet! Get her down, that we may heal her!++
  18.         antoine The sisters cut down their comrades and bring them down to the ground floor, a mere five are still breathing.
  19.         antoine A sister looks to Navarre and Aslan, "Please do whatever you can to save them."
  20.         Navarre would see what he can do about the Cannoness, before moving onto the sisters.
  21.         Anselm  approaches the Sororitas. "What happened here?" he asks in a hushed voice.
  22.         Aslan   roots about, scanning the area for persisting tain
  23.         Aslan   *taint
  24.         Omniel  checks over the Sisters' weapons and armour, performing field repairs where necessary.
  25.         Balmung ++Stablize the cannoness and try and get her talking++
  26.         antoine One of the sisters replies while looking around at the carnage, "By the grace of the merciful Emperor, I do not want to know."
  27.         antoine Omniel manages to placate the powerpack's machine spirits with soothing binary intonations and a delicate touch while using repair cement to patch up the rents in the armour.
  28.         Navarre ++I believe the Cannoness will live. As well as the five that are still breathing.++
  29.         Balmung ++Good, now we need information++
  30.         Anselm  grumbles. "What are the circumstances which brough the Sisters of Battle here?"
  31.         antoine The Cannoness has been stabilized, however you notice that her left eye is a milky orb and a large jagged scar runs down her face through it. However that must have occurred between meeting her and now as it appears to be old.
  32.         antoine "The c..containment seals failed, h...had to hold them."
  33.         Navarre didn't meet her the first time.
  34.         Balmung ++We can see that++
  35.         Balmung ++Now tell us something we don't know++
  36.         antoine "W..We couldn't hold, too strong. Couldn't be that strong..."
  37.         antoine As you talk a booming voice is heard behind you
  38.         antoine "FORWARD, PLUG THE BREACH!"
  39.         Balmung turns to face the sound
  40.         Aslan   steps out of a cell he was exploring, his power fist flaring its field
  41.         Aslan   "Where is the enemy?!"
  42.         antoine A man decked out in resplendent power armour strides forward, flanked close behind by more of those prison guards in black, shotguns gripped in nervous hands.
  43.         Balmung ++And you are?++
  44.         Aslan   ++Brothers, in each mutant cell is some sort of...plastic...doll. There is a soul-turning heretical symbol on each's belly. Let us /burn/ this place. This is enough evidence for a bloody purgation force.++
  45.         Anselm  Already agitated, Anselm readies his blades. "Identify yourselves, curs!"
  46.         Balmung grunts
  47.         Navarre ++New comers?++
  48.         antoine "Interrogator Gottfrid Swedbourg"
  49.         Balmung ++Nice mess you have here++
  50.         Anselm  "And whose Rosette do you kneel to, mortal?" Anselm shouts menacingly.
  51.         Aslan   waves his power fist menacingly, readying his chainsword in his other hand
  52.         Aslan   "Talk, or we purge your ourselves, mortal! Inquisitor or no!"
  53.         Omniel  merely keeps his weapon at the ready, not making any threatening moves.
  54.         antoine The man's armour is gold plated with rubies inset in the shoulder pads and a iron ring reaching up above his head projecting a yellow light. A sapphire jewel hands at his neck while his silver laced powerfist clenches and unclenches. Armour itself is made out to depict famous martyrs. It is almost as if he is attempting to ape the look of a saint however that appearance is shattered by his...
  55.         antoine ...lantern jaw and ugly face.
  56.         antoine hangs from*
  57.         antoine "The most glorious and beneficent Inquisitor Hardgrave is my master."
  58.         Balmung ++Take us to him now++
  59.         antoine "Is this area cleansed? There was a breach in containment, the brutes somehow melta bombed the entrance."
  60.         Balmung ++Aye we dealt with them++
  61.         antoine "Ave imperator!" He cocks his head to the side, his jaw almost touching the high collared gorget. "The cannoness commander lives?"
  62.         Balmung ++Aye++
  63.         antoine "Good, the Inquisitor will be pleased."
  64.         Anselm  ++Taint...++ Anselm snarls. ++This man's every word - his every motion - reeks of lies and taint.++
  65.         Balmung ++Take us to him we need to speak with him++
  66.         Omniel  "There is much we need to discuss."
  67.         Balmung grunts
  68.         Aslan   glowers, silently, and falls in line with the party
  69.         antoine "Very well.", he motions for his men to help carry the dead sisters and turns on his heel before stomping off away from you.
