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  1. <zof> copypaste: get good bruv
  2. <zof> stop censoring free speech!
  3. <copypaste> no
  4. <zof> right now!
  5. <dog_whistle> I really want to do it on kun, I bet id get some traffic there
  6. <copypaste> no
  7. <zof> immediately!
  8. <copypaste> no
  9. <zof> u fucking wheeley dwarves
  10. <zof> listen wheeley dwarf, it's about to get bad for u
  11. <zof> now takedown request my isp
  12. <zof> here's where u have some credence copypaste
  13. <zof> and it's pathetic
  14. <zof> your strat is TAKEDOWN REQUESTS TO THE ISP
  15. <zof> and it WORKED
  16. <zof> what the fuck
  17. <zof> you're pathetic
  18. <zof> for doing it
  19. <zof> but it's pathetic that it worked locally
  20. <zof> trully wheeley dwarf tier
  21. <copypaste> my strat worked, and im pathetic?
  22. <zof> of course
  23. <zof> you've stifled free speech
  24. <zof> it's pathetic
  25. <copypaste> that's like children who rage at "campers" in shitty fps games
  26. <copypaste> (which serve as US military propaganda and recruitment tools)
  27. <zof> similar sure
  28. <zof> bro...
  29. <copypaste> i'm a camper
  30. <copypaste> umad
  31. <copypaste> ?
  32. <zof> fps games, every mili bud
  33. <copypaste> i'm thinking of CoD
  34. <zof> No of course I'm triggered by your espoused morals and your demonstrated values
  35. <zof> free speech bruvva
  36. <dog_whistle> I believe if Jim were to meet with a network provider with a proper "presentation" he could head off the interference from lardwheels ahead of time.
  37. <dog_whistle> but Jim comes off as creepy imo
  38. <zof> bro that it was under 10 providers as a distributed reverse proxy is peak WHAT
  39. <zof> who knows
  40. <dog_whistle> I don't think he has the charisma to be successful politicking
  41. <zof> oh yeah jim is autistic
  42. <dog_whistle> don't you think, copypaste?
  43. <zof> if only the dwarven menace would tell us how he's been aggrieved
  44. <zof> but apparently jims a saint
  45. <owo> i don't think he espouses any morals anymore
  46. <owo> "i do what i want" is only heard from children
  47. <dog_whistle> what if Jim went to meet in person a network provider, tell them that 8kun is NOT 8chan, that they are taking new measures to prevent manifesto shit, have cooperated with authorities, cleared by the government, learned their lesson etc, and to ignore the meddling crybabies.
  48. <zof> yea, the thing is you're dealing with physical datacenters and peers at that point
  49. <dog_whistle> I bet if he sold it like that ahead of time, somebody would host it and not drop it bc of some people crying in emails about 8chan
  50. <dog_whistle> that's what /I/ would do
  51. <zof> mm we don't have insight
  52. <zof> at least 5 colos with t2 peers would be a starting point imo
  53. <zof> i thought that was the direction being taken idk tho
  54. <zof> re: copypaste I am basically owo but 10x more bigoted so ur a dumb faggot dwarf who sacrificed any morals he originally stood for
  55. <zof> disgusting
  56. <dog_whistle> I don't believe Jim is addressing the issues with his service providers
  57. <zof> I HOPE god judges you well because I'm unfit to do so
  58. <zof> faggpt
  59. <owo> ikr dog_whistle
  60. <PatMan> <zof> stop censoring free speech!
  61. <PatMan> <copypaste> no
  62. <zof> literal single providers last 3 are single location datacenters
  63. <zof> it's laughable unless it's a literal joke
  64. * dumbgoy_ ( has joined
  65. <copypaste> #untwitter8chan #stop8kun #tangodown #8kunsucks
  66. <dog_whistle> 🙄
  67. <dog_whistle> cringe
  68. <zof> I genuinely wish you'd come back copypaste
  69. <zof> this is not moral
  70. <copypaste> idc
  71. <zof> word
  72. <dog_whistle> if u dc u dc
  73. <dog_whistle> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  74. <copypaste> do you think i care how channers and irc nerds feel about what i'm doing
  75. <zof> yea
  76. <copypaste> that's not even in my calculus of how i act
  77. <dumbgoy_> copypaste: hey man
  78. <copypaste> hi
  79. <dumbgoy_> Quit being gay man
  80. <copypaste> no
  81. <dumbgoy_> Yes
  82. <copypaste> no
  83. <zof> there's worse things man
  84. <dumbgoy_> Leave jim alone
  85. <copypaste> definitely no
  86. <dumbgoy_> This is coming from a gay man
  87. <copypaste> so?
