Alunya and Rodina Have a Hot Time

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  1. "Rodina, please! I'm begging you!"
  3. Rodina stood beside the sweat-streaked, writhing body of her friend. Alunya's groan turned into a hiss of agony that joined the whirring of the motorized eggs taped to her nipples. Rodina bit her lower lip anxiously. She'd never seen her friend in such agony before, not even that time that they both sat through Berniecat's excited presentation on the revolutionary potential of the Democratic Party. As her lithe, glistening body contorted this way and that, Alunya's sharp claws tore at the damp sheets of her bed. Her matted tail lashed at the mattress and sent drops of her bodily fluids flying through the air.
  5. For the past several days Alunya had been missing from class. To her companion's increasing distress, no one seemed to have seen her. Not in the classes they shared, not in the cafeteria, not in their reading groups, nor even the student union. Finally coming to her room to check on her, Rodina had heard pained groans from beyond the door only to burst in and find her friend in a much different sort of distress than what she'd imagined.
  7. "Alunya, I, I don't, I just…" Rodina stammered and looked at the plastic cock in her hand. Silicon spikes ran from the bulging, rotating base all the way to the bulbous tip, itself covered in rubber barbs. The blonde girl's face was flushed Soviet red. It was embarrassing enough to see her comrade in such a state, but to be asked to use such a thing as well…
  9. "Please! I-It's the heat! I can't–Oh, oh RrrrrrrrRRRRRRREEEEEOOOOOOOOOOWDIIINAAA~!" Alunya thrashed on the bed and arched her back. Her friend was of course aware of the discomfort heat could bring, but she had no idea that this quirk of their pseudo-feline biology could reach such a terrifying pitch.
  11. "Just, you wait here, I'll get the nurse–" she tried to leave for help, but the frantic hand of Alunya caught her by the wrist.
  13. "NO! No! Please, I don't want anyone else to see me. Not like this!" Her other hand was furiously pawing at her swollen lips. Her uncontrollable arousal streamed out past her fingers. Rodina looked away, but everywhere there was evidence of her friend's derangement. Tissues littered the floor, and scattered here and there were various other implements Alunya had tried to sate herself with, to no avail. She couldn't blame her friend. If Alt-Right or Ancap cat ever caught wind of this, Alunya would never live it down.
  15. "But… why me?"
  17. Alunya's lithe chest pumped for breath as she looked up to Rodina, flushed, sweating, practically delirious.
  19. "I can't. I just can't… I've tried! Nothing works!" Her eyes scrunched up and another mreown left her lips as her fingers rubbed in rapid circles against her bare, erect clit. "I-I can't do it myself. I need your help!" Tears welled in the panting Alunya's eyes as she gazed desperately up at her friend and comrade. "Please!"
  21. Slowly the blue-jellied cap of the vibrating dildo pushed past Alunya's slick red lips. Rodina couldn't bear to look. As each conical barb of rubber cock disappeared into the black-haired girl her back arched another degree. The tall blonde catgirl had her eyes shut tight. She couldn't stop herself from listening, and she had to do something to help her friend, but she simply couldn't look. It was too mortifying.
  23. That is, until Alunya's small chest suddenly heaved up into the air as her back sharply arched. Her knees shot open and her fists each grabbed a shaking handful of the demolished bed covers. With her mouth wide she released a such a sudden sharp groan that she peeked from one eye. Now she watched with growing fascination as the toy disappeared between the glistening folds of her friend's flesh. The toy phallus was spreading her open so lewdly that Rodina's own pussy involuntarily twinged, causing her mouth to part in a small, silent gasp.
  25. She watched with growing fascination as Alunya's body swallowed inch by inch the gleaming rubber. She had to work it back and forth, coating it in her revolutionary friend's sticky juices. The girl with the black tail was a wreck by this point. One arm was slung over her face and her tongue lolled out as she panted in a daze. The bed beneath her was soaked in sweat and cum. The little hood that protected her clit could no longer contain it as it stood erect, positively aching for attention.
  27. Now her pussy was making greedy, wet gulping sounds as Rodina thrust the dildo back and forth into her. Alunya thrashed and wailed in her erotic agony.
  29. "More–!" The dark-haired girl gasped. "More! More!"
  31. Rodina's cheek's blazed. Her attention rapt, she didn't realize how she stared as her comrade suddenly rolled her hips. Pink lips gripped against slippery silicon as she rolled over to press her chest against the damp mattress. The eggs taped to her nipples fell away whirring loudly. Neither girl took any notice. As Alunya raised her ass up into the air and began to thrust back against the dildo Rodina repeatedly plunged into her, it was clear that she craved other stimulation.
  33. The blonde catgirl braced herself against the bed with one hand while the other plunged the vibrator over and over into her friend's increasingly sloppy pussy. Alunya's rear swung back to meet the thrusts and strengthen their force. This was it, this was what she–what her body–wanted. Or something like it. Somehow she still felt that something was off, or missing perhaps. She wasn't cogent enough to think about it at the moment, though. Every squelching stab of that spiky cock into her ravenous pussy sent a shockwave of pleasure racing up her spine. The rubber thorns along the shaft were raking against her inner walls just right. She moved on autopilot now, face down and drooling deliriously onto the bed.
