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  1. For the attention of the IT and HR manager,
  2. I’m emailing you regarding the poor working environment I have experienced as a graduate intern employee in your company. I have spoken to other employees and they have told me that these conditions have been the same for a long time and nothing has changed, I thought it was important to make you aware and create change around the workspace.
  3. I’m specifically referring to the lack of ventilation at my workstation but also the below standard desktop monitors. Good ventilation in the workplace is important as it removes allergens and pollutants and keeps the air fresh. As your employees work indoors it’s crucial that they have fresh air for the sake of their health. Under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act (2005), “an employer shall ensure that sufficient fresh air is provided in the enclosed places of work, having regard to the working methods used and the physical demands places in the employer’s employees.” Poor ventilation can lead to condensation which can further lead to mould and rotten surfaces. I have noticed signs of mould around my workstation and I’m extremely worried for my health.
  4. I would also like to draw your attention to the below standard desktop monitors, these are extremely outdated and make it difficult for me to carry out my daily tasks. I think it’s important to update the work materials regularly to ensure a high quality of work as well as efficiency in the workplace. I believe that improving the standards of desktop monitors can easily improve productivity.
  5. I would appreciate a response to my complaint within 10 working days, I can be easily contacted, my phone number is 0877603092,
  6. Yours sincerely,
  7. Tony Callaghan
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