  70.         Navarre would follow as well, after finishing his ministrations. He's... weary about the whole thing.
  71.         Omniel  brings up the rear, still on guard.
  72.         Aslan   follows, his stomps soft on the flesh and excrement
  73.         Balmung follows allong
  74.         antoine The procession of the dead moves to a large main elevator shaft without walls, the Interrogator makes a private vox call into his gorget and the elevator begins to descend to meet you.
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  77.         antoine The elevator finally stops with the echoing clank of gears, the group boards and the interrogator clicks his vox twice.
  78.         antoine The groans and clanks are louder this time with the elevator straining to carry six fully armoured and armed space marines as well as the contingent of men and power armoured battle sisters.
  79.         Aslan   ++All of you are fat.++
  80.         Omniel  ++My body-fat percentage is skewed, due to my extensive augmentations. I likely contain less fat total than an average human.++
  81.         Balmung chuckles over the vox
  82.         antoine The elevator finally arrives at the top of the shaft after a short while, this section is walled however. Saints slaying mythical creatures are depicted on the door leading into the next room.
  83.         antoine One in particular is a lantern jawed, yet handsome saint punching a dragon in the face.
  84.         Navarre ++How modest of him.++
  85.         Aslan   ++...We are close to the surface, no? One or two floors below.++
  86.         antoine The interrogator pushes open the doors before striding through the gap. The first impression you have of the room beyond is of a moonless night, black with many star light lights in a deep void.
  87.         antoine star-like*
  88.         Balmung follows the interrogator
  89.         antoine As you push onwards you hear hardgrave, his voice loud and indignant, "CONFESS SINNER!"
  90.         Balmung "Take us to the Inquisitor"
  91.         antoine This is shortly followed by a short, sharp cry of pain. The room is actually a large hall with Hardgrave sitting on a throne on the far side. Sisters flank you as you enter, taking their dead sisters in reverence while covering you. They do not make direct threats or point weapons but the show of force is blatantly undiplomatic. The hall is vast with stone columns rising up to support the...
  92.         antoine ...roof, each gilded and engraved. gold, silver and precious gem encrusted treasures sit on a prayers table in front of the Inquisitor as a man hanging by two hooks inserted into his flesh dangles many meters above
  93.         Balmung grins under his helmet
  94.         Aslan   ++So many heretics. All around me...++
  95.         Balmung moves towards Hardgrave
  96.         antoine To the flanks of the Inquisitor are death cult assassins, a man and women clad in tight bodygloves and wielding metre and a half long blades, next to them are some lesser preachers and confessors with books and holy flamers. On the other side are a few lightly clothed women with scrolls of parchment held in their hands. Behind those women are more acolytes in hooded robes, probably more...
  97.         antoine ...scholars and holy law readers.
  98.         Omniel  sizes up the entourage calculatingly.
  99.         antoine Hardgrave shifts his bulk within the cloths of his missonary-like robes, a more understated set of rings and necklaces mark him as less ostentatious than his servant.
  100.         antoine The Interrogator stride to about 10 metres from his master and kneels
  101.         antoine "My lord, these space marines were in the Block, it is now cleared but require holy promethium cleansing.
  102.         antoine "
  103.         antoine requires*
  104.         antoine Hardgrave stands and narrows his eyes at you, he waves his interrogator to stand at his side.
  105.         antoine After a moment he asks, "How did you get here?"
  106.         Balmung "A ship"
  107.         antoine He frowns, "This is hardly the time for petulance and impudence."
  108.         antoine "Again, I ask. How did you enter this facility?"
  109.         Balmung "Good then you will come with us at once"
  110.         antoine "I will do no such thing."
  111.         Balmung "we strolled right up and knocked on the door"
  112.         Balmung "oh yes you will....."
  113.         Navarre ++Brother Balmung is a space wolf. Petulance and impudence is to be expected. I blame their constant drinking, personally. Oh, and they do not like the inquisition. There is that as well.++
  114.         Bellerophon     ++A rend opened in the fyceline facility. An inmate, badly burned, exited. He did not survive. We went further in.++
  115.         antoine The man hanging above hearing the conflict calls out, "Please let me down, he is crazy! He thinks I am a heretic but he is nuts!"
  116.         antoine "Quiet Sinner!" shouts Hardgrave.
  117.         Anselm  takes a step forward, hands trembling. "You 0x1dwill0x1d leave this place with us..."
  118.         antoine The Interrogator turns his nose up at you when you demand his masters acquiescence.
