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  1. She must have been Wallace's Maggiemite, but she certainly looked different than you'd expected. More... Human. Was she a Threshold?
  3. "Let's get this over with." The Pok├ęgirl said, cold and arrogant, brushing some stray hair away from her face. You hated her immediately.
  5. "Gale, I require your aid." The Espea said, looking at the Maggiemite with softly pulsing eyes. The Maggiemite's eyes widened and she glared at the Psychic, but then glanced at Wallace and nodded reluctantly.
  7. "You will make it up to me for this." The Maggiemite said through grit teeth, but obediently approached the other girl.
  9. You glanced back towards your girls, finding Adella and Alice sizing each other up.
  11. "I'll win for you, Master." Alice said, already in her serpentine form and uncoiling herself. "I'll show you I'm strong."
  13. "Victory will be yours, Master." Adella affirmed, her voice like steel.
  15. You chuckled nervously, but steeled yourself. "It won't be easy girls, but I know we can do it. As long as we work together."
  17. "Yes, Master!" They said, glancing at each other briefly in a way you weren't sure you liked, then staring ahead.
  19. You followed their gaze towards Wallace and his girls and froze. "What are they doing?"
  21. The Maggiemite was levitating off the ground, legs bent and head bowed as she angled herself in the air. The light around her bent and twisted in a rainbow hue matching the glow in the Espea's eyes.
  23. Wait a sec, she's not going to-
  25. Cold sweat broke across your back as the Espea raised her arm and the Maggiemite moved with it, palm steered in your girl's direction. Your mind raced to recall the Maggiemite's properties.
  27. Steel-type, levitates and uses magnetism to ignore friction, body hardens in response to impact to withstand sudden shock-
  29. "DODGE!"
  31. Your shout overlapped with a thunderous dust cloud on the Espea's side of the battlefield, from which a crackling, shimmering torpedo-girl shot out.
  33. Straight in Adella's direction.
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