Futa Exhibitionist RariJack

Apr 12th, 2020
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  1. >The aggressive, golden summer sun beat down on Rarity’s pale shoulders, and the wind stirred the branches of the trees on either side of her, making their leaves ripple, as if the trees themselves were anticipating what Rarity was about to do
  2. >She pressed a hand to her chest and felt her own frantic heartbeat
  3. >The acrid tang of nervous anticipation lay on the back of her tongue, and every inch of Rarity’s skin felt electrified and hyper-aware
  4. >She wore only a thin summer dress and plain flat-soled shoes, far different from her usual elaborate getups
  5. >But a three-layer dress was hardly what she needed for… *that*
  6. >Rarity ducked behind a tree heavy with ripe Golden Delicious apples, trying to relish the waves of nervousness coursing through her body without letting them overwhelm her
  7. >She glanced out from behind the trunk, her eyes scanning the rolling hills of Sweet Apple Acres
  8. >There was no sign of Applejack now
  9. >But Rarity knew she was nearby
  10. >Summer was ending and fall would soon follow, meaning poor Applejack was swamped with work, all while poor Rarity was left with hardly any business to entertain her
  11. >So, why not spice up her lover’s day with a little surprise?
  12. >Rarity closed her eyes, steeling herself
  13. >This was *crazy*, not to mention incredibly un-ladylike
  14. >Still, that was what made it seem so *fun*
  15. >A quiver in Rarity’s chest told her that it was now or never
  16. >And so she stepped back from the tree, grabbed the hem of her dress, and lifted the garment up and over her head
  17. >She was wearing nothing underneath
  18. >Immediately her skin was awash in the gentle, muggy breeze
  19. >Not exactly refreshing, but… *intimate*, in a strange way
  20. >She felt like the forest itself were caressing her… and maybe feeling her up a little at the same time
  21. >Rarity shivered, not from cold, but from raw, animal excitement
  22. >Her heart was racing now, and she tasted her building arousal on the tip of her tongue
  23. >Carefully, she folded her dress and tucked it amongst the apple tree’s roots, then slipped her feet from her shoes
  24. >She was as naked as the day she was born now, an open present for the orchards
  25. >And for their owner
  26. >Rarity strode out from the cover of the trees, wandering aimlessly around and enjoying the feeling of exposure, of raw, sultry helplessness
  27. >It wouldn’t be long, she was sure
  28. >Rarity closed her eyes, putting a little sway into her hips
  29. >Not long before Applejack just *happened* to see her like this…
  30. >”Uh, Rares?”
  31. “Gah!”
  32. >Despite all her confidence, Rarity yelped when she heard Applejack’s voice behind her
  33. >She whirled around, resisting the urge to cover herself
  34. “Ah, Applejack, darling. F-fancy seeing you here.”
  35. >”Fancy indeed. And on my own farm, of all places.”
  36. >Applejack set down the barrels of apples she held under each arm
  37. >Her biceps rippled with the motion, and her entire body glistened with sweat
  38. >A rich, healthy farmer’s tan covered all of her exposed skin
  39. >Which accounted for a fair bit: Applejack was dressed only in a pair of loose, muddy overalls and a wife-beater that was strained full to bursting by her freckled breasts
  40. >Rarity hoped she wasn’t drooling
  41. >”So…” Applejack drawled as she leaned up against a tree. “Any particular reason you’re out here? And, you know, totally naked?”
  42. “What do you mean? I just fancied a stroll and, well… it’s just so *hot* out~”
  43. >”Can’t argue with ya there. You better hope you ain’t got any chigger bites though, running around in the buff.”
  44. “C-chiggers?”
  45. >Rarity spun in a quick circle, checking her skin for any sign of bites
  46. >Applejack threw her head back, howling with laughter
  47. >Rarity blushed
  48. “You know, you could be a *little* more grateful. I came all the way out here, like this, just for you.”
  49. >”Sugarcube, I’m more than grateful. I’m rarin’ to go.
  50. >Applejack gestured downwards, to where a telltale bulge was already growing in the fabric of her overalls
  51. >Rarity felt a sudden lump form in her throat
  52. “Ah. Yes, I can see that.”
  53. >”I got at least two more groves to go before quittin’ time. But I’ve got all sorts of steam to blow off.”
  54. “Oh, I *do* like the sound of that~”
  55. >”Then let’s go somewhere a little more private, so we don’t accidentally ruin poor Applebloom’s innocence. And then you can do what we both know ya came here to do,” Applejack said with a wink
  56. “More private? But darling, it’s so *nice* out here~”
  57. >Applejack glanced around
  58. >The hills were empty as far as the eye could say
  59. >”Damn, girl. And here I thought *I* was feelin’ pent up.”