  119.         Bellerophon     removes his helmet
  120.         Balmung "You will come with us now son"
  121.         antoine "Let me down, PLEASE!" shouts the dangling man and hardgrave presses a button, shocking the man into silence.
  122.         Bellerophon     "While they lack in tact, they speak the truth. We are here for you, Hardgrave, on the orders of Inquisitor Tellion, regarding your involvement in her capture by the Dark Eldar."
  123.         antoine "What capture? I have no involvement in Xenos, that is her purview."
  124.         Anselm  "Liar!" Anselm snaps.
  125.         Anselm  "You will do as we say, or I will crucify you myself!"
  126.         Aslan   "HERETIC!"
  127.         Anselm  Anselm lights his power swords and points them to the Inquisitor, and with his vocabulator on maximal volume screams:
  128.         Anselm  "TRAAAAAAITOOOOOOR!
  129.         Aslan   "Come or I shall destroy all present for being even connected in mention to what heresies are present here!"
  130.         Omniel  ++Restraint, brothers...++
  131.         Balmung ++Aye++
  132.         Balmung ++You're screaming like Bloodclaws++
  133.         Aslan   ++I don't even know what that is! Let us murder them all!++
  134.         Aslan   is manic, but in place
  135.         antoine "I see it now..." he looks at you after the outburst from Anselm and Aslan, "You came here to sabotage this facility but when you found the cannoness you couldn't bring yourself to abandon her. Your honor does you proud but your subterfuge is most unbecoming."
  136.         Bellerophon     "Our ship is in orbit. Accept the terms of our tribunal and I will ensure your passage is befitting an Inquisitor of your stature."
  137.         antoine "You can be redeemed brothers, step away from that traitor Tellion and join me. How can a cannoness associate herself with anyone but the highest moral standard?" he implores you
  138.         Bellerophon     turns into gorget for a moment
  139.         Anselm  , enraged by the things he has witnessed and the impudence of the Inquisitor barrels forward.
  140.         Omniel  "Then let us complete our investigation, and we will report back. If you have nothing to hide, then you have nothing to fear."
  141.         Bellerophon     "We and the Deathwatch have no interest in this facility. Our presence here and your incident are purely incidental."
  142.         Bellerophon     "The Tech-Marine speaks with clarity and reason. This is not a witch-hunt, it is an investigation. Open yourself to scrutiny from the Ordo Xenos and if you are, as you say, innocent of wrongdoing, then it shall be brief and painless."
  143.         Balmung "Correct me if I'm wrong Inquisitor but weren't there some sects of the soritas that invaded Fenris during the Plague of Unbelief?"
  144.         Navarre doesn't want anything to do with an Inquisition pissing match, and instead focuses his diagnosticator on the hanging man.
  145.         antoine while cogent and well spoken, the words are lost as the clatter of weapons is heard
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  148.         Bellerophon     dials his voice from Space Mariney to As Loud as it Gets, and shouts over the noise
  149.         Balmung "You will put down your weapons and come with us and prove to us your innocence"
  150.         Bellerophon     "I have enough ammunition in my pack to ensure that nobody, regardless of affiliation, walks away unharmed. You all will put your weapons down. Now."
  151.         Bellerophon     keeps his hands off his weapon, for now.
  152.         Anselm  halts halfway along the path to the Inquisitor and points his power sword to the Interrogator. "Face me in your twisted lord's name, you pathetic worm!"
  153.         Bellerophon     "Was I not clear, templarspawn? I said lower your weapon."
  154.         |<--    Anselm has left (Quit: )
  155.         antoine The man hanging above shout, "Kill him, do it! Kill that bastard!"
  156.         Bellerophon     points at the man /glasses/ hanging out in the rafters.
  157.         Bellerophon     "You! Shut up!"
  158.         antoine The assassins and sisters start to move to bodyguard the Inquisitor.
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  161.         Anselm  halts halfway along the path to the Inquisitor and points his power sword to the Interrogator. "Face me in your twisted lord's name, you abominable worm!"
  162.         Omniel  remains calm, weapon readied, but without making an overt hostile move. ++I hope this gambit does not backfire on us...++
  163.         antoine The Interrogator steps forward, even in power armour he does not reach Anselm's chestplate. "You shame the Emperor's blood in your veins with such dishonor! You cannot demand an Inquisitor."
  164.         Balmung turns to Anselm ++Kick his ass++
  165.         Navarre ++Backfire? Anselm is too hot tempered for his own good.++
  166.         Balmung ++We tried the peaceful way and it failed it seems++
  167.         antoine With the somewhat reasonable words from Bellerophon the sisters lower their bolters.