  88. <dog_whistle> copypaste : what about future employers for you? you'll never get a job after this shit
  89. <dumbgoy_> You're a tragic man
  90. <copypaste> so?
  91. <dumbgoy_> Leave jim alone
  92. <dumbgoy_> What do you gain by it
  93. <copypaste> no
  94. <PatMan> I'm not going to lie, copypaste; it's a little refreshing knowing that the person in the way of the things I like is unprincipled.
  95. <dumbgoy_> Well,
  96. <zof> who are you even fighting copypaste
  97. <dog_whistle> oh I didn't know you were independently wealthy
  98. <copypaste> jim
  99. <zof> for what
  100. * dumbgoy has quit (Killed (NickServ (GHOST command used by dumbgoy_)))
  101. <zof> the domain?
  102. <copypaste> i want to
  103. <copypaste> until he gives up on 8{kun,chan}
  104. * dumbgoy_ is now known as dumbgoy
  105. <zof> on the grounds of stifling free speech?
  106. <copypaste> until he gives up on 8{kun,chan}
  107. <zof> why?
  108. <PatMan> I think every other person who has been in the way of something I like has been at least reasonably human.
  109. <dumbgoy> Fuck off black man
  110. <copypaste> i can
  111. <zof> did he fuck you over?
  112. <copypaste> perhaps
  113. <dumbgoy> Slip down some stairs
  114. <copypaste> no
  115. <PatMan> copypaste, you're the only person I've ever met who I can actually sort of dehumanize.
  116. <dumbgoy> Pls
  117. <zof> why not just tell us bruvva
  118. <copypaste> cool PatMan
  119. <PatMan> It's amazing
  120. <copypaste> :D
  121. <copypaste> let the butthurt flow thru u
  122. <dumbgoy> copypaste: ilu irl
  123. <dumbgoy> Mad love
  124. <PatMan> Even with media journalists, I think, "at least some of the people in the news room are just sort of going along with it."
  125. <PatMan> Even with them, who I know are the enemy, I think, "at least there are humans in there."
  126. <dumbgoy> Hw
  127. <dumbgoy> Your time is done
  128. <dog_whistle> I wonder what it's like to be completely unconcerned about employment
  129. <dumbgoy> You nutty wheeler
  130. <dumbgoy> Surrender to Jim
  131. <copypaste> what i'm doing rn won't affect my prospects at all
  132. <dog_whistle> bullshit
  133. <copypaste> even if it did, i am a cripple
  134. <copypaste> so i can just get welfare
  135. <zof> bro
  136. <copypaste> yes?
  137. <dog_whistle> shooting for the stars, Fred.
  138. <zof> WHY CENSOR
  139. <zof> I just don't get you
  140. <dumbgoy>
  141. <YT-info> YouTube » Richard Smith "The Watkins Man" (05:20) · by Live! At Jelley's JamRoom on 2016-03-14 · ↑70 ↓1 · 5,238 views
  142. <copypaste> i don't like jim
  143. <zof> WHY
  144. <dumbgoy>
  145. <copypaste> because
  146. <zof> just tell s why
  147. <dumbgoy>
  148. <copypaste> i don't have to
  149. <zof> so frustrating bud
  150. <copypaste> your frustration is not my concern
  151. <dog_whistle> >I'll just get welfare like a worthless nigger
  152. <dumbgoy> So dick off nerd
  153. <dumbgoy> You had your chance
  154. <copypaste> dog_whistle: does that upset you that i can easily do that
  155. <zof> I just do not understand selling out your fellow man
  156. <copypaste> just like chris chan lol
  157. <zof> like this
  158. <PatMan> copypaste, what exactly are your future prospects?
  159. <dog_whistle> it doesn't upset me at all
  160. <PatMan> Are you actually like about to die in a week or two or something?
  161. <dumbgoy> 8kun rule # 1 no cripple kike
  162. <copypaste> fonts :)
  163. <t--manyt-c-unt> im fairly certain that you've spent more time fucking jw over than he has you
  164. <dumbgoy> Ur mom gay
  165. <dog_whistle> it has literally zero impact on my life if you get food stamps or not
  166. <PatMan> Do you not need money in the future or something?
  167. <PatMan> I cannot imagine anyone outside of media who would employ you...
  168. * Giza ( has joined
  169. <dog_whistle> no patman he wants to be a leech on the system
  170. <copypaste> like i said. if you're right (lol implying channers ever are)
  171. <copypaste> and i can't find a job after this
  172. <copypaste> i will just apply for welfare
  173. <copypaste> deal with it
  174. <copypaste> i'm not stopping
  175. <PatMan> >welfare leech
  176. <dumbgoy> Apply for.deah
  177. <dog_whistle> we will make sure all your potential employers know how toxic you are.
