KYM BB Game Night.

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  1. People in this paste: Verbose, X-singular, Ric (Ice), Pyro, Sparty and Bob
  3. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. X-singular says:
  6.  Let's play a quick MLP game, ready everyone here?
  7. Ric says:
  8.  okay
  9. X-singular says:
  10.  Molestia is going after you, the last weapon you used in a video game is now your weapon to
  11.  stop her
  12.  how fucked are you?
  13. Sparty says:
  14.  >Mech armed with four Streak SRM-6 launchers
  15.  Molestia is dead
  16.  All I need to do is stay at long range and pelt her with SRMs
  17. Verbose says:
  18.  >Broadsword
  19.  Wouldn't matter anyway.  I can't wield it.
  20. X-singular says:
  21.  Pyro?
  22. Pyro says:
  23.  extremely well-fucked
  24.  molestia got me.  all it was was a flare gun
  25. X-singular says:
  26.  Well shit
  27. Pyro says:
  28.  then again, I'm not complaining
  29. Ric says:
  30.  I was flying a U.S. marine corp apache in a minecraft mod
  31.  But then agian she can move a fucking star so I am most likely still fucked
  32. Sparty says:
  33.  Actually
  34.  Now that I rememebr
  35.  >Vladof Hammer shotgun
  36.  She's still dead
  37.  It's a relatively fast automatic shotgun with explosive buckshot
  38. X-singular says:
  39.  Verbose should be fucked even he could wield it
  40. X-singular says:
  41.  I mean: claymore vs undying sun goddess
  42. Pyro says:
  43.  I don't care.  Its molestia.  Why shouldn't I be accepting of my fate?
  44. X-singular says:
  45.  @Pyro: Enjoy 3 foot-long pointy horn up the ass then.
  46. Pyro says:
  47.  I thought she would rape me the way normal rapes with women rapists go
  48. X-singular says:
  49.  ^ nope
  50. Pyro says:
  51.  Still, I'm not complaining
  52. X-singular says:
  53.  ....
  55.  Mine is a Sdkfz 182 PzKpfw VI Ausf. B King Tiger
  56.  Seeing that it takes 5 people to man it
  57.  I'm fucked
  58.  but maybe If I man just the gun I can get a shot in
  60. Verbose says:
  61.  Probably still quite.
  62.  Notice how manipulative she is.
  63.  If she wants you, then she will have you.
  65.  Ric says:
  66.  Wait no it was not the apache I left it before I exited out of the game I had a...fucking
  68. stone sword...god damn it memories... ):
  69. X-singular says:
  70.  HA
  71.  Ric! join Verbs
  72.  in the "I Brought A Knife To A Goddess Fight" club
  73. Sparty says:
  74.  Heh
  75. Ric says:
  76.  Damn you minecraft
  77. Sparty says:
  78.  And I bought a 90 ton death machine
  79.  Or, if I want to go Risky
  80.   >Behemoth II meech
  81.  >carries the Rail Gun, the biggest weapon in MW4
  82.  >can almost oneshot most mechs with direct hits to center torso
  83. X-singular says:
  84.  I wonder why bob didn't join
  85. X-singular says:
  86.  OK
  87. X-singular says:
  88.  NEXT GAME
  89. Sparty says:
  90.  However
  91. X-singular says:
  92.  NEXT GAME!!!
  93. Sparty says:
  94.  I just need one shot. Anyway next game
  95.  hrm...
  96. X-singular says:
  97.  step 1). name fave pony
  98. Pyro says:
  99.  NmM/Luna
  100. Sparty says:
  101.  The rest of the steps?
  102. Pyro says:
  103.  step one: done
  104. Sparty says:
  105.  NOTICE
  106.  how Pyro says that of his own free will
  107. X-singular says:
  108.  fine step 2)
  109.  Step 2) THAT PONY is now in charge of the reality of your universe, more or less absoulte  
  111. control over all aspects of your world
  112.  describe you world and of course
  113.  3) how fucked are you?
  115. Pyro says:
  116.  okay...eternal night...
  117. X-singular says:
  118.  Pyro fucked? Check.
  119. Pyro says:
  120.  if I can get close to her, then I am royally fucked.  
  121. Sparty says:
  122.  Rainbow Dash
  123.  Can be described in one word; GOTTAGOFAST
  124.  Also very very awesome
  125.  >not all that fucked
  126.  Singular; And people come back from the dead when killed.
  127.  Also, challenges are a matter of honour.
  128. Verbose says:
  129.  Not very.
  130.  Twilight wants control, but I don't think she'd force people to do stuff they didn't want.
  131. X-singular says:
  132.  @ Verbs: she's more or less God, maybe even subconsciously  
  133. Ric says:
  134.  Pinkie Pie because Pinkamena Diane Pie is a side of her
  135.  But all I know she will FORCE the planet to party and be fat.
  136. X-singular says:
  137.  So your world is happiness and games one second, murder and violence the next, Ric?
  138. Ric says:
  139.  and she will show the humies how to break reality itself
  140. X-singular says:
  141.  So Ric's world has no fourth wall...
  142.  that's... suprisingly awesome.
  143. Sparty says:
  144.  So
  145.  I am not all that fucked over
  146. Ric says:
  147.  I could of done Fluttershy because she's my waifu
  148. X-singular says:
  149.  Results: only Pyro is fucked
  150.  who's keeping the Fucked scoreboard btw?
  151. X-singular says:
  152.  Last game most of us where fucked...
  153. Pyro says:
  154.  How am I fucked?
  155. Sparty says:
  156.  Pyro: Sexually.
  157. X-singular says:
  158.  You live in a world with NO LIGHT
  159.  No plants no life
  160. Pyro says:
  161.  And sparty gets the cookie
  162.  hells yeah
  163. Sparty says:
  164.  That, and natural light is nonexistent
  165. Ric says:
  166.  you lose your virginia
  167. Sparty says:
  168.  EHHHHHH
  169. X-singular says:
  170.  ........
  171. Sparty says:
  172.  Not as if we needed Virginia anyway
  173.  What has Virginia done for us
  174. X-singular says:
  175.  Verbose still didn't make a good argument
  176. Ric says:
  177.  I hate those bastards anyway
  178.  (joke)
  179. X-singular says:
  180.  I'd say an OCD world should be considered fucked....
  181. Sparty says:
  182.  Verb's society is lead by Twilight
  183.  It'll be a bit OCD, mmyes
  184. X-singular says:
  185.  So fucked?
  186. Sparty says:
  187.  But within six thousand years they ascend to godhood
  188.  The polar reverse of fucked
  189. X-singular says:
  190.  All in favor of Verbs being fucked say aye.
  191.  @Sparty:
  192.  >implying our chaotic nature doesn't clash with OCD
  193.  I'd say there would be wars against the new ruler, many lives will be lost
  194. Sparty says:
  195.  But eventually they ascend
  196.  So semi-fucked
  197. X-singular says:
  198.  Nah, verbs won't survive for 6 thousand years
  199.  so he only lives the fucked part
  200. Sparty says:
  201.  Nextgame?
  202. X-singular says:
  203.  Next game
  204.  This is to deal with spaghetti or no spaghetti
  205.  more than fucked or unfucked
  206.  You're in the middle of the biggest family reunion
  207.  All your cousins, aunts, grandparents and siblings are there
  208.  also all your friends and colleagues/classmates, and Your boss/college  admission/School-
  210. principal
  211.  ......