  35. Rodina was in a state of her own. Caught up in the moment, she was too entranced to be embarrassed any more. Strangely, it was as though she was watching this happen rather than doing it herself. She was aware of her stiff nipples pressing out against her dress, of the humid feeling beneath her panties, but she didn't feel it herself. The blonde catgirl was too intent on tormenting her friend. The powerful scent of sex filled the air, intoxicating her. Giving the dildo a jerk or sudden twist would elicit a howl of pleasure from the smaller girl. Back and forth Alunya's damp tail whipped in the air. Rodina impulsively grabbed it right by the base and was gratified to hear her friend howl. Spurred on, she pulled back stiffly on Alunya's tail as she stuffed her cunt with the silicon cock.
  37. Alunya's claws were shredding what was left of her bed covers. Mewling and gasping was all she was capable of by way of communication. Pleasure clawed at the underside of her brain. Rodina's hand on her tail brought her closer to the edge. No one had ever grabbed it like that before, much less pulled on it. She felt ravaged and controlled and her body responded magnificently. Rodina could feel the added resistance as Alunya's pussy clamped down. She arched her back up and nearly yelped as the new orientation emphasized new portions of her inner geography against the fake cock. Rodina's vicious strokes now raked the soft rubber spikes against Alunya's g-spot. The black-maned catgirl's eyes shot wide and her mouth opened in a silent howl. Her thighs quaked. Just beneath her navel a delicious tension swelled and spread to fill her body. It was close, so close.
  39. She managed to choke, "On! On! Rody, turn it on!" The other girl looked at the tool in her hand and easily found the switch, and with a flick of her thumb it surged to life. Alunya almost screamed. Powerful vibrations flowed into her, from her drooling lips to the depths of her womb. Her tail lashed in Rodina's grip and she bolted up onto her hands and knees. "Yes! Yes!" She gasped and moaned, each time her vocalizations hitting a higher pitch until she was practically singing out, culminating in a shuddering, high pitched cry as her climax finally exploded within her. The spring she had been winding for the past three days finally burst asunder into a whole-body release. "Haah!" she cried, gripping her shredded sheets, "Haaaahah! Oogh, huuuggh god!" Alunya couldn't control her body. Clear juices squirted out around the dildo and onto Rodina's hand. She writhed and tore at her bed, choking and moaning as rapture flooded her every nerve.
  41. When it was finally over, Alunya was left delirious as minuscule tremors reverberated through her body. The madness of the past few days was gone, replaced instead with a wonderful, serene relief. She had fallen onto her side in a limp heap and she twitched all over from her pointed ears to her clawed toes. Rhythmically her inner muscles worked against the vibrator, vainly milking the fake cock for the seed her body desperately wanted. The motor buried within her continued to hum pleasantly and every so often made her gasp and purr. She felt warm and pleased and happy, and her tail languidly flopped to show it.
  43. Rodina on the other hand was horrified. The spell taking her out of her body had broken. She was fully aware now of the smell of Alunya's cunt filling the room, invading her nostrils. She could feel her pert nipples rubbing against the cotton of her dress, and the dampness of her underwear. Looking down at her sticky hand she saw glistening cum clinging tenaciously to her long, slender fingers, and her cheeks burned. Worst of all was her friend's devastated body lying twitching on the bed, the vibrator still whirring away noisily. Rodina had never felt so embarrassed in her life.
  45. She spun on her heel and beat a hasty retreat. "Rody." called Alunya weakly just as she pulled open the door. Rodina froze, "Yes!" The blonde and her tail stood bolt upright. Alunya sleepily opened her eyes. "Rody, if I need you, need your help again," she sounded so tired. Rodina looked at her over her shoulder. "Can I call you?" Alunya shivered and let out a soft sigh that morphed into a warm purr.
  47. Rodina gulped and was silent for a moment. "Yeah," she croaked, "Yeah, just, just you call me if you need me. Something. Need something. If you need my help with something." Whether or not Alunya heard her, she couldn't tell. Quickly exiting and shutting the door firmly, Rodina rested her forehead weakly against it and groaned in dismay. "Oh my gooooood, what on Earth just happened?"
  49. "Um, Rodina?" She shrieked and spun about as Anarchism and Anarcho-transhumanism both shouted and jumped back against the opposite wall. "Rodina! What the hell's the matter with you?" Both looked shocked. Rodina felt the sweat on her spine turn frigid.
  51. "Nothing! Absolutely nothing at all! Haha!" For a moment the girl's stood in stunned silence staring at each other. "Well, goodbye!" said Rodina before turning and scurrying away down the hall with furiously blushing cheeks, leaving her friends bewildered.  
  53. "What's gotten into her?" asked Transhumanism. Anarchism just shrugged. Both girls looked at Alunya's door, and then to each other as a knowing smirk slowly spread over each of their faces.
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