Gut maxxing

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  1. [SPOILER=" >healthy diet. not eating like a pig, variety of veggies and fruits, quality proteins. this is very detailed on how diet affects the gut microbiome==>  >probiotics food(fermented shit, google it tbh ngl)  >probiotic supplements i use vivomixx + BioGaia Gastrus every now and then.  the first one is the most studied probiotic in the market. it used to be called vsl#3, but don't buy vsl#3 now.  if you're in europe buy vivomixx instead, or visbiome if UScel. (a new company has the vsl3, and it sucks now). the second one is used mainly by pediatricians, but there was a rat study showing increased T levels, etc(might be cope tbh) i would start by fixing my diet if you're not already eating healthy, then for ~1 month 1 vivomixx/day, then 1 vivomixx/2-3 weeks  >exercise  >fasting - time restricted eating(8-9h eting window) whenever possible, even every day(some recent studies on nature claim it's better to cut the late eating, instead of the first meal as a lot of people do, but not sure how legit that is) - fast mimicking diet(look dr valter longo @ foundmyfitness) 3-4 times per year"][/SPOILER] This is for general health
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