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  1. * **Guild Name:** GoodFellas
  2. * **Leader's in-game name:** 善Flo
  3. * **Guild Policy:** Guild Quest Focused
  4. * **Guild Level:** 100
  5. * **Total Members:** 18
  6. * **How to Apply:** If you are interested, you can PM me on reddit or PM our leader or officers on discord - Nydax#6186, Flochon#7974 or Ameli1-cz#5833. It is preferably to contact on discord, as you will get a faster response. Also, you can join our discord server to get to know us better- [](
  7. * **User Requirements:** We are looking for 2 members who can score at least 172k daily. If you score higher than that, that's a plus :) Joining our discord server is also necessary after you get recruited!
  8. * **Leader message:**  We're a S guild that always back and forth from S rank to A1 and back to S. Currently, we are replacing member who are either:  missing GQ or went missing themselves|doing super poorly or suddenly can't meet our minimum requirement|decided to focus on IRL or quit bbs that week|  IRL emergency health or family issues. Contribute to guild's growth and dailies if you can (won't pressure it). Doesn't matter your rank, don't skip the quest if no valid reason to do so.
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