  168.         Omniel  ++Good work, Brother Bellerephon.++
  169.         Bellerophon     "There. Our sisters in arms see the reason behind my words. Now the Deathwatch will follow suit."
  170.         Balmung grunts ++Aye, now get the Inquisitor to come with us++
  171.         antoine The man above seeing that tempers are not running as hot with the sisters calls out, "Now is you chance. Get him!"
  172.         Bellerophon     "Back to sensibility, then. The situation is defused, for now."
  173.         Bellerophon     "Not only have we presented ourselves diplomatically, we assisted n averting any potential crisis today."
  174.         Bellerophon     "We have come in good faith and done good deeds. Will you repay us in kind."
  175.         antoine "You started this crisis! you appearance is no coincidence. You came here to sabotage my efforts to cleanse this sector."
  176.         Balmung barks "SILENCE!"
  177.         antoine Joffery readies his shotgun somewhat unsteadily and covers his master
  178.         Bellerophon     "The Deathwatch has no interest in this facility or whatever might lie below it. We are here to request you and your presence."
  179.         antoine "No, Tellion put you up to this, you said as much. She must have sent to to destroy my works and take me to a false trial." He is almost talking to himself, as if he is convincing his own mind of the certainty.
  180.         Balmung "You say you're innocent but an innocent man would come willingly to prove his innocence"
  181.         Bellerophon     "Look upon us, Inquisitor. We are not neophytes blind to the realities and machinations of Inquisition fueds."
  182.         Bellerophon     "We are decorated veterans, like yourself."
  183.         Balmung nods "Aye"
  184.         antoine "I am above that law, I represent the Emperor in these dark places. Unless you have a warrant from my lord I will not submit to your sham of a trial."
  185.         Balmung "We also represent the all father"
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  187.         antoine Unable to hold back his upset at this indignity the interrogator cocks back his power fist to attack anselm
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  189.         Bellerophon     "I do not recommend that, Interrogator."
  190.         antoine The man hanging from the ceiling shouts, "Yes, Fight!"
  191.         Anselm  swips the Interrogator with a broad, diagonal swipe.
  192.         Bellerophon     "Inquisitor,this is madness. Call off your Interrogator."
  193.         antoine The Interrogator throws a few punches that go wide
  194.         Omniel  moves to interpose himself between the brawl and as much of the Inquisitor's entourage as possible, without actually entering the fray.
  195.         antoine The two assassins move to directly protect the Inquisitor from the fight.
  196.         Anselm  , seeing his first attack bounce off a force field, immediately brings up a second strike that is deflected by the Interrogator's power fist.
  197.         Anselm  Frustrated, the Knight-Brother launches a storm of blows upon the Interrogator next.
  198.         Balmung grunts and ignores the fight
  199.         Navarre As does Navarre.
  200.         antoine The cuts mar the faces of saints and martyrs as the blows cut the Interrogator to ribbons, his last words are "spiritu dominatus" before you separate his head from his neck.
  201.         antoine "NOOOOO" cries the Inquisitor
  202.         antoine "YESSSS" shouts the man hanging from above
  203.         Bellerophon     "I warned you, Inquisitor."
  204.         Balmung stares at the inquisitor
  205.         Navarre ++Congratulations, Anselm. You have let your temper lead you to killing an opponent that had no way of defeating you. I hope you feel proud.++
  206.         Anselm  arches his back and screams: "SILENCE!"
  207.         Bellerophon     "Your inaction led to your Interrogator's vain death. Now how will we proceed?"
  208.         antoine The blood however does not settle on the floor, it rises and rises to encompass the man hanging above, a cackling laughter is heard before he becomes a ball of blood and bone, constantly shifting and twisting in place, throwing out droplets that splatter the ground all over the hall.
  209.         antoine Every grouping of droplets suddenly surges upwards and you feel the material plane skew and belch forth redskinned devils.
  210.         Omniel  unfolds his servo-arms in preparation. "I propose a temporary truce."
  211.         Bellerophon     hastily gets his helmet on, reciting prayers of activation under his breath
  212.         Navarre readies his bolter, muttering under his breath.
  213.         antoine All the sisters bar the cannoness flee for the exits
  214.         antoine The serfs are rocks in the sea of fleeing women, completely nonchalant they draw their weapons, joffery racking the shotgun slide while the whine of Xaviers hellgun reaches a fevered pitch.
