Infinitely Expanding Pocket Dimension

May 23rd, 2019
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  1. >Requirements
  2. •Genius the Transgression
  3. --An Iron Fist, Clothed in Velvet: A custom city sized pocket dimension that can accumulate new citizens.
  5. •Generator Rex
  6. --Portal Creation: Able to teleport planetary distances, open riffts to other dimensions, and create a pocket dimension that can stone an entire building.
  8. •Generic Creepy Pasta
  9. --Headquarters: A personal base that houses your own paranormal organization.
  11. •Generic Creepy Pasta
  12. --Non-Euclidean Mind: Allows you to make structures that are bigger on the inside.
  14. •Minecraft
  15. --MystCraft: Able to make minecraft like pocket dimensions.
  17. •Terraria
  18. --Frequent Flyer Miles: Able to open portals to resource rich pocket dimensions.
  20. >Instructions
  21. Use the pocket dimension city from Genius the Transgression as a base. Get portal creation from Generator Rex for an easy way to travel to your pocket dimension and move stuff inside or take things out. With Generic Creepy Pasta you can get a useful base with a collection of followers and a the Non-Euclidean Mind perk that'll allow you to build space defying add-ons to your pocket dimension. However you'll need resources to keep expanding your pocket dimension, this is where Minecraft and Terraria come in. Both jumps have perks that give you giant empty pocket dimensions you can extract resources from, as well as the means to do so quickly.
  23. Altogether this gives you a city sized pocket dimension that you and build more layers indefinitely and open building sized portals to and from your pocket dimension.
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