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  2. ♛ PART ONE: DON'T CARE ㅡ GOT7 ♛
  3. username: inhaletheoxyjin
  4. password: really really
  6. character's name: lee dongmin
  7. nicknames: please at least one. explain where he/she got it from. minnie, garfield. garfield- he loves his lasagna. he loves his sleep too. minnie- it was an inside joke between him and a few of his friends when he showed up to a party - drunk, of course- wearing a minnie mouse head band.
  8. height: (cm) 178cm
  9. weight: (kg) 54
  10. age: (match slot) 17
  11. birthday: January 4, 2000
  13. slot: DREAMIN
  14. back up slot:   HERO
  15. face claim: if possible, give me their instagram name @moonkyuntak on instagram- moon kyuntak
  16. back-up face claim: @nwoooy on instagram
  18. ♛ PART TWO: BABY DON'T LIKE IT ㅡ NCT 127 ♛
  19. personality: at least 6 full sentences. should match the slot. dongmin is quite intimidating. people tend to think he's a bad guy if they don't know him that well but deep inside, he's a nice guy. the male loves his sleep and if you happen to wake him up while he's napping then you should be prepared to face his wrath. he loves to eat lasagna and he has a few friends here and there. dongmin is smart. he loves astrology and mathematics, maths mainly. his dream is to become a psychologist in the future
  21. background: at least 5 full sentences; try to find an explanation for their weakness. lee dongmin doesn't have the best past. his mom used to bring home different guys each week and his dad knew. but he didn't care. his older sister, jiwoo, used to self harm. she went through depression and her issues with the family lead to her committing suicide. dongmin was 9 when he found out about the death of his beloved older sister. his father never spoke with him. he was always out on business trip and his mother didn't bother to do anything with him. so he slept in.  all day long he slept. and cried. his lack of education didn't mean his was dumb. dongmin liked to research. most of his time other than when he slept were spent in the library reading books. he stayed up quite late to read and he would get mad at his mother for waking him up in his naps. it became a a habit, getting grumpy when he didn't sleep.
  23. family: list their family and briefly explain their relations to each other. lee jihoon- they weren't that close. dongmin never really spoke to his father as the parent was always out on business trips. lee areum- areum never really cared if dongmin was okay or not. whether he went to school or not. areum was never a good mother. lee jiwoo- dongmin adored his older sister. they were close. jiwoo always put a smile on dongmin's face. no matter how sad he was.
  25. 1. sleep
  26. 2. lasagna
  27. 3. cats
  28. 4. nice smelling pillows
  29. 5. dancing
  30. dislikes:
  31. 1. his mom
  32. 2. lack of sleep
  33. 3. dogs
  34. 4. heavy metal
  35. 5. soft and empty pillows- he can't sleep on those comfortably
  36. habits: optional
  37. trivia: random facts about your character that i should know, at least 3
  38. 1. wants to be a rock in his next life
  39. 2. has a stuffed giraffe called Burangi
  40. 3. used to sleep in cupboards to scare jiwoo
  43. how do they act around the other players: at least 5 sentences. he's nice to them. dongmin doesn't like talking to people much and prefers to stay away from the players unless he's close with them. dongmin offers to give other players his food, unless it's something he really likes. he also likes to listen to other players' problems and often spies on people ranting to themselves. the boy loves to scare the life out of players with tricks that he'd learned.
  44. can they handle pain: yes/no yes
  45. can they see blood: yes/no yes
  46. are they afraid of dying: yes/no no
  47. are they good liars: yes/no yes
  48. any ideas for interactions between the characters: at least 2, can be in list form.
  49. 1. interaction with a player that he dislikes. they could be fighting about his love interest?
  50. 2. interaction with one of his love interest's disliked players? the player could be telling him things that she'd done. and the player makes dongmin feel suspicious and conflicted?
  52. love interest: blood
  53. back-up love interest: sofa
  54. how do they act around their love interest: at least 5 sentences. likes to give her hugs. dongmin is fluffy around his love interest and often showers the girl with cheesy pick-up lines to annoy her. he nuzzles his head into the crook of her neck sometimes. dongmin loves to serenade her with poems. he also loves to tell her about funny moments with jiwoo.
  56. how would they react to their love interest dying: at least 4 sentences. dongmin would be devastated and heart broken. his love interest was the female he was close to other than jiwoo and the other's death triggered things that he didn't want to remember. he would start to skip all meals and avoid eye contact with anyone. the walls that kept him strong would crumble into pieces and dongmin would feel scared. scared and insecure. no one would be able to comfort the male, not even with the pictures of his loving sister.
  58. ideas for interactions with love interest: at least 2, can be in list form
  59. 1. love interest chasing him around for a particularly perverted pick-up line
  60. 2. love interest saying something to make dongmin flustered- which in turn makes the love interest flustered.
  64. rabbit doubt username: altair
  65. how many hours do they invest in the game each day: (h) 5-7 hours a day
  66. for how long do they already play: give months or days 6 months
  67. are they bad or good? bad/good good
  69. profile message: make it short, 1 or 2 sentences. this is your character introduction as it is the description of your character on their profile. sleep is my middle name, lasagna is my last. 'sometimes it's easier to pretend that you don't care, than to admit that it's killing you.'
  72. extra: optional:
  73. why do you want to be accepted: i haven't applied for an af in a long time. and when i saw the idea for this one, i was intrigued. the description for rabbit doubt is great and it dragged me in. so i thought, "why not apply?"
  74. what do you always wanted to tell me (hee): i have nothing to ask honestly... sorry!
  77. ㅡ rabbit doubt, 2017
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