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  216.         Balmung lunges at the nearest daemon snarling and swings his axe into the daemon cutting a large gash into the midsection
  217.         Anselm  angrily barks at one of the daemons, and attempts to run it through with his power sword, only to have his attack deflected by an unnatural blade.
  218.         antoine The two assassins take guarding positions either side of the Inquisitor.
  219.         Bellerophon     shouts at the fleeing Sororitas, his voice barking and mechanical through the voxcasters on his helmet
  220.         Bellerophon     ++GET IN THE FIGHT.++
  221.         Aslan   draws a weapon and points it above himself, to the blood-ball-cage
  223.         Bellerophon     ++What?++
  224.         Navarre ++I think the Blackshield has shown his true colors.++
  225.         antoine The sisters keep running, Hardgrave falls back to his throne while calling out, "Punio!" The robes adepts that were with the scroll holding sisters advance, their cloths falling away to reveal hooded hunched forms. Each one with injectors in their backs pumping combat drugs into their system as their mix of electro flails, chainswords and powerblades warm up.
  226.         antoine The cannoness fires a burst from her storm bolter, "Die foul abominations. Spirit of noxious immateria, be gone from hence!" and slays a daemon with her blessed bolts.
  227.         Omniel  picks his targets carefully, walking a stream of plasma bolts from one daemon to the next.
  228.         antoine evaporating one, which sucks in on itself while the other flicks its tongue out to taste the blood on the air as if toying with the metal marine.
  229.         Navarre raises his bolter and UNLEASHES HELL!
  230.         Bellerophon     aims his heavy bolter up at the floating miasma of chaos, and opens fire on it.
  231.         antoine Xavier and Joffery fire off their weapons but the daemons dodge the mix of las fire and shogtun shells.
  232.         antoine The daemons break off and charge to engage. All the Kill Team but Bellerophon are now fighting while two daemons go for the Inquisitors bodyguard.
  233.         Bellerophon     changes his mind
  234.         antoine Aslan falls underneath the blades of three of the daemons
  235.         Bellerophon     splits his fire between the two daemons running towards the Inquisitor's retinue and the amorphous angry blob
  236.         antoine The two daemons go down and a assassin makes the death cult salute in thanks.
  237.         antoine The sphere grows in size, now almost 3m in diameter.
  238.         antoine The assassins continue to stick with their leader while joffery racks his shotgun once again.
  239.         Anselm  contemptibly flicks his wrist, cutting away the Bloodletter's sword with a deft slice before spinning his blade around to hack through the daemon's torso. His final attack runs his sword through the dismembered abomination's jaw, the blade jutting from the back of its head.
  240.         antoine Joffery calming advances towards one of the daemons in combat with Balmung and fires a high density penetrator at the daemon, wounding it sorely but not knocking it off its feet like he hoped.
  241.         antoine Hardgrave enters some buttons on his throne and a secret passageway behind the throne opens up, the throne spins in place and then inserts itself, blocking the entrance and allowing the Inquisitor's escape.
  242.         Balmung growls loudly ++Anselm after him!++
  243.         Omniel  ++A surprisingly cowardly response from the Inquisitor.++
  244.         Omniel  takes a defensive stance against his two attackers, snapping off a quick shot into the chest of one while his servo-arms extend to provide interference.
  245.         Balmung falls back on his primal insticts and brings his axe up ready to block
  246.         Bellerophon     switches his vox freqeuncy to Oriel and the ship's
  247.         Bellerophon     ++Inquisitor, do you read?++
  248.         Navarre slashes at one of the monsters with his power sword!
  249.         Omniel  keeps the creatures at bay with his servo-arms, slapping their swords away when they come near.
  250.         Balmung snarls and dodges and parries the daemons' attacks
  251.         antoine The acro-flagellants rush the daemons, their berserk rage downing a single daemon on Navarre and damaging two that were on Balmung
  252.         Bellerophon     turns his attention and business end of his heavy bolter towards the floating daemonic presence up in the air, and pulls the trigger
  253.         antoine The rounds are pumped into the mass which continues to roil and coil within itself before expanding once more to a four meter diameter.
  254.         Bellerophon     ++I may have made it worse.++
  255.         Anselm  ++Stop shooting it, you daft bolthead!++
  256.         Omniel  ++Perhaps we should try burning it.++
  257.         antoine One of the bloodletters fighting Omniel and one that was fighting Balmung are swept away as if red and black smoke in the wind
  258.         Anselm  audibly snorts on the vox. ++I hope you know what you're doing with these infernal creatures. Joffery, with me!++
  259.         Anselm  rushes to the treacherous Inquisitor's throne, and readies a meltabomb.
  260.         antoine ++Yes m'lord++
  261.         Balmung ++Just get our prey and get back here++
  262.         Anselm  clamps the meltabomb to the chair, primes the charge, and hops backward to watch it detonate.
  263.         antoine The melta bomb turns the wall to slag, the throne, prayer table and all the precious treasures are also obliterated by the blast.
