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  1. [align=left][float=left][img=200x200][/img][/float][/align][align=left][size=xx-large][font=Merienda One][align=center][color=#FF0000]Velvet[/color][/font][/align][/size][hr][hr][hr]
  2. [align=center][u][font=Oswald][size=x-large][color=#FFFF40]About us[/color][/size][/font][/u][/align]
  4. [align=center][size=medium][color=#FFFF40][font=Open Sans]Velvet is a group of Zoners who are dedicated to the security of human expansion projects in the Omicron systems. What started off as a small idea to keep Freeport 11 safe and secure, soon slowly started turning into a much larger security detail for not just the station, but for other stations, extending services already to have saved Hellas and Freeport 9 from several Nomad strikes as well.
  6. Currently, Velvet works on the removal of Nomad influence and incursions in the Omicron systems, based primarily out of Freeport 11.
  8. The vision of Velvet is for all humans to be able to survive and prosper in the outer Omicron systems without the fear of the culling of human lives by alien incursion and influence. The organization will achieve this by using war ships provided by different benefactors to destroy Nomad warforms that lurk the Omicron systems with significant human presences, assisting anyone and everyone who is being harassed by Nomads and performing reconnaissance with state of the art technology to monitor Nomad traffic.
  10. The Velvet Wing is under a strict directive to not bring harm to the rest of humanity, regardless of affiliation, either by action or by inaction, in the fight against Nomads, with the exception of those who actively defend the Nomads by firing upon others.
  12. The organization’s objectives do NOT include the harvesting of Nomad technology, or influencing the Omicron’s power struggle between the Order and the Core, or challenging the concept of Zoner “neutrality”.[/align][/color][/font]
  13. [/size][/align]
  14. [hr][hr]
  16. [align=center][color=#BFFFFF][u][size=x-large][font=Oswald]Diplomacy Index[/font][/size][/u][/color]
  17. [size=large][color=#00BF00]Allies - Independent Zoners, OSI, IRG, Core| [/color]
  18. [color=#80FF00]Friendly - Core secondary fleet, [TBH] and Order Overwatch [/color]
  19. Neutral - Everyone else
  20. [color=#FF4080]Unfriendly - Commune, RV-Pennybrooke, Wilde[/color]
  21. [color=#FF0000]At War - Nomads and all their variations[/color][/size][/align]
  23. [hr][hr]
  25. [align=center][color=#BFFFFF][u][size=x-large][font=Oswald]Naming Scheme[/font][/size][/u][/color]
  26. [size=large][b]Fighters and bombers:[/b] [color=#80FFFF]Velvet|”Colour” or Velvet|”Gem”[/color]
  27. [b]Transports:[/b] [color=#80FFFF]Velvet|”Precious metal”[/color]
  28. [b]Gunboats:[/b] [color=#80FFFF]Velvet|"Shipname"[/color]
  29. [b]Battlecruisers etc:[/b] [color=#80FFFF]Currently one Fearless run by Velvet|Opal.[/color]
  30. [b]Battleships/Carriers:[/b] [color=#80FFFF]Currently unused by the faction.[/color]
  31. [/align][/size]
  32. [hr][hr]
  34. [align=center][color=#BFBFFF][u][size=x-large][font=Oswald]Allowed Ships [/font][/size][/u]
  35. [size=medium]Most Velvet operatives are currently limited to snub crafts. Due to our current limited influence, Velvet cannot commit to the use of many larger vessels.