  213.  your fave pony knocks down the door and frantically starts searching for you
  214.  Alarming everyone
  215.  when it does find you,
  217.  By now both your  Father/authority figure and your Boss/authority figure #2 are Giving you a
  218.  look that kills,
  219.  You have to avoide causing a scene infront of everyone you know
  220.  What would happen? and how would you deal with it..
  221. Sparty says:
  222.  There would be an awkward silence for ten seconds.
  223.  Actually
  224.  Not sure how long
  225.  And then I'd duck off saying I had to check something and put as much distance between me  
  227. and everyone else ever as possible
  228.  Preferably with the giant mecha I saved from the last two games
  229.   ...bag of dicks
  230.  double bag of dicks
  231.  because that is probably what would happen
  232.  >Give Dad the "Watch me" look
  233.  >Active camouflague
  234.  >Sneak out
  235.  Okay.
  236.  I would tell Dad that it was a long story
  237.  And then go on a rambling spiel about how I ended up dropping into Equestria due to    
  239. unidentified anomalies being detected on the surface of the planet
  240.  Sparty says:
  241.  As it turns out, Equestria was being attacked by some force and me being the only person  
  243. with a giant mecha I was in a prime position to help
  244. X-singular says:
  245.  ....
  246. Sparty says:
  247.  So I met up with the Elements (charming people or whatever) and shit happened
  248. X-singular says:
  249.  And sparty runs off with his imagination
  250.  the judges say: SPAGHETTI
  251.  You failed Sparty
  252. Sparty says:
  253.  In reality
  254.  I would be fucked so hard my anus would go out my mouth
  255.  Hrm...
  256. Verbose says:
  257.  "Twilight...can we talk?"
  258. X-singular says:
  259.  ^ Verbose you are in a crowded party hall in a hotel
  260.  and your father is giving you that look
  261.  the "you'd better explain yourself, and you're not getting out of my sight" look
  262.  What do?
  263. Verbose says:
  264.  I'm a grown man (sorta.)
  265.  I'd go and talk to Twilight in private.
  266. X-singular says:
  267.  Verbose you have to talk INFRONT of everyone to Twi. Otherwise you'd make a scene running  
  269. off with a miniture candy-colored talking horse
  270. Verbose says:
  271.  Fine, fine...
  272.  I'd have the same discussion with her there.
  273.  Who are you?
  274.  How did you get here?
  275.  How do you love me?  We haven't met.
  276. X-singular says:
  277.  @VERBS how cruel
  278.  The "I don't know who you are" card?
  279.  CRUEL
  280. Sparty says:
  281.  Verbs also brings up a good point
  282.  She randomly appeared out of nowhere via means unknown
  283. Verbose says:
  284.  I don't know Twilight Sparkle.
  285.  She's a cartoon, yo.
  286. Ric says:
  287.  I just want to be friends with her because everybody will basically think I am into      
  289. beastiality if I do date her.
  290.  Well Pinkie Pie would get pissed at me and embarasse me infront of everybody if I say no....
  291.  So I need to figure out how to keep her quiet
  292. X-singular says:
  293.  Ric, how would you shut her up?
  294. Ric says:
  295.  Its called cloraform
  296.  and a rag
  297.  I would have to drag her to a place no one can find her
  298. X-singular says:
  299.  You like you're about to rape an alien/talking horse, SCENE = MADE
  300. Pyro says:
  301.  Hmm...a dark goddess confessing her love to me in front of my whole family.  Does that mean  
  303.  that there's extended family, or just mom, dad, siblings?
  304. Bob says:
  305.  What's going on?
  306. Sparty says:
  307.  ITT: games about ponies
  308. X-singular says:
  309.  FUN GAME
  311.  here's the three rounds of our little MLP game
  312.  @BOB: the last weapon you used in a avdeo game is the only weapon you have to defend    
  314. yourself against molestia
  315.  How fucked are you Bob?
  316. Bob says:
  317.  Ah shit
  318.  hidden blade, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
  319.  Come at me, Molestia
  320. X-singular says:
  321.  Bob
  322.  welcome to the club
  323.  The "I brought a knife to a goddess fight" club
  324.  Verbs is the founder
  325.  Ric is a member
  326.  You are FUCKED
  327.  BoB here's the second round:
  328.  Your fave pony is now in control of your world's reality
  329.  all aspects will be changed according to its personality/wishes
  330.  How fucked is you world?
  331. Bob says:
  332.  Derpy
  333.  I guess
  334. X-singular says:
  335.  WELL SHIT
  337. Bob says:
  338.  Muffins everywhere
  339. Sparty says:
  340.  How it would actually go?
  341.  >dad drags me off, i try to explain
  342.  >dad yells at me for a few minutes, disowns me
  343.  >return home, pack things, leave
  344. Ric says:
  345.  Is it okay if I switch to Flutters?
  346. X-singular says:
  347.  @Ric: NOPE
  348.  FAVE PONY RIC!!!
  349. Ric says:
  350.  But flutters is my fave pony also
  351. X-singular says:
  352.  @Ric fine
  353. Ric says:
  354.  yay
  355.  She will make things all nice and sweet and I would like to hug her.
  356. X-singular says:
  357.  @Ric: Flutter = easy mode
  358.  NOT FAIR
  359. Ric says:
  360.  ):
  361. X-singular says:
  362.  @BOB last scenario!!!
  363.  You ready?
  364. Bob says:
  365.  sure
  366. X-singular says:
  367.  This is the tricky one.
  368. Bob says:
  369.  then I'll go with Trixie
  370.  Hahaha
  371.  Nah, let's hear the question
  372. X-singular says:
  373.  You're in the middle of the biggest family reunion
  374.  All your cousins, aunts, grandparents and siblings are there
  375.  also all your friends and colleagues/classmates, and Your boss/college  admission/School-
  377. principal
  378.  ......
  380.  your fave pony knocks down the door and frantically starts searching for you
  381.  Alarming everyone
  382.  when it does find you,
  384.  By now both your  Father/authority figure and your Boss/authority figure#2 are Giving you a
  385.  look that kills,
  386.  You have to avoide causing a scene infront of everyone you know
  387.  What would happen? and how would you deal with it..
  388.  Would your parents kill you Bob?
  389.  I'd say you got Fucked in the last two games
  390.  this is your last chance
  391.  C'mon man you can do it!
  392. Bob says:
  393.  ... It's a pony...
  394. X-singular says:
  395.  Yup
  396.  and it's still looks like an alien
  397. Bob says:
  398.  But I don't view ponies in a romantic way
  399.  How would that work?
  400. X-singular says:
  401.  That's the point BOB
  402.  you have to avoid causing a scene
  403. Sparty says:
  404.  Bob: Then you are a xenophobe.
  405. X-singular says:
  406.  infront of EVERYONE
  407. Pyro says:
  408.  X: you haven't answered, is it extended family or just the family like mom, dad, and  
  410. sibling?
  411. X-singular says:
  412.  I wrote it out Pyro
  413. Bob says:
  414.  It's your whole family
  415. X-singular says:
  416.  Grandparents cousins aunts uncles
  417.  you name it
  418. Pyro says:
  419.  okay
  420.  my reverend cousin would be a little upset
  421. Sparty says:
  422.  @Singular: No.
  423.  What you have just posted
  424.  is a Kobayashi Maru
  425.  There is no way to avoid a scene
  426.  How it should be
  427.  Is cause as little of a scene as possible
  428. X-singular says:
  429.  Fine then cause as little as possible
  430. Sparty says:
  431.  And if there is somehow a way to avoid making a scene by all means
  432. Bob says:
  433.  I'd awkwardly take her to another room
  434.  and explain
  435.  It's the best thing I can do
  436. X-singular says:
  437.  Note that the attenders jimmies are rustled
  438.  Awkwardly + running off with a talking horse = Making a scene
  439. Pyro says:
  440.  my grandmother would ask "why can't you do better"
  441.  What I'd do
  442.  Is grab hold of NmM
  443.  and teleport out
  444. X-singular says:
  445.  and that your fave pony look HYSTERICAL
  447. Sparty says:
  448.  So...
  449.  I lose either way
  450.  Oh
  451.  That means she's scared out of her lights
  452.  Things will go much better than expected, then
  453. X-singular says:
  454.  Just frantic
  455.  FINE!!!!!
  456.  you want an extended story?
