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  1. Name: Canas Chrysos
  2. Age: 18
  3. Weapon(s): engraved dagger
  4. Appearance:  Canas dresses to appear as a street urchin most of the time, ragged, dirty clothes, with a dark color and a hood to hide his face if needed. This allows him to go unnoticed by most people, making it easier to scout locations to rob. He keeps his dagger in his boot, leaving it unnoticed by all but the highly observant
  5. History/Bio: Canas was born into a family of pirates, and therfore never really set foot on solid land for most of his life. Even at the age of 8 years old, he was taught to help the ship's condition up to par in any way needed. This gave him a general knowledge of ships and their repair, as well as learning how to operate them. At 17 years old, the ship he was living on was raided by a rival band of pirates and the ship burned down in the bay it was anchored in. Most survived, but his captain was the one of the few who covered the group's escape.
  7. As time moved on, he learned he much more enjoyed the earth beneath his feet over the sea, and chose to wander, his pirate teachings leading him onward in search of treasure, travelling from town to town so that he can't be tracked down easily by his previous gambits.
  9. Canas is generally jolly with an "easy come easy go" attitude. Always quick to make conversation, but people have difficulty telling the difference between when he's mocking them, or just merely making a joke.
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