  60. “Let’s just say I’ve been craving some new experiences.”
  61. >”Well, how about y’all get over here and get on your knees, and I’ll show you an *experience*.”
  62. “Darling, you are positively dreadful at dirty talk, you know that?”
  63. >”I do. But I’m pretty good at somethin’ else.”
  64. “Mmm, well, I can’t quite argue with that.”
  65. >Rarity strode over to Applejack, feeling as if she were moving in seductive slow-motion, feeling the way her breasts bounces and how her hair whispered around her neck and over her collarbone
  66. >And then Applejack’s rough, powerful arms were around her, folding her in a tight embrace
  67. >Rough denim and sweaty skin pressed against Rarity’s silky form, making her quiver
  68. >Applejack planted a rough kiss on Rarity’s mouth, immediately forcing Rarity’s lips apart so their tongues could swirl together
  69. >Rarity tilted her head, surrendering to Applejack’s kiss; she could taste the faint hint of apples in her lover’s saliva
  70. >Applejack’s calloused hand trailed along Rarity’s cheek, then down her back until it reached her butt, where she grabbed a greedy handful of Rarity’s pale, petite ass
  71. >Rarity groaned
  72. >The wind swirling around her loins made it obvious just how wet she was getting
  73. >She pressed herself against Applejack, feeling the thick, stiffened length straining against Applejack’s clothes, desperate to be free
  74. >Applejack broke off the kiss
  75. “Well? Shall I?” Rarity asked, surprised to find she was already out of breath
  76. >”Yeah…”
  77. “That didn’t sound very enthusiastic,” Rarity said, pouting
  78. >Applejack grinned
  79. >”You came out here to do what you’re best at, Rares. Now get to it.”
  80. >Rarity giggled
  81. >She didn’t argue as she dropped to her knees, waiting there like a puppy expecting a treat
  82. >Applejack undid the buttons of her overalls with fumbling hands
  83. >The garments fell, revealing powerful thighs and the contrasting bands of tan-lines
  84. >Applejack’s spandex shorts were strained almost to the point of tearing by the prize that lay beneath them
  85. >Rarity felt that familiar mix of awe and raw, animal lust
  86. >She hooked her fingers into Applejack’s waistband and tugged the shorts down
  87. >Her lover’s cock was thick and full hard, slightly paler than the rest of Applejack, and with a dark violet head
  88. >The tiniest shock of golden hair grew right where Applejack’s balls joined with the rest of her
  89. >Applejack chuckled, stroking along her impressive length as she basked in Rarity’s admiration
  90. >”I swear, you look at it the same way you look at diamonds.”
  91. “They both do the same thing to me, darling. Drive me *wild*~”
  92. >Rarity pressed her face right up against the underside of Applejack’s cock and inhaled
  93. >This was the one part of her lover that did *not* smell like apples
  94. >Instead, the smell of sweat and lady-musk filled her nostrils
  95. >Oh, she was practically *flooding* between her legs now
  96. >”Darling, I love it when you tease. But I’m not gonna lie to you, I feel like I’m gonna burst. You better get started before I get rough.”
  97. “Get rough anyway~”
  98. >Rarity’s heart trilled as she took her prize in her hands, feeling it pulse with life and lust beneath her palms
  99. >And then she shut her eyes and slipped Applejack into her mouth
  100. >Applejack sighed in relief
  101. >She raised her hips slightly, pushing herself further into Rarity’s willing lips
  102. >Rarity accepted her, letting a little of her saliva spill out to moisten Applejack’s rod
  103. >Her hands massaged what her mouth couldn’t reach
  104. >She was gentle at first, practically teasing
  105. >Applejack’s moans turned into grunts
  106. >Her hands went to either side of Rarity’s face, but they weren’t rough; she caressed Rarity’s face, gently guiding her cock as she pumped herself into Rarity’s jaws
  107. >”Fuuuuck, Rares… you have *no* idea how much I… nnf… needed this…”
  108. “Guh… g-gurk…” was already Rarity could reply with
  109. >”Mm, man I love it when you talk like that.”
  110. >Applejack’s grip tightened, and she pushed herself in deeper, until her tip kissed the back of Rarity’s throat
  111. “G-gahck!”
  112. >Rarity’s body spasmed
  113. >”Sorry. Too much for ya?”
