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  1. A Delphox ( ) stands (or floats) here, 5ft6in/1.68m tall. An anthro fire fox, fluffy with brick red armsleeves and legsleeves forming a look like shaggy clothing, painstakingly groomed into elegance. In comparison her upper body is cream with a white streak of a furry underbelly and tall ears with three-tipped flaming 'swirls' of fiery red fur sticking out of them. Her face is narrow with a pointed nose, her lower jaw white with tufts of fur sticking out to the side, and her eyes have the frazzled, attentive look of someone who never lets their guard down or stops thinking. Her hands and feet are narrow and black, and her cream tail fluffily tapers to a point behind her. Where a Delphox would normally stash their fire-tipped stick wand is a cylinderical white rod, that simultaneously absorbs all light and radiates its own dull glow, making it constant in illumination regardless of her surroundings.
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  3. Floating around her is a golden cylinderical disc, jointed at the back and able to flip open like a cross between a pocket watch and a Tenser's Floating Disk turned magitek - it is her Time Keeper, a laptop with holographic display, built to assist in chronomagical affairs. It can store and discharge spells prepared in advance, it can track local temporal disturbances and timelines she's saved and loaded, and has a Digistruct Inventory functionality that can store objects in the medium of temporal slipspace for later retrieval. Engraved on the bottom is the [CHRONO CONTRAPTIONS] logo.
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  5. For clothing, she wears a floppy brick red witch hat, with long triangular perked frames sewn to let her ears through, and two sweeping lengths that flow backwards behind her. She has a pair of glasses, with a holographic yellow HUD superimposed on them, linked to her Time Keeper. She also wears a brick red scarf that thickly whirls and blankets around her upper body, an appropriate target for magical enchantments she wants to keep active at all times - its woven golden designs of fractally nested squares, grids and cantor dust shimmering with magic. A [spelltome] is stowed on the left side of her waist. All around her body are a myriad of subtle, yet eerily beautiful particle effects - green mists that phase in and out, pink breezes of particles, golden dancing sparks of static and cyan geometric arcs that trace the contours of landscapes unseen.
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