  457. Ric says:
  458.  Well my grandparents would be kind of man that I am dating a physco but its my choice...well
  460.  at least when I live on my own
  461. Sparty says:
  462.  Extended works
  463.  Now
  464.  Erybody shut up
  465.  and let Singular speak
  466.  type*
  467. X-singular says:
  468.  All in favor of an extended story say Aye.
  469. Sparty says:
  470.  AYE
  471. X-singular says:
  473. Pyro says:
  474.  i
  475. Connor says:
  476.  7
  477. X-singular says:
  478.  fine we have three
  479.  Your were an ordinary pony in ponyville
  480.  but you were obssessed about humans
  481.  one day Lyra a strange pony said she found a spell that can get you to the human world
  482.  After a while
  483.  you make up your mind and decide to go for it and visit that world to save it form its own  
  485. chaos
  486.  The spell also turns you into a human
  487.  and lets ypou keep all your memeories
  488.  BUT when you are in the middle of the spellcasting, your fave pony who had unrequited  
  490. romantic feelings for you finds out (Via Bonbon or some shit) and barges in,
  491.  in her panic to stop the spell that Lyra is casting, she ruins the rituals/ruins/gate
  492.  so you lose all memories and end up here.
  493.  So, while panicking she tries to follow through to your world to convince you to come back  
  495. and confess its feelings
  496. Ric says:
  497.  Well shit
  498. X-singular says:
  499.  little does it know that (INSERT YOUR AGE HERE) years has passed since that spell has been  
  501. cast on our side of the world
  502. Ric says:
  503.  that explains why I can put up with so much crap
  504. X-singular says:
  505.  Should I continue
  506.  I hate fanfic writing you know.....
  507. Pyro says:
  508.  yes
  509. X-singular says:
  510.  FINE
  511. Sparty says:
  512.  Mkay
  513.  One thing, how does explain family
  514.  Are reverted to infant?
  515. Ric says:
  516.  part of the errored spell
  517. X-singular says:
  518.  @Sparty:yes
  519.  So she runs in thinking that you just teleported, thinking that you still remember it and  
  521. all the time you spent with it.
  522. Sparty says:
  523.  Alright. Keep going.
  524. Bob says:
  525.  You must become one with your inner fanfic writer
  526. X-singular says:
  527.  BOB STFU
  528.  >:-[
  529.  I'm not a fanfic writer
  530. Ric says:
  531.  your a novelist
  532. Pyro says:
  533.  continue, X
  534. X-singular says:
  535.  Pyro...
  536.  I'm sure I got that point accross
  537.  now it's just an audience insert fanfic from this point.
  538.  Anyway,
  539.  so it teleports
  540.  JUST MOMENTS PASS in the pony world
  541.  but here it's (your age here) years
  542.  and that's the background story, extended. happy?
  543.  now
  545. Pyro says:
  546.  okay
  547.  Let's see
  548. Sparty says:
  549.  Alright.
  550.  Let's see.
  551.  SPARTY: >Examine surroundings
  552. Sparty says:
  553.  You are currently inside a hotel. The hotel is populated with you (duh), your extended  
  555. family, and your other acquaintances. As well as RAINBOW DASH. Who is currently lying on the  
  557. floor, very fearful of the sixty or so pairs of eyes that seem to be drilling holes through  
  559. her. RAINBOW DASH just confessed undying love to you. In front of everyone there.
  560.  This may be a problem.
  561. X-singular says:
  562.  Yes.
  563.  Verbose you quit?
  564.  What about you Bob?
  565. Verbose says:
  566.  Moving too fast.
  567.  But no.
  568. Pyro says:
  569.  alright
  570. Sparty says:
  571.  SPARTY: >Get in your mech
  572. Pyro says:
  573.  we'll go one at a time
  574. Sparty says:
  575.  (wait for this one)
  576. X-singular says:
  577.  .....
  578. Sparty says:
  579.  Get your damn head out of the clouds!
  580.  Mechs don't exist. That is not an option.
  581. Verbose says:
  582.  That's a whole lot of backstory.
  583. X-singular says:
  584.  Yes.
  585. Ric says:
  586.  Pinkamena will confes her love to me and drag me to a unknown location and put me on some  
  588. sort of table that RD was on
  589. X-singular says:
  591.  It's just a luzly story
  592. Verbose says:
  593.  So you're a pony, you have the chance to poof to the human world with your memories.
  594. X-singular says:
  595.  but everyone expects a lenghty backstory
  596. Verbose says:
  597.  Fave pony comes to profess love for you.
  598. X-singular says:
  599.  so i ahd to make one up on the spot
  600. Verbose says:
  601.  And...what again?
  602. Sparty says:
  603.  SPARTY: >Stand there and "wut".
  604. X-singular says:
  605.  And you have to avid causing a scene
  606.  Reject her without causing hysterical breakdown
  609. Pyro says:
  610.  why would I reject her
  611. Sparty says:
  612.  You do so. There is quiet for a few more seconds and hushed whispers. RAINBOW turns and  
  614. leaves.
  615.  This is also a very, very big problem.
  616. X-singular says:
  617.  to preserve your spaghetti of course....
  618.  @ Pyro I mean
  619.  ALso Sparty, I'm liking your methods
  620.  Doing nothing kinda works
  621. Sparty says:
  622.  SPARTY: >Confusedly follow outside with muttered "I'll be back in a few minutes, trying to  
  624. figure out what the hell's going on"
  625. Ric says:
  626.  This is kind of a problem for me because I think Pinkamena expresses her love for me then  
  628. just rape. I don't want to be tutored. o_o
  629. Verbose says:
  630.  I thought I already said that I'd ask her who she was, where she came from, and why she  
  632. loves me.
  634.   Bob has left the conversation.
  636. X-singular says:
  637.  Wow... bob can't handle the pressure
  639.   Bob has been added to the conversation.
  641. Bob says:
  642.  That was weird
  643. Pyro says:
  644.  internet
  645. Sparty says:
  646.  Fortunately, the MASSIVE SHOCK incurred ensures the audience does not pay much attention as  
  648. you leave, still trying to figure out what the hell just happened.
  649. X-singular says:
  650.  Verbose, since your fave is Twilight
  651.  the judges results are in
  652.  And they declare Verbs: Safe.
  653.  You just scored your first point
  654.  But seriously Twi and Flutter are easy mode
  655. Verbose says:
  656.  What?
  657. X-singular says:
  658.  one is easy to coerce and the other is easy to reason with
  659. Ric says:
  660.  I can actually see Pinkamena smiling me unconfortably then suddenly grab me by the hand and  
  662.  drag me like a rag doll
  663. Verbose says:
  664.  Judges?
  665.  Points?
  666. Bob says:
  667.  Wait, what are we doing again?
  668. X-singular says:
  669.  even with psychotic.
  670. Sparty says:
  671.  You are now OUTSIDE the hotel. There are cars packed up the wazoo out here in St. John's,  
  673. the only place big enough for you to actually get a hotel this size.
  674. X-singular says:
  675.  @Verbose: the Three games we played?
  676. Sparty says:
  677.  You briefly wonder why the hell they decided to hold it in a HOTEL. Then again, there aren't
  679.  many other places in Newfoundland.
  680. X-singular says:
  681.  @Sparty
  682.  just a quick something:
  683.  Since you exited the Hotel, you kinda caused a scene
  684.  Because you didn't stay and explain to your family/angry father
  685. Sparty says:
  686.  ...I shall add that in
  687. Verbose says:
  688.  You said favorite pony.  Twilight is my favorite pony.
  689. X-singular says:
  690.  @verbs: yeah well, I guess liking the rational Characters pays off in these (hypothetical)  
  692. situations
  693. Sparty says:
  694.  As well as the other things on WordPad
  695.  ...I feel like making something out of this for no reason other than the topic interests me
  696.  Also
  697.  I think it might sort of be explained that "what" sums it up
  698.  I do not know what the hell is going on
  699.  That combined with the shock would likely have him in place for a few seconds
  700.  It is a temporary fix
  701. X-singular says:
  702.  You know what, if you don't exit I'd say you avoided having a spaghetti spill
  703. Sparty says:
  704.  Well
  705.  Hrm
  706. X-singular says:
  707.  the shocked/silent treatment actually works in this case
  708. Sparty says:
  709.  interesting line of thinking
  710. X-singular says:
  711.  kinda like Verbose's rational approach
  712. Sparty says:
  713.  Of course, that means we now have a depressed weather controlpony wandering about in  
  715. Newfoundland aispace
  716.  And did I mention St. John's has an airport right there?
  717. X-singular says:
  718.  Nah she'll be back to Equestria before you know it
  719. Sparty says:
  720.  So...
  721. X-singular says:
  722.  So yeah:
  723.  SCORE!
  724. Sparty says:
  725.  A difficult, difficult choice
  726. Ric says:
  729. 3Alyamangaka%20gears_of_war%20humanized%20pinkamena_diane_pie%20pinkie_pie.jpg if she came
  731. like this then I think people will be scared to make fun of me for it.
