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Anonymous Intelligence Agency: Introduction To #OpEspionage

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  1. Anonymous Intelligence Agency: An Introduction To #OpEspionage
  3. Greetings, leaders and citizens of the world.
  5. We are the Anonymous Intelligence Agency.
  7. As the threat of an unstable internet increases, and the technology surrounding it continues to expand, we have decided to introduce the A I A, the A I A is a select group of individuals who are currently employed by law enforcement and sectors with in the government, across an array of country's. We currently have access to numerous databases, computers and accounts, those of which belong to several international police departments, departments of justice, military personel and another well known, intelligence agency. We would be correct in saying that anonymous has an increasing number of connections and gateways to the exact people who are attempting to silence us. we will take this time to personally address law enforcement across the world, you cannot stop us, and the more you try, the more anonymous will fight back, only this time, you have been infiltrated by your employers, employees and the people you work with every day. the anonymous intelligence agency knows all your passwords, we have access to your criminal records, we know what time you finish work, and all the lies you hide from your family. what the world needs to understand, is that anonymous is everyone and everyone is anonymous. We are the ones you pass in the street, we are the ones who you trust with your money, we are the ones who swore to serve and protect, and we are the ones who see you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you, cannot avoid us, and you most certainly, cannot hide. The anonymous intelligence agency currently has 800 gigs worth of government internal emails, employer information and passwords, originating from the united states, uk, brazil, spain, germany and many more, all ready to be released when the suitable time arises. as well as the large amount of data, we are currently participating in operation espionage, a worldwide attempt to infiltrate the largest police forces and government agencys, in a bid to stay one step ahead of the one percent and to show the world that anonymous is still the force it once was. With the current and future information, anonymous could virtually be immune to international law enforcement, as we will know more about them, than what they know about us. as proof of concept, the initial results of operation espionage will be displayed publicly in two weeks from the release of this video.
  9. This operation will be ongoing, to a join with project mayhem 2012 in December.
  11. We are the anonymous intelligence agency
  13. We are legion
  15. We do not forget
  17. We do not forgive
  19. And you will expect us.
  21. http://youtu.be/Q2YTbrpDr0M
  22. @FawkesSecurity
  23. fawkessecurity@hushmail.com
  24. facebook.com/groups/160102654090712/
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