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Jul 29th, 2015
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  1. -Fixed an issue in which Ermac’s “Soul Eater” Brutality would crash the game when performed on Erron Black.
  2. -Fixed an issue where switching to 1440x480 resolution and then switching to another would cause the side of the screen to cut off for several resolutions.
  3. -Kitana’s Assassin Strike will now deal the appropriate amount of damage.
  4. -Predator [Hish Qu Ten Variation] Predator’s gun will now display the cross-hairs during his Fatality 2 correctly.
  5. -Fatality and Brutality bonuses will now be granted to the correct player.
  6. -“Dark Future” Achievement will now be granted to the correct player.
  7. -Improvements to Online Searching- Users are now informed about changing regions.
  8. -Various fixes for inputs and icons.
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