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Apr 20th, 2011
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  1. taz@genion ~/never/Neverhood $ perl
  2. libpng warning: Application was compiled with png.h from libpng-1.4.5
  3. libpng warning: Application is running with png.c from libpng-1.2.44
  4. libpng error: Incompatible libpng version in application and library
  5. Couldn't allocate memory for PNG file or incompatible PNG dll at lib/Games/Neverhood/ line 131.
  6. Compilation failed in require at lib/Games/ line 30.
  7. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at lib/Games/ line 30.
  8. Compilation failed in require at line 3.
  9. BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at line 3.
  10. taz@genion ~/never/Neverhood $ perl Build.PL
  11. Creating new 'MYMETA.yml' with configuration results
  12. ERROR: Missing required field 'dist_abstract' for metafile
  13. Can't find dist packages without a MANIFEST file
  14. Run 'Build manifest' to generate one
  16. WARNING: Possible missing or corrupt 'MANIFEST' file.
  17. Nothing to enter for 'provides' field in metafile.
  18. Creating new 'Build' script for 'Games-Neverhood' version '0.001'
  19. taz@genion ~/never/Neverhood $
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