Having Issues in My Life, Need a Break

Jan 21st, 2016
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  1. Hey, everyone. OP, here. I haven't posted in like a week and was planning to write a large party scene (with potentially more analysis on Sugarcoat and her relationship with Twilight). I am sad to say that I am putting SpergLight on hiatus for a bit.
  3. Now, this isn't because I'm under the impression that my story is bad or that nobody cares, such as some of the drama that happened last August. That isn't it at all.
  5. I'm having some issues in my personal life right now. As many of you know from my rambling and sadposting, I have been struggling with depression. I've been struggling with it for many years now, mostly due to the pain of social isolation throughout these years, due to insecurities about my body (I am a bit overweight and am actively trying to change that as well as having acne and stretch marks on my stomach) and my confidence, and my severely low self esteem. Now, I have been able to handle it well, but this week has been very tough. I've cried a lot this week, I've been scared, felt alone, and hopeless. And this is despite being on antidepressants. Maybe it has to do with back to school blues, I dunno, but it's bad. It's been very bad to the point where I've had suicidal fantasies. I've read some...things which have shaken my worldviews and have crushed me.
  8. So yeah. I am taking a bit of a break to try to get my head straight. I do not know how long this hiatus will be. It probably won't be more than a month. I could write tomorrow, or Saturday, or sometime next week. Basically, I don't have an ETA. I will, however, continue to post threads whenever I can.
  10. Please be understanding. You guys have been like family to me, and I enjoy being with you all, writing, laughing, shitpositng and all. I love you guys so much. You have brought me happiness. I have made some great friends being involved in the thread. I just need some time to get readjusted. I am seeing a therapist. I am planning to start working out (unfortunately at a Planet Fitness since it's cheap for 2-3 months at my parent's request rather than a real gym, but oh well).
  12. Peace,
  13. OP
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