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  1. -------------------------------------------Subject to change as story and characters develop-------------------------------------------
  4. INTRO
  5. >Tom is relaxing in the local joint, soaking in the jazz, enjoying a good cigar.
  6. >Suddenly his long time rival, Jerry, busts into the scene, he's probably expecting the usual trouble.
  7. >But Tom notices something off about him.
  8. >They would start with banter then ease into fisticuffs but Jerry's demeanor was much more hysterical.
  9. >He's constantly talking about himself and not being as humble as Tom knows him to be.
  10. >The attitude pisses Tom off and he gets ready to throw down with Jerry but there's an ominous energy about him that's almost like a shadow constantly following him.
  11. >Jerry overwhelms Tom until the heat of the moment allows Tom to unleash 「ONE MORE TIME」for the first time.
  12. >The tables are turned and Jerry is taken down once and for all thanks to this new power.
  13. >Before Jerry bites the dust he warns Tom of an ominous presence that's shaking up the entire area.
  14. >Tom says his final goodbyes and storms out feeling the worst is to come, the only thought on his mind being his honey who may or may not be in danger.
  15. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. >If Tom's going to jump around the world he'll need a steady source of income
  17. >Someone connected to the Hill foundation (I think that's what we went with) who can finance the operation. He'll have to go to the Top.
  18. >Top Cat is well respected as a humanitarian who spends much time working with the homeless and downtrodden.
  19. >Actually searching for stand users, the Foundation is trying to find them before they go rogue.
  20. >He suspects there's an outside force manipulating users but can't be sure.
  21. >Tom blows him off until bad things happen to his waifu.
  22. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. >Tom's motivation is to cure his girlfriend
  24. >Doesn't really care about too much else
  25. >He's selfish, but he's also the good guys' best chance at stopping Daffy, which is why they help each other
  26. >Throughout the series Tom is focused on saving his girl, but aside from that, is a bit of a prick
  27. >May be nicer to his allies later but still largely a prick.
  28. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. >For whatever reason, maybe because Tom deflected some of the Stand energy, or maybe because she was one of Daffy's victims when he was still learning about his powers, she seems much better off than most affected by LITERALLY ME.
  30. >She acts odd and says weird things but still looks like herself
  31. >As Daffy's abilities grow stronger, things seem worse for Tom's girlfriend
  32. >As they near the final battle, Tom is made aware that Daffy is growing stronger, and that his girlfriend has escaped the hospital, having grown more powerful herself as a result
  33. >Now Tom is on the other side of the world of the love he is trying to save and races to kill Daffy before his girlfriend hurts herself or provokes one of the good guys to hurt her.
  34. >Has final battle with Daffy
  35. >Kills Daffy
  36. >As the Stand powers leave, the flesh rearranges itself back to as it should be, and Tom is standing over his dead girlfriend
  37. >Realizing his tragic mistake, Tom goes back to being a 100% full-time prick who just drinks and poses while the world goes to Hell around him
  38. >This is the catalyst for Tom's character development
  39. >Tom realizes that he is not so different from Daffy
  40. >They were both self-centered, egotistical assholes, and they focused obsessively on their ?Perfect Reality?, Daffy's being a world of literally me, and Tom's being lazy afternoons smoking cigars, playing the piano and drinking with his baby.
  41. >Tom also realizes that he has other people besides his girl, the allies and friends he had grown so close with, the comrades who had perishes and relied upon him to not let their deaths be in vain, and the countless unknown people of the world who would surely fall under Daffy's terrifying Stand.
  42. >And with this growth of character, Tom confronts Daffy for real.
  44. If you want to get all "meta muh literally morrison" with it, you could fashion the girl to be like Tom's waifu. He knows all about her, obsesses over her, but she is hardly if ever on screen and she may as well just not be real as far as the story beyond Tom goes.
  45. Confronting Daffy; Tom confronting LITERALLY ME is facing himself; that is, the delusional, idealistic part of himself that wishes he could spend all day every day with his imaginary love. The only way to defeat this enemy is to realize that you are surrounded by people who genuinely care for you, rather than spend all your time longing for your waifu, and that your obsession is selfish and harming those around you.
  46. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  47. >Tom and whatever allies he's gathered up to this point reach Agrabah searching for Daffy
  48. >hear rumors of a genie granting wishes with horrible consequences
  49. >Tom figures it's a stand, investigates
  50. >at first all signs point to Aladdin
  51. >turns out it's actually Jafar with his stand [Arabian Nights]
  52. >Tom and co. fight Jafar, on the brink of losing
  53. >Aladdin appears at the last second and reveals his stand [Friend Like Me]
  54. >Aladdin and Jafar duel, Jafar loses either to Aladdin or to Tom after Aladdin's distraction
  55. >Tom asks Aladdin to join after the duel, Aladdin agrees (maybe because Daffy got to Jasmine?)
  56. >Arabian Nights looks like Jafar's genie form from the movie. Like [Friend Like Me], it is tied to its lamp, not the user.
  57. >[Friend Like Me] and [Arabian Nights] are basically twins of each other, and their powers are similar. The main difference is while [Friend Like Me] uses positive energy to activate [STAR], [Arabian Nights] uses negative energy, which results in monkey's paw wishes
  58. >[Arabian Nights] doesn't have to recharge after 3 wishes, but its wishes have the same rules as [Friend Like Me], including not being able to interfere with another stand's powers, and of course they all come with a horrible twist
  59. >Jafar could be deafeated by being tricked by the heroes into making a wish for himself, which goes wrong in the middle of the fight and allows the heroes to kill him
  60. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  61. >Daffy visits the Eds and uses his powers to convince them that they need to stop Tom
  62. >after the fight, Edd and Eddy insist it was their idea
  63. >Ed disagrees, insists it was "the funny duck man"
  64. >Ed was using his stand on himself when Daffy visited because he was bored, as such he was inadvertently partially immune to [La Cucaracha]'s powers because he wasn't completely listening to what Daffy was saying.
  65. >Ergo, he retained enough control to remember Daffy's true face
  66. >Tom begins searching for someone fitting that description
  67. >Daffy, realizing someone knows who he is, begins to experiment with his powers more, discovering Act Two in the process
  68. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. CLIMAX
  70. >Daffy's egotism and resulting desire to escape are shown through the evolution of his stand from Act 1 to Act 2 to Book Revue.
  71. >「Carolina in the Morning」 allows him to insert himself (along with anyone else) into any and all written fiction. These "book worlds" can be freely traversed. The characters within are subject to his 「 La Cucaracha」, and since they're technically not human, his ability has no upper limit in these realms. It is the ultimate manifestation of his desire to mold a world in his own image.
  72. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  73. >Once finally defeated, once and for all, Tom looks over Daffy Duck and gives him some parting words before finishing him off.
  74. >Daffy begins doubting himself due to his defeat, as well as Tom's questioning of him with 「Is you Is」, and contemplates pursuing a different path
  75. >「La Cucaracha」 perceives this as deviating from the Daffy template it operates under, forcefully reverts him back to who he's 'supposed' to be.
  76. >He's doomed by his own stand to never atone for his sins, effectively becoming a slave to his fabricated personality.
  77. >Daffy manages to stay himself long enough to ask Tom to kill him.
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