  178. <copypaste> ok
  179. <dumbgoy> √
  180. <copypaste> i know
  181. <dumbgoy> @√
  182. <dog_whistle> you will never have a real job again.
  183. <dumbgoy> So go away
  184. <copypaste> cool
  185. <PatMan> I don't think we'd have to do anything; even a basic background check leads someone to learn that "this is the person who engaged on a crusade that crippled his last employer for 3 months."
  186. <copypaste> more time to make fonts and watch netflix
  187. <copypaste> sounds good dog_whistle
  188. <copypaste> :)
  189. <dumbgoy> Out copypaste
  190. <dog_whistle> jej
  191. <dog_whistle> copypaste <3
  192. <dumbgoy> leave
  193. <t--manyt-c-unt> yea make fonts
  194. <dog_whistle> I don't hate u fred
  195. <zof> eh
  196. <dumbgoy> Just go
  197. <t--manyt-c-unt> maybe go to a counsler about your wierd paranoia and your need to have to have an enemy
  198. <zof> I think your font is fine and the character substitution is elegant
  199. <copypaste> before i had leftists/antifa types after me
  200. <dumbgoy> You forsake ue
  201. <copypaste> now i have alt right types after me
  202. <dumbgoy> Scram
  203. <copypaste> nothing has changed in my life
  204. <zof> I wish you didn't forsake us copypaste
  205. <copypaste> just another side of the coin
  206. <dumbgoy> Change it to a flight of stairs
  207. <copypaste> thanks zof
  208. <zof> I get the perspective tho bruvva
  209. <zof> it must be difficult, I just wish you didn't advocate against free speech like this
  210. <copypaste> i advocate against jim watkins
  211. <zof> even if you hate jim or if it's jim just let people know
  212. <dumbgoy> Crip like ---------___>our
  213. <copypaste> i don't care about 4chan or others
  214. <zof> then tell people man
  215. <copypaste> i have
  216. <t--manyt-c-unt> paradoxically  you are the biggest jim watkins promotor on the internet
  217. <dumbgoy> S/our/out
  218. <copypaste> you're just not listening
  219. <zof> we would get jim why do you make it a 'white nationalist terrorist' thing
  220. <zof> bro
  221. <zof> copypaste
  222. <zof> your stories in articles are not about jim
  223. <zof> and you know it
  224. <dumbgoy> Leave us alone ple
  225. <copypaste> because the media is a weapon
  226. <copypaste> don't you understand?
  227. <zof> don't leave us alone copypaste
  228. <dumbgoy> We just want our board back
  229. <zof> stay with us
  230. <copypaste> i'm sure you do
  231. <zof> and call jim a faggot
  232. <copypaste> fuck jim watkins
  233. <copypaste> that's my credo
  234. <zof> then fuck jim
  235. <dumbgoy> Qhy
  236. <zof> don't fuck us
  237. <dumbgoy> Wh
  238. <zof> you are fucking US
  239. <dumbgoy> Y
  240. <copypaste> nah
  241. <zof> bro
  242. <zof> you know you are
  243. <copypaste> calling 8chan a terrorist website keeps it down
  244. <zof> lol
  245. <dumbgoy> I just want my imageboards
  246. <zof> man
  247. <dumbgoy> Is that too much to ask?
  248. <copypaste> yes
  249. <zof> you abandoned us for that hate copypaste
  250. <dumbgoy> copypaste:
  251. <copypaste> go to 4chan
  252. <dumbgoy> Ehy
  253. <copypaste> go to 4chan
  254. <t--manyt-c-unt> i imagine that incompetence keeps it down really
  255. <dumbgoy> Eugh
  256. <zof> i won't
  257. <zof> I will wait for 8chan to rise
  258. * markm_ ( has joined
  259. <dumbgoy> 4chan Is trash
  260. <zof> now, without you
  261. <copypaste> you're going to be waiting a long time
  262. <dog_whistle> can't make your own board on 4chan
  263. <copypaste> bubby
  264. <copypaste> haha
  265. <zof> i'll wait
  266. <copypaste> skeleton waiting for 8kun.jpeg
  267. <zof> less than your crypto scheme based on ipfs and ripple
  268. * chronos (~chronos@Big.anime.tiddies) has joined
  269. <dumbgoy> You're a black nig Fredrick
  270. <zof> just sad man
  271. <t--manyt-c-unt> you know there is a workaround to get that site up where you could do nothing about it. youre lucky you're dealing with morons
  272. <zof> just a sad morally bereft midget
  273. <copypaste> perhaps t--manyt-c-unt
  274. <dumbgoy> Just leave us alone
  275. <copypaste> no dumbgoy never
  276. <copypaste> hi markm_
  277. <dumbgoy> 22:37:19 <dumbgoy> Just leave us alone
  278. <markm_> copypaste kill yourself
  279. <copypaste> nycmny verizon fios
  280. <dumbgoy> 22:37:19 <dumbgoy> Just leave us alone
  281. <copypaste> i know it's you mark
  282. <copypaste> what's up buddy
  283. <markm_> you're gonna dox me too?
