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  1. <%@ page import="; com.bitmascot.autobill.groovy.common.DefaultValueCollector; com.bitmascot.autobill.groovy.setting.SettingGroup; com.bitmascot.autobill.groovy.util.FieldSettingUtils" %>
  2. <div class="details-line" appendTo="time-zone">
  3.     <div class="form-row">
  4.         <label class="form-title"><g:messageHtml code=""/></label>
  5.         <ui:domainSelectEnabled class="search-box"
  6.                 settingGroup="${SettingGroup.ACCOUNT}" domain="${AutobillTimeZone}" name="timeZone"
  7.                 value="${timeZone ? timeZone : DefaultValueCollector.init(SettingGroup.ORDER_GLOBAL, 'timeZone').value?.id}" skipFieldEnabledSetting="1"
  8.         />
  9.     </div>
  10. </div>
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