  732. Sparty says:
  733.  Either stay there and wonder what the hell that was the rest of my life
  734. X-singular says:
  735.  Meh , the point of the game is to NOT cause a scene
  736.  It's not about romancing ponies.
  737.  Sorry.
  738. Sparty says:
  739.  Or follow and make a scene. Which was made anyway. Because an alien just confessed undying
  741. love in front of your entire family and pissed off your father.
  742. X-singular says:
  743.  You're taking this WAY too seriously
  744. Sparty says:
  745.  Hrm...
  746. X-singular says:
  747.  I guess my backstory kinda ruined the fun/lulzy aspect of the scenario
  748. Sparty says:
  749.  Yeah
  750.  Came up with my Final Solution
  751.  and no it's not kill all the jews shut up
  752. X-singular says:
  753.  You know what, now I'm sure it did....
  754. Ric says:
  755.  I thought that
  756. Sparty says:
  757.  Tell her to wait outside for a few hours then go and talk.
  758. X-singular says:
  759.  ^ NICE
  760.  BUT
  762.  Rarity, Twi and Flutters might listen
  763.  RBD and Aj are STUBBORN
  764.  While Pinkie is Hyper
  765.  SO nope sparty
  766.  can't escape like that
  767. Sparty says:
  768.  Which is the prime problem
  769.  ...shit
  770. Bob says:
  771.  I've got it
  772.  the answer to scenario three
  773.  Tell her there's a plate of muffins in the other room and she has to find it
  774.  And then explain the situation to my family
  775.  and then explain it to her
  776.  with muffins
  777. X-singular says:
  778.  BOB
  779.  GENIUS
  780.  A point to you too
  781.  It seems everyone is passing this game
  782.  it's not hard enough.....
  783. Pyro says:
  784.  alright.  after sparty goes its my turn.  
  785. Ric says:
  786.  If its Pinkamena Diane Pie...this will be VERY difficult....
  787. Sparty says:
  788.  Well I'm right cornholed now aren't I
  789. Ric says:
  790.  I didnt get a point obviously
  791.  I think
  792. X-singular says:
  793.  Ric , you still have a chance
  794. Ric says:
  795.  O.o
  796. X-singular says:
  797.  I'll be your GM if ou want a more complicated approach
  798. Ric says:
  799.  Oh well I could do the same thing bob did but with cupcakes because Pinkamena loves them
  800. X-singular says:
  801.  Wouldn't work
  802.  you know how attached/annoying/sticky pinkie is with friends
  803.  imagine how much sticky she'll be with ROMATNIC PARTNERS
  804.  it's like 100x the usual Pinkie stickiness
  805. Ric says:
  806.  I thought we were talking about the anti-social physcopathic Pinkie Pie
  807. X-singular says:
  808.  Both aspects of her personality are present
  809. Sparty says:
  810.  If third repetition fails, tell her in plain and certain terms that "If you do not wait  
  812. outside until this ends then you don't get to talk with me and we don't get to sort this  
  814. out.  And you will definitely go home alone."
  815. X-singular says:
  816.  Sparty nice. BUT
  817.  that would work with AJ
  818.  RBD has a fragile EGO
  819.  she would think you don't like her
  820.  BTW yes, you almost caused a scene
  821.  but she left
  822.  Still got a point though
  823.  !!!
  824.  SCORE!
  825. Pyro says:
  827. X-singular says:
  828.  @Pyro: wait
  829.  just till Ric is done
  830. Ric says:
  831.  Okay then
  832. X-singular says:
  833.  So far Verbs and Bob: EASY MODO got a point
  834.  so Did Sparty: Hard Mode
  835. Bob says:
  836.  I was on easy mode?
  837. X-singular says:
  838.  >Derpy
  839.  >not easy mode
  840.  >2012
  841.  Really bob?
  842. Bob says:
  843.  Try explaining a derp eyed pony to your family
  844.  especially when it comes in and confesses its love to you
  845.  And my family is incredibly judgemental
  846.  So really
  847.  Anything wrong with the girl and I'll never hear the end of it
  848. Ric says:
  849.  Well you try to do a better way while the pony is also in her suit covered with flesh and  
  851. bone of her own kind
  852. X-singular says:
  853.  @Bob: man you made it
  854.  Seriously you exploited the char's weaknes to avoid causing a scene
  855. Bob says:
  856.  True
  857. X-singular says:
  858.  Fine to be more fair bob.
  859. Bob says:
  860.  I'm kidding though
  861.  I really don't care what mode I'm on
  862. X-singular says:
  863.  You actually where playing hardmode, but you used a cheat code, MUFFINS
  864.  I know you don't care, but I was wrong in saying Easy.
  865. Bob says:
  866.  Remember kids
  867.  Cheating is only illegal if you get caught
  868. Sparty says:
  869.  Exactly
  870. Ric says:
  871.  I will possibly try to attempt to calm her with the fact that I like her too but keep calm  
  873. about it and be patient. But I must need to tell everybody is going on sense a talking pink  
  875. colored pony is right infront of me where everybody is looking at. I must tell them what  
  877. happened and then say my good byes and leave
  878. X-singular says:
  879.  @Ric: the word "Like" = almost a scene
  880.  combine it with either going outside or talking for long times  = SCENE MADE!
  881.  Just a warning ric.
  882. Sparty says:
  883.  I think aliens confessing love would automatically become a scene after a certain point in  
  885. time
  886.  Due to extenuating events that causes
  887.  So yeah, avoid it as best as possible
  888. Pyro says:
  889.  alright.  is ric done yet?
  890. Sparty says:
  891.  Pyro gets super hard mode
  892.  Because we've all had to deal with MORTALs
  893. X-singular says:
  894.  Pyro
  895.  PYRO
  896.  Listen to me:
  899. Pyro says:
  900.  OKAY
  901.  FINE
  902. X-singular says:
  903.  That's not how you score in this mode
  904. Sparty says:
  905.  hahahahaha
  906.  you made a funny
  907. Ric says:
  908.  wat
  909. Pyro says:
  910.  I know I know
  911. X-singular says:
  912.  the point is TO AVOID CAUSING A SCENE
  913. Pyro says:
  914.  Avoid causing a scene
  915.  got it
  916. X-singular says:
  917.  Pyro: GO!
  918. Pyro says:
  920. Ric says:
  921.  okay
  922. Pyro says:
  925. X-singular says:
  926.  BTW @ ric: sorry brah, you didn't score. but you got the pony, BUT THAT MEANS YOU LOST. >:-[
  929. Sparty says:
  930.  well shit:
  931.  -ducks and covers-
  932. Ric says:
  933.  yay~
  934. X-singular says:
  935.  NO YAY
  936.  YOU LOST
  937. Ric says:
  938.  its a point anyways -1 to be exact
  939.  Its not like I liked life anyways
  940. X-singular says:
  941.  GUYS
  943.  PLEASE
  944. Pyro says:
  945.  Okay
  946.  lemme think for a bit
  947. Pyro says:
  948.  This entire thing is impossible because of my grandmother
  949.  She'll be yelling "well why can't you do better than that thing?"
  950. X-singular says:
  951.  OK nice.
  952. Pyro says:
  953.  so I loose no matter what mode I'm on
  954. X-singular says:
  955.  DUde c'mon
  957. Pyro says:
  958.  alright
  959. X-singular says:
  960.  1). she's a princess
  961. Pyro says:
  962.  canterlock
  963. X-singular says:
  964.  2). her Psycho mode is more dangerous than all the others combined
  965.  3). she's FUCKING LOUD
  966. Ric says:
  967.  I got a point for trying though
  968. Pyro says:
  969.  okay
  970. 1)royalty
  971. 2)NmM
  972. 3)canterlock
  973. X-singular says:
  974.  Pyro Must Die mode.
  975.  Hell or Hell Mode.
  976.  I Wanna Be The Guy mode.
  977. Sparty says:
  978.  No
  979. Pyro says:
  980.  ALRIGHT
  982. Verbose says:
  983.  Arhm goin ta take a shower.
  984.  I may be back tonight.
  985. Sparty says:
  986.  That
  987. Bob says:
  988.  If I had to make a choice
  989.  I say Luna banishes them all
  990.  done game
  991. Pyro says:
  993. Sparty says:
  994.  aye
  995. X-singular says:
  996.  @Verbs
  997.  you got 1/3 Congrats!