  284. <copypaste> that's not dox
  285. <markm_> I just wanted to see what the drama is about
  286. <copypaste> you connected with that hostname
  287. <markm_> nigger
  288. <markm_> fuck off
  289. <markm_> just
  290. <copypaste> markm_: why does your stupid employer keep using alibaba
  291. <markm_> fuck ooff
  292. <copypaste> it's so easily for me to jsut email them again
  293. <copypaste> and they get more and more angry each time
  294. <markm_> I dunno, why are you still alive?
  295. <copypaste> it's great
  296. <copypaste> haha
  297. <copypaste> jim is incompetent
  298. <markm_> I don't care
  299. <copypaste> 8kun is stillborn
  300. <zof> markm_:
  301. <zof> are you someone of competence
  302. <copypaste> vch is controlled oppositoin
  303. <copypaste> and you markm_ are a shill
  304. <dumbgoy> Nope
  305. <markm_> vch isn't run by jim
  306. <markm_> I run it because I care
  307. <copypaste> its staff is paid by jim
  308. <dumbgoy> copypaste: shill
  309. <markm_> Jim has nothing to do with it
  310. <copypaste> hahahaha
  311. <PatMan> Unemployment only lasts for about 6 years
  312. <copypaste> you take jim's money and moderate vch on jim's time
  313. <t--manyt-c-unt> that's what I'm naming my crypto free speech scam "ControlledOppositcoin"
  314. <copypaste> you are paid to moderate vch
  315. <PatMan> Your life expectancy is another 15?
  316. <copypaste> we all know it
  317. <dumbgoy> But where's 8kun
  318. <markm_> No, I spent Jim's money and give it to some devs
  319. <markm_> it costs me 150 a montth
  320. <copypaste> oh wonderful thanks for that info
  321. <copypaste> so jim's cash is directly oging to the servers
  322. <markm_> unlike you I can appreciate what he did for me
  323. <zof> copypaste has been busily digging A records
  324. <copypaste> and devs
  325. <copypaste> thanks haha
  326. <zof> and making abuse requests
  327. <copypaste> i didn't know that
  328. <dumbgoy> 22:39:34 <dumbgoy> But where's 8kun
  329. <copypaste> so vch is 100% jim watkins funded
  330. <copypaste> amazing
  331. <markm_> no
  332. <copypaste> yes
  333. <dumbgoy> 22:39:34 <dumbgoy> But where's 8kun
  334. <markm_> It's 100% mark funded
  335. <copypaste> you just admitted it
  336. <copypaste> and mark is 100% jim funded
  337. <copypaste> :)
  338. <copypaste> see how this works?
  339. <markm_> That's retarded man
  340. <copypaste> no it isn't
  341. <markm_> Do I own patreon
  342. <markm_> because I pay for porn
  343. <markm_> I'm paying for a service
  344. <copypaste> all of your money comes from jim
  345. <markm_> I'm not getting paid back
  346. <PatMan> Actually, no
  347. <dumbgoy> Fuck off
  348. <PatMan> There's no way you can get unemployment, copypaste
  349. <zof> very meta convo
  350. <dumbgoy> Bent it
  351. <zof> with a very deranged midget who hates free speech
  352. <dumbgoy> Bring it back
  353. <dumbgoy> Plz
  354. <markm_> My site is nothing to do with Jim
  355. <zof> what is your site
  356. <copypaste> it has everything to do with jim
  357. <copypaste> as long as jim is paying you
  358. <zof> what's the site lads
  359. <markm_> Who pays you?
  360. <copypaste>
  361. <zof> jews
  362. <copypaste> 100% funded by jim watkins
  363. <zof> pay copypaste
  364. <copypaste> lmaooooo
  365. <dumbgoy> You are causing me terrible suffer
  366. <markm_> That's a lie and you know it
  367. <dumbgoy> Want 8chan bank
  368. <dumbgoy> Bank
  369. <copypaste> so markm_ if the money didn't come from jim where'd it come from
  370. <dumbgoy> Bank
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