  114. >Rarity looked up at Applejack
  115. >Tears were welling in her eyes from her gag reflex
  116. >She shook her head
  117. >It absolutely wasn’t too much
  118. >To be perfectly honest, she’d hoped Applejack wouldn’t be so damn *sweet* about the whole process
  119. >Just facefuck me, you horny animal!
  120. >Applejack raised an eyebrow
  121. >”You’re makin’ that *do horrible things to me* face.”
  122. “Mmmuh… mumuh…”
  123. >”Alright. But if it’s too much…”
  124. >Rarity winked
  125. >”God, you are a freak. I love you so much, Rares.”
  126. >Rarity cooed
  127. >Then she glared at Applejack
  128. >She didn’t strut naked through the forest for some tender lovey-dovey—
  129. “GAK!”
  130. >Applejack tangled her fingers in Rarity’s hair as an anchor, then *slammed* herself into Rarity’s mouth
  131. >She hit the back of Rarity’s throat, then *kept going*, forcing all the way into Rarity’s gullet
  132. >Rarity’s chest heaved, trying to force out this awful foreign invader
  133. >But Applejack held her pinned easily, manhandling her like a doll
  134. >Tears welled in Rarity’s eyes until they streamed down her face
  135. >Applejack’s cock slid out, glistening with silvery spit, then slammed back into her again
  136. >Then again
  137. >Stars swam in Rarity’s eyes
  138. >Her body trembled in repulsive agony, but that agony quickly brightened, turning into white-hot pleasure as Applejack threatened to choke the life out of Rarity’s poor, feeble self
  139. >Applejack shut her eyes, and the loving concern she’d been showing just moments before vanished as the animal-brain took her
  140. >In this moment, she wanted nothing but a chance to spill her seed
  141. >And Rarity wanted to suck that seed deep inside her, even if it killed her
  142. >Tears spilled down her cheeks and spit flowed down her chin
  143. >Her ladylike moans were replaced with a desperate choking sounds, and stars danced in front of her eyes
  144. >”Nnf, gonna… yeah, I’m gonna… oh, *fuck*, Rares…”
  145. >Rarity’s whole body tightened in agonizing bliss as she felt Applejack’s full length slam into her and stop, wedged down her throat as it throbbed and spurted red-hot goo down her throat
  146. >Rarity surrendered to her fate, letting her body tremble and spasm as she drank her lover’s liquids
  147. >And she fucking *came*
  148. >Applejack held Rarity’s head a few seconds longer, pumping in and out until every last drop was spilt
  149. >Then she slowly withdrew it, her cock now flopped and slathered with Rarity’s thick spit
  150. >”Aaaah…”
  151. >Applejack sighed and sank to the ground
  152. >She touched a hand to Rarity’s cheek
  153. >”Hey. Y’all alright?”
  154. “G-guh… yes…” Rarity squeaked out
  155. >”Didn’t hurt ya, did I?”
  156. >Rarity nodded
  157. “It was… g-great…”
  158. >”Heh. Man, you are somethin’ else.”
  159. >Applejack straightened back up and helped Rarity to her feet
  160. >Rarity collapsed against her, her chest heaving
  161. >The taste of Applejack still filled her mouth: salty, bitter, with that tang of sexual musk
  162. >She pressed a kiss to her lover’s neck
  163. >”Damn, girl. You know it’s gonna be a bit before I can go again. Damn, you fuckin’ wiped me.”
  164. “Mmm, I’m glad,” Rarity said
  165. >Her voice was definitely hoarse now
  166. >Absolutely worth it, of course
  167. >”Listen…”
  168. >Applejack gently cupped Rarity’s butt again, smirking
  169. >”How about I blitz through the rest of this, and you can go get yourself some lemonade back at the farmhouse.”
  170. “A drink would be lovely.”
  171. >”And then, soon as I’m done, I’m gonna come home and treat you like a lady should.”
  172. “Oh, those are some of my *favorite* words to hear.”
  173. >”Then you better get that pretty booty movin’. I won’t be far behind ya.”
  174. >Rarity regretfully slipped from Applejack’s arms
  175. >She winked, then headed back to retrieve her dress
  178. >That evening, Applejack returned
  179. >She was in that kind of good mood that made her positively *glow*
  180. >Together with the rest of the Apple clan, Rarity shared in some delicious farmstead dinner, got herself a little tipsy by the fire, and snuggled with her love until everyone had gone to sleep
  181. >And then Applejack threw her onto the bed and rutted her until she wailed in filthy delight, begging for Applejack’s butch prowess with language that would make even the most seasoned dockside whore blush
  182. >And in the other room, separated by only a few inches of plywood, Applebloom lay and stared at the ceiling, wanting to die
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