  998.  I hope I didn't make this game awekward for you
  999.  but you pulled through!
  1000. Verbose says:
  1001.  Huh?  No.  Not at all.
  1002.  It was fun.  Just wish there were more scenarios.
  1003. X-singular says:
  1004.  There will be
  1005.  lemme think of this
  1006.  my creativity juices dried up because of that backstory
  1007. Verbose says:
  1008.  And that I could follow the last part of it.  I was saving images, and the chat was too fast
  1010.  for me towards the end.
  1011. Pyro says:
  1012.  can I attempt to do this or what?
  1013. Sparty says:
  1014.  Damn us.
  1015. X-singular says:
  1016.  But stay tuned for more games, If I don't Die that is.
  1017.  If I do, well then, SUCKS TO BE YOU TROLOLOLOLOL
  1018. Pyro says:
  1020. Sparty says:
  1021.  Pyro, you're screwed
  1022. Pyro says:
  1023.  I HAVE TO TRY
  1025. X-singular says:
  1026.  PYRO c'mon man you can do it
  1027.  Look
  1028.  PYRO
  1029. Pyro says:
  1030.  EXACTLY
  1031. X-singular says:
  1032.  Learn from the ones before you
  1033. Sparty says:
  1034.  You have a grandmother who will be screaming her head off and Nightmare motherfucking Moon,  
  1036. who almost killed everything because of jealousy
  1037.  So
  1038.  Your plate is cut out
  1039. X-singular says:
  1040.  Verbose feigned ignoreance
  1041.  Bob exploited weak spots
  1042. Bob says:
  1044. X-singular says:
  1045.  Ric ... well he just failed that dude
  1047.  yeah that's a lesson
  1048. Pyro says:
  1049.  okay
  1050.  now everybody shut up and let me try
  1051. Bob says:
  1052.  Alright, godspeed
  1053. Pyro says:
  1055. Ric says:
  1056.  Yay, I'm a fuck up
  1057. X-singular says:
  1058.  LET HIM TYPE
  1059. Pyro says:
  1060.  Okay
  1061.  Considering that she'll be enthused and afraid, she'll probably be in NmM rage mode.  And in
  1063.  that mode, everyone will be too scared to move.  Think: dark, large pony in armor and looks  
  1065. like she could kick your ass easily.  No one's going to talk or piss her off
  1066.  My family's smart enough to be quiet.
  1067. X-singular says:
  1068.  She's in Lunda/Nmm mode
  1069.  remember last time she turned to NmM she was jealous.
  1070.  so play this wrong and we've got 1000 years of darkness to look forward to.
  1071. Pyro says:
  1072.  yeah
  1073. Sparty says:
  1075. Pyro says:
  1078.  Okay
  1079.  So everyone's going to be in shock and awe
  1080.  keeping quiet
  1081. X-singular says:
  1082.  Some people in the backlines won't
  1083.  She's NOT that tall you know
  1084.  so some will be chattering in the back trying to figure out why everyone stopped moving
  1085. Pyro says:
  1086.  yeah
  1087.  and she'll look right at them and silence them
  1088. X-singular says:
  1089.  Fine, in-character....
  1090. Pyro says:
  1091.  her glare will be enough to keep them quiet
  1092. X-singular says:
  1093.  WARNING
  1094.  It's also strong enough for someone to start dailing 911
  1095.  Let me tell you
  1097. Pyro says:
  1098.  okayu
  1099.  but the cops will hang up when someone says "a pony that talks just crashed our meal"
  1100. X-singular says:
  1101.  They'll asy that they are being held by a wild animal/monster, after many calls from the  
  1103. same spot saying the same thing, the cops would realise it's not a prank
  1104.   they'll send help
  1105. Pyro says:
  1106.  that talks
  1107. X-singular says:
  1108.  you got 15 minutes till the cops arrive
  1109. Pyro says:
  1110.  okay
  1111.  15 minutes to calm her down
  1112. X-singular says:
  1113.  Then I'd like to see you avoid a scene in an armed stand-off with a an angry Moon goddess
  1114. Pyro says:
  1115.  that's gonna be a tough one
  1116.  okay
  1117. X-singular says:
  1118.  Pyro Must Die
  1119.  >:-]
  1120. Pyro says:
  1121.  after everyone's quiet, she confesses everything
  1122.  I am still a brony in this situation, right?  I know about ponies and everything?
  1123. X-singular says:
  1124.  YEAH, but you DON'T know that you used to have a life in Equestria
  1125. Pyro says:
  1126.  okay
  1127.  so she barges in
  1128. X-singular says:
  1129.  REMEMBER, romance is NOT the point
  1130. Pyro says:
  1131.  silences everyne
  1132.  and explains
  1133. X-singular says:
  1134.  And your family just sits there?
  1135.  How long can intimidation last when you tell a mother that her son is an alien?
  1136.  Answer: not for long.
  1137. Pyro says:
  1138.  now I'm a pretty accepting person, so I believe all of this.  I know my family won't, so I  
  1140. just go into full "what" mode
  1141. X-singular says:
  1142.  Protests will flare up.
  1143. Pyro says:
  1144.  I just ask my parents for 5 minutes alone with her to get everything explained.  
  1145. X-singular says:
  1146.  COPS
  1147. Pyro says:
  1148.  I know
  1149. X-singular says:
  1150.  GUNS
  1151.  1000 years of darkness
  1152.  Careful there, also:
  1153.  I would usualy say that "alone" = almost a scene
  1154.  but seeing how dumbfounded they are it neutralizes it
  1155.  Luna does have an intimidating presence after all...
  1156. Pyro says:
  1157.  NmM even more
  1158.  so
  1159.  After the talk alone with her, I have 8 minutes left until the cops
  1160.  Okay.  so that's 2 minutes down for the opening and the confession, and 5 minutes for the
  1162. explaination.  
  1163. X-singular says:
  1164.  Sparty? Ric anything you would like to add at this point?
  1165.  help me make it HARDER!!
  1166. Ric says:
  1167.  Oh its hard enough for me since I didnt get a point. :l
  1168. Sparty says:
  1169.  A quick summation;
  1170.  You have eight minutes to talk a possibly psychotic moon goddess who previously attempted to
  1172.  kill all life over the fact that in her realm she was not popular
  1173.  Into submission, while your family waits on you, and the fuzz are incoming
  1174.  I'm not going to add anything
  1175.  Because at this stage, already holding the fate of Earth's biodiversity... yeah, speaks for  
  1177. itself
  1178. Pyro says:
  1179.  no, I have 5
  1180. Sparty says:
  1181.  15 - 7 = eight
  1182. Pyro says:
  1183.  and 8 to explain it to the rest of the family
  1184.  there was two for the opening and confession
  1185.  and 5 for the talk
  1186. X-singular says:
  1187.  Fine
  1188.  Wow you guys are soft hearted...
  1189. Sparty says:
  1190.  I would have tried to make it harder
  1191.  But I doubt you can go past I Wanna Be The Guy
  1192. X-singular says:
  1193.  Fine
  1194.  anyway, I'm the GM here Pyro so if I have an objection I'll RP as Luna to show you your  
  1196. error.