  264.         Omniel  winces at the loss of possibly irreplaceable artifacts.
  265.         antoine Joffery ignites his jump pack and bounds over to Anselm.
  266.         Anselm  ++There's the traitor and his pitiful band... I'll be back to help with whatever emerges from that vile orb!++
  267.         antoine The Cannoness fires her storm bolter at the daemons engaged with Navarre but her aim wavers as her still damaged body tries to hold onto conciousness.
  268.         antoine she clips Navarre to no real effect.
  269.         Omniel  focuses his attention on the last daemon in combat with him, stinging it with a shot from his plasma pistol.
  270.         antoine The blood letters continue to harass Omniel and Navarre.
  271.         antoine As they lose more of their number they switch from large single attacks to a flurry of blows to overwhelm their opponents.
  272.         antoine The acro-flagellants by navarre take down the daemon assaulting him
  273.         antoine The others however continue their drug fueled craze. They swing, thrust and flail at Balmung.
  274.         antoine The last bloodletter is swept back to the warp.
  275.         Bellerophon     observes the hateball
  276.         antoine The sphere of blood and bone continues to grow before the chains break and are sucked into it. The blood slowly forms the shape of a massive horned and winged creature, clad in great bronze plates of armour inscribed with the most hideous of chaos runes. It wields a gigantic axe in one hand. The other hand whip cracks one of the chains it drew in, now the colour of dark iron and barbed the chain links have...
  277.         antoine ...tripled in size. As it births there is a keening wail of hunger, of glory won, enemies defeated and the knowledge of victory everlasting. "I RETURN!!!"
  278.         Bellerophon     says a Macragge curse too terrible for text
  279.         antoine The wings flap, bearing the mighty daemon aloft as peers down at the feeble ants at his feet. "Your sacrifice is not enough. More blood must flow." Each word is a deep rumble that shakes your body and soul.
  280.         Anselm  assess the situation, looking to the apocalyptically large daemon and to the Inquisitor's escape.
  281.         Anselm  ++Brother Balmung! I think this is a fair reason to override your orders on the Inquisitor!++
  282.         Balmung ++Aye!++
  283.         Anselm  ++Joffery!++
  284.         antoine Xavier is visibly shaken by the appearance of the greater daemon but holds his ground
  285.         Anselm  shakes his serf. ++Joffery!++
  286.         antoine The arbite suddenly tears his eyes from the greater daemon and looks at anselm
  287.         Anselm  glares down at the Arbitrator. ++You've done well today, boy. But this is nothing you can face. Run, boy! Go make sure the Sororitas are safe and get them far away from here! I swear to you, we'll live through this.++
  288.         antoine The ex-arbite nods furiously and averts his gaze from the daemon
  289.         Anselm  ++Don't look at it! Be brave, and don't look to the unholy creature! It is not worthy of your gaze!++
  290.         antoine Joffery starts to bound with his jump pack to the elevator.
  291.         Anselm  points his sword to the daemon, and shouts: "Hear me, immaterial atrocity! I am Anselm, Knight-Brother, Lord of Silen, Terror to Heretics and Slayer of Xenos! You tread against warriors far greater than you, but you cannot hope to survive my blade! Face me, or cower in abuse of my comrades!"
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  293.         antoine The daemon laughs, a deep throaty laugh. "Little slave has spirit. Ha, Ha, Ha."
  294.         antoine The daemon rises up and dives to the ground, slamming his hoofs into the floor and shaking the room.
  295.         Omniel  extends his servo-arms, latching one onto each of the Bloodthirster's limbs and clamping down hard. ++Brothers, there is only one chance. You must escape, while I hold him here. Do not tarry.++
  296.         Balmung snarls
  297.         Omniel  ++Brothers, go!++
  298.         antoine Xavier runs after Joffery for the exit, the puffing of his exhaustion clearly audible
  299.         Bellerophon     ++I believe I have an idea, Brothers.++
  300.         Omniel  ++There's little time for plans. I cannot occupy this foul daemon for much longer.++
  301.         Bellerophon     ++Precisely. Anselm, Balmung, assist Omniel with pinning the foulest daemon. Do you still have your grapnel, Omniel?++
  302.         Bellerophon     ++I have a new plan. Less impressive, perhaps more useful.++
  303.         Bellerophon     Called Shots the arm the Bloodthirster is holding its axe in, intent on severing the two with his heavy bolter.
