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  1. >lethal: rosa  
  2. lethal: youre actually  
  3. lethal: a walking L  
  4. lethal: jesus fuck  
  5. lethal: youre a moron  
  6. lethal: rosa is literally a curse  
  7. lethal: niku  
  8. lethal: is actually  
  9. lethal: a curse  
  10. lethal: instang dont be so useless and vote  
  11. lethal: youre a moron  
  12. lethal: literall  
  13. lethal: waste  
  14. lethal: of space  
  15. lethal: bought his hammer  
  16. lethal: if youre being a moron  
  17. lethal: ill tell you  
  18. lethal: moron is a moron  
  19. lethal: try not being a moron  
  20. lethal: dont be one wont tell you you are one  
  21. lethal: youre actually a 50 iq player  
  22. lethal: no one should  
  23. lethal: its classic 420  
  24. lethal: hes a walking L  
  25. lethal: spike  
  26. lethal: you potato  
  27. lethal: youre a b team drop  
  28. lethal: dont ge ta big head  
  29. lethal: its the penis effect  
  30. lethal: a walking L  
  31. lethal: indepth  
  32. lethal: you are a trash player  
  33. lethal: hello has the iq of a potato  
  34. lethal: lick its crazy  
  35. lethal: how you can throw  
  36. lethal: a whole game  
  37. lethal: andy as useless as they come
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