  1197.  Go
  1198. Pyro says:
  1199.  I would say: "If you really love me, you'll let me go until I'm out on my own in 3 years.  
  1201. 19 years old."  
  1202.  That would probably calm her down into normal luna mode
  1203. X-singular says:
  1204.  O_O
  1205.  HOLY SHIT,
  1206.  I'm getting Pipsqueak vibes from this scenario!
  1207. Pyro says:
  1208.  haha
  1209. X-singular says:
  1210.  The age thing
  1212. Sparty says:
  1213.  ...
  1214. X-singular says:
  1216. Sparty says:
  1217.  You win
  1218. X-singular says:
  1219.  WOW
  1220.  HE MADE IT
  1221. Sparty says:
  1222.  Somehow you managed to win
  1223. X-singular says:
  1224.  SHIT
  1225.  FUCK
  1226.  I LOST
  1227. Pyro says:
  1228.  Not over yet
  1229. Sparty says:
  1231. Pyro says:
  1232.  I still have the 8 minutes to explain to my family
  1233. Sparty says:
  1234.  You still get claps
  1235. Pyro says:
  1236.  yeah
  1237. Sparty says:
  1238.  Because god-damn
  1239. X-singular says:
  1240.  you can jsut feign ignorance at everything at this point
  1241. Pyro says:
  1242.  Maybe
  1243. Sparty says:
  1244.  I would not have been able to get out of that bind
  1245. Pyro says:
  1246.  I have an idea
  1247. Pyro says:
  1248.  Ask her to change into human form.  Tell my parents it was all a joke played with smoke and  
  1250. mirrors.  
  1251. Bob says:
  1252.  Knock them all out, when they wake up, tell them they got drunk and passed out
  1253. Pyro says:
  1254.  haha
  1255.  maybe
  1256. X-singular says:
  1257.  Pyro, you ot an RATIONAL moon goddes on your side now
  1258.  there are a million ways to solve this
  1259.  Memory wipe.
  1260.  Time revert
  1261.  Smoke and mirrors
  1262. Pyro says:
  1263.  tell them that this is the girl I've been scared to tell them about.  
  1264. X-singular says:
  1265.  (I'm just hoping he fucks up here, so I can take that point from him)
  1266. Sparty says:
  1267.  GO PYRO
  1269.  YOU GOT THIS
  1270. Pyro says:
  1271.  My parents have been on my ass about getting a girl
  1272.  so this is a huge relief to them
  1273.  they're happy
  1274. X-singular says:
  1275.  and
  1276.  TIME
  1277.  IS
  1278.  UP
  1279. X-singular says:
  1281. Pyro says:
  1282.  Yeah.  
  1283. X-singular says:
  1286. Sparty says:
  1287.  whelp
  1288. X-singular says:
  1290. Pyro says:
  1292. X-singular says:
  1295. Sparty says:
  1296.  Wow.
  1297.  I cannot believe you just did that, Singular.
  1298. Ric says:
  1299.  I knew X was gonna fuck you over too
  1300. X-singular says:
  1302. Sparty says:
  1303.  Did you REALLY have to pull a Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies?
  1304. X-singular says:
  1307. Pyro says:
  1308.   They see no threat
  1309.  only me and a girl standing in a room full of laughing, happy people.  They fine whoever  
  1311. made the phone call.  SHe's in normal, human form.  There's no dangerous animal, there's no  
  1313. threat
  1314. X-singular says:
  1315.  "Happy people"? in nthe middle of a police bust? don't think so
  1316.  Panic in the crowd
  1317.  as for "Normal Human form" Luna
  1318.  Luna is clearly distressed over being out of her element
  1320.  ......
  1321.  so she turns aggressive
  1322. Pyro says:
  1324. X-singular says:
  1326. Pyro says:
  1328. Sparty says:
  1331. Ric says:
  1333. Pyro says:
  1334.  Whisper in her ear to make a time stop for all but us two
  1335.  problem, x?
  1336. X-singular says:
  1337.  AND?
  1338.  Scene is still caused when time continues
  1339. Sparty says:
  1340.  I came up with a way to fuck you over completely based on that Pyro
  1341.  but I will not say it right now
  1342. X-singular says:
  1343.  YOU ARE NOT
  1344.  I repeat
  1345.  YOU ARE NOT
  1346.  getting both the point and the ppony
  1347.  NOT ON MY WATCH
  1349. Pyro says:
  1350.  I KNOW
  1352.  RIC NO TYPING
  1353.  LET ME TALK
  1354.  Okay
  1355. Ric says:
  1356.  I knew you are a screw over. Note to self: Never play games with X, because he's a screw  
  1358. over. ):
  1359. Pyro says:
  1360.  RIC SHUT UP
  1361. Ric says:
  1362.  okay
  1363. X-singular says:
  1364.  @Ric: it's called Pyro Must Die for a reason
  1365.  HELL OR HELL
  1366. Pyro says:
  1367.  Alright
  1368.  lemme talk
  1369.  FOR ONCE
  1370.  alright
  1371.  in all the panic she can only do a slow-time
  1372.  and that buys me two minutes
  1373. X-singular says:
  1374.  Wow, setting obstacles for your self now
  1375.  Looks like I don't have to do a thing here anymore.
  1376.  But I like that,
  1377.  Go on.
  1378. Pyro says:
  1379.  In that two minutes
  1380.  I ask her if she can do a spell that will reverse time completly, make it so that this thing
  1382.  never happened.  I tell her to wait a little more until jumping to my world, like when I'm  
  1384. completely out of the house and parents are detached
  1385.  seeing as how I'm not going to get a girl anytime soon
  1386. X-singular says:
  1387.  Nope
  1388.  what she can do is the same spell as Twilight
  1389.  would you go down that scenario or would you continue?
  1390. Pyro says:
  1391.  I'll see where this goes
  1392.  She can only do a time-travel spell that lasts a few minutes
  1393. X-singular says:
  1394.  Fine
  1395.  Fine
  1396.  BONUS ROUND
  1397.  Pyro you are now Luna
  1398. Pyro says:
  1399.  what?
  1400. X-singular says:
  1401.  you know that Pyro will wait for you , you know to come back later
  1402.  BUT NOW
  1403. Ric says:
  1404.  and then Pyro became a moon
  1405. Pyro says:
  1406.  shut it ric
  1407. X-singular says:
  1408.  you have to convince hurried frantic PAST Luna to NOT barge in there
  1409. Pyro says:
  1410.  okay
  1411. X-singular says:
  1412.  GO.
  1413. Pyro says:
  1414.  I'll use the same argument Pyro used with me
  1415.  "If you love him, you will NOT fuck this up"
  1416. X-singular says:
  1417.  Nice, EXCEPT
  1419.  Luna thinks you are a changling
  1420.  here to steal Pyro's love from her
  1421.  she turn aggressive
  1422.  What do?
  1423. Sparty says:
  1424.  may i interject for one second?
  1425. Pyro says:
  1426.  yes
  1427. Sparty says:
  1428.  i am laughing
  1429. Pyro says:
  1430.  one second
  1431. X-singular says:
  1432.  yes.
  1433. Sparty says:
  1434.  this is like dwarf fortress
  1435. X-singular says:
  1436.  That's the point Sparty.
  1437. Sparty says:
  1438.  more specifically, boatmurdered
  1439.  you think it can't get any worse
  1440. X-singular says:
  1441.  ^ Glad you think so.
  1442. Sparty says:
  1443.  then it goes and gets worse anyway
  1444. X-singular says:
  1445.  IT ALWAYS CAN
  1446. Pyro says:
  1447.  alright
  1448. Sparty says:
  1449.  continue
  1450. X-singular says:
  1451.  continue.
