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  2. KegaToday at 10:26 PM
  3. btw if you were wondering
  4. I may or may not have ommited the snakes SR last fight to see if we COULD squeeze both combats
  5. They were still pretty chonky despite that
  7. Rich C.Today at 10:27 PM
  8. you may want to tell them to pause
  10. KegaToday at 11:02 PM
  11. Alright
  12. just under 30 over before official end
  13. Despite skipping the combat I feel good about it. It all flowed organically.
  14. any feedback from YOU- Rich?
  15. if that IS your real name
  17. Rich C.Today at 11:04 PM
  18. Rich is my real name actually...
  19. except nobody actually calls me that IRL, they use my full name.
  20. Anyway
  21. Alright
  22. so....
  23. you kept saying Vivian
  24. a lot
  26. KegaToday at 11:06 PM
  27. I noticed
  29. Rich C.Today at 11:06 PM
  30. even when it was supposed to be Ito or Stevenson
  32. KegaToday at 11:06 PM
  33. wait wha?
  35. Rich C.Today at 11:06 PM
  36. Also, her name is vivina
  37. Yeah, like, a player would attack, and you'd describe it as Vivian attacking
  38. or Vivian getting attacked when it was Lillian getting attacked
  40. KegaToday at 11:07 PM
  41. what the heck did I really?
  43. Rich C.Today at 11:07 PM
  44. Yeah...
  46. KegaToday at 11:07 PM
  47. I'm actually embarassed holy shit
  49. Rich C.Today at 11:08 PM
  50. I wasn't certain if it was on purpose
  52. KegaToday at 11:08 PM
  53. it wasn't
  55. Rich C.Today at 11:08 PM
  56. Alright, you've got a good grasp on the rules it seems though
  57. Like the Magus spell and knowledge rolls etc
  59. KegaToday at 11:09 PM
  60. jesus christ I'm sorry to anyone I offended with that I actually didn't mean to.
  62. Rich C.Today at 11:09 PM
  63. That's why they kept talking about you shipping Vivina and Lillian as Vivian
  65. KegaToday at 11:10 PM
  66. god I thought they were just beating me in for repeatedly speed typing out Vivian instead of Vivina.
  68. Rich C.Today at 11:10 PM
  69. Anyway, on that note,
  70. Your communication could use a little work. Players were unsure about what exactly the quest giver wanted. Some thought they were supposed to fight the mystical winged beast. (Which I think was cut out because I asked you to?)
  72. KegaToday at 11:11 PM
  73. oh no
  75. Rich C.Today at 11:11 PM
  76. They also weren't certain about what to do with the fence
  78. KegaToday at 11:11 PM
  79. the farmer talking about the winged beast was just- them exagerrating.
  80. Warthog got the right of that at the end.
  81. but- that aside
  83. Rich C.Today at 11:13 PM
  84. 10:57PM
  85. Lillian Ereshkigal:(Did we de-rail the mission?
  87. 10:57PM
  88. Stevenson:(gotta hit that -1)
  90. 10:57PM
  91. Shou Takeda:>Somehow despite neanderthals handling the future equipment, it somehow manages to retain usability.
  93. not even- y'all did as asked.
  94. you just brought your results TO him.
  96. 10:58PM
  97. Lillian Ereshkigal:(didn't know if we were supposed to fight the big guy lol
  99. y'all were- it initiated the fight.
  101. 10:58PM
  102. Stevenson:(Oh i thught there was another larger thing with wings)
  104. 10:58PM
  105. Shou Takeda:(So the big dude was the boss and not a servant of a bigger construct)
  107. 10:58PM
  108. Cidolfus Lanlis:[~~there are bigger things, just not in this level range~~]
  110. 10:59PM
  111. vivina:(farmer just exagerate size)
  113. Y'all expecting to fight the final boss as 2-4's? HEEEEELLL NAH
  115. 10:59PM
  116. Stevenson:(Nah, just worried is was a big thing we were supposed to flee
  118. 10:59PM
  119. Cidolfus Lanlis:[vivina got the right of it. It was dark so he got spooped by soldier lad and ran off.]
  121. 10:59PM
  122. Shou Takeda:(>What do you mean you wont brutalize your players like the good gm)
  123. This exchange?
  124. Where Warthog figured it out?
  126. KegaToday at 11:13 PM
  127. Yeh- there was no 'winged beast'
  128. it was just the soldier
  129. however
  130. that aside
  131. if you honestly feel the other confusion as to the questgivers intentions weren't clear- I can see that and I will accept that.
  133. Rich C.Today at 11:15 PM
  134. Yeah, it's just got to be a little more clear as to what they questgiver wants.
  136. KegaToday at 11:15 PM
  137. and by god will I watch the name that I write from now on
  139. Rich C.Today at 11:15 PM
  140. What I gathered was that some kind of threat was happening, and that they should go to the East Gate to figure it out. That's where the farmer started talking about the big beasts that were described as demon-like
  141. And a mention of souls being stolen.
  142. Which had some of them confused because they never came across any souls.
  143. The last thing that I thought needed help, and this may not be your fault. It could be player composition or something. But the pace of the RP was super slow. It was about 2.5 hours before the first combat.
  144. And anything less than level 5 combat is usually slow from all the misses
  145. So Communication is the biggest thing I would try to work on. Your fight was well enough balanced. It would have been a bit more balanced if you had 5 people like you planned. But between players not showing up, internet issues, and then me bringing in Hanae for you, you ended up with 6 people instead. So I'm not blaming you for that at all. That was a string of unfortunate circumstances.
  146. Story line is a :thumbsup:
  147. Balanced combat was a :thumbsup:
  149. KegaToday at 11:21 PM
  150. I referenced the previous OAR from this chain with the soul stealing, though i can definitely see why referencing that in without including a similar circumstance is moot. That's noted and I appreciate the point you brought up.
  151. I also pulled up the chat log and ctrl F'd "vivian", I did it three times and i am so sorry
  152. three times when it wasn't vivina
  154. Rich C.Today at 11:23 PM
  155. Yeah, if you are going to reference a previous OAR you need to provide some backstory
  156. Player confusion was quite evident
  157. anyway.
  158. It wasn't a bad OAR. Just a couple things to work on.
  160. KegaToday at 11:24 PM
  161. nod nod
  163. Rich C.Today at 11:24 PM
  164. Which will be improved with more running.
  166. KegaToday at 11:24 PM
  167. yeh
  168. I'm also partly working on getting more out of social and out of combat encounters with text
  169. hence the 'fire' in the mimic oar I had recently and the 'crowd' this time.
  170. Because most I've GM'ed in is voice games
  171. typing it out is new and hectic and I try to help myself out by pre-typing set in stone descriptors beforehand
  172. but that aside I'm getting more and more used to it all.
  173. I mean I've had the 6 OAR's before to start getting more into typing with haste.
  174. Any more feedback?
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