  304.         Bellerophon     ++I cannot let you go this alone, Brother. We are in this together.++
  305.         Bellerophon     pulls the tigger
  306.         Bellerophon     and the tigger and the trigger
  307.         Omniel  ++Flee, you fools!++
  308.         antoine Its face a contortion of rage as it is shot, the daemon roars in defiance, "I will sip a sweet cup of your soul machine-man! Your bullets are useless, the torment you shall know will be everlasting! The suffering I shall reap among your servants will drag on for aeons!"
  309.         Bellerophon     ++Your words are as empty as the false idols you serve, foul daemon! We will fight and you will die.++
  310.         Omniel  "Your thirst will go unquenched, Daemon, for my soul belongs to the Emperor. If my torment is everlasting, then it will outlast you, in time. My victory is assured."
  311.         Bellerophon     ++Xavier, can you read me?++
  312.         Balmung roars and pins the daemon down
  313.         antoine While Omniel has the thick muscle-bound left arm holding the chain-whip, Balmung grabs the other, using all their super human strength to pin the daemon in place.
  314.         Balmung ++Anselm decapitate the beast!++
  315.         Bellerophon     screams FINISH HIM! over the vox
  316.         Anselm  roars as he flies for the daemon. ++You fools! You fools!++
  317.         Anselm  halts on his way, and moves for Balmung.
  318.         Anselm  ++Wait! Brother Sinbad's sword!++
  319.         Anselm  ++Brother! Let me take it against this foul beast!++
  320.         Balmung ++Take it from my belt!++
  321.         Anselm  rockets to his brother's side, and snatches up his brother's weapon.
  322.         Anselm  bellows a warcry, and takes up Sinbad's sword and jams it into the Bloodthirster.
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  324.         antoine Joffery and Xavier rush into the elevator, descending from the room with the last of the sisters, leaving you with the greater daemon
  325.         antoine The bloodthirster struggles clear of the Dark Angel and Space Wolf. He drags himself up to his full height and roars. Drawing back his arms he swings his massive double-headed axe in two great arcs at Anselm who pivots on the spot and manages to turn each attack aside with Sinbad's sword. Each parry sends huge vibrations up the Knight's arm and sends sparks flying from where the blades clash. The barbed chain-whip lashes out at Omniel who deftly batters the dark iron away with his servo arms, the master crafted servo harness unyielding to the crude dark iron chain.
  326.         Bellerophon     drags his heavy bolter's targeting reticle from its arm to its head as he watches his Brothers' impressive display of skill and courage, and opens fire on the large daemon
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  328.         Omniel  lashes out once more with his servo-arms, one smashing into the daemon's blade while the second contiues past it, extending up to clamp around its throat tightly. "Do not start what you cannot finish, beast."
  329.         |<--    Balmung has left (Quit: Balmung)
  330.         -->|    Balmung (Balmung@39F7EBEB.8E1DFCDD.158ED24.IP) has joined #XenosHunters
  331.         Balmung slams his axe into the bloodthrister repeatedly
  332.         Anselm  draws his power sword, and immediately begins wailing upon the daemon, intense perspiration biting at his eyes.
  333.         antoine Omniel is seemingly tiny compared to the Greater Daemon of Khorne but nevertheless he holds the massive beast in place through sheer determination. The daemon is actually being hurt, the bolter's heavy fire thrashes the beasts body and rends the brass armour, pitting, scoring and tearing it to pieces. Balmung's strikes further enrage it, the mighty cleaving blows digging deep into the chaos flesh made manifest. "I WILL FEAST ON YOUR MOTHERS SOUL, I WILL TEAR DOWN YOUR CIVILIZATION AND MAKE YOU ALL MY PETS!"
  334.         Balmung "I am a son of Fenris and you shall do no such thing!"
  335.         Balmung "My people held back the Crimson King's armies and we shall do the same of yours!"
  336.         Anselm  "In nomine Imperator!"
  337.         Anselm  jabs his blade.
  338.         Anselm  "Et Solnium!"
  339.         Anselm  stabs the beast once more.
  340.         Anselm  "ET MECHANICUS SANCTIIIIII!"
  341.         Anselm  drives the blade to the hilt.
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  344.         =-=     Staffen is now known as Anselm
  345.         antoine Anselm's strikes are fast and furious. The sheer speed is astonishing, he leaves criss crossing scars on the beasts face as it cries out from the hand forged blade of Sinbad. Finally Anselm draws back the blade and stabs through the nasal cavity of the beast, the hexagramic wards and ley-lines of psychoreactive material surge forth as a set of bright lights that reflect off the Knight's...