  1452. Pyro says:
  1453.  alright
  1454.  I need to try to get her calmed down
  1455.  What I will do
  1456. X-singular says:
  1457.  "foul changeling, I won't let you near him"
  1458. Pyro says:
  1459.  I'd say "I will let you go out to him, but only if you promise to let him go for a few years
  1461.  to let him grow so his family won't hate you"
  1462.  I'll let her take over, but only if she promises to do what I would do
  1463.  otherwise, she'll never have him
  1464.  and that won't end well for her and she knows it
  1465. X-singular says:
  1466.  "And why would I, the princesss of the night...
  1467.  ...the controller of the moon, the cold hearted duskbringer, listen to a bug like you?"
  1468. Sparty says:
  1469.  come on pyro
  1470.  say what i am thinking
  1471.  say it
  1472. Pyro says:
  1473.  Kill her?
  1474. Sparty says:
  1475.  No
  1476. Pyro says:
  1477.  okay
  1478. X-singular says:
  1479.  Know that if you use your special Luna powers (Moving the moon etc.) to convince her that it
  1481.  IS you from forward in Time
  1482.  She would think that the changling fed on Pyro's love
  1483.  which made the Changling powerful, kinda like Chrysalis vs Celesta
  1484.  which would cause her to rage into NmM mode
  1485.  Just sayin.
  1486. Pyro says:
  1487.  I will step aside and show that she can trust me.  
  1488.  show her that there is nothing to fear from me
  1489.  and that if she does something stupid like go all rage-mode
  1490.  she will never have him
  1491. X-singular says:
  1492.  "Then let me get to my Pyro, if thou haven't hurt him like thou claims"
  1493. Sparty says:
  1494.  Catch-22
  1495. X-singular says:
  1496.  Should I throw you a bone???
  1497. Bob says:
  1498.  take her to a window to see him
  1499.  If there is one
  1500.  no barging, just glancing
  1501. X-singular says:
  1502.  ANd risk getting spotted by a million familymembers/colleagues
  1503.  Also Bob, who's side are you on anyway?
  1504. Bob says:
  1505.  They're partying
  1506.  they won't notice a window
  1507.  also, I'm on my own side
  1508. X-singular says:
  1509.  Fine, acceptable
  1510. Bob says:
  1511.  No, go with pyro's answer
  1512.  This is pyro's game
  1513. X-singular says:
  1514.  But you do know that Shining Armor looked more than fine while being fed on
  1515.  so seeing him does NOTHING
  1516. Bob says:
  1517.  But they weren't aware
  1518.  that's all that matters
  1519. Pyro says:
  1520.  okay
  1521. Sparty says:
  1522.  Like I said, I did come up with a way to fuck him over as a last resort, if you really want  
  1524. me to
  1525. Pyro says:
  1526.  Alright, what I will do
  1527.  WHAT I WILL DO
  1528. X-singular says:
  1529.  PYRO use an Escape Rope?
  1530.  I'll throw you a bone if the situation is hopeless
  1531. Pyro says:
  1535. X-singular says:
  1536.  A Changling messing with a Princess's mind, not a normal princess a cold-hearted proud cruel
  1538.  personfication of the night.
  1539.  Unwise.
  1540.  But fine
  1541.  here's a bone.
  1542.  PYRO
  1543.  Here's you chance
  1544.  you did manage to hold your other self for long enough
  1545.  when suddenly the door you are behind opens
  1546.  @Sparty: no it's not the fuzz, i'm not screwing him over.
  1547.  It's PYRO, he looks dumbfounded that there are two of you(His Fave pony).
  1548.  I'll RP Pyro and past Luna, you are still future Luna
  1549.  (I hope I RP you right....)
  1550. Sparty says:
  1551.  Allow me to recite my opinion on this
  1552.  I fucking hate time travel.
  1553. X-singular says:
  1554.  I warned him,
  1555.  I told him that he can switch routes
  1556.  I did specifically say that Luna is ONLY capable of Tiwlight's spell.
  1557. Pyro says:
  1558.  X
  1559.  I am not following this
  1560.  We go from a small time freeze to two future me
  1561.  what the hell happend?
  1562. X-singular says:
  1563.  No not two future you, you decided to go back in time
  1564.  I told you it's like Twilight in the episode It's About Time
  1565.  So you have to convince past Luna that you are Future Luna
  1566.  and that you should come back later
  1567.  when Pyro steps in on you two Lunas
  1569. Pyro says:
  1570.  okay
  1571. X-singular says:
  1572.  you are still future Luna fighting to be heard.
  1573. Pyro says:
  1574.  so what happened
  1575. X-singular says:
  1576.  (c'mon it's wasy)
  1577. Pyro says:
  1578.  I know
  1579.  lemme speak
  1580. X-singular says:
  1581.  easy*
  1582.  (just repeat the first scene but with out a time limit)
  1583. Pyro says:
  1584.  what happened is that I went back in time on Pyro's request to tell my past self to wait.  
  1586. she doesn't believe me and my dark half is constantly trying to burst out.  
  1587.  Pyro bursts in behind us
  1588. X-singular says:
  1589.  Yeah......
  1590.  Dude, it's won by this point you know that?
  1591. Pyro says:
  1592.  I tell her "There he is.  But if you go in all crazy you'll never have him"
  1593. X-singular says:
  1594.  Instead of one character trying to calm Luna down in a time limit with a crowd around
  1595.  it's 2 chars trying to calm her alone with no time limit.
  1596.  So it's pretty much won, with you barging in.
  1597.  I'm just saying
  1598.  as a GM I know when a game is over.
  1599.  and I can also tell that our spectators are no longer entertained.
  1600. Bob says:
  1601.  It would have been much easier if the bone you threw was the inclusion of his buddy, Bob.
  1602.  Whose superior logic always solves everything.
  1603. X-singular says:
  1604.  Bob steps in after Pyro
  1605.  Opens the door
  1606.  gets on the floor
  1607. Bob says:
  1608.  I knew it
  1609. X-singular says:
  1610.  Everybody dances the dinosaur
  1611. Bob says:
  1612.  Haha
  1613. Pyro says:
  1614.  What happens is that I tell her to change into human form and go in calmly.  Tell them she's
  1616. Pyro's hidden GF and that they're together. Pyro and her live happily together in juman form
  1617.  *human
  1618.  alright
  1619.  did I win?
  1620.  Make it snappy, I got less than a minute
  1621. X-singular says:
  1622.  as Future Luna
  1623. Pyro says:
  1624.  Dammit
  1625.  gtg
  1626. X-singular says:
  1627.  you tell past Luna to do that
  1628. Pyro says:
  1629.  elaborate later
  1630. X-singular says:
  1631.  yeah it works
  1632.  you won really
  1633.  and Bob is still dancing the Dinosaur
  1635.   Pyro has left the conversation.
  1637. X-singular says:
  1638.  so he gets a point off for scene =  made
  1639.  Bob, you managed to make a scene
  1640.  Congrats!
  1641. Sparty says:
  1642.  But he managed to deftly avoid making a huge scene
  1643.  So at least honorary point for that
  1644. X-singular says:
  1645.  I'll admit, Pyro was pretty deligient, and I admire his tenacity
  1646.  That truth is
  1647.  he must have given it more thought than all of us
  1648.  that's why he pulled it off
  1649. Bob says:
  1650.  I'd like to ask that we rewind to the cops attacking scene
  1651.  I dance the dinosaur
  1652.  act like a nuisance
  1653. X-singular says:
  1654.  ^
  1655. Sparty says:
  1656.  Everyone dances the dinosaur
  1657. X-singular says:
  1658.  GENIUS!
  1659. Bob says:
  1660.  put on a horse costume
  1661. X-singular says:
  1662.  YES!
  1663. Sparty says:
  1664.  You win anyway
  1665. Bob says:
  1666.  police raid
  1667.  I'm taken away
  1668. Sparty says:
  1669.  Because everyone is too busy
  1670. Bob says:
  1671.  Pyro is in the clear
  1672. X-singular says:
  1673.  Yup
  1674.  Bob is clearly an alien/retard
  1675.  that satisfies the cops on both accounts
  1676.  evryone wins
  1677. Sparty says:
  1678.  As for how he gets fucked over (heehee laughed at that one singular)
  1679. Bob says:
  1680.  Yup
  1681. Sparty says:
  1682.  Since this somehow managed to become a matter of national security
  1683.  If
  1684.  I
  1685.  ehm
  1686.  IF
  1687.  Luna takes too long to remember the spell (say, four seconds), she's killed by a sniper
  1688.  Scene made, pony dead.
  1690. X-singular says:
  1691.  ....
