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  2. ALERT: Lumpy J. Goreteo (Miggles802): Any admin available to rule something for me?
  3. MenatPsychic whispers you: you can't lift houses, your size is irrelevant. feat scaling is exact based on the tier.
  4. MenatPsychic whispers you: a house is not ten tons.
  5. You whisper to MenatPsychic: it's lacking a roof and a wall.
  6. MenatPsychic whispers you: that doesn't matter. you're overplaying yourself.
  7. Teen with stick sighs in annoyance hearing the response 'G-geeze, he really is like a child, it's one thing then onto the next.' he thought, not daring to say that out loud. However, what happens next changed his tone completely...
  9. Reed's Eyes widen seeing the girl flee. "'ve got to be kidding me.."He groans and mumbles as he still backs up slowly, making sure to keep a safe enough distance "Then game! Fun game, very fun! Even win a prize!" His voice stayed strong, trying to sound joyful even. though his body was shaking slightly.
  10. You whisper to MenatPsychic: Ok.
  11. MenatPsychic whispers you: Keep in mind,that a medium tier giant is UP TO the size of a house, it's not larger.
  12. Lumpy J. Goreteo forsakes lifting the house and decides to lock attention with the stick wielding teen.
  13.   "Hmm... Lumpy sleepy.' a yawn is made as they turn onto their heels and head off that was unless they were stopped for some reason.
  14. MenatPsychic whispers you: A Huge human is only about 9 or 10 feet.
  15. MenatPsychic whispers you: Huge Human: 9-10 feet, Medium Giant: Up to the size of a house, Large Tier Giant: Twice the size of a house, Ancient Giant: About the size of a mountain.
  16. Teen with stick OOCs: (you heading further in or out?)
  17. You whisper to MenatPsychic: the average size of a giant in one piece is about 15 meters from what I saw. But alright.
  18. Lumpy J. Goreteo OOCs: (heading out of the city.
  19. MenatPsychic whispers you: Yes, well we nerfed them to split them up into different tiers, because allowing a player to start out at 15 meters is autistic.
  20. You whisper to MenatPsychic: Ok.
  21. MenatPsychic whispers you: You start with literally 3 +1 cores that are always with you,
  22. MenatPsychic whispers you: do not complain about basic shit like that. you literally have more enablement than every single devil fruit user assuming you make actual martial arts techniques right now
  23. MenatPsychic whispers you: or sword tecchniques
  24. You whisper to MenatPsychic: I haven't complained yet lol.
  25. You whisper to MenatPsychic: I imagine you're the aloof girl lol.
  26. MenatPsychic whispers you: the average size of a giant in one piece is about 15 meters from what I saw. But alright. | This is called passive aggressiveness, which is more annoying than direct aggressiveness. Do not do it. Be respectful when you are given a ruling.
  27. Teen with stick shook his head and scoffed as he ran to the side of the giant's path, not wanting to stay in the way. He closed his eyes and felt pure adrenaline leave his body as soon as he heard the word 'sleepy'
  29. "thank goodness..."he whispered quietly, as to just let the gaint continue down its set path, last thing He'd want is  for it to turn around.
  30. You whisper to MenatPsychic: This was to state "From what I researched from the show that this is imitating. This is the size of an average giant. But if they are the size of a house then that's fine to." Hence why I said "But alright." I haven't disrespected you, or the player I have been fighting however you're going in rather deep.
  31. MenatPsychic whispers you: I'm going in deep because you are ARGUABLY stronger than the current starters due to your base stats, and I'm shutting down this overplaying of strength right now before it becomes a more common problem.
  32. MenatPsychic whispers you: You also act like you're taking that strength -we- approved you for, for granted.
  33. MenatPsychic whispers you: Now, this conversation is done; have fun playing, and refer to the forum when you aren't sure whether or not you can do something. There is a direct core-feat scaling chat for a reason.
  34. MenatPsychic whispers you: chart*
  35. You whisper to MenatPsychic: Taking it for granted... I put in my app I was going to be a simplton and a barbarian, nothing was going on and I decided to start rp.
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