  37. All snubcrafts are provided by Velvet’s benefactors, but pilots can bring their own ships to battle under the wing’s name, however this first has to be approved by Velvet Red. The ships that are provided can be freely modified, the Ships and Weapon Systems that are currently permitted are all Civilian, Border Worlds and Zoner technology.[/color][/size][/align]
  39. [align=right][float=right][size=large]Scouting ships:[/size]
  40. [size=medium]-Scimitar
  41. -Skeleton
  42. -Griffin[/size]
  44. [size=large]Special ships:[/size]
  45. [size=large]Flagship:[/size]
  46. [size=medium]-Velvet|Gold - Retrofitted Mobile HQ Oasis-class Liner[/size]
  48. [size=large]Cruiser:[/size]
  49. [size=medium]-Velvet|Opal - Fearless-class Zoner Q-Ship[/size][/float][/align][size=large]Bombers:[/size]
  50. [size=medium]-Waran
  51. -Roc
  52. -Havoc MK II[/size]
  54. [size=large]Fighters:[/size]
  55. [size=medium]-Sabre
  56. -Lich
  57. -Raven’s Talon
  58. -Osprey MK II
  59. -Eagle
  60. -Jackdaw
  61. -Kingfisher[/size]
  63. [hr][hr]
  65. [align=center][color=#FF00FF][u][size=x-large][font=Oswald]Rankings and Structure [/font][/size][/u][/color]
  66. [size=large][color=#FF0000]Velvet|Red[/color] ([url=]Immortality23[/url]) - [b]First in Command, Head of Velvet[/b]
  67. [color=#FF0000]Velvet|White[/color] ([url=]KaelanFrey[/url]) - [b]Second in Command, Head of Reconnaissance[/b]
  68. [color=#FF0000]Velvet|Onyx[/color] ([url=]Hemlocke[/url]) - [b]Second in Command, Head of the Bomber Squadron[/b][/size][/align]
  70. [u][align=center][size=x-large][b]Ranks[/b][/size][/u]
  71. [u][color=#00FFFF][size=medium]New Entrant[/size][/u] - Someone within their early stages of joining who will be shown the ropes by a more experienced member. They will progress onto the next rank by one of the department leaders.[/color]
  73. [u][color=#80BF00][size=medium]Operative[/size][/u] - A member who has gone through their basic training and has been become a full member of Velvet who can operate alone or as part of a wing. They will also chose an area of expertise, outlined later.[/color]
  75. [u][color=#FF40FF][size=medium]Senior Operative[/size][/u] - An experienced operative, who can lead a wing of up to 2 other operatives, as well as lead a new entrant. They are experienced in working alone and have good experience in leading a small wing.[/color]
  77. [u][color=#FF8080][size=medium]Section Leader[/size][/u]- Someone who leads one of the 4 sections of Velvet. They are the leaders of their respective specialization within Velvet and act alongside the seniority in shaping the future of Velvet.[/color]
  79. [u][color=#FFBF00][size=medium]Velvet Leader[/size][/u] - Seniority within Velvet, this is comprised of Red who is the faction leader alongside White and Onyx who are the second in commands. They work alongside Wing Leaders and the rest of Velvet to ensure maximum operational capabilities. They are also the only ones who have access to the “Gold” ship.[/color][/align]
  81. [hr][hr]
  83. [align=center][color=#FFFFBF][font=Oswald][u][size=x-large]Specializations[/size][/u][/font][/color]
  84. [color=#FFFFBF][b]There are 4 specializations that Velvet members can undertake:[/b]
  86. [size=large][u]Reconnaissance[/u][/size] - Headed by [i]White[/i]
  87. The eyes and ears that spot out Nomad ships before they even become a direct threat. Primarily they use Light Fighter class vessels to get in, get information and fall back to the base that they were operating from. These ships are specially designed to be reconnaissance vessels, however they can also be used for interceptive operations as well.
  89. [size=large][u]Bomber Squadron[/u][/size] - Headed by [i]Onyx[/i]
  90. The heavy munitions team that uses bombers to neutralise larger targets, such as capital class ships.  They can also be used in support roles for other units.
  92. [size=large][u]Fighter Wing[/u][/size] - Headed by [i]Red[/i]
  93. Flying everything from Light Fighters to Super Heavy Fighters.  They are the main wing who deal with the smaller vessels, as well as extending to escort and support roles when needed.
  95. [size=large][u]HQ Division[/u][/size] - Head by [i]Red[/i]
  96. The section of Velvet where the larger ships are positioned. Currently this is the mobile HQ, "Velvet|Gold", and the Fearless Q-Ship "Velvet|Onyx". They are also the section of Velvet that deal with background tasks and paper work.[/color][/align]
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