  1692. Sparty says:
  1694. X-singular says:
  1695.  I didn't want to break Pyro's heart
  1696. Sparty says:
  1697.  Fair point
  1698.  But you were the one that bought in attack helicopters and SWAT teams
  1699.  Mr. Killer DM
  1700. X-singular says:
  1701.  So I always made her appear to have the upper hand when it comes to raw power
  1702. Bob says:
  1703.  And that's why Bob needs to be there
  1704.  Bob doesn't mind taking the heat
  1705. Sparty says:
  1706.  Power matters none if you don't get a chance to use it
  1707. X-singular says:
  1708.  that's why I made the whole "she gets aggressive to protect Pyro" part
  1709. Sparty says:
  1710.  Chances are he wouldn't shoot anyway
  1711.  On an individual level he'd be wondering "Dude, if I shot her... I might fuck over humanity"
  1712. X-singular says:
  1713.  Bob is awesome.
  1714.  but seriously
  1715.  how many times did Pyro almost pull it off for me to screw him over?
  1716. Sparty says:
  1717.  Bout three or four times
  1718. X-singular says:
  1719.  you know what I take back my words....
  1720.  The backstory I made up on the spot made at least one person more invlolved in this scenario
  1721.  which made this really fun
  1722. Sparty says:
  1723.  It was a clusterfuck of truly epic proportions
  1724.  We need to do this again
  1725.  Sometime
  1726. X-singular says:
  1727.  *bows down* thank you thank you.
  1728. Bob says:
  1729.  But Bob is the ultimate cheat code
  1730. X-singular says:
  1731.  You know who you got to thank for this?
  1732. Sparty says:
  1733.  No
  1734.  The ultimate cheat
  1735.  is...
  1736.  IDDQD
  1737.  Nothing matters when godmode is on
  1738. X-singular says:
  1739.  The faggot behind that mortar who keeps firing it and PREVENTS ME FROM SLEEPING
  1741.  It's 6:00 AM here
  1742. Bob says:
  1743.  Damn
  1744. X-singular says:
  1745.  @Sparty:
  1746.  Buddha
  1747.  what a funny word
  1748.  1 internet for whoever gets that reference.
  1749.  BTW
  1750.  Mine is
  1751.  King Tiger if with crew then 1
  1752.  if without crew it's 0.5
  1753. Sparty says:
  1754.  0.5 because of crew requirement
  1755. X-singular says:
  1756.  My world is Rarity
  1757.  nothing wrong with that
  1758. Sparty says:
  1759.  1
  1760.  definitely
  1761. X-singular says:
  1762.  Third game I won't even try.
  1763. Sparty says:
  1764.  The third is a bitch
  1765. X-singular says:
  1766.  Rarity = insta-drama
  1767.  So I'm sure to lose
  1768.  and my family disowned me
  1769.  and now the Governement and the FSA both want me dead.
  1770.  Piss
  1771. Bob says:
  1772.  Hey X
  1773. Bob says:
  1774.  who's your favorite pony?
  1775. X-singular says:
  1776.  Rarity/AJ
  1777.  also Scootaloo if not mane 6
  1778. Sparty says:
  1779.  Wow
  1780. X-singular says:
  1782.  thank you very much.
  1783. Bob says:
  1784.  Soooo... you'll have three ponies confess their love?
  1785. X-singular says:
  1786.  NO HELL NO
  1787.  GOD NO
  1788. Sparty says:
  1789.  Welcome.
  1790. X-singular says:
  1792.  AJ is very stubborn but she can be appealed to
  1793.  Rarity = Drama and fainting everywhere
  1794.  Scootaloo = filly, don't even go there.
  1795.  So any I pick I'm fucked
  1796.  so it's 0
  1797.  So I'm either tied with Sparty or with the rest of you guys.
  1798. Sparty says:
  1799.  I managed to beat the GM somehow
  1800.  -dies-
  1801. X-singular says:
  1802.  I'm gonna go with 1.5 final score
  1803. Bob says:
  1804.  Too bad
  1805. X-singular says:
  1806.  Congrats Sparty
  1807.  What do you want the gift to be?
  1808. X-singular says:
  1809.  wait , you aren't on KYM anymore
  1810.  it could have been a wall badge...
  1811. Bob says:
  1813. Sparty says:
  1814.  Give it to Bob
  1815.  And make it say
  1816.  "You did not win this"
  1817. X-singular says:
  1818.  YES SIR!
  1819. Bob says:
  1820.  you're buddy Bob wants a laugh
  1821.  He sends all three to your place
  1822.  What do you do now?
  1823. Sparty says:
  1824.  Heeheehee
  1825. X-singular says:
  1826.  Bob once the arty stops and I get to sleep, I'll wake up and do that badge first thing in  
  1828. the morning
  1829. Ric says:
  1830.  Twilight, Flutters, and Pinkie at my place? o.o Wow, this might be interesting
  1831. X-singular says:
  1832.  Wear it proudly!
  1833.  But wow... that background story was one hell of a crack-fic
  1834.  I wonder where I came up with that...
  1835.  I'm one messed up individual.
  1836. Sparty says:
  1837.  Singular: There is an image macro for how you did it SOMEWHERE
  1838. X-singular says:
  1839.  Well guys. it's been intresting
  1840. Sparty says:
  1842.  That is how you did it
  1843.  Imagination
  1844. X-singular says:
  1845.  we should do the same games again but with Opspe, Alger and Connor on
  1846. Sparty says:
  1847.  Yes
  1848. X-singular says:
  1849.  Maybe Bob will be the GM
  1850.  for now I'm going to copy this converstaion today
  1851.  and put it on a pastebin somewhere
  1852. Bob says:
  1853.  But X
  1854. X-singular says:
  1855.  ?
  1856. Bob says:
  1857.  you haven't finished my scenario
  1858. X-singular says:
  1859.  ??
  1860. Bob says:
  1861.  Your buddy Bob wants a laugh
  1862.  so he sends the three ponies to your place
  1863. X-singular says:
  1864.  Oh sorry I wasn't reading
  1865.  hold on
  1866.  lemme scroll up
  1867.  OK
  1868. Bob says:
  1869.  Scenario 3, basically
  1870.  but with three
  1871.  Hahaha
  1872. X-singular says:
  1873.  to my place?
  1874. Bob says:
  1875.  yes
  1876. X-singular says:
  1877.  Well, let me tell you. first I would tell them that THE LOUD BOOM IS A MORTAR, AND THE      
  1881.  and so on
  1882.  how that?  
  1883. Sparty says:
  1884.  Heheheh
  1885.  I got a kick out of that
  1886. Ric says:
  1887.  ima go to sleep now guys
  1888.  night night
  1889.  I feel sorry for you X.  ):
  1890. X-singular says:
  1891.  It's too much fun XD
  1892. Sparty says:
  1893.  Indeed
  1894. Bob says:
  1895.  Seeya Ric
  1896. Sparty says:
  1897.  Bai Ric
  1898. Ric says:
  1899.  I hope a mortar does not hit your room, stay safe now.
  1900. X-singular says:
  1901.  Yeah, man will do
  1902.  see ya!
  1903.  since I answered your question Bob Imma sign off and go to sleep now
  1904.  Lemme just paste all this
  1906. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  1910. Verbose: 1.5
  1911. Bob: 1.5
  1912. Ric: 0.5  
  1913. Sparty: 2
  1914. X-singular: 1.5
  1916. WINNER IS SPARTY! He gave the badge (of his own design no less) to Bob though.
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