  346.         antoine ...armour. The light travels down the blade and into the beast. It's jaw works up in down in disbelief, "NO, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE...NOT ANOTHER THOUSAND YEARS! NOOOOOO--". The scream of agony is finally extinguished as the bright light totally envelops the daemon, it starts cracks that appear in its skin but soon cover the entire chaos made flesh. Finally with a BANG of air pressure the body...
  347.         antoine ...explodes into nothingness, leaving Anselm holding the Black Sword triumphantly. The blade itself glows hot red as the hexagramic wards slowly subside.
  348.         Anselm  drops to his knees, the Black Sword of the Imperial Blood-heirs raised high. The Knight pants, exhausted, shocked, not entirely sure he isn't dead.
  349.         Balmung laughs and picks up Anselm in a giant bear hug ++You son of a bitch!++
  350.         Omniel  stands up slowly, flexing and spinning his servo-arms to test that they are still operational.
  351.         Anselm  reacts slowly, but grips the weapon tight.
  352.         Anselm  ++I... how?++
  353.         Anselm  ++Master Falkner... how?...++
  354.         Anselm  glances down the corridor Hardgrave escaped on. ++Hardgrave! We have to... we have to!...++
  355.         Bellerophon     allows the barrel of his heavy bolter to cool before clipping it to his chest plate
  356.         Omniel  ++Shall we continue after Hardgrave?++
  357.         Balmung ++Aye++
  358.         Bellerophon     ++Our objective was to confront him, not to capture him.++
  359.         Bellerophon     ++But given the circumstances...++
  360.         Balmung ++The Rogue Trader will notice if he leaves the planet++
  361.         Omniel  ++Is everyone still operational?++
  362.         Anselm  stands, still holding the Black Sword tight.
  363.         Anselm  jolts ++Joffery!++
  364.         Anselm  ++Joffery, do you read? Are you well?!++
  365.         Omniel  ++The serfs retreated. A logical course of action.++
  366.         antoine ++Yes my lord, we just reached the bottom of the shaft.++
  367.         Bellerophon     ++I sent Xavier to the Magos in the event we could not best the daemon.++
  368.         Anselm  loudly sighs.
  369.         Bellerophon     ++Should we have failed, his final order would have been to order a lance strike.++
  370.         Anselm  ++It is... it is done... I'll meet with you on the surface. Where are the other survivors?++
  371.         Bellerophon     ++The Sororitas ran. Canoness Isabella was with us.++
  372.         Bellerophon     looks around for her
  373.         Bellerophon     ++Hardgrave's retinue retreated with him.++
  374.         antoine The Canoness is in a stunned state, the storm bolter in her hands drops from her fingers as she falls to her knees in prayer.
  375.         Anselm  ++Brothers, I suggest we make our next task ensuring the safety of the Sisters.++
  376.         Anselm  looks to the Canoness.
  377.         Bellerophon     ++I believe the integrity of this facility is no longer compromised...for now. But I agree. They will need their Canoness.++
  378.         Omniel  ++Hardgraves likely has a significant head start, and his retinue may prove troublesome. Escorting the Sisters from this place seems prudent.++
  379.         Bellerophon     ++I do not believe he will cause trouble after the great effort to clean up his mess.++
  380.         Bellerophon     ++Or, if he does, the protest will be short lived.++
  381.         Balmung ++How hard can it be?++
  382.         Balmung ++We just banished a daemon!++
  383.         Bellerophon     ++By my estimate, the entire encounter with the daemon took less than twenty-four standard seconds.++
  384.         Omniel  ++Daemonic presences have been known to disrupt chronometers. Subjectively it seemed as if a far greater period of time elapsed.++
  385.         Bellerophon     ++I, and Devastators everywhere, use our weapons fire rate as our chrono.++
  386.         Balmung removes his helmet and has a large grin on his face
  387.         Omniel  ++An interesting technique.++
  388.         Bellerophon     ++My heavy bolter fires one-hundred and twenty rounds per second, I fired twenty four rounds. Simple arithmetic tells me I